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Found 109 results

  1. Buenas! En este ultimo tiempo empece a notar que jugar desde Latino-américa es cada vez mas difícil (rosando lo frustrarte). Antes podíamos modificar los archivos del juego para cambiar el limite de ping para la selección del servidor (Se que va en contra del TOS, igualmente se puede hacer vía killping o parecido dirigido al launcher sin interferir con los archivos del juego), entiendo que hay jugadores que se quejaron de ver los modelos de otros jugadores haciendo saltos pese a que su ping era bajo y que afectaba a la experiencia de juego y por eso lo limitan. Los servidores de Brasil ya tiene pocas instancias y se queda buscando espacio disponible (Matching...), y en las que te deja entrar tenes mas posibilidad que en el resto de los servers de que la instancia se caiga, evidentemente el servicio es de peor calidad en Brasil. La opción que queda es ir a Miami o parecido con 150 de ping, con el handicap que eso implica. Antes por lo menos se podía elegir servers con mayor ping pero con menor cantidad de gente jugando para compensar ese handicap. La única forma de ganar un mano a mano es tener una clara ventaja y no siempre se puede pese a que uno lo intente, el factor contextual es muy grande en Tarkov. En un momento me emocione al ver que tenían pensado a futuro poner servidores en Argentina para ayudar con esta situación. Alguien conoce si esta planeada alguna mejora o expansión o cambio de servicio en los servidores actuales de Brasil? Alguien conoce alguna otra forma de poder jugar mejor? Gracias!
  2. Zynx

    Thoughts and suggestions

    Hello guys! There are some thoughts and suggestions for overall better game experience. Maybe some of them will be useful. Sorry for the poor english. - Prevent players to stand each others head: Prevent players to reach spots which normally unavailable for them. In that case less "glitching feature" will be available for the players. - Auto sell to Fence: It will be a nice to have feature, when a SCAV raid ends and the players leave some stuff on the scav character theese items should automatically going to sell to Fence. It is a small thing I know, but in the long run this methot spare tons of time for the players and grant extra money for them. - Ear and other hitbox size correction: IMHO the ear hitboxes are way too large. It is a common problem, when somebody using face shield and die because of an earshot which comes from an enemy who stands in front of him. - Bot scav jump ability: They sprint, prone, reload, check magazine now, which is great. The only missing feature is the jump. Now if I hear some jump noise I instantly know there is a player somewhere around. If the bots start to jump sometimes this „knowledge” will gone and recommend more attention for me and the other players. - In game ammo damage and penetration display on the "Inspect" view: In game there is no clue which ammo is better then the other, and why. Now if I want to figure it out I need to use third party help. (e.g: Wiki Tarkov ballistic page) - Exploration XP buff: I think the exploration XP need some serious buff. Now, I only get reasonable XP for killing. So If I exit camp and kill players is more benefical than playing game in normal way. If I loot every crate on the map, and run trhough and back to the entire map at the same game, and extract I get almost no xp, whitch is bad I think. Players must be rewarded for exploration and pushing through the map. It is also nice to have if players get XP to injure enemy players. (no xp if the player is a teammate) Little bit annoying when a 3 man squad come for me, and I almost kill 2 ppl and the third gets me and I get 0 XP because I dont kill anyone. (I caused 600 flash damage and 400 armor damage which shared between the two players)
  3. luke60419

    What settings should i use

    Hey guys so bought the game the other day and was wandering if anyone had any tips for optimization My Specs : intel 15 4690k Gtx 1050ti 4gb vram 8gb corsair ram just wanted a bit of help as Ive been non stop looking for ways to smoothen things up a bit i managed to get ok performance on scav runs bout 50-70 fps but when i do full raids i got back to a old issue of stutters constantly and especially if someone shoots at me or near me or when i fire my gun also if it helps all the performance tests Ive done Ive done on interchange thanks for the help
  4. Jallopi3


