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Found 10 results

  1. Kadomiarz

    New Game Mode

    Hi! I am writing with request for add new mode to the game! e.g armaments race or something, when you die, you respawn immediately with your set and weapons. What do you think about it?
  2. Shad0wAVM

    Why Arena mode??

    When I heard in the podcast that Nikita was going to add a new game mode called Arena for competitive players I did not quite understood his decision. The current gamemode is incredible, only needs some minor adjustments. I believe that Arena mode will not suit Escape from Tarkov. I believe that adding a 50vs50, 40vs40 or 30vs30 PMC war would be amazing. The gamemode could be stealing some usb drives, secret files, briefcases, packages, taking control of an objetive or simply killing other PMC´s. This gamemode would fit the Raid Series, because there is no looting and the main focus is the gunplay. Each piece of equipment has a standard price and players can bring whatever they want with them as long as their loadout does not exeed a limit price. The USEC or BEAR commmanders will be able to bring more expensive equipment. Players create their own loadout to fit their playstyle. This gamemode could take place in the existing maps because they are big and complex. This gamemode will still be hardcore and will fit the current gamemode perfectly. If BSG wants they could add some scavs as long as they do not interfere with the playability. This gamemode will give a milsim feel to this game and will certainly bring lots of new players. Even if NIKITA tries to make Arena mode fit into the game I believe it will make no sense to add a competitive gamemode to Tarkov. I believe that satisfying players is more important than doing Twitch events. Adding the gamemode I proposed will be incredibly easy since no content will need to be added. To heal in this gamemode you need another player to do that for you to increse cooperation and teamplay and be a little more realistic. Please NIKITA do not add Arena mode to this game. There are many more viable options. One last request: can you change the hipfire mechanic to be like Insurgency Sandstorm´s? Hipfiring will be much more realistic and difficult. If you did manage to read this whole message thank you.
  3. SweatShop

    More gamemodes

    Yo please consider adding more gamemodes such as: - search and destroy, 5v5 - hostage escort 5v5 - Capture the objective 10v10 You already have the assets: maps, guns, etc... all you need to do is to complie it in a new way. In these gamemodes players would compete over an ingame cash price distributed equally between teammates, the objective for the attackers would be to plant a bomb at a set location and defenders would have to prevent it or defuse it. Players would be able to purchase weapons with in match credit that would be based on round preformance. Equipment should be purchased as packages containing weapons, ammunition and gear, and grouped in to "classes" for example: assault, scout, heavy, etc... and the equipment package should be designed to suit that role. Idea for DLC mabye?
  4. TheWhiteDeathKS

    Please add solo mod

    Dear BSG, The high amount of cheaters are killing the replayability of the game. Its obvious that you cant handle all the cheaters around. You proberbly banning accounts etc. but thats not enough. You have to put a sistem where the players directly mainboard gets banned so it wouldnt be enough to buy a new account of the game. That cheater have to buy a full pc. Those guys who creates those cheats are surley working night n day without any pause to ruin the experience of people who aint cheating. They make theyre money from all the buyers around the world. So it would be good if you going to add a game mode where you are basicaly solo in the game. Put more NPC's in the game more bots more raiders more bosses. Let ''friends'' play in one server without any other player. And remove the flea market completley from the game. If you dont find a solution about the cheating problem you have to turn things drasticaly to make the game replayability again. For example the main map where you going to start with the quests is customs. But customs are so much overloaded with people who have high gear and killing you just for fun. People aint going to raids anymore with any gear on. You basically face mostly hatchlings. A couple of nights ago ive killed exactly 6 pmcs in shorline who had nothing on it. Not even a pistol. And there are days where you facing as a solo player a whole squad of high end geared people and you have no chance to survive if you not having the right bullets with you. Do it like division as example. Division have got a seperate PVP and a PVE mod. Also game called World of Warcraft does have servers which are for pvp and pve. So please go ahead and do the same for tarkov. All you have to do is ASK the player who want to enter the map ''PVE / PVP'' if he/she chooses PVP he comes across with ONLY PMC's. If he/she chooses PVE he comes across with NPC's (Scavs = bots not players) And for example if you add a sistem like this there is a high chance that people going to absue the areas ofcourse thats why i said on the begining remove the flea market completley. On areas which can spawn high valueable stuff let the bots be stronger add more raiders which are covering the area like i mentioned the map customs. On Doorms for example put more raiders there give us the chance to take advantage of our silencers or nightvisions or even take advantage from the weather. Dear BSG team i know that you can do stuff like this. If you have been able to create such a beautiful game than please work harder for it to keep it alive. Im fully aware that this is still the beta of the game its not the full version there will be more features in future....etc.etc.etc. thats the only reason why iam not raging at all. Iam just one of many dissapointed customers who want to have the experience which we have paid for and not letting us ruin the game from people who are so sick that they even dont know what for a damage they causing.
  5. leecher1337

    New gamemodes

    Hi all! I'm sure this topic has been up already, but i could not find any one for what i purpose. The rumors say that there will perhaps be some 1-4 player in offline mode in some way. But i want to purpose a mode that actually has BEAR vs USEC vs SCAV. Scav's can kill all. But if you turn on scavs, you are on you own… USEC and BEAR should work as a team. No teamkills are allowed. Also there could be last man standing games were everyone spawn in as a SCAV. Then you have to survive to the end. When there is 3 players left, clues to a exit will show for all three remaining players. They will then have to locate the exit before the other two to be able to survive the match. NO Weapons will be taken in, or out! No XP for Standard game character. Just pure fun and Tarkov FPS joy!
  6. Arkaon

