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  1. Desaster1216

    Karma system muss weg!

    Karma system muss weg! Der Großteil der Spieler besitzen nicht die kognitiven Fähigkeiten einen Scav von einen Pmc zu unterscheiden, es mangelt ihnen nicht nur an der Auffassungsgabe die schon einer Eintagsfliege mit Daumen ähnelt, es ist auch die Gier des Unterqualifizierten Tarkov Spielers, die es schlicht unmöglich macht die neue Art des Scav spielens (Karma system und dessen Belohnungen) zu erfahren. Ich schlage daher vor dieses System zu entfernen oder es für die Lappen da draussen einfacher zu gestalten und oder, vor Start einer Runde als Scav gleich den Weg auszuwählen den man einschlag
  2. Buenas! En este ultimo tiempo empece a notar que jugar desde Latino-américa es cada vez mas difícil (rosando lo frustrarte). Antes podíamos modificar los archivos del juego para cambiar el limite de ping para la selección del servidor (Se que va en contra del TOS, igualmente se puede hacer vía killping o parecido dirigido al launcher sin interferir con los archivos del juego), entiendo que hay jugadores que se quejaron de ver los modelos de otros jugadores haciendo saltos pese a que su ping era bajo y que afectaba a la experiencia de juego y por eso lo limitan. Los servidores de Brasil y
  3. Dear developers Me and a friend have been talking about insurance fraud recently and how to adjust the current insurance system to reduce the fraudulent component. First of, what is insurance fraud: When a player is dumping his equipment in a hard-to-find spot on the map, to take some other loot. He then receives all the items he dropped again, with a minimal risk of it being found by someone else and therefor profits double. Our proposed changes have two components, which should be tested in steps. Step 1 -> Component 1 active Step 2 -> Component 2 active Step 3 ->
  4. peema343

    AIDs game mechanic?

    Is there any chance of us getting an HIV/AIDS mechanic in the near future that would affect the account status of players with the disease? I have a lot of veteran friends who like like to see this type of change to spice up the gameplay.
  5. Hello, I have a great idea which could be implemented into the game. I have seen many cop bodycam videos and notice that whenever a police officer gets shot, he does not feel pain for a short period of time and then starts bleeding and feeling dizzy. Whenever a player gets shot in tarkov, no matter which limb, their leg stamina instantly goes out. I hate that when I get shot in my arm or my chest, I cant run. I propose to add realism to tarkov, when you first get shot or take severe amount of damage, you get an adrenaline rush for a few seconds to get in cover. Adrenaline rush lets you r
  6. Yo I was wondering how do you people play in rain? Since the last 2 times it has rained in EFT I personally just dont touch the game anymore. Feels like im playing as a deaf person. Got the sound high and tested around with settings, but its either i lose my IRL hearing due to rain or I just dont hear anything at all ingame. I feel like the only way to play during rain is camp every game to kill players who are trying to actually play the game. Dont get me wrong I like tactical play, but bush camping for long periods of time makes me feel like, why am I even bothering to log in if this is all
  7. So I was playing on customs with a friend and we've had a horribly rough patch of Tarkov with high level players and their gear just bullying us around or enemy scavs both player and AI one tapping us due to lack of equipment. I'm nearly level 11 and he's roughly half way through level 9. We're both very experienced with shooters and know our thing for those interested. With this raid, we're on point, we're clearing buildings like champs. Killing random scavs that were ahead of us with one shots and looting with quick efficiency. Now we're at the Gas station, and I've just taken one guy d
  8. Hello, I have been playing EFT since early 2017. I must admit - I have never seen such an amount of bs that is happening rn in raids. With current demand for GPUs and BTC price the game became a pistol deathmatch. Gameplay on every map is like a speed run who gets to tech loot places first. There is no more Tarkov gameplay in it. You know what I mean? The slower, more carefull approach. And it is because of the flawed game design at this point. It is just more worth it to rush to tech shop on Interchange, take GPU/Tetriz to secure container and die. You sell BTC and use GPU in a farm, no
  9. megatron13


    Anyone else getting an authorization error after extract? I lose all my poo and it still counts as a scav run or if I'm a pmc it just resets everything back to what it was. Anyone know any fixes its so god damn frustrating
  10. Vatruvius

    Meta Gameplay

    Hello fellow players, Welcome Battlestate developers, I had an interesting discussion concerning the long-term gameplay health of EFT with a couple of friends and wanted to share the core points of that conversation in this forum and hopefully generate a discussion around the topic and pool some ideas and solutions to the common trend that is the top tier gear meta. To clarify, this discussion concerns how gameplay in EFT trends and how to make that gameplay more dynamic as wipes become non-existent as is planned after the official release of the game. It is no secret that gameplay
  11. Simp_93

    FoV (viewmodel and world)

    Adding in a viewmodel FoV slider would be a great help. At the moment, the gun is obtrusive and too close to the face obscuring much more than realistic and presents a generally unaesthetic image. The ability to raise the world FoV higher would be welcome as well. I understand that given the means you have implemented in this game 75° vertical comes out around 107° horizontal. My humble reqeust is the ability to raise it higher so that those of us who encounter motion sickness can play and have a more pleasant experience. Generally speaking, playing below a 120° FoV introduces nausea into
  12. NordicGoat76

    Fix for 0 sound from game file.

    Hello i just got the game and i have no sound i have checked all my sound programs and have even unloaded the game fully. Short to say im out of ideas. I run a Ryzon7 gen3 cpu and a Saphire gen1 gpu ontop of a Republic of gamers MB on windows 10. Any help is welcome. Just wanna hear myself get shot would be great improvement to current status of just randomly black screens saying i died.
  13. ⸮ TS – VERY IMPORTANT – TS /S ⸮ The shopping door windows won't break entirely and result in uncanny situation where one or another might not be able to spot each other or identify hits. Which seems to be intended when shattering windows into pieces when shot. In short BSG please fix.
  14. WolfsAce

    Game Freezes

    Alright, I've had a new problem come up, and that's when the game freezes. Game freezes when Opening the game, Trading, In inventory, and Looting. And the game will remain frozen till I quickly Alt Tab out, and back into the game. Gets really annoying and has caused my death endless amount of times. Edit:Recently got a new keyboard, going to use my old one again to see if the same problem still applies. Edit:Still having the same issue. No difference between old and new keyboard.
  15. luke60419

    What settings should i use

    Hey guys so bought the game the other day and was wandering if anyone had any tips for optimization My Specs : intel 15 4690k Gtx 1050ti 4gb vram 8gb corsair ram just wