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Found 101 results

  1. Blackb1rd


    Данная тема предназначена для литературного описания Событий, происходящих с вашим персонажем в игре. Вы можете как описать точно те События, что дал вам мастер, так и, если не хотите раскрывать каких-то секретов, сделать общее описание о погоде, природе, размышлениях, снах на привале и т.п. Но одно условие обязательно. К каждым Событиям должно быть описание в этой ветке.
  2. Nesquikk


    ESCAPE FROM TARKOV WIPED EVERYTHING OFF MY D DRIVE I just bought this bloody game about 5 minutes ago. As I download the launcher, I set the installation destination onto my D drive. As the game started downloading, space started to free up on my D drive. After a couple of minutes, over 100GB of files HAD BEEN DELETED. I paused the launcher, but my D drive has been almost completely wiped. WHAT DO I DO?
  3. steven4543

    Game not purchased! issue

    My friend purchased the game for me on the BSG website for me on 02/22/2020. I've been playing almost everyday until after today's patch my game client says that the game is not purchased. The code was not purchased by a third party website. Has this happened to anyone else? I have proof of purchase as well.
  4. I cannot install the game! I just bought Escape from Tarkov Standard Edition and now when I'm trying to install the game to my computer it doesn't work. It says that the downloaded file checksum doesn't match. I've tried to install the game twice now and have got the same result both times. Im not sure what I'm suppose to do. I have got over 70 GB space on my SSD left so that should not be the problem. Please help.
  5. Mirl0o

    Buy the game again?

    I bought the game by redeeming a standard game code on March 9 and today March 13 the game does not appear on my web profile. And today 13 at 8 am Spanish time I was playing without any problem. At 3 o'clock the game did not appear and it tells me that I have to buy it again. I have sent a ticket to the support but I have seen that I am not the only one to whom it happens and from what I see they do not answer them either.
  6. Blackb1rd


    This topic is intended for a literary description of the events that occur with your character in the game. You can either describe exactly the events that the gamemaster gave you, and if you do not want to disclose some secrets, make a general description of the weather, nature, reflections, dreams at halt, etc. But one condition is mandatory. Each event should have a description in this thread. The player does the description of the move only after in the "Events" topic the gamemaster will describe what happened to you during the move.
  7. Rodger_Rodger

    I dont have my axe anymore.

    used to play this game a lot and never had this issue, I came back and now I no longer have a melee weapon so I resort to using the scav knife which is worse then the 150 dollar knife I paid for lol.
  8. Blackb1rd


    Данная тема предназначена для литературного описания Событий, происходящих с вашим персонажем в игре. Вы можете как описать точно те События, что дал вам мастер, так и, если не хотите раскрывать каких-то секретов, сделать общее описание о погоде, природе, размышлениях, снах на привале и т.п. Но одно условие обязательно. К каждым Событиям должно быть описание в этой ветке. Описание хода игрок делает только после того, как в теме "События" гейммастер опишет произошедшее с вами во время хода.
  9. wilk85

    Poszukuję 1-2 osób do gry

    Jak w temacie, poszukuje 1-2 osób do gry, stały skład, doświadczenie conajmniej 1 wipe za sobą
  10. Hallo zusammen, ich habe Probleme mit der Spielsuche, wenn die Maps geladen werden oder ich in der Warteliste der Spielsuche bin wird mein Bild eingefroren. Das Problem tritt zu 80% bei jeder suche auf, ich muss erst das Game schließen und wieder öffnen um auf die Map zu kommen. CPU, GPU und RAM sind nicht überlastet. Habe noch keine Lösungen im Forum oder auf YT gefunden. Bin ich alleine mit dem Problem? Würde mich über Antworten freuen.
  11. devendontedavid

    Unable To Launch In Steam

    Since the new patch , making the game only playable through launcher I'm having a very hard time using my steam controller . Normally I'd add non steam game (eft exe.) Then launch and it works . But now the only way I was able to use my controller was to, open launcher , launch game, open steam In big screen, launch exe ,exit the launcher and first game (this worked twice , iv tried adding launcher through steam, doesn't work ).if I just try to open it in steam without opening one in launcher first it doesn't launch (patch I guess). I can't use keyboard and mouse due too injuries so I pretty much can't play now and was wondering if anyone figured out anything , I know not many people use this controller
  12. TehSillySoldier

    Game Refund?