    As this may never be seen by the devs I would like to at least get my opionion out there. So, number 1, Adding the ability to pick up random objects and use as melee, or as trigger sounds. and basically using more of the environment for the player to use to their advantage. Number 2, Able to open doors slow and quiet but still may creek or groan as they have rusty hinges, some even shut tighly and need a budge, maybe even being able to wd spray on hinges. Number 3, Body dismemberment, with explosive kills, that render equipment useless which would make people think twice about grenading or even running and gunning. Ripping someone to shredds or try get a well placed clean headshot or other vital vulnerable shots. ( It is an adult realism simulator) Number 4, being able to holster weapons and pick up bags and containers around the game world. I have a lot of other ideas and I know they may not be possible with game mechanic and engine limitations. but this is just how I feel Tarkov should be. youre doing a great job as it is. Cheers Jallopi3
  5. isteelback

    Looking for players to play with :(

    Hello guys, bought EFT a couple of months back and is looking for any SEA players to play with, as I am residing in Singapore. Relatively new to this game, as I have been playing solo all these while. Just wanna get some loot and get a hang of this game. Able to speak both mandarin and English. I am willing to share loots as I am more into game play. Btw I believe i do not have any keys at the moment. Really hoping to hear from someone soon~
  6. The community and devs have to come to a consensus soon on where Tarkov stands realism/gameplay wise or the game is going to lose a swath of players on either side of the debate patch to patch. POST TLDR: Tarkov's devs and community need to find a balance between playability and realism and the current/recent direction of the devs is neither. Tarkov can be semi-realisitic and still fun with the addition of certain simple mechanics surrounding gunplay, movement, and healing. For this to happen the community needs to have compromises instead of fighting that muddies the communities voice in the eyes of the devs. LIST BELOW OF RECOMMENDED IDEAS It seems that as of recent (since the Twitch Drop event) the Tarkov community has seen a widening divide between those players who want the game to be realistic and those who want it to be "more" casual. Those who despise the mosin those who see it as a firearm of the common man. I personally stand more towards the realistic/mosin man side of the divide but understand the limitation surrounding a video game, fun, and realism. That being said, we can have compromises on "realism"... right? I hope so. Tarkov will never be realistic. As realistic as playable sure, but one part of our community has to understand that Tarkov cannot go as far as Arma/Squad in gunplay and thrive/survive. The game needs some arcadesc features to make it enjoyable. On the contrary, the limitations surrounding stims, painkillers, surgery kits, etc. are just not there for the game to fulfil the semi-realistic position I think it should hold. No matter what the state of the traders, market, tasks, hideout, etc. the combat/in-raid gameplay is what all those things feed into. Without a good combat system the game is left lacking and I will add that Tarkov has one of the most robust healing/combat systems as it stands but it needs to be refined in a direction not currently being taken by the devs. Most people I know, including myself, look back to the heydays of gear fear and look back fondly. A time when your gear really mattered regardless of the state of combat you were fearful of losing it and played a certain way because of it. Not like a rat but usually smarter or more “realistic” than what has become of the game’s meta. You should be penalized for making dumb decisions in a fight and a surgery kit, stim, or painkiller should be your endless in-raid savior. Here's a list of changes I think could be made to make the game more “realistic” while not jeopardizing the fun. Body parts can only be repaired (CMS/Surv) “X” number of times a raid and or make using them take much longer where you will need to find good cover to use them. Make it so that painkillers, morphine, etc. will still allow you to run but at reduced speed (half or so of normal) and or should take a little bit after consumption to fully take effect to get to that point. Re? - Implement inertial movement to stop ADAD spam (devs have been notified by forum staff) Increase point fire recoil and general recoil and remove the full auto recoil plateau Make advantage of lasers visual only For stomach wounds, surgery will stop external blood loss but the player will still lose hydration at a slightly faster rate (decrease overall hydration/energy loss and make it so that they don’t kill you, should hinder a lot instead) Implement a system where hits to body armory decrease stam somewhat (heavy breathing for a period) Implement an adrenaline system under which you get a slight stam boost in a fight when it starts to either fight or run (harder to implement well) For every repair of blacked legs your max run speed decreases For every repair of blacked lungs your max stamina decreases Not all of these are necessary to get gameplay to a playable yet more “realistic” point. If anything if gameplay is slowed even slightly and firefights become more drawn out the game will be more enjoyable than what becomes of many firefights where the first shooter wins quickly. Players should be more fearful of losing their gear but not to the point of a Tarkonian rat infestation. To get to a good point, Tarkov's devs and its community to be able to compromise on what is best for the game regardless of our deeply held passions. If not, there is going to be a never ending battle on the issue till release and then a good portion of the playerbase may just bounce. One “Quick” Point on Quests The game's quest system is an absolute disaster for all but the original traders and their original tasks (for the most part). The addition of an abundance of FIND tasks with Mechanic/Ragman makes the grind unenjoyable. Atop that, Jaeger & other's "Kill em' from xyz with abc and mno up your a**" are just poor excuses for what could be a robust quest system that sees players interacting with the environment more often. Even as place holders, many of the current tasks or boring, tedious, or stupid. TLDR Quests don't have to be realistic but should instead be enjoyable to some extent and not have players doing outrageous acts of marksmanship or self inflicted pain, dehydration, etc. Viva la Tarkov
  7. Nickish_