    One in the chamber

    When in was young i used to play call of duty a lot, like many of us i guess. My favorite opus was BlackOps, and by far my favorite gamemode was the one called "One in the chamber". Let me explain you this gamemode : Six players spawn in their own corner of a small map (Factory is perfect, maybe quite too big) with the same pistol and only one bullet in the chamber. The bullet would one shot anyone. But you have one bullet and only before having to go to the knife, so be sure to aim well. If you manage to kill somebody you will instantly win "his" bullet, whether or not he used it. If you manage to survive and be the last one alive, you made it to the victory ! The exciting point in this gamemode, making it nervous, is that you need to bet to enter into the game. Let say every one of the six player have to bet 10,000 and the winner will win 60,000 ! We can see this as an entry fee, including the price of the pistol and your bullet. I guess this kind of gamemode can easily be added into the lore of the game. As a free-for-all tournament, the same way the romans were watching gladiators fighting, survivors of Tarkov could happily watch those guys fighting each other. All of you knows the great feeling of killing someone who hatchet-rush you with only one bullet. Or the pleasure to one-shot some one you spoted across the map. I really believe that Tarkov can be the one who bring back this awesome mode on the table. It's an hardcore game where all is on the feeling, the experience. Moreover hatchet and money are a huge meta of the game. I have a lot of idea in mind, we can discuss it below
  7. MaximVonValen

    Gear value game mode idea

    Hey Tarkov community and devs. I had an idea for a game mode within tarkov. So i was discussing with friends and we were thinking that it would be great if there was a game mode, or if it were implemented into the regular match making, a game mode based on the value of gear you would bring in. For example we could have a 300$ tier where you could bring as much gear as you want as long as its total value is under 300 or the equivalent in roubles. in this mode most people would only be able to bring a pistol and some best or a shotgun with no meds ect. This would create a cool meta of people trying to bring in the best gear they can while staying under the limit. to add to this the scavs loot would also scale to the gear cost tier so in the low 300 $ tier the scavs would have pistols and toz but then in the 3000$ tier the scavs would regularly spawn with fort and m4s making it a legitimate risk but also a huge reward for those who are brave enough to bring the good gear out. this would help greatly with people feeling helpless when they have no gear and want to cooperate with other people who only have a hatchet to try and take down some scavs or just get simple gear killing low level players and the higher tier players will more often face other well geared players increasing risk and reward for people who get bored with just killing hatchlings all day with their m4 and fort. would love to hear what you all think and how to build on my idea. thanks for your time. -MaximVonValen
  8. Hello guys, I would like to make an Suggestion for a new gamemode for Escape from Tarkov. First the introduction... As you know there is a lot to do in the the Escape fromTarkov game. We have to Level up our Charakters, we have to Level up the Sellers, to be able to buy better stuff and the main Task is to survive and escape from Tarkov. And so on and so on. Many Features will be added in future...But there is something missing.... What if you real bad at shoting and killing other players? (Like me) And you never get the Chance to get your Hands on a good weapon, or what if the leveling up Progress is really taking to Long for you. Because of your Job or Family and so on...??? You got a fulltime Job and you are not really able to Level up your Charakters so high... What than? What if you just want to use the great designed maps for a nice firefight, and leave after 45 minutes of gameplay. I got the solution. The V.I.P. Gamemode. It is not a gamemode just for Edge of Darkness users, it is for everyone. It calls V.I.P. because you have to bring a V.I.P to the extraction Zone. Let me explain in Detail. After you reached Level 5 in one of your Charakters, a Special Chosen seller unlocks a quest for you. Actually it is not a quest, it is a gamemode on a single Server. Bears and the USEC are fighting against eachother. One of this factions have to defend the vip and bring him to the extraction Zone. Logically the other faction have to prevent it. Every player starts with the same automatic weapon, one difference, Bears will starts with AKM, and the USEC with M4, but only the v.i.p has a Little better armor and helmet on. Every Player of the winning Team gets 50k rubles but no XP! Why no xp? You have to Keep doing the other quests. The losing Team get only 10k rubles, so this is almost nothing. What are Advantages of this? If you are new to this game, but you reached Level 5, you can practice Shooting with weapons on real Gamers without losing them, and not beeing able to Play with the weapons till you get enough Money again. And if you already lost everything because you were real bad in this game, you have a Chance to make quick Money again, and proceed with the quests. I know my english is not perfect, i hope you understand the idea of this gamemode. As i know, it is possible to put this into this awesome game. Greetings David EDIT: I have forgotten something, the difficulty of this game is perfect, it keeps the Little Kids away from it! Good for us adult Players. Finally a game for mature guys. So please do not understand this wrong, i dont say this game is to hard. There should be just a solution if you like to make a quick firefight, get Money, or get Money back and so on and so on. Like i already explained.
  9. A hideout defense mode that a 4v4 squad willingly enters. The defender has to fill a 4x10 stash with gear or gear that equals a set level of money. The attackers try to raid the hideout with a set level of gear. There could be different tiers of raids, the lower tier requires the least amount of gear/cost between attacker/defender and the higher tier requiring the most. It could even have a phase to strategically plan the barricading of certain choke points/set up attacking positions I think it would give players a competitive means to "gamble" with gear and further utilize the hideout feature being added to the game. Any thoughts or additions to this?
  10. I know this game is focusing on PvP, but what about zombie gamemode and few small maps for them? It'd be really cool. If this was mentioned before, then simply delete the post.
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