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Found 80 results

  1. Blackb1rd


    This topic is intended for a literary description of the events that occur with your character in the game. You can either describe exactly the events that the gamemaster gave you, and if you do not want to disclose some secrets, make a general description of the weather, nature, reflections, dreams at halt, etc. But one condition is mandatory. Each event should have a description in this thread. The player does the description of the move only after in the "Events" topic the gamemaster will describe what happened to you during the move.
  2. Blackb1rd


    Данная тема предназначена для литературного описания Событий, происходящих с вашим персонажем в игре. Вы можете как описать точно те События, что дал вам мастер, так и, если не хотите раскрывать каких-то секретов, сделать общее описание о погоде, природе, размышлениях, снах на привале и т.п. Но одно условие обязательно. К каждым Событиям должно быть описание в этой ветке. Описание хода игрок делает только после того, как в теме "События" гейммастер опишет произошедшее с вами во время хода.
  3. Blackb1rd


    Данная тема предназначена для литературного описания Событий, происходящих с вашим персонажем в игре. Вы можете как описать точно те События, что дал вам мастер, так и, если не хотите раскрывать каких-то секретов, сделать общее описание о погоде, природе, размышлениях, снах на привале и т.п. Но одно условие обязательно. К каждым Событиям должно быть описание в этой ветке.
  4. Blackb1rd


    This topic is intended for a literary description of the events that occur with your character in the game. You can either describe exactly the events that the gamemaster gave you, and if you do not want to disclose some secrets, make a general description of the weather, nature, reflections, dreams at halt, etc. But one condition is mandatory. Each event should have a description in this thread. The player does the description of the move only after in the "Events" topic the gamemaster will describe what happened to you during the move.
  5. Hrstar