    VR Support in hideout

    I have just had an idea that would be really cool if they have implemented. If they made the hideout support VR. What would this feature be: - Only offline (but you can use the equipment on your PMC) - Interact with stuff inside the hideout (Generator, Scav box, TV/Radio, Medstation and more) - Realistic testing of firearm with the gun range - Other RP elements (interactions with traders, defending the hideout from Scav/Raider attacks, reading up on the different bosses using the intelligence station) - It would be something like Pavlov or any other VR Shooters I would love to see something like that added into the game. I know it will likely never happen because VR is not really Tarkov's market and they have other stuff they need to focus on... but it would still be a cool project
  8. Hello peeps, Returning player and I just noticed that I cant even get half way across a map without the raid timer running out. What happened? I could swear those timers were a lot longer before. Was hoping to return to this gem but now i cant even play the way "I" enjoy. First world problems I know but how long until we can have longer raids again? Hoping for some date or general time frame response so i know when I can return. Please do not let this be permanent. Thanks in advance.
  9. Getting good is not an answer. People sit in bushes and 1 shot you with whatever ammo it is. It's impossible to do anything when you have naked people running only mosins and you can't see where they are at. My last 13 raids have all been ruined by mosins that 1 shot through my level 4 body armor. At this point, its not worth bringing anything in or playing because its gone to losers that sit in bushes and 1 shot anyone who gets close. Literally every death I had today, was mosin. Tired of this poo.
  10. hi, just had an idea about an grendae belt that probably is allready in the works so you have more space for specific types of grenades , but also a grendae quickdraw option so you can choose the type of grenade you want to use in specific situations might give the game mechanics more variety entertainment and quality of life and give more use to less used grenade types in the game overall. thought i bring it up here keep it up but please fix the game its current state is very broken specially the fact that sometimes magazines and or backpack bug out weapon ammunition that then deal no dmg at all without knowing it. keep it up and stay safe over there
  11. JuliusCaesar

