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  1. SweatShop

    More gamemodes

    Yo please consider adding more gamemodes such as: - search and destroy, 5v5 - hostage escort 5v5 - Capture the objective 10v10 You already have the assets: maps, guns, etc... all you need to do is to complie it in a new way. In these gamemodes players would compete over an ingame cash price distributed equally between teammates, the objective for the attackers would be to plant a bomb at a set location and defenders would have to prevent it or defuse it. Players would be able to purchase weapons with in match credit that would be based on round preformance. Equipment should be purchased as packages containing weapons, ammunition and gear, and grouped in to "classes" for example: assault, scout, heavy, etc... and the equipment package should be designed to suit that role. Idea for DLC mabye?
  2. Hallo Tarkovians! Wij zijn een hechte gemeenschap waar plezier voorop staat! Na een afsplitsing van de internationale server gaan we verder als dochter server met Nederlandse/Belgisch. Het niveau van onze leden gaat van beginner tot THICC Kappa boys dus er is altijd wel ergens waar jij je op je plek voelt. Daarnaast hebben wij vrijwillige sherpa's die graag helpen met alle punten in Tarkov. Wat wij je kunnen bieden: - Een hechte gemeenschap; - Hulp bij alles over Escape from Tarkov en meer; - Zeeën van giveaways; - Bij jubileums veel leuke verassingen. Onze voorwaarden en regels: Hoofd Regels: - Minimale leeftijd 18 jaar. - Blijf altijd respectvol naar elkaar. - Geen racisme. - Geen seksisme. - Gebruik je gezonde verstand. - Heb plezier! Discord: - Verander je naam naar: (Roepnaam) Nickname. - Nieuwe members? Kijk of je kan helpen. - Gebruik de kanalen zoals ze bedoeld zijn. - Probeer niet te ragen als je wordt gedood en er nog andere mensen in raid zijn, zelfs als je door rats gedood bent. - Als je een channel joined, kijk eerst of mensen in raid zijn en wacht op het goede moment om te beginnen met praten. In-game: - Killer heeft loot prioriteit. - Bewust teamkillen is niet toegestaan. - Probeer de gear van je teammates te droppen, als mogelijk. - Cheaten wordt niet getolereerd. Lijkt onze community je wat, wil jij samen met ons groeien in deze server? Neem dan een kijkje op onze DISCORD en stuur een berichtje in een channel of naar een van onze leden met de link hieronder. https://discord.gg/us97BkPw
  3. So I was playing on customs with a friend and we've had a horribly rough patch of Tarkov with high level players and their gear just bullying us around or enemy scavs both player and AI one tapping us due to lack of equipment. I'm nearly level 11 and he's roughly half way through level 9. We're both very experienced with shooters and know our thing for those interested. With this raid, we're on point, we're clearing buildings like champs. Killing random scavs that were ahead of us with one shots and looting with quick efficiency. Now we're at the Gas station, and I've just taken one guy down. The only other persons who are with us (and breathing), is my friend and the scav that had decided to hide behind the fuel truck. So with both threats taken care of and no one in sight I decided to loot my fresh kill in hopes of getting a decent score. But it seems in this game, if you're having too much fun, it has to stop as I was immediately killed by a player scav who clearly just spawned in right bloody next to me! Now you could view this as just bad luck but this to me is a bad game design that needs to be looked at. If it were the other way round, That guy who killed me would have himself been instantly killed by myself or my friend (which he was while he attempted to loot my body) when spawning in and no time to react. This game is alot of fun and while I have some issues regarding the leveling abilities of new players or lower level players I'm content with how things are run mostly. But this issue has Pissed me off a bit as It just feels like a cheap cheat death rather than something that is my fault or something my opponent actually worked for.
  4. Nuitblack

    Recherche joueur

    Bonjour , j'ai obtenue le jeu il y a un petit mois et je recherche une personne avec qui jouer . personne mature et passe un bon moment
  5. Donovan0929

    looking for a group

    HI ive been playing for about two wipes now and alot of the people ive been playing with are taking a massive break from Tarkov so i just wanted to see if i could meet some new people to play with im a level 14 and im ok at the game so yeah if your interested just reply and ill shoot you my discord and can play maybe
  6. Hey guys ! Join our Gaming Community and come play Escape from Tarkov with our 300 players ! We're a friendly and mature community which our intent is to not over-moderate, encourage maturity and educate the toxic player / negative people into being more friendly and positive or leave. Feel free to share your content or just come to chat with us ! We're looking for more active chatter https://discord.gg/e6fB9a8
  7. Hi guys Im looking for people to play with And help me learn a bit more. Add me in game or on discord dfields98#3629 Country: US Time: CST -7:00
  8. Hey guys, I recently made this video poking fun at how some of my raids in Tarkov go. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqzHUNA1FFE
  9. derekalmquist

