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  1. RoosterYT

    About FleaMarket Importent

    Actually its two week iwas thinking about this idea for flea markt for make a big problem for cheater in game cheater abuse the barter in flea for example they say some one to make order one moonshine with red lab card and they buy it and this is how they make a money but when we dont have any barter in flea markt its a very big problem for cheater they cant drop they cant make order with money as very cheaper cause they should pay alot fee and they dont sure the man who want buy the offer or no and with this work its very hard to cheater to make money so its make to cheater go out the game and who want to stay they want to sell mone to people but they didnt cover fee as you can search and see so this is not profitable for all of them cheater and abuser so with this we make cheater to get out in game maybe they just come to kill people and we are report them and very easy to found them and another good way for being all money in fleamarkt is when some one see order for example one red card 50mil rouble is it possible and this is make the game busy cause player want to play and make money for what they need in start of wipe untill end of wipe i really a lot think about this i think its very usefull ihope you see myessage and do this goodluck BSG
  2. Guten Abend, Nachdem ich Heute nach dem neuen Wipe den Launcher aufgemacht habe, bekam ich eine Meldung Die Datei oder das Verzeichnis ist beschädigt und nicht lesbar. Ich musste das Spiel reparieren, nach der Reperatur kam wieder die Fehlermeldung ich sollte nun Reinstall machen, nach dem Reinstall sollte ich wieder reparieren,... so die ganze Zeit, Launcher schon deinstalliert und neu installiert, Repariert und Reinstalliert bringt alles nix!!! Kann mir einer Helden bitte? Grüße feywel
  3. shury2323

    Trial Code for a friend

    Hi, im new to tarkov and im watching a lot of these friends hoping to get an trial code or something, so i can show the game for a friend and play with him. I dont like asking too much but if anybody has 1 trial key left or something and want to make 2 guys very happy, i would appreciate much, thank you
  4. Ich hab mir das Spiel vor einer Woche erworben und war über das wochenende weg jetzt wollte ich das spiel starten und sehe das ich einen riesen errorcode bekommen hab und jetzt erneut downloaden muss. was ist der Grund ? wie kann sowas passieren ????
  5. Beninsa

    Please end Santa.

    At first.. i was gonna type words of emotion and rage. But I calmed my self down and decided to really get into why this needs to end. First the reason why I'm posting this. I have somehow managed to go all this time without killing Santa. which has been a real challenge. Because he has opened fire on me and my team on multiple occasions for killing boss which I don't agree with at all, and I have literally chose to die rather than kill Santa because I don't want to lose rep. THAT is an issue. Where I have to sacrifice my gameplay because of a broken AI I'm not allowed to kill. Sometimes I can get away but not all the time. I was on factory just trying to clear it and someone RUNS up the stairs at me and I turn and one tap him. Before I could even realize who he was he was dead and I saw that it was Santa and I just wanted to quit. My rep went from .71 (which I know isn't great but I'm trying slowly ok) and now I'm -.25 this was huge for me cause I always pride myself on being a good scav and I like the benefits of not being negative. That is all ruined.. for an event about a fictional character for a holiday that IS LONG PAST. Its not even new years anymore. The reasons why he should be removed immediately? 1. its not Christmas. Take the tree too I don't really mind. 2. Its not even NEW YEARS. It is January 5th for christ sake. Its over. 3. He was broken to begin with, attacking people that cant kill him and no ive never shot at him or even tried to engage him. I usually dont even go up to him for gifts because of all the bad run ins. 4. People are losing scav rep just defending themselves or over accidental kills. Sure I know some people just dont care about their rep, but f or the people who do PLEASE give us a chance to get our rep back. Give us a quest or something for those whove killed him once. MAX TWICE. Give us as the player base a chance to get our rep back. All in all I know this message comes off heated despite me trying not to. But it really does frustrate me and makes me not even want to try for my scav. But I know these messages dont usually lead to anything so I guess my venting session is over. I got ducking tarkov'd.
  6. EvilScotsman87

    EFT Spawnrate WZ Wallet

    So I'm level 61 Opened various marked rooms over i'd say 300 times on customs and maybe 150/200 times on Reserve. This wipe I've yet to find a single WZ Wallet and I assume since loot shuffle the chances are even lower. Can anyone give any suggestions please? I'm almost 62 and WZ Wallet is the last item I need. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Bonjour a tous, alors voila, j'ai créer une nouvelles config il y a 3 jours et je voulais télécharger le jeu sur ce nouveau pc, comme vous avez pu le comprendre je ne reçois pas les e-mail de sécurité... je suis sur Outlook... j'ai donc écris au support avec mon adresse Outlook mais aussi avec deux adresse Gmail différentes ( cela fait 3 jours ) et toujours aucune réponse de la part du support, je n'ai même pas reçu de mail avec un numéro de ticket support, je suis complètement perdu et j'aimerai si possible un peu d'aide car monté un pc pour un jeu en particulier et ne pas pouvoir y jouer alors que je l'ai acheté sa la fout un peu mal lol.... Merci d'avance a toutes les personnes qui voudront bien m'aider !
  8. Hi So when try geting in to a raid and out of it thers a problem with my whole pc just frezzing and going black and after a while it gose back to normal and giving me that the game has crashed. My pc build is quite good ryzen 9 3900x 16gb of ram at 3200mhz Games on a m.2 ssd 970 (the only new part is a 3060ti that i just installed) So tarkov is only the game that the whole pc frezzes on i have tried to reinstall the drivers/ and game same problem. I have tired other games that are Heavy on the GPUs monterhunter world ex. and also stress testet the gpu on furmark in case its it failing. But got no errors sorry for the bad gramar english isnt my native language Any ideas anyone?
  9. HunterSenpai