    I downloaded the game manually, the link was in their error boxes. The game client downloads too slowly but now how do I integrate the downloaded client file into the launcher. If there is no need then I have also tried launching the game both normally and as an administrator but it goes black then closes. No error messages nothing. Please, someone help.
  6. Guten tag alle zusammen., Ich habe leider eine Leidige Anfrage und Hilfestellung. Ist es jemanden Gelungen ein Refund zu bekommen? Dieser Account hier ist von meinem Sohn der ohne Erlaubnis Geld benutzt hat um sich das Paket zu Kaufen. Wir haben von Grund auf schon nicht viel geld und ich habe versucht den Support zu bitten diesen Account einfach zu Sperren aber dieser Weigert sich zu einer Rückzahlung. Leider oder zum glück Leben wir in der EU und noch genauer in Deutschland, nach einem kurzen Gespräch mit der Verbraucherschutzzentrale wurde klar das die Politik zum zurückzahlen unter "Unerwartete Klausel fällt" da es üblich ist das man solche Founder packs auch erstattet bekommt ist die Klausel in der User Agreement nicht gültig. Ich will mich darauf nicht Versteifen und ich verstehe ja warum sie es reingeschrieben haben, aber dieser Account ist nicht mit meiner Erlaubnis Entstanden. Sie sagten mir das sie solche sachen nicht erzwingen wollen aber haben mir 4 mal mit der gleichen Standart Antwort zum Refund geantwortet. Ich will das nicht an die VSZ weitergeben den sonst kann es sein das Jeder Deutsche das recht hat ein refund einzufordern und das soll ja nicht Ziel sein. Ich will nur das Geld wiederhaben das gar nicht erst hier landen sollte. Das SPiel wurde meines Wissen nicht einmal Gespielt sicher bin ich mir da allerdings nicht. Es ist keine 2 Wochen her. Gibt es ein Moderator der vielleicht Hilfestellung walten lassen kann bevor ich den Rechtlichen Weg einschlage? Das Geld wird dringend gebraucht wir könne uns solche Spiele hier nicht Leisten.
  7. Anyone notice low gpu usage with a 1080ti? It appears to my dismay and woe that, I cannot get this game to use more of my card. I7-7820x 4.4Ghz (8 core 16 Thread) msi gtx 1080ti 16 GB 1440p@144ghz I am saddened :(. p.s- anyone know what gameupload is? That appears to be always red for me. Thank you for the answers
  8. I started the launcher, but i can't start the game. The Starting button says ''In Game''. After relog and restart nothing happens. Any idea wtf is wrong ? ''
  9. so i recently just switched to win10 and i set my game drive back to the letter i had it on before hand. EFT is still installed and i can run it if i click the .exe but the launcher will not find it and i really dont want to reinstall a game i already have. ive tried to set the path to existing game installation but its not working. any suggestions?
  10. Wie kann ich das game herunterladen ??
  11. Hi all. The purpose of this topic is to provide an opportunity for critical thinking within the community and remind ourselves of what Escape from Tarkov currently is, but more importantly what it will be, based on information we already have. I'll post info from the devs, then write a little about my interpretation of what it means (or will mean, soon(tm))... What we know - BSG's Vision "Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough." We can break this down into chunks, and explore these terms by themselves; Action RPG - action-orientated Role Playing Game. Makes me think of The Witcher or FF15 Simulator - simulating real-world effects and physics. Reminds me of Arma, Op Flashpoint etc MMO - Massively Multiplayer. Wiki definition (edited for space): "large numbers of players on the same server. MMOs usually feature a huge, persistent open world. ...enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale, and interact meaningfully with people around the world." Story - well, we all know what a story is don't we My interpretation BSG are aiming to fulfil a number of 'styles' within EFT, which will eventually combine to create the overall experience. What we've seen already, are some parts of the ARPG (skills), some parts of the Simulator (game mechanics, character movement, ballistics etc), a very limited portion of MMO (player co-operation) and almost no Story (within the game, at least. Some info can be gathered via the current placeholder tasks). The main focus of EFT's main mode on release will essentially be RPG/Sim Co-Op PvE, with the ability to seamlessly engage in PvP at your discretion (and at the mercy of Karma). The point of this mode will be to Escape from Tarkov i.e. get the heck out, explore the maps and find out the secrets of the story along the way. There will be 'personal' quests too, which will help us learn about ourselves and the world we are quite literally trapped in. EFT will be a story-heavy game which will encourage players to work together (VOIP) in order to complete objectives, kill Scavs and Scav Bosses, gain access to different rooms/safes/areas of the maps by trading keys, surviving by applying first aid to each other and sharing supplies etc. As well as trading weapon parts we've managed to scavenge for other useful items, things like that. BSG want us to work together in order to complete their game. It's everywhere you look, right from the reveal trailer. The very nature of the game - ex-enemies trapped together in a hostile environment, who must now work together to survive - is almost poetic. They are attempting to bring together players from around the world, from all different backgrounds and put us through numerous challenges with the goal of building a strong, loyal and connected playerbase. This tactic is used by armies all around the world during training - friendships are forged in mutual hardship. The devs are essentially trying to build their own small army of ex-PMC hardcore survivors and Sherpas. The main bulk of EFT will not be a fair, competitive PvP FPS. EFT will be a living, breathing world with an intense story and strong emphasis on working together. Tarkov is not 'fair' and it never will be, which is why we need to team up to even the odds. And no, I don't mean 5 man squads, I'm talking a server-full of PMCs vs Scavs. What does this mean for us as Beta Testers/future players of the full game? As testers, it means exactly that i.e. testing of the game mechanics, weapons, items, tasks, traders, skills etc. We are here to test the core mechanics of the game - we are essentially playing Skyrim without the main questline. Think about this analogy, and apply it to EFT; imagine you are a tester for Skyrim but actually have the knowledge of how the full game will eventually be, this is how we should be thinking as testers. Remember why you are here - to test the game and provide mechanical feedback to the developers. We are not here to report that we are bored, or that we dislike hatchlings, or we need matchmaking, items are too easy to get, money is too easy to get, or any of these current non-issues... I am confident these issues will become obsolete as the game is fleshed out, because we will playing for a much different reason and have a way harder time while doing so. Try to think more about the end product, rather than the testing phase. I look forward to your thoughts, please if you feel like I am way off the mark here, say so. You will not hurt my feelings and unlike many members of this forum I welcome a good discussion/debate. Cheers!
  12. Kaizer_Mate

    When is Next Wipe?

    i would like to know when the next reset is?
  13. I cannot install the game! I just bought Escape from Tarkov Standard Edition and now when I'm trying to install the game to my computer it doesn't work. It says that the downloaded file checksum doesn't match. I've tried to install the game twice now and have got the same result both times. Im not sure what I'm suppose to do. I have got over 70 GB space on my SSD left so that should not be the problem. Please help.
  14. Hello, Escapers! We'd like you to watch as CaRtOoNz and Ohmwrecker take on Tarkov and get into some really exciting and hilarious adventures. This video showcases the fun and mayhem that goes on in Escape From Tarkov! Enjoy.
  15. Matiyemar