    New to the game

    Used to games like Battlefield or CoD that are a little less detailed. Looking for anyone to buddy up with that can maybe help out with the steep learning curve. Reply here to group up and get us some cool stuff! Discord: DERELEEEKT (I know it's down right now)
  10. Good morning ya’ll. This is just a general reminder that the registration for the 4v4 tournament will be ending tomorrow at midnight. If you are interested in participating/representing your community this is your final chance (until the next time we run this). In order to participate, y'all need to join our discord, and tag yourself and your teammates, and your team will be added to the roster. Once the registration ends, the schedule will be posted, and teams in order of registration will be choose their slots. The first bracket will be played on the 20th-21st. If we get 16 teams, they will a total of 8 matches played, 4 on each day. The winning teams will move on to the next weekend, where the quarter finals will be played on Saturday, and the semi-finals and finals will be played on the Sunday (so the 27th and 28th). This is our first time hosting this type of event, so we are still working on prizes, but right now, if your team wins, your team name/community will be posted in a channel to remind everyone who won the JAG team death-match. Ingame loot and steam keys are being considered, more info to follow. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me or post here. Good luck and happy hunting. https://discord.gg/mykRWaE
  11. pheonixcarnage

    4v4 event Being hosted by JAG!

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and any hardcore operators who don't quite fit in a single box, the JAG clan and community would like to cordially invite you all to take part in our inaugural Escape from Tarkov 4 versus 4 deathmatch tournament! The rules are simple; find three of your most bloodthirsty friends, arm yourself to the teeth, and join our discord to register your team. Registration will be open through April 15th and there's room for 16 teams total. Matches will be played in the resort area of shoreline, with each team having a JAG escort to help coordinate things and make sure everything goes smoothly (and that we don't have any interruptions from cheeki scavs or opportunistic stalkers.). The only restrictions? Stay within the resort boundaries. Matches will have a 20 minute time limit; If 20 minutes pass without one team winning, the number of surviving players on each team will determine the winner. No Press Vest armor or UNTAR helmets: Our JAG enforcers will be wearing those so you can easily spot (and avoid shooting them. Killing an enforcer will result in disqualification). No IR scopes -- I know, I know I love feeling like predator, growling and shrieking to myself behind my monitor, my true alien form taking over as I smell the fear of my... uh, never mind-- Point is, let's have at least some warrior's honor as we do our best to outmaneuver and kill each other with every other dirty tactic Tarkov has to offer. And of course, listen to your enforcer to make sure all goes smoothly. And for the those who come out on top? Plenty of in game spoils to be had, and maybe a few game keys on steam... All of the details, as well as sign ups, can be found under the #4v4s-pugs-community-event channel on our discord. So come. Assemble your team, put together your gear, and give us your best war face when you come sign up on our discord. Happy Hunting, -Lizzie ❤️ https://discord.gg/p25EYxD
  12. CRAZZY1

    Scavs With Guitars

    So this is not a thing that shold be focused on right away but i would like to see scavs that play guitars or sit in chairs and stuff around the map would make the atmosphere look really alive and realistic so when the devs have free time maybe consider adding a guitar for example that scavs can use thanks for reading.
  13. Instant karma fail, double ricochet headshot suicide just before extraction on interchange... that 1 in a million chance
  14. Theres one of my latest
  15. iKiritoXx

    Need friends to play with

    just looking to play the game ive been playing a lot by myself and tired of being by myself think it will be more fun with others so hmu so we can play I play everyday and a lot on weekend so hope on in and lets raid some ppl
  16. RatCommander

    trying to be generous before the wipe,

    so here i am before trying to give back to the scavs and hatchlings before the wipe i load into factory find an innocent hatchling who wiggles it for me and then i give him a bag with an i case and money in the i case which spells LoL (1.2mil rub), unfortunately the hatchling died as i walked away, rip payday.
  17. kylesesh

