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Found 10 results

  1. MoonMoon

    Wipes after 0.12?

    I tried to look for this in forums, but couldnt. So sorry if its already out there. But ... ... I know about the 0.12 wipe, but is it known how it will be after? Will there still be wipes? Me and my friend, we stopped playing Tarkov, because we were sick of doing hard work and grind to lose it all again and again. I dont find it funny to be sometimes really frustrated by quest and then relive that again every wipe.
  2. (Informationen kommer från TarkovTV #9 samt statusuppdateringar från Nikita) Nästa wipe kommer med 12.6, dock kommer "examine" sparas (så ni inte behöver identifiera varenda pryl igen) samt era vapen-presets. Pre-wipe eventen kommer att ske 3-4 dagar innan wipe. Så när dessa startar så var beredda på wipe. Efter wipe så kommer loppmarknaden ENDAST tillåta föremål som har "found in raid"-status (Den vita bocken under boken i bilden talar om att föremålet hittats i raid, det är alltså denna status som krävs för att lägga upp föremål på loppmarknaden) Om du lämnar rai
  3. Send_Puppy_Pics

    Future graphics for Escape from Tarkov

    Hey there developers, I'm impressed with the game so far in terms of the ideas you guys have brought to the game. I was wondering if you guys saw what unity put out on January 16, 2018 where they showed the Book of the Dead teaser. I was really impressed with what they did on unity and was wondering if you guys are inspired by it. Is this your graphical target for the game? What should we expect in terms of graphics on what you guys would want to improve and how pretty would you guys want to make the game look, because it would be really nice if you guys ended up with gr
  4. Heyndlgarndl

    Upcomming patches: What is planned?

    Hi. I guess there are going to be improvements for performance and net code in future. But can we expect adjustments to game mechanics or new features in the (relatively) close future? Also regarding to what the community has been talking about. There were many things but what I can remember of the top of my had are the spawn system, weapon recoil, sound system and comfort features for the inventory. I also wonder about when the next larger update is going to be (weeks, months, etc.). This information also should help to prevent redundant discussions or requests. Hope someone ca
  5. general_slappy

    Future of Escape From Tarkov?

    So, I've been doing some thinking about post-release EFT. I'm curious about what BSG plans in terms of keeping the game alive post-release. I'm tracking they have DLCs planned, but will there be a possibility for events? Holidays (like the hilarious pumpkin helmet)? Winter maps where you battle for either Santa or Father Winter... Or snowball fights like seen in Verdun (just rambling now lol) Since I'm on the topic of winter maps, will weather play a factor on your character in-raid? I.E. cold weather increasing the risk of catching a cold or succumbing to pneumonia/hypothermia without p
  6. FrogGru


    Hey guys. Im leaving for the Untied States Air Force Bootcamp in about 9 days. Im just wondering if there will be a wipe happening from 11/11/2017-1/21/2018.. I just want to know if I should give my gear away or keep it for when I get back.
  7. MacBurgeris


    Whats up, first please don't just my thoughts by my English, cous yes its bad as hell So I have some ideas what I wish see in this game for future: 1. Ads ,so what I thinking gamma container could be nice start, but more ads could be for your bunker (something like at World of Tanks, just looking better it could come same with more xp per raid, or just copy that idea from WoT and make premium days, dev gets money, and if you balance more to esthetics game will be competitive and not pay to win, cous cash shouldint be eazy to get, only maybe xp..maybe. ) 2. Second a
  8. lynxnorway

    Music producer?

    Anyone here doing music production ? If so, what kind of style do you prefer? If anyone does future house,collab ?
  9. as the title says, is this even planned ? i really hope so myself, because i see so many sweet spots that you could climb...would be a capers dream though so that makes me a little worried. so, any info on this ? peace
  10. Zoraxon

    Dev Question

    Okay, I have a question about a subject that may effect most, if not all, of the forums. When the beta drops, what happens to the forums? As you basically all know, there is an alpha-only forum. This was public knowledge before. What is going to happen to that forum when the beta comes out? Is it going to be deleted? Is it going to be archived? Is it going to be absorbed by the beta forum (Which will exist for the beta testers)? I kinda want to know this. @Blackb1rd @dev-george
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