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  1. If you are like us and don't like massive communities we have a small group of aprox 40 players some beginners some advanced looking for more people to raid with. does not matter EU and US everyone is welcome. join our discord with: https://discord.gg/NcWyBWB9 or if the link doesn't work just reply here and i'll generate a new invite :) Lets get raiding guys!!
  2. After we won the firefight, I decided to hide one friend's gear on top of the building next to East Wing on Shoreline.. I proceeded to jump from the roof in a display of 100% commitment to my comrade and the valiant effort he made in the firefight. So now my gear, my comrade's gear, and the gear of my enemy are safe for Prapor to retrieve. I will rest easy in my grave knowing this fact. Also... the damage I'd taken resulted in my death screen stating I had been killed by "ParkourBurger," the ultimate cherry on top. Thanks to "3tt" for the photo.
  3. How do you find group's to learn with.. ones that don't have you gear up. Then kill you and take your gear. I don't know any one I this game just big stramers. I don't know anyone who plays. I am a level 4 trying to learn playing fighting level 60 fat and sweet. And only have junk amo. Doesn't help streamer hate on low level players on what they have. But we are limited in what we can buy. In the real world I that guy that can light a match at 600 yds and so on. Here I die to people I would never die to in the real world.
  4. kokopellijones

    Making Friends

    I don't know if this has been brought up before, so delete if so, but after running with a couple people recently after randomly meeting up in game and deciding to let each other live, should there be some way to friend each other? Perhaps as simple of a solution as a dog tag that you can drop in game, worth no money, but one so they can find your name afterwards? Seems to me that the only way to find out who you are running with is to kill them and snag the dog tag. If I am mistaken, and there is a way, then please show me how. Thanks!
  5. Hola, Alguien me podría ayudar llevo varios meses que no puedo jugar con un amigo por que su ping al jugar conmigo le saca de las partidas y no es que tenga una gran conexión mi amigo pero no es normal que cada 30 segundos de raid le saque, en cambio si el juega solo o con otro amigo le va perfecto solo le pasa conmigo que se le caiga la conexión y si ellos dos quieren jugar conmigo al que le va mal el ping es a mi a 300 o 400 de ping sin ningún sentido cuando mi conexión es buena ya esto me paso varias veces en labs y no es el mejor sitio para que esto ocurra espero que alguien nos pueda ayud
  6. azullaris

    What Problem can it be?

    So for the last couple of months something bizarre is happening while me and my friends try to play together. Everytime we decide to play together the game can: Crash, one of us receives "Connection error", Stutters and when loading the game it takes forever. And the strangest thing in all of this, is that it only happens when we try to play together. We live in the same city, we play in the same server, and our pcs are almost the same the only difference being that mine has 16GB of ram while theirs is 8GB. We tried everything so we could play together but ends up doing the same poo all over a
  7. RockMorty

    Join us!

    Welcome to Atlas Gaming! At Atlas Gaming we strive to develop a gaming community that is inclusive to all types of gamers. Whether you play your games passively or super competitively we have a place for you. This is a stress free discord that develops some killer events for all of our hosted games. We're a fairly new discord, but we're already hosting tournaments, giveaways, challenges, trivia, and many other activities! - https://discord.gg/xRZR25a A message to experienced gamers and new gamers: The atlas community progresses and functions through your gaming experiences. You can find a new
  8. OneHitt

    [EU] New Player Looking for Teammates

    As of making the post I'm level 14, I'm not entirely new to the game as I've played previous wipes before such as before labs got a key-card so I have some general game knowledge. But I've never really learned the game properly at all. I've never done questing or playing solo much. I just don't really play games alone! I've got one friend to play with occasionally but it never hurts to have one more, in case the other is busy! Hit me up with your discord name and tags and we can match up, if you don't mind helping out a newbie with a thing or two!
  9. Looking for both casual and hard-core players to make money, level up, help each other out, goof off, and have fun. We have a discord and play many other games.
  10. Hello, I'm based in Taipei and play on the Japanese and Singaporian servers. I'm hoping to find other English speaking players to play and learn the game together.
  11. DougsBackPack

    Discord for NA / English speaking players

    https://discord.gg/U83UBA Hello My name is Dougsbackpack, And I'm here today to ask you and many others to join us in our discord. We are currently moving discord and creating a new one. I have been playing takov now for over 4 years and have happily helped new players and older players this whole time I have a youtube if questioned. I am a very nice person willing to help anyone who isn't having the best of luck. Our discords are doing great, Escape from Reality was my first EFT discord that I created and its still to this day getting members daily and I would like something fresh and ne
  12. AntTonKnee

    Private matches?