    Pre-game betting

    Here is what I think. Alot of us can't get into matches, and that is a little upsetting, so sitting at our computers, what will we do with our time? I say we introduce a spectator mode where before the game starts you can bet roubles on which team will win. This will ease those who can't get into filled lobbies, while circulating money more in the game, helping out the economy. If 4/8 spectators bet that USEC will win, and USEC wins, obviously the pot is distributed evenly, and vice versa. You can leave it like that or you can go further and bet on things like: Who will have the highest K:D, who will survive and be extracted, etc. This would mean obviously that spectators cannot communicate through chat or voice to the players, only in their seperate channel. Just an idea, gambling is fun in all games but it should always relate to the main game its self. also, just if you wanted another idea, to distrubute lobbies more evenly, instead of using the system of playing one game and then the server kicking you for the next batch of players, you could have 8-10- however many players in game, and an equal amount of spectators, so that when the game ends and all the bets are won and lost, the players become spectators and bet on the same things. I am no game developer so I don't know how hard queue systems are to make, but it would be an enjoyable and balanced system that stimulates the players and the economy.
  12. Decided to list out some gameplay ideas to the public that i have been keeping to myself. Its basically a text file on my desktop with various strings that i have found to be really cool ideas, ill elaborate on them as i go through them. Ill just get straight to it. Raiders randomly spawning to the maps via helicopter or URAL entrances. Not my idea, i found this in a subreddit, so don't praise me for that. But do praise the original author of the idea, since this is one of those things that i think everybody would love to see. It would make the gameplay and the maps tons more dynamic. You're playing customs and a helicopter starts dropping raiders via rope onto the roof of the building. It just sounds too excellent. Perhaps something has to be done to balance the possible gear gained from this, since raiders are more often than not easy money. It could also give RPG's and more weaponry that isn't yet implemented more use, you could shoot down that heli for example. Enemy hits on cardboard targets. The title is confusing without proper elaboration, ill try to be as concise as possible. What if there was a service from whatever dealer that allows you to see where exactly you hit your enemies on the end screen? What if they were represented to us via a cardboard target? Left click on a player on the deathscreen and it would pop out. Max Payne 3 had it, it was a cool idea. Hey, maybe show where you yourself were shot when you died, on another cardboard target? To the left is a picture on how Max Payne 3 implemented it. And do ignore the tag in the upper left, i couldnt crop it out. Scavs and raiders with completely custom animation sets and behavior On this one, i think this is already in production. There has been footage of scavs having completely custom animations that players don't have. But I'm thinking deeper onto it, what if all scavs were'nt as disciplined in weaponry and tactics? Maybe if they fired guns from their hips, perhaps while even running, having very inconsistent grouping but looking quite cool in the process? (And i don't mean point firing, i mean literal hip firing.) It would give them a lot more character and style that this game would need, and it could even make sense in some way. Maybe some scavs are touching a gun for the first time? Maybe some are just idiots? Now on the raiders, what if they performed some really cool tactical moves that players could'nt do? Like two of them clearing a hallway with their backs to each other, or doing a combat slide to cover? The slide could even be realistic if the floor would be slippery enough. Which i believe it could be in labs. Weapons needing less parts to be functional. Partially not my idea, someone had the opportunity of getting my head around the topic. But the thing is this, weapons like the as val, vss technically dont need a suppressor to function. It is absolutely not feasible to do so, but it would be functional in the very least, and if it is possible in real life, why not? Maybe a possiblity for a scav loadout? And why stop there, AK's definitely do not need handguards to function. You can just grip a gun by the magazine. I'm thinking there are possibly even more combinations, such as no gas block for an m4, but it would probably break after one shot. But it would still be a single functional shot. Don't quote me on the latter though, that part I'm just guessing. Quests that have specific scavs you need to kill/more quest freedom/quest cutscenes That last part alone is probably going to piss people off, but I'm not thinking of the kind of cutscene you think. Cutscenes, as in the sense of that one group of scavs you need to blast just having a specific animation set during some key moments, maybe even specific dialogue. Not the kind of cutscene to grab the control from the player and play you a cinematic. More quest freedom, as in that one quest where you have to place a camera to overlook KIBA, what if you could place it anywhere as long as the cam had a decent line of sight with a good overview of KIBA, and as long as the distance wasn't too large? It would be more freedom for pretty much the same task. Specific scavs you need to kill, as in some quests where you would need to kill a scav with a specific character. And by that i mean: exclusive clothing, different voice lines and behaviors and different locations. Maybe make the scav only spawn when you have the quest enabled, so it wouldn't interfere with normal gameplay. Maybe there is a possibility of making an escort mission within it? Holding down your healing hotkey to select a specific body part. I'm not gonna post a picture here, because the picture is not mine, but ill try to explain the best i can. You know how you can hold down R and then scroll with the mouse wheel to select a specific magazine? Now do that with healing, hold the button down to select a specific body part to heal. Simple idea really. That's all for this post, quite an essay. Hope that i have spread some good ideas. As always, criticism is very welcome and so is discussion. I might update this list more.
  13. Acabo de craftear el contenedor alpha con peacekepper, que hago con el beta lo vendo, lo guardo? Gracias de antemano si alguuen me orienta.
  14. saojikao

