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Found 2 results

  1. Pumbadinho

    Full Auto Weapons

    Hi, it is absolutely annoying, that full Auto Weapons are set on single shot when buying off the dealer. Please make full Auto Weapons in full Auto b default or at least let us define the fire Mode in stash. This is absolutely stupid. Btw Same with mode of taktical devices. It makes no sense that u first have to switch through the modes when entering a round.
  2. I've been thinking about this question for quite a while. I also asked this question in several firearm related forum but all my response is like "Why do you compare game to real life" like all games are call of duty... So...Let's begin. It looks like most western operators, or those trained by them, prefer semi auto in all situation including close quarter. There are a lot of live fire "killhouse" demostration conducted by several SOF units and almost all of them use controlled and rapid semi auto fire for room clearing. Clearing room with full auto feels like an obselote thing for MP5 era, and we all know today is the SBR's world. Of course, a lot of poorly-trained insurgents still fire their AKs with FA, but whether they can hit something is another issue.... However, even in realistic game like EFT, full auto is still the best choice for most players. There are a few "tactical" players who insist on using semi for all situation because it feels "operator", however this gives them much disadvantage in close quarter situation. Sometimes they fire first but still lose the battle due to not able to shoot "faster" than their enemy. I just wonder what makes this difference between real world and this game. I am not saying the developer should change this settings because some setting may make the game less fun, but I just can't figure out why. Here are some of my assumption: 1. Recoil in games is too low. Personally I don't think so. A lot of people claim they can shoot full auto with AR with a group of less than x inches. I own an ar15 so I know 5.56 recoil isn't too much for normal guys. 2. Maybe shooting in full auto and controlling recoil isn't difficult but shooting in full auto while adjusting aiming is difficult? Being a california resident I never got the chance to shoot full-auto. But I guess maybe it is difficult to switch targets while pressing the trigger? 3. Full auto dominates close quarter because it can put as many rounds as possible in the shortest time. Is that really necessary? That leads to another question, is a trained operator still be able to shoot back immediately after being hit? If the hit response is made larger, for example, if you get hit you cannot aim down sight for 1/2 sec, or the aimpunch is increased so one shot will make your gun pointed towards ceiling or the floor, then I assume semi will be more useful since all you need to do is to hit the target first, and then land consistent shot until targets go down. I am never actually in a gunfight, of course I never get shot so I don't know if it makes FPS games more or less realistic. Because someone will claim that humans can still fight in full strength after taking the shot(Some say they even don't feel it until the gunfight is over) 4. Tier 1 operators (delta/devgru boys) prefer semi auto only because it is more comfortable and makes them feel they haver more "control" over their gun. Since very few of their enemies wear armor plates they can usually take down people in a few shots. 5. Ammo issue. It is diffuclt to track how many rounds you have fired in full auto and you need to reload a lot. Actually I think this is the biggest issue in this game. Loading ammo into magazine and tracking how many rounds is too fast. I guess gamedev will change this soon 6. Real life operators are lying. They show the public that they use semi auto in training and a few non-intense combat footage, and claim semi auto is the way to go so their enemies like ISIS train their soldiers to shoot in semi. This feels like BS and most likely is BS. I just mention all assumptions that come into my mind... 7. The last thing I can think of is. In real life people don't go around in "hip fire" mode. They usually walk in "Low Ready" or "High Ready". Therefore they need a motion anyway to shoot the rifle. So instead of switching to "hip fire" to spray and pray, they just go for aiming... What do you guys think about this...?
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