    Hi there! So a friend of mine recently bought me this game because he "thought I would like it". Me being a tactical multiplayer action FPS fan, I can understand why he thought I enjoy this game. I've heard about Escape From Tarkov for awhile now, lots of YouTubers and Twitch streamers cover this game quiet extensively, so I definitely know the hype surrounding the game. But this is not without its flaws.... -Its been in development forever, a eternity long NDA-restricted Alpha....then only recently a half baked "Beta" -The game has a difficult meta, very inconsistent loot tables, bad gear drops and general gameplay inconsistency with long wait times -A DROVE of technical issues, from crashes, lag, stutters, network issues, control issues, game-breaking bugs and major game instability -EXTREMELY toxic developers who have been known to suppress, censor, and ban/restrict players for negative feedback, criticism, or anything that doesn't blindly praise this game for any reason (I'll be amazed if this post isn't shut down within the hour for me simply stating this fact) *Plus these guys have been known to go after YouTubers and Streamers, attempting to strike their channels Now hear me out. Tonight I tried to give this game a chance. I swept the problems with this game and the developers under the rug, and I tried to give this an honest chance, (Who knows? Maybe I thought I would like the game after all) but alas, I have not even remotely gotten a chance to enjoy any major portion of the game. I have spent the last hour screwing around with constant game crashes, EVERY SINGLE MATCH. No matter if I play as Scav or USEC, no matter what map, whether Factory, Reserve or whatever, no matter what graphics settings I play at, or what changes I make to my PC, this game crashes CONSTANTLY. I did the normal diagnostics, updated video drivers, changed CPU priority, re-installed the game, re-seated my RAM, verified game files, changed registry files, changed video card settings in the NVIDIA control panel, NOTHING. This game is plagued with technical issues and it flat out doesn't run. Hell dude, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 doesn't crash as much as this game does. My PC is also not a single problem either. I'm rocking AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 3.7GHz, 16GB DDR4 32000MHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070Ti, 960GB PNY Ultra III SSD, 4TB HDD Storage, 550w Corsair CX PSU and clean install of Windows 10 Home Anniversary Update. This PC is MORE THAN POWERFUL enough to run this game, I am well above the minimum system requirments. This game just doesn't wanna run and I don't know why. So I don't want him to waste his money. I want to know if there's any way that I can request a refund for the game in ANY way. I know there's a stupid policy around refunds in BattleState Games Terms of Service, but I live in the US and we have consumer protection laws the prohibit the prevention of refunds for reasons like this (Which is why Steam, uPlay, Origin, Epic ect. are required by law to offer refunds on digital products, and Steam allows you to refund any game if you can't run it and need a refund.) If anyone can help me out, I'd rather my friend get his money back rather than him having wasted his money on a technical Beta that won't run on my PC. Maybe in a year or whatever when this game is more complete and up to standard I will come back and revisit, but for now more work needs to be done.
  13. Dear Developers, I searched for a group 15minutes ago, account name : maddd , Iamsogood invited me and spawned on shoreline, 1 second after I turn my teammate kills me and ofc loots all my gear, is the the meta in the game or? :) should I only play with people I know or I should do the same because there is no punishment about it? Looking forward for an answer. Good day/night everyone.
  14. Rawvvy1

    Game discount for new players!

    Hello, I bought the standard edition and just started playing because of the twitch drops and really enjoy the game. The problem is that the upgrade from standard to EOD cost way to much for me to afford right now but there was a discount wich lasted until this week. I strongly suggest to keep the discount for one more week for the new players to be able to get the game as there are a lot of new players joining right now because of the twitch drops hype and because the eod edition is a little pay to win right now because of the huge stash and gamma container. I hope you understand and take this in consideration. Thank you.
  15. slewis223

    Game keeps crashing

    almost every time I play the game about mid raid my game will crash I updated everything don't know what else to do.
  16. Hallo, ich und ein Freund haben seid mehreren Tagen relativ viele Serverprobleme, ich wollte mal Fragen ob es anderen genau so ergeht? Es ist gefühlt jedes 3-4 Game das er oder ich "Server connection lost" oder "bad server version" haben was uns enorm den spaß am Spiel raubt. Vielleicht weis ja einer von euch mehr über den aktuellen server status oder ob man da etwas umstellen kann? Die andere Frage bezieht sich direkt aufs Game, wie ist es möglich durch einen einzigen Schuss in den Arm ( So wie es laut dem Endscreen dort stand) zu sterben? hält man nichtmal mehr einen einfachen Schuss in den Arm aus? Ich kenne es sonst mit Gebrochen/Blutenden oder komplett Kaputten Arm... Vielen danke für eure Antworten :D
  17. ShamrockGoblin