    Some suggestions about scav mode

    I have some suggestions about scav mode. I heard that you are going to change the trade rep level to 15. Maybe its a effective thinking to solve the "running with knives" problem. But it's also too hard for players who mainly play scav mode to reach lv.15. Cuz scav mode do not earn exp. So, I suggest maybe scav mode can have exp like pmc but much lower, for example 1/10 the exp you have got in the game, as long as the resulting exp is not 0. Otherwise, it is very difficult for players who mainly play scav mode to reach level 15. And another tip that can make scav mode more interesting: When a player controlling scav killed another scav, only scavs who saw or heard this at the time would attack the player, I think this will increase the fun and strategic of the game. Best wishes.
  15. MrGhost1710

    Weapon Jamming & Weapon Safe Lock

    hello, i see the game is drive by a realistic scheme but i see this 2 features must be implemented. Weapon Jamming: in real life weapons get jammed from high fire rate or constant firing, my suggestion is to make a little % of probability to this to happen when the mag is from high capacity and have a high amount of time firing, this also gives some advantage to a player that its been sprayed by those ultra soldiers with 60/100 mags and make the game more fun. Weapon Safe Lock: for this it will be good to have the feature also the probability of a player accidentally fire his gun while jumping or stop running abruptly, if the safe is not set.
  16. SilentStorm123