    To the developers

    Dear developers, I'm here to say something, I don't know how you may take it, hopefully as a helpfull point of view, ok, so yesterday I bought the game with a lot of uncertainty in my heart (I've been following the game for quite a while so I was very Hyped), I downloaded and I played it, I have to say, it's very interesting BUT the game it's way to unbalanced, as a new player get the worst part, besides the fact that everyone want's to kill us, the players who's camping inside the game (FACTORY) are so much better equipped (Full body armor, assault rifles with silencers, night vision goggles, etc) and what do we have? a pistol or sometimes just a knife, I can't even loot that way, sure, you might say "This is what the game's about, PVP", but that's not how it should be entirely, people actualy like PVE as well, I know I do. I know it's just a beta, but, I'm sure you can imagine how new players might feel about this, I played most of the day and I was killed every single time, not just from well equipped players but also from npc's because the weapons might need a little twitch, I stabed 5 times several enemies (including players) and I did nothing to killed them, from those 5 stabings, 3 were directly to the head/face and did nothing at all. What I'm trying to say here is just balance the game please, limit the gear you can bring in to factory maybe, add some level based servers so new players can actually enjoy the game without player lvl 45 with ak's with silencers, flashliht/laser sight,and full body armor killing them. Everyone goes to factory to get better gear or even starting gear to go out some other map,but it's imposible to do it with those kind of (campers) players. I spend more time loading the screen instead of actually playing. I really feel like this game it can be a jewl, but right now I feel frustrated and I just don't feel like I want to play after dying over and over without playing the game as it meant to be. PS: People (players) just totally understand what the wiggle means, if I have only a knife and you have a assault rifle or a shotgun and I do the wiggle, that means I'm friendly, I just want to get better gear not be shooted in the face (it happens a lot) For the developers: Add some takedowns with the knife to the npc's, like killing them from behind with only one stabbing in the head/neck/torso and to actually do some attacks with bare hands People BE FRIENDLY PLEASE!!! Thank you for your time
  16. Hey I want to install Escape from Tarkov on an SSD but my questions is , when i uninstall the game from my HDD will i lose my Stuff like Weapons and armor that are in my stash ? (sorry for my broken english)
  17. SyphisL

    Game/Profile help

    when i check to see what game edition i have it says that i dont have the game purchased but it says i have the game it just doesnt say it under my profile tab.
  18. Timster918

    What Is "GameUpload"?

    Does anyone have an idea of what "Gameupload" is? You can see this when you type "fps 1" in the command console. I notice that that effects fps and might even effect gpu usage! I notice when the gameupload goes down, the better fps you have. I was just wandering if anyone knew what it was. Nobody seems to know. Thanks for anyone who answers
  19. akito1233

    Hello Guys :)

    Hello i have a just simple question is it allowed to look inside the game files and open them and share some interesting picture waths already in the game but not released yet or can someone be banned for share this stuff ?
  20. Nesquikk


    ESCAPE FROM TARKOV WIPED EVERYTHING OFF MY D DRIVE I just bought this bloody game about 5 minutes ago. As I download the launcher, I set the installation destination onto my D drive. As the game started downloading, space started to free up on my D drive. After a couple of minutes, over 100GB of files HAD BEEN DELETED. I paused the launcher, but my D drive has been almost completely wiped. WHAT DO I DO?
  21. gNecrOz

    The Gun Game

    Greetings fellow Tarkovians, So I have been trying this out over the weekend and I figured I would share what I have been doing. This came to be because I have the Traders maxed and strength training is a little monotonous. SO I have came up with this game, which is slightly based around the idea of the old Gun Game in Call of Duty. So this is how I do this, feel free to adjust the 'Rules' as you see fit. Alright, So I spawn as a Hatchling and I attempt to loot and find a weapon, either by Killing a Unsuspecting PMC or Getting the drop on a SCAV or even from Looting with Keys and getting lucky or just Good Old Vulture Play. You can be as extreme or as relaxed in this as you feel like. Then you just complete the raid Sell the junk you do not wish to take with you, keep any rig or weapon or attachments you want. Do Not Insure. Do Not Buy Meds. Do Not Buy Attachments/Mods. Do Not Buy Ammo. Enter another raid. Rinse Repeat. Killing, Looting, and Scooting. All Mods to a weapon come from withing the Raid. All Ammo and Meds Should also be found withing the raid. This adds the sense of Skill and Limited resources and increases your want to make shots count and engagements to be thought out. Keep this up till you die, and start over again until you are bored with the idea of the Gun Game. I have a lot of fun with this style of playing when I get a little frustrated with doing Tasks or Geared runs form either D-Sync or just Meeting better players. Does anyone else do this? Do you have any improvements? Did you try it out? what did you think? I would love to hear thoughts on it. Not looking for Toxicity but I am sure it will come at some point this is the internet we are talking about. Either way, Happy raiding everyone. Cheers, Necro
  22. RainmakerM4