    For Anyone that says EFT is Unfair

    the reason why they made it not forgiven and stuff is because they said in the podcast that there target audience was older people like 30+ years of age because they wanted to make something super realistic and hardcore , not to be confused with it being a simulation because its not and yea they need to make somethings funs and stuff but they say that life is not fair and it isnt and they dont want there game to be easy and if you bring high tech or quality poo why should it feel like it isnt just because someone says its unfair you know? lets say you bring fort or some jauggernaut sort of loadout and stuff and someone with a pistol complains saying that , thats too op and unfair when you had to grind and die alot of times to people that had it or what not or lets say you die with it some super expensive ammo that someone brought specificly to deal with armor in hopes to kill someone with that type of gear why would you complain if he had a counter too your load out , its makes no sense if you focus too much on this games *fair* gameplay its only gonna come to the point of most fps games where one gun is king at dealing with anything at any distance and armor and everyone is gonna use it and its gonna make using anything else pointless like fort and stuff thats why they should make really high tech ammo lootable only so that when you use it specificly for that person or save a mag in you container with really special ammo so if you spot someone ahead of time and you wanna have the best possible advantage to take the loot he has because maybe he has good poo or good armor or gun you like you switch mags and own him . sorry i know this isnt really in the topic its suppose to be in because i couldnt find a topic that this really fits in.
  10. BoltActionHero

    RPG Elements of Tarkov

    Good afternoon, I know the devs are currently focusing on weapons/balancing and new maps and content. But I was wondering if there are any current plans to work on/expand on the Roleplaying elements of the game. What are the plans for this part of the game?
  11. Hi guys EFT Made a ping limit recently and its too low. I live in South Africa and this makes it impossible to play with anyone thats not in South Africa as its the only server that is below 160 ping. My suggestion is to increase the ping limit to 200, this way Africans can play with Europeans, Europeans can play with Americans AND Africans can play with Americans by both playing on Euro servers. All of my friends are in Europe and the USA and this ping rule has made it impossible for me to play my favorite game with my friends and Im sure some people feel the same way.
  12. Hey! I have had problems with my game for 2-3 days. If I go into a raid and the status is "Loading loot", my game crashes. That doesn't always happen, mostly in the second or third round. When the game crashes, programs like Discord and Google Chrome are frozen. I have to restart the programs over and over again. The last time I went into a raid, my game didn't crash, but discord and chrome were still frozen. In addition, I couldn't see anything ingame, I could run, shoot, open the inventory and move items, but the weapon was not displayed and everything was black. i went in a day raid. screenshot off what i was seeing is in the attatchment. I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance!
  13. Greetings all, I've been trying to find a fix for this for a very long time since I've been playing but to no avail. I've tried everything I could find online from setting up extra virtual ram for the system to use to uninstalling and reinstalling. I've tried running more ram but even that didn't work. If anyone has any ideas I am open to try them, what I've noticed is that Tarkov is using a lot of my HDD instead of my SSD but I have no files located on that drive that should allow any reading or writing to that drive. This is all just extremely confusing and I just wanna be able to play the game with decent loading times and decent frames. It's to the point I'm spawning in 5 minutes after the raid has started and fps dipping into 15 and sometimes just full freezing in gun fights. Thank you for any helpful feedback y'all can send my way! My specs are CPU - I5-9300h GPU - GTX 1650 16gb of 2400mhz ram
  14. I was wondering if its possible to run a game off a usb stick. I have a fast usb drive that I think might be faster than my hard drive. There is an option in a launcher to change a path of tarkov installation, so I figured I can just move it there. Are there any rules prohibiting running a game off a flash drive?
  15. Rumpldiebumpl

    Game breakdown

    Mornin´ fellow escapists, the old problem, Tarkov refuses to work properly on my Computer. To anticipate that, my speccs: Prozessor AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor 4.10 GHz GraphicCard NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM 8GB Windows 10 64bit If tried quite some stuff. Now when I go play on Factory, everything is just fine. But when I try to enter just any other map, the game loads map, loot, etc. and then decides to just go like, "duck off mate, I´m gonna break down right ducking now!" Every time! Even if i run as Admin. Even in the lowest graphic set. Just all the time. Before I hab Windows 7 on my PC, there at least I could enter the map and move around ... with lags, over lags, over lags, over... Now it wont even let me in. Graphics are set by Geforce Experience and like I said, never made any difference if high or low. I have my Servers manually picked. I run as Admin. My PC should just do fine with the game. I dont know... Any Ideas? Rumpldiebumpl
  16. SniperK95