    suppressor idea

    Hey wondering if suppressors will have durability similar to mgs ?
  17. Доброго времени суток Таровчане и гости нашего Города сразу к делу: 1. Проблема Топористов (если это все еще проблема) В чем собственно говоря сложность? Топористы как явление — это следствие высокого порога вхождения в игру, а именно отсутствие стабильного притока наличности для персонажа, боязни потерять снаряжение, и непонимание экономической составляющей игры. Это я вам как Топорист и Годовым стажем говорю. Топора я вытравил только после того как через почти год игры я открыл для себя командный геймплей и карту берег (барахолки и убежища еще не было) и только после того как у меня в голосе сложилась модель как заработать и как потратить число рейдов топором значительно уменьшилось. Можно усложнять жизнь Топористу, что только усилит симптомы, а возможны и осложнения в виде ПО и багоюза, а можно излечить болезнь: - у нас есть часть игрового процесса за дикого со случайным снаряжением, есть откат персонажа дикого и есть условие на выживание. Дополняем этот функционал всего одной кнопкой «передать снаряжение ЧВК» и все. Случайное снаряжение (подконтрольное разработчикам) одевается на голого персонажа ЧВК помечается как «казённое имущество» (т.е. нельзя продать на барахолке и/или торговцам), ЧВК добавляет медицину и снаряжение по вкусу - идет в бой. Дикий после выдачи снаряжения идет в откат, причем таймер отката начнется только после выхода ЧВК в бой. Т.е. что бы сделать это снаряжение точно своим все равно идешь в рейд (снять статус Казённое имущество) Баланс не ломается топористы исчезают как явление. Можно ограничить данный функционал уровнем персонажа, но это не имеет большого значения, так как ЧВК получив опыт игры и стабильную экономику не будет заморачиваться Казённым снаряжением. Результат выходить в рейд Топором просто не будет иметь смысла. 2. Проблема перекупщиков на барахолке. опять же есть проверенное временем решение. Сейчас проблема имеет место быть только по той причине, что игроки не могут выкупить то предложение, которое их устраивает из-за разницы пинга и еще некоторых нехороших моментов. Можно ставить костыли и урезать функционал Барахолки, а можно вылечить проблему в корне. Все что нужно сделать это добавить возможность не только выставлять лот на продажу (к примеру Видеокарту) но и предложение на покупку и самое главное автоматизировать процесс авто подбора спроса и предложения. К примеру активность в ценовом диапазоне 250 000 очень высока и не позволяет выкупить лот Игрок создает обратное предложение 250 000 за товар. Кто-то выкладывает товар за 249 999 и прежде чем этот лот попадет в продажу система проверяет наличие лотов на покупку, от большего к меньшему. Т.е. если есть предложения на покупку выше чем 249 999 система автоматически проводит сделку по наивысшей цене. А если таких предложений не найдено, то в этом случае появляется лот на продажу. Фактически это ликвидирует перекупов на коротких сделках как класс. Да кто-то может вычислить дневные или недельные колебания рынка и на этом делать деньги, но это уже совсем другая система работы ценообразования. Собственно, до отмены торговли валютой я так и поступал выставлял лот с необходимым количеством долларов в бартерный обмен за интересующий меня товар и да я выкупал те же видео карты по 250 000 а не по 270-300. К слову сказать, подобная система работает на многих онлайн проектах и на биржах в том числе. 3. Проблема Обучения, когда новенький приходит в игру ему сложно на просторах форума узнать о том, что есть Инструкторы и Шерпы, что вообще есть такая услуга в игре, бесплатная смею обратить Ваше внимание. И сообщение в Лаунчере тоже не все новенькие видят. Т.е. первый барьер — это недоступность информации о том, что новичку могут оказать помощь. А скриптового обучения в Игре нет. Да, многие скажут Гугл есть и Ютуб с Твичем, но это не совсем правильно. Так вот, Большая кнопка, не не так, БОЛЬШАЯ КНОПКА!!!! - Заказать обучение с ЖИВЫМ учителем (шерпом или инструктором) очень сильно упрощает процесс «движения новичка к шерпу» сиречь свет в конце тоннеля, причем если функционал будет завязан на системные сообщения в том числе с кликабельной ссылкой в Дискорд это прям вообще будет чудесно. Сейчас это все можно сделать через сайт, но о программе Шерпов надо знать чтобы её искать. А вот обучение не скриптовыми сценами, а живым учителем посредством интерфейса игрового клиента это наверно явление будет уникальное в игрострое. По крайней мере я такого еще не встречал. Спасибо за внимание.
  18. Wasabi12145