    Are there any plans for private matches? Players will not benefit from these similar to an offline raid. A couple of friends and I started playing a month or so ago and I thought that it would be a cool idea to have private matches so that we can learn the maps together or to have 1v1 matches.
  13. SkaffBoy

    Epsilon case

    Hey guys, for the punisher 6 quest you have to kill 18 bear pmc's. can these be friends i qeued up with?
  14. kiritokun77

    buscando gente para jugar españa

    basicamente eso, llevo poco en el juego y me gustaria conocer gente para jugar unas partiditas
  15. JohnTh1cc

    Looking for friends

    Im new to the game (and pretty bad) and I'd like to team up with someone, so if you are looking for teammates just add me : JohnTh1cc We can play the game seriously or just for fun, either way if you want to team up I´m in
  16. This group is to help UK based players find team mates for raids. https://discord.gg/q76rTW eft team finder forum on discord
  17. negritoh8

    Offline Mode with friends

    Hey everyone! I don't know if the idea it's posted but I think that can be usefull to play with friends in offline mode. You could train with your squad, you can set events to doing some content and It's will alive the game in my point of view. Thanks to read me!
  18. Wulfen109

    New player LFG

    Hey guys, I have been casually following this game and have decided to buy it finally. Haven't even finished downloading it but I know i am gonna need some weathered players to assist me. I'm just looking for some peeps that I could potentially play with regularly. I'm new to this game but fairly competent in shooters. I have a mic and discord as well. Anyone wants to help a newbie out let me know! Thanks
  19. King_Wzrd7

    need people to play with

    im new to the game and im just looking someone to play with to get better. None of my friends play this game so any help would be appreciated! my discord is King_Wzrd7 #0641
  20. LoganTeamPop


    So my friend Crypticzz Moved from Canada to Europe, he states his game cant update and he can only play on Europe Servers due to his launcher being American. or Something? anything that can be done to fix it? Like he cannot Physically Update Tarkov From a while ago, after installing new launcher. but cant install game because his launcher is American? or something. please help!
  21. SoupyDelicious

    We Both Held Fire

    thinking we were both looking at some silly AI Scav staring at nothing. Then he wiggles his weapon back after I wiggle mine. Then we immediately realise that we've found true friendship instead of immediate buckshot! I drop some painkillers and indicate to them, after more wiggling and teabagging. He picks them up. I have shown I mean no harm. Another player scav comes up the staircase and immediately joins in! And no spontaneous buckshot from him either! After more sign language and gift-exchanging, our trust in each other laid down for all to see, we head into Factory offices and
  22. Would love to have the ability to send items to my friends. Got a lot of mates that are buying the game and I would love to help them out. I wanna send gear to my noob friends so they can be equipped to the same level as the rest of my squad. This would also be helpful with completing quests. "Hey anybody got any spare graphics cards and Wilson Cigarettes?" "Yeah I do, here you go". Escape from Tarkov is about survival right? Make friends and you'll prosper. Lets be honest people drop-trade stuff at the beginning of a raid anyway, this will make things more enjoyable not having to me
  23. if your new like me and your 18+ hmu on twitter to play or message me on here. if you have some experience and want someone that learns fast to play with also do the same. follow me on twitch at www.Twitch.Tv/WynnPTW ! IGN is PTWynn
  24. Bananaman95

    Squad lobby display

    this is really two different things. Primarily I think it would be really cool if you were able to see your squad's load out on their character while still in matchmaking lobby, it would make it easier to recognize your squad members prior to loading in to an environment where you have to immediately start running to avoid getting shot (factory). that's really the main suggestion...... also.... if inspecting saline and the model is rotated, the bottom and top of the bottle is glitched. js bb
  25. dereeric

    Need 1/2 english mates

    Hey guys! Im a 18 years old german who's looking for 1 or 2 other players to team up. I am playing eft since last christmas so i know a few things about. Send me a message! (Or steam: dereeric -> my profile picture is a dayz char with hands up)
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