    Game start error

    I can't get into a raid. I get "Game starting error" when the game starts loading loot pools on loading sequence. Is there a fix? I tried reconnecting 5 times. Restarting my game and reconnecting. It doesn't work. Is the game completely broken now? I did a scav run without a problem previously. Thanks Rain
  23. devendontedavid

    Unable To Launch In Steam

    Since the new patch , making the game only playable through launcher I'm having a very hard time using my steam controller . Normally I'd add non steam game (eft exe.) Then launch and it works . But now the only way I was able to use my controller was to, open launcher , launch game, open steam In big screen, launch exe ,exit the launcher and first game (this worked twice , iv tried adding launcher through steam, doesn't work ).if I just try to open it in steam without opening one in launcher first it doesn't launch (patch I guess). I can't use keyboard and mouse due too injuries so I pretty much can't play now and was wondering if anyone figured out anything , I know not many people use this controller
  24. ketchumkid

    Game entirely messed up

    Not sure if this is the right area to post this, but seemed like the only spot I could find. I've contacted support, but i'm not sure how long it'll take to respond or if they'll even have answers for me. So i'll list all my problems within the last 24 hours below. 1) Running the game as administrator or not. I cant seem to find out whats happening here. I run the game as admin and sometimes the launcher works and sometimes it doesn't. its %50 chance whether the play button is available or not on the launcher when I run this. Also, if I don't run as admin, then the game deletes my EFT folder in my program files (x86). So if for some reason I ever forget to run the game as admin, I'm prompted to reinstall the game next time I run it as admin. It unpacks the entire game and makes a whole new folder every time. This is fine since it takes a mere 2 minutes, just confused why my folder keeps being deleted? 2) After battling the BSG launcher for the play button to become available, I often get nowhere after pressing play. It takes me to the first loading screen, shows loading circles at the bottom very briefly, goes away and thats that. So this is a never ending cycle of me relaunching BSG launcher , rolling the dice for my EFT folder, and the play button that seems to disappear just to hit a dead end. 3) Making it passed the infinite loading screen or problem #2. OK now I'm at the part where i can trade, browse my stash or hopefully get into a game. Except... none of that works. Bottom right I have insurance to claim, so I click on the messenger. No dialogue shows up at all, not even the traders chat boxes or global. Well, its another 50/50 here. Sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't. Claiming my insured items is almost impossible. Trading with traders is just more infinite loading screens, my scav didn't even have anything on him, not even a knife. If I wanted to just run around in a match I couldnt make it that far. Let's say I pick scav and a map and time. Pressing ready doesn't do anything, as if the game isnt acknowledging me. Just keep hitting ready over and over and sit there. TL;DR My game basically doesn't function in any playable way for the last 24 hours. I've been playing it for a about a week since I bought it. All of a sudden these problems occur all day and I can't seem to catch a break. Up until now it's worked just fine, and nobody I know has any problem with the game. I've reinstalled it completely twice, and just don't see a fix for it. Wodnering if anyone else has these problems or knows how to help me, thanks.
  25. Mr_Jester

    Game start time questions.

    Hello everyone Curious of a few things, as I'll try my best to explain them. And, as a disclaimer, I've kind of searched the forums to these specific questions to no avail. 1) I noticed when selecting "Woods" from the map selection screen, it says, "6-12" players and "25:00" time. But when I spawn into the game, It's usually around a "35:00" time limit. Is this the actual start of the raid for Woods map? And, if so, what is the purpose behind the "25:00" time at map select? Most of the material I see on the forums say that maps have like a 1 hour Raid time. Which is kind of strange because it's neither 35:00 nor 25:00. 2) Furthermore, when and if all 12 PMC's spawn on the map, can any more spawn in if they spawn within the threshold of maximum PMC spawn time? 3) And if so, what is the maximum spawn time for PMC's to spawn in? If, in fact, game start is "35:00" then can no more spawn in after, let's say, "25:00", meaning a "10:00" threshold? Thanks, let me know if there are concrete answers on this! Cheers, __Jester__