    Bad Dogs - Recruiting

    Bad Dogs are recruiting We are a newly formed clan, created by a group of experienced players. As a group we are looking for semi serious players who know how to have a bit of fun, but stay professional during raids. Our rules are simple, but should follow the semi serious criteria we are trying to create. Requirements Age: 16+ Mic: Yes Experience in Game: Somewhat experienced, we don't expect you to know all the spawn locations and Scav spawns, but to know the general spawn locations and generally dangerous areas, for example, the Bus Depot in Customs, Logging Camp in Woods, Hotel in Shoreline etc. Swearing: Obviously swearing can happen, especially when killed or during major gun fights, we are ok with general swearing, "F***, S***, Dammit" etc, but at no point should members start throwing out racially insensitive remarks, either in a raid or during a general chat on discord... Any racially insensitive remarks will be met with one warning, and any further offenses of this rule will be met with being banned from the clan. Team Killing: Any intentional team killing will be met with your immediate expulsion from the clan, however if it is a genuine mistake, due to miscommunication, it will be treated as a forgive and forget situation, however if you are found to be "Mistakenly" team killing a fellow clan member on a regular basis, you will be asked to leave. Loot: Loot will be treated on a first come, first serve basis, however we are all here to have fun and play the game as a well co ordinated group, and any members who frequently loots the better gear in the game, for example, safes, computers, statues, gun cabinets etc, will be asked to leave some of the better loot for other members to make it a fair raid, unless it is proven that you carry loot for it to be shared out between members at a safe location. Sharing Equipment / Ammo: We all expect members to bring an adequate amount of ammunition, food, medical supplies etc, to their raids, however in the event of long winded gun battles and the event that a fellow member requires medical kits, ammunition and food, please try to be respectful and share any excess equipment that you bring, its better to have a group of Four players that are able to be useful in combat then three players engaging in combat and have one member at the back with hardly any ammo not being able to fight to the best of their ability. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop in to the discord, where both me and MK will be waiting for your questions and to help get you started in the clan. https://discord.gg/gzKau Many Thanks MeanDragon
  18. RyanKingsman

    The Kingsman

    The Kingsman is a community/clan that is currently looking to expand within Escape From Tarkov. Our main goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new players/teams and dominate the game! We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way. We don’t like to take the game to seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. We look forward to you joining us! https://discord.gg/bZrA2UJ Kingsman Major, Ryan
  19. Smoerble

    Escape From Tarkov in one picture

    Hi guys, if you want to explain someone, how Tarkov gameplay feels like... this is my idea. How do you describe EFT in one picture???
  20. Demar6194

    NaC Recruiting

    Looking for a few people to play games with so my buddy and I started NaC "Not a Clan". So if you would like to join pm me and ill send a link to our ts. We do play other games like rust, pubg, and overwatch.
  21. gNecrOz

    The Gun Game

    Greetings fellow Tarkovians, So I have been trying this out over the weekend and I figured I would share what I have been doing. This came to be because I have the Traders maxed and strength training is a little monotonous. SO I have came up with this game, which is slightly based around the idea of the old Gun Game in Call of Duty. So this is how I do this, feel free to adjust the 'Rules' as you see fit. Alright, So I spawn as a Hatchling and I attempt to loot and find a weapon, either by Killing a Unsuspecting PMC or Getting the drop on a SCAV or even from Looting with Keys and getting lucky or just Good Old Vulture Play. You can be as extreme or as relaxed in this as you feel like. Then you just complete the raid Sell the junk you do not wish to take with you, keep any rig or weapon or attachments you want. Do Not Insure. Do Not Buy Meds. Do Not Buy Attachments/Mods. Do Not Buy Ammo. Enter another raid. Rinse Repeat. Killing, Looting, and Scooting. All Mods to a weapon come from withing the Raid. All Ammo and Meds Should also be found withing the raid. This adds the sense of Skill and Limited resources and increases your want to make shots count and engagements to be thought out. Keep this up till you die, and start over again until you are bored with the idea of the Gun Game. I have a lot of fun with this style of playing when I get a little frustrated with doing Tasks or Geared runs form either D-Sync or just Meeting better players. Does anyone else do this? Do you have any improvements? Did you try it out? what did you think? I would love to hear thoughts on it. Not looking for Toxicity but I am sure it will come at some point this is the internet we are talking about. Either way, Happy raiding everyone. Cheers, Necro
  22. d6vie

    CROOKS CLAN recruiting members.

    We are a group of players who like to have fun and play multiple other games other than tarkov, although we like this game the most. Looking for anyone who isn'ttoo tryhard and generally likes to win using teamwork and down right luck. If you'd like to play with us or apply you can go to crooksclan.com there you can join the discord from the site.
  23. Видео
  24. gbrown719

    7-Day FREE Game KEY!!!!

    Hey dudes!! I have some extra keys and I am wanting to give them away! I hope you all enjoy KEYS SMV7B-6C8DU-LEKLK-29S5U YIN7B-6C7YC-WV11S-K8T5U
  25. bradleytwin01

    Looking for someone to join us!

    What's up what's up!! I'm pretty new to the game, started playing in late November, talked 2 friends in to buying ETF, now we are searching for friends to play in groups!
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