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Found 2 results

  1. Suggestions for accessories: Having played the Mosin rifles in other titles, I noticed that there are no stripper clips for it wich greatly limits the reloading speed and thus makes this rifle inferior to other bolt-action rifles with internal magazines, like the SV-98, in terms of reloading. The 5-round 7.62x54mmR stripper clip for Mosin rifle and carbines is historically widely used and I can imagine that plenty would still be around to be found on the maps of Tarkov. https://images.app.goo.gl/yKnRcNbqiJrnZHJN9 Although the stripper clip can't be used when a scope or rail is mounted above the magazine (e.g. PU 3.5x scope or Arbalet Patriot P+W mount), it can be used with stock iron sights or the rear sight mounted rails like the Aim Sports MNG rails. In this regard, the performance of the Mosin as a sniper rifle remains unchanged, however it becomes viable to use in close quarters due to the greatly inchanced reload speed. The same argument can also be mad for the 10-round 7.62x39mm stripper clip for SKS. https://images.app.goo.gl/ioSHhGvPco62M8x98 . The addtion of the stripper clips makes the SKS much more viable with its stock 10-round internal magazine. Suggestions for advanced functionalities: The option for manually cycling bolt-action rifles (manual bolting) should be added. I would imaging the implementation as such: After firing, the spent case remains in the chamber until the firing key is pressed again after which the character cycles the bolt, ejecting the spent case and, when the magazine is not empty, chambering a new round. In the case of reloading, the case can either be ejected before reloading or remain in the chamber when a detachable box magazine is used. The advantages manual bolting would bring to the table are: 1. The player can observe the fall of shot without being interrupted by the cycling animation. 2. Should the player decide to top-up the magazine after a shot, manual bolting avoids having to eject a live round before reloading. This saves ammunition and the hassle of having to search for the ejected round on the ground. This only applies to the Mosing rifles and carbines since other bolt-action rifles have detachable magazines. 3. In some games, manual bolting provides slightly faster cycling of the bolt and thus increase in the rate of fire. Implementation of manual bolting in RO2: In my opinion, the manual bolting function makes bolt-action rifles, especially Mosin rifles and carbines, more user-friendly and, if the developers choose to, fire faster. I'd also like to hear the opinions of the developers on my suggestions. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi my names Mudzey, I'm always good with Ideas use to be a game developer and engineer myself. I have huge expectations for this games future. I want to share some a few ideas within the community, and hopefully they will agree to me with this so I can also enjoy seeing it in game in the near future? As the main source code of the game is developed around realism and can very difficult at all best when working with a team small to large. We need something that we can use in game as a function, maybe something like character animations. follow me hand wave, hold etc. I think you know what I mean? The biggest Idea I have though come's from when working as a group sometimes when clearing and searching rooms you can easily shoot your friend. It be cool as well as If we could have custom player clothing bages on our shoulders so we also can Identity friend or foe. What if you could have a function to lean on you partner and this could be implemented into the players group functions, not random as people would troll with this. Final and most important. It might be me missing the page on the forums? I would really love to have a tab espasily for game ideas and have the community opinions and have there ideas implemented. This would be cool to see, It's nice to see developers make something for the community please be careful as some are out to get things to troll or don't understand game dev. I will be posting more at some point I hope people will agree reply to this message if you want please get this message across I want a few more functions added. And later I will still be here to support this games future launch or the full release that I will still be playing, I do want to see some of the Ai skill level tuned. As of recently 08/08/17 11:52 and later in the day when the ai was tune live update, I was killed and was one shooted while free falling from the factory pipes and died instantly, no fall damage. and lost a lot of expensive gear took me 1-2 hours getting and farming. There was also a bug I went to pick up a scav AI weapon and did not show in the inventory but was laying on the ground. I was really upset by the looks of things to what I could see Shh secret for those don't want spoilers in game content weapons. But could you refund me the tommy gun, I'm not lying I think I streamed it on twitch?
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