    Domanda sul matchmaking

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo su tarkov (ho una settimanella scarsa sulle spalle) e ho una domanda da porre a chi magari è tanto che gioca. L'abbinamento dei giocatori è puramente casuale o segue una logica: tipo per livello, per esperienza o cose simili? Perchè nella quasi totalità delle mie partite finora sono stato praticamente oneshottato da gente di livello max. Anche tendendo imboscate o sparandogli alle spalle loro neanche un graffio e a me tirano giù in uno/due colpi. Gli unici player che sono riuscito ad uccidere sono di livello basso come me, gli altri totalmente inavvicinabili. Grazie per le risposte e sono bene accetti consigli. :)
  17. Spartanul


    Miniseries Hello there,I know that sounds a little bit crazy or funny at least,recently on YouTube the RAID has ended. 90% Of Tarkov Players liked that very much and 10% bought the game.The game it's growing step by step and a good ideea would be after the game it's out of BETA,the developers should create a movie or something like Chernobyl Miniseries,I think that will help the game to grow up...sorry for the dumb ideea or something. Best Regards
  18. Samurai_Mac

    Characters with DRY EYES

    Just a humble suggestions from a player of the game. Please make the characters. PMC/Scav blink in the menu and the loading screen. I could careless about in game, because you generally aren't in a position to see your own eyes. Go figure 🤣 Keep in mind that if a character dies he shouldn't blink. I'd be creeped out to see corpses blinking while I loot them. 😂
  19. Mirl0o

    Buy the game again?

    I bought the game by redeeming a standard game code on March 9 and today March 13 the game does not appear on my web profile. And today 13 at 8 am Spanish time I was playing without any problem. At 3 o'clock the game did not appear and it tells me that I have to buy it again. I have sent a ticket to the support but I have seen that I am not the only one to whom it happens and from what I see they do not answer them either.
  20. So I decided to start doing my Ragman quests today and while doing blood of war, placed the marker on the highway by the front of the mall just fine, the marker by power station just fine, but the marker behind Goshen wont even show up on the tanker. I tried looking over every square inch of the tanker but nothing. I tried putting it in my pockets, nothing. I tried restarting my game and ever clearing cashe files, but still, nothing. I don't know what to do. has anyone else had this problem? I could really use some assistance. Thanks!
  21. devendontedavid

    Unable To Launch In Steam

    Since the new patch , making the game only playable through launcher I'm having a very hard time using my steam controller . Normally I'd add non steam game (eft exe.) Then launch and it works . But now the only way I was able to use my controller was to, open launcher , launch game, open steam In big screen, launch exe ,exit the launcher and first game (this worked twice , iv tried adding launcher through steam, doesn't work ).if I just try to open it in steam without opening one in launcher first it doesn't launch (patch I guess). I can't use keyboard and mouse due too injuries so I pretty much can't play now and was wondering if anyone figured out anything , I know not many people use this controller
  22. Hello everyone, I have just recently bought tarkov (<10 hrs of gametime) and there's this specific spot in customs where I keep getting murdered. It's happened twice already, and my scav was quite fat so I was pretty mad. Does anyone know if it's the scav boss that is sniping? Or a sniper scav? Or just unlucky PMCs? Here, there's a picture to show you what I mean. Also, what does the death symbol mean?
  23. As Title suggests, I have done everything I can think of, including clearing registry, uninstalling everything, restarting pc, disabling any kind of anti-virus/anti-'x' nothing works, I have re-downloaded the game 5 times now each time it gets to 100% downloaded and shows the title as an error message (image attached) I have spent the entire day trying to fix this issue, I have seen people on the forums have had this issue for years and have said that support gives them no support (I recieved none either) how is this not fixed yet? no other game has this issue, 45 euros is a lot for a game that's not even out yet and the fact I can't even run it is kind of frustrating. any help appreciated, thanks.
  24. Мы клан Yunaiteddo мы все здесь объединились по разным причинам. Наш клан всегда рад видеть новых людей, новые интересы и взгляды. Основная цель клана объединиться для достижения какой либо цели. Оскорбления, унижения и неуважение строго пресекаются, бомбёж, крики и разборки строго запрещены. Discord- https://discord.gg/rSTP8tG VK группа-https://vk.com/yunaitedokeitaro YouTube-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9vhqTjqv2QMl-zlxm1NXg?view_as=subscriber
  25. TheStonedGoon

    corrupted game download

    every single time i try to install tarkov i get either an "illegal character in name", "check sum" or some other trash error and then i tried the damn work around and everytime i try it my file is corrupted when i download it, no matter what i always get a corrupt file, even the launcher i try downloading says its corrupt. ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\adrai\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\sharedassets57.assets.resS. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\adrai\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\sharedassets6.assets.resS. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\adrai\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\sharedassets7.assets.resS. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\StreamingAssets\Windows\assets\content\items\mods\magazines\mag_saiga12_pro_mag_sai_02_12x76_10.bundle. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. Checksum error in C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa11260.6819\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\StreamingAssets\Windows\assets\content\weapons\mp7\textures\client_assets.bundle. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\Desktop\Client. The archive is corrupt
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