    Waiting for Game

    If the session start takes longer than 3 min can we please be allowed to do other things while we are forced to wait. Such as work on our stash, flea market or etc? Thx
  18. I remember during the first Alpha that the multiplayer was only supposed to be a mode to test out maps. Is this still going to happen? I got this so long ago for a fun immersive experience not a battle royal lite.
  19. Crispywafflz

    Can we please get a real report system

    We need a report system and a real anti cheat please ive died so many times and lost millions of rubles worth of gear. I literally just die now like no one around me or anything I just take damage and then die. doesn't matter who I play on

    Mouse macro and firing macro

    Is it allowed to use mouse 1 macro to full auto single action guns in tarkov and is razer macro system detected? Also is external crosshairs allowed, like a crosshair on the middle of my screen I can use on any game like rust, it does not connect to the game its a normal app not 3 party. And is it detected?
  21. TheStonedGoon

    corrupted game download

    every single time i try to install tarkov i get either an "illegal character in name", "check sum" or some other trash error and then i tried the damn work around and everytime i try it my file is corrupted when i download it, no matter what i always get a corrupt file, even the launcher i try downloading says its corrupt. ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\adrai\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\sharedassets57.assets.resS. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\adrai\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\sharedassets6.assets.resS. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\adrai\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\sharedassets7.assets.resS. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\StreamingAssets\Windows\assets\content\items\mods\magazines\mag_saiga12_pro_mag_sai_02_12x76_10.bundle. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\StreamingAssets\Windows\assets\content\weapons\mp7\textures\client_assets.bundle. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. The archive is corrupt
  22. Arranleehale

    Which version are you buying?!

    Which Version!? Good day to all of you!. So as i'm sure you'll all be aware.. we can pre-order this game!. But which one do we buy?!, which one will be the one we feel we really get our monies worth. Myself, will be going for the the EOD edition! but, will it be worth it?. I'm keen to hear which ones you have bought or looking to buy and your reasons for going for that version!. Peace out! ArranLH
  23. liontamer32

    14 day trial error

    I gave a friend the 14 day trial and he activated it but he still has 9 days left and i want to give him the free standard edition but the website says he cant activate the key because he already has the standard version of the game
  24. madigen

    LF Duo Buddy

    New to the game. I like all the maps. Hit lvl 20 LF someone to play with and to bs with. I don't have gar fear, still getting gear. I am just looking for someone to play with. ' 18+ (language) Also have kids so you might hear them in the background.
  25. Guten tag alle zusammen., Ich habe leider eine Leidige Anfrage und Hilfestellung. Ist es jemanden Gelungen ein Refund zu bekommen? Dieser Account hier ist von meinem Sohn der ohne Erlaubnis Geld benutzt hat um sich das Paket zu Kaufen. Wir haben von Grund auf schon nicht viel geld und ich habe versucht den Support zu bitten diesen Account einfach zu Sperren aber dieser Weigert sich zu einer Rückzahlung. Leider oder zum glück Leben wir in der EU und noch genauer in Deutschland, nach einem kurzen Gespräch mit der Verbraucherschutzzentrale wurde klar das die Politik zum zurückzahlen unter "Unerwartete Klausel fällt" da es üblich ist das man solche Founder packs auch erstattet bekommt ist die Klausel in der User Agreement nicht gültig. Ich will mich darauf nicht Versteifen und ich verstehe ja warum sie es reingeschrieben haben, aber dieser Account ist nicht mit meiner Erlaubnis Entstanden. Sie sagten mir das sie solche sachen nicht erzwingen wollen aber haben mir 4 mal mit der gleichen Standart Antwort zum Refund geantwortet. Ich will das nicht an die VSZ weitergeben den sonst kann es sein das Jeder Deutsche das recht hat ein refund einzufordern und das soll ja nicht Ziel sein. Ich will nur das Geld wiederhaben das gar nicht erst hier landen sollte. Das SPiel wurde meines Wissen nicht einmal Gespielt sicher bin ich mir da allerdings nicht. Es ist keine 2 Wochen her. Gibt es ein Moderator der vielleicht Hilfestellung walten lassen kann bevor ich den Rechtlichen Weg einschlage? Das Geld wird dringend gebraucht wir könne uns solche Spiele hier nicht Leisten.
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