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Found 24 results

  1. NaC Recruiting

    Looking for a few people to play games with so my buddy and I started NaC "Not a Clan". So if you would like to join pm me and ill send a link to our ts. We do play other games like rust, pubg, and overwatch.
  2. The Gun Game

    Greetings fellow Tarkovians, So I have been trying this out over the weekend and I figured I would share what I have been doing. This came to be because I have the Traders maxed and strength training is a little monotonous. SO I have came up with this game, which is slightly based around the idea of the old Gun Game in Call of Duty. So this is how I do this, feel free to adjust the 'Rules' as you see fit. Alright, So I spawn as a Hatchling and I attempt to loot and find a weapon, either by Killing a Unsuspecting PMC or Getting the drop on a SCAV or even from Looting with Keys and getting lucky or just Good Old Vulture Play. You can be as extreme or as relaxed in this as you feel like. Then you just complete the raid Sell the junk you do not wish to take with you, keep any rig or weapon or attachments you want. Do Not Insure. Do Not Buy Meds. Do Not Buy Attachments/Mods. Do Not Buy Ammo. Enter another raid. Rinse Repeat. Killing, Looting, and Scooting. All Mods to a weapon come from withing the Raid. All Ammo and Meds Should also be found withing the raid. This adds the sense of Skill and Limited resources and increases your want to make shots count and engagements to be thought out. Keep this up till you die, and start over again until you are bored with the idea of the Gun Game. I have a lot of fun with this style of playing when I get a little frustrated with doing Tasks or Geared runs form either D-Sync or just Meeting better players. Does anyone else do this? Do you have any improvements? Did you try it out? what did you think? I would love to hear thoughts on it. Not looking for Toxicity but I am sure it will come at some point this is the internet we are talking about. Either way, Happy raiding everyone. Cheers, Necro
  3. CROOKS CLAN recruiting members.

    We are a group of players who like to have fun and play multiple other games other than tarkov, although we like this game the most. Looking for anyone who isn'ttoo tryhard and generally likes to win using teamwork and down right luck. If you'd like to play with us or apply you can go to there you can join the discord from the site.
  4. Escape From Tarkov in one picture

    Hi guys, if you want to explain someone, how Tarkov gameplay feels like... this is my idea. How do you describe EFT in one picture???
  5. About subtitles ... Not trying to offence someone.
  6. Видео
  7. 7-Day FREE Game KEY!!!!

    Hey dudes!! I have some extra keys and I am wanting to give them away! I hope you all enjoy KEYS SMV7B-6C8DU-LEKLK-29S5U YIN7B-6C7YC-WV11S-K8T5U
  8. A slightly off-topic, however amidst the numerous posts from fellow gamers usually regarding Dsync, lag or waiting time; to refer to a few. On a personal note I'd like to express just how fantastic I think Escape from Tarkov is and how excited I am to see how it'll develop over the years. It's been a long time since I've really hungered to play a game, it's been equally as long to recall when I was so engrossed that I've completely lost track of the time and minutes have slipped into hours, even days. Yes, I must concede there are flaws in the game, but less we forget that this is still in what I would consider to be an early beta title. There really aren't many games that I can recall that have given such depth of play, such engaging PVP, PVE and sensational moments where you can literally feel your heart pounding out your chest. The atmosphere and tension is simply one of the finest I have experienced in over 30 years of being a gamer; including competitive play at a fairly decent level I may add! So, a simple post to say excellent work to the devs and all those concerned in the creation of this fine title. Also a shout-out to those connected with the community, inclusive of the mods and those dedicated to giving us all an excellent experience both inside and outside the game. As a whole, this is all worthy of mention and I look forward to what happens in the future. Good luck with the escape boys and girls.
  9. Looking for someone to join us!

    What's up what's up!! I'm pretty new to the game, started playing in late November, talked 2 friends in to buying ETF, now we are searching for friends to play in groups!
  10. Star Wars

    AAALLLRRRIIIGGGHHHTTT..........So who wants to meet me in game with nothing but tracer rounds and duke it out Star wars style? I was playing a night match in customs and the dorms looked like the rebels were popping off against some stormtroopers with all the red and green tracers I saw flying haha moments like these make this game great! Keep it up BSG. I love EFT!!!
  11. Les aventures De Black Et Goulag

    Salut à tous ! un peu de gameplay avant la maj de cette semanie !
  12. Escape From TeamKill

    Salut les gars, une nouvelle vidéo un peu fun !
  13. A little Scav party killed nobody

    Well guess this says more than words at all
  14. Hey guys Im trying to create an escape from tarkov community where you can come and play with anyone .Im trying to do this through my stream and trying to get my stream out there !
  15. Group

    shoot me a freind requiest if you wanna do some raids, just got the game today so im not a pro, just fyi.
  16. Linked above is a discord channel where you can meet new friend on escape from tarkov Join if you want to
  17. I absolutely hate hatchlings right now because they are always unnecessarily aggressive towards everyone. If a hatchling decides to be aggressive towards me, I shoot it in the leg and make it suffer until i get bored and then shoot it in the head. If the hatchling does the friendly wiggle, I find as much loot as I can for it and give everything to it. I have every trader maxed and I have as much gear as I will ever need so it doesn't matter at all if I die. If anybody else sees a hatchling that deserves to die, don't do it the courtesy of killing it, break its leg and watch it suffer until it either disconnects or gets killed by a scav. duck every shitty hatchling.
  18. EFT Scary movies from MOLOT

  19. Всем привет! Уставновил адоп премьер и решил поделать нарезок разных, очень много всего можно наделать с нарезками со стримов, но пока не понял в каком формате лучше видео сохранять. Может кто подскажет как лучше это сделать с учетом того что комп у меня не настолько уж крутой для обработки видео. Заранее спасибо! Видео ниже: П.С. Видео лучше смотреть прямо здесь (качество не шипко хорошее на полном окне) =)
  20. The Dead

    just a nice pic for the ppl.
  21. Gopnik Award

    hello everyone how about some funny stuff? I've made up a competition for players (but after release i think. or maybe some of you in alpha/beta can try it) called 'Gopnik Award'! what is it? you have to start game like a typical gopnik - no stuff to wear, weapons only melee or pistols, and you goal is to carry to extracion point best loot and show best stats. let's show others that even Gopniks can beat Spetsnaz! weekly competiton will be ended by official coronation by moderator/admin etc with Gopnik Award and title Master Gopnik. what do you think about it? I hope you'll enjoy in and stay cheeki breeki
  22. Deutsch Escape from Tarkov [DE] [Oldies] EfTO Steam Gruppe "Gemütliches" Zocken ist hier angesagt Das ist eine Gruppe, für den in der Jüngeren Generation alles etwas zu schnell und zu Hektisch zu geht! Optimal für Spieler die auf die 30 zugehen bzw überschritten haben Die Gruppe ist nicht nur auf das Spiel Escape from Tarkov beschränkt, aber wurde durch das Spiel gegründet! _______________________________________________________________________________ English Escape from Tarkov [DE] [Oldies] EfTO Steam group "Cosy" gaming is here hip This is a group for the younger generation in the everything goes a little too fast and hectic! Ideal for players who have exceeded or going to the 30 The group was not limited on the game Escape from Tarkov, but was established through the game!
  23. Found Scruffy Today

    LOL - I found Scruffy today. cc @Scruffy
  24. When the Alpha starts

    How do you prepare before venturing out into the wasteland?