    Currently Unable to Even Play

    My latest support ticket, If anyone has *ANY* tips to fix this then please let me know. I'm not doing great in life currently which is why im playing off mobile data, and until now never had an issue, so its frustrating as hell now being completely unable to play due to this. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I literally can no longer play the game, I can't ever connect to the servers in game and play the game. As of the most recent patch / patches, i'm no longer able to play the game anymore, The past 3 to 4 weeks I've been completely unable to play the game, I'm currently using my mobiles data to act as wifi and I'm getting around 50 to 80 ping and I can't play a single area in the game due to "Server connection lost" This does not happen when I go to my partners house and use their PC, and I have no issues in any other game regarding connection besides ping being sometimes high I can get to the final stages in loading, can use the flea market and can do everything else in the game besides actually play. This is without a doubt putting me off the game but I just hope this gets attention. Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core CPU 3GHz 16GB DDR4 RAM 1080TI GPU 1000Wt PSU Network: EE / 38.43Mbps UP / 10.67 Mbps DOWN Please guys, make this game great. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  19. Hi, I am new to the game and my first impressions are laying somewhere in the middle. I like the concept of the game and mostly that it's turbo realism involved in it. That makes it more competitive and hardcore game. However, will we see better gameplay? I mean, lower the Scavs cooldown and quick matchmaking mechanics. I have encountered where my main character is heavily wounded and I have to stick to play only scavs until I get my gear, however Scavs can be played with 20 minutes cooldown and with on top of the matchmaking awaiting time ... It turns to be 1 game ever 1 hour. If you die quite quick, just exit the game for the next 1 hour and go back. It's not really fun in this matter when you want to play the game - and you cannot. King Regards, Lane Boy
  20. Witajcie Ocaleni! (przynajmniej tak witam swoich towarzyszy ocaleńców z DayZ). Rozpoczynam swoją przygodę z Tarkovem i nie mam jeszcze odpowiedniego skilla w przeżywaniu, ale staram się to nadrobić montażem. Jestem słabym PMC, więc powinno to trafić do równie nieobeznanych w grze graczy. Mam nadzieję, że choć części z Was się to spodoba Zapraszam do polubiania i komentowania!
  21. Here's a short thought exercise put as a questionnaire! Can answer out-loud or treat these as rhetorical. Enjoy! ------------------ If CSGO players discovered a way to plant the bomb without being near one of the plant sites, would that be good or bad for the gamemode? Good ( ) Bad ( ) If Portal players discovered a way to bypass puzzles and simply walk into the "end level" elevators, would that be good or bad for the gamemode? Good ( ) Bad ( ) If the cast of the movie The Raid: Redemption found out they could simply jump out of the side-windows to the building they were trapped in and safely "escape" the predicament (let's say a random magical giant bird caught them and carried them home), would that be good or bad for the intent and plot of the movie? Good ( ) Bad ( ) -------------------- Similar to the above questions, in my view, the secure-container-meta debate is not about the loot or what weapon a player chooses to take in. In my view, that's all fair game and players can approach it however they want. Instead, it's in how the secure-container-meta allows players to skirt around the central dilemma the Raid gameplay mode is meant to offer to the player: Getting in is easy. It's getting out alive that's the hard part. -------------------- The fact of the matter is that BSG is well aware they did not foresee the monkey wrench that secure containers would throw into EFT's gameplay loop (ie jump out of the side-windows). Hopefully they're well on their way to implementing some changes we can test in the next wipe. I'm confident that, together as a community, through trial-and-error and open discourse, we can come up with solutions and approaches that make the game deeper and more rewarding for everyone. Whatever things we try, I'm sure we can all agree... The quicker we can get the cast of The Raid: Redemption to quit jumping out of the windows and actually fight or sneak through the building, the quicker we'll have one helluva great movie on our hands
  22. LoneRanger666

    Player online limit

    Hello! I have one suggestion how to make servers and game stable for the most of players. What about limiting how many players can actually play? Like setting the amount of players that can be ingame/online and put others in a queue at the launcher? I think this would be much better and let most of players play without interruptions than letting everyone in and crashing everything and none can play normally. If i remember right, League of Legends had queue at their best times and it was not that bad at all. You could be in the game in minutes. Wish you all the best, LoneRanger
  23. I know it doesn't really matter what but it was fun to see the characters ragdoll a little bit on death and to get a confirmation on where you hit them before getting your post game report. I noticed that the game doesn't really show that much of a response any more and the bodies don't ragdoll as much either. Was it just removed for the current update or has it been removed entirely?
  24. So to be brief about it i hated reaching across my keyboard or leaving my mouse to change my zero distance for going from long range to CQB. So i changed the keybinds to some of the re-mappable buttons i have on my K95 keyboard. Once i did this the function no longer worked. I made sure that the button wasnt changed to continuous or anything and verified it was set to press. I changed the keybinds back to try and revert it to see if that fixed it and now it still doesnt work even on the original keybinds. No matter what key i assign it anymore the zeroing distance never changes. Has any one else experienced this or know a fix? i reset all keybinds and still the same issue. Do i need to uninstall and reinstall ? This just sucks because now sniping is much more challenging to hit the shots taking the fun out of it.
  25. megatron13


    Anyone else getting an authorization error after extract? I lose all my poo and it still counts as a scav run or if I'm a pmc it just resets everything back to what it was. Anyone know any fixes its so god damn frustrating
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