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Found 1 result

  1. Klaus_Quarter

    Suggestion About Game Design

    In its actual game design the game really punish death (you lost almost everything). If you are not in a good day you can die and loose many gears in a row. For the survival games enthusiast it's mostly likely a good design, but it's really harsh for most of the players base. So to compensated the devs made the insurence system and adjusted the loot table and the economy in matter of weapons. For me it's not even enought. Right now because they established a commercial strategy with influencers, they sale a good amount of copies. But I think many buyers who bought the game, tried it and found out they don't like it in its actual state because of various reasons like bugs or netcode issues in general, but for the most part because the game isn't user friendly at all, with a harsh learning curve, overwhelming with many things to understand in many departements which are not obvious or explaned. For example too many type of ammo which are not really relevant. For me HP, FMJ and subsonic ammunition for each type of calibers is all what the game need. Maybe tracers and thats all. I think when the devs made the preproduction for this game, the survival games were trendy, many of them where very popular. Then the trend goes down. There are many reasons for that: most of them were and are still trashy in technical matter, most are based on a kill on sight meta (no reputation system or game design to compensated malicious behaviors), and finally they have a short boring game loop which is not satifaying. The survival game trend is replaced by the battle royal trend for a simple reason: it's a refinement of the survival games, they tried to compensate the flaws in the game design to make this more interesting in the long term. The game loop is more rewarding. For example PUBG is such great succes in commercial term because of those simple things: - Quick game and quick action. - The dead is not apprehended because dying is not punitive. - The tension, the adrenaline rush is induced by design: the player is permanently unsafe, not because he is affraid to loose his gears. EFT bear a original sin in my opinion: the lack of compensation for a really punitive death. It induce a major flaw in term of game design: the newbies are not helped against the vets who have a easier life because they have access to better medical items, armors and weapons. In this type of game of course vets with better gears have to crush noobs most of the time, they have better gears and all. Having a better life spans is part of the game and it's a rewarding progression system. So nothing bad with that but to make it good for newbies I think the devs need to establish a design to compensated the punitive death no matter what happen. Even if they die a lot, they can reach the vets stage by playing the game. That's why I have proposed the trader's fidelity discount system: Fidelity discount Right now to be good and fill his stash a player need to grind a lot, and i mean a lot. Actually the meta is the hatchling run on the Factory map, to loot green crate. The farming is to important right now. You do hatchling run on factory and sale expensive items to traders, to buy them again and so on to level up their inventories, that loop is silly.... And when you reach the level max of all traders, you do time to time the same hatchling run to gain quick money and weapons. Then build custom M4s or AKs to go in a other raid fully geared. It's a boring game loop for me. Some like it but I personnally think it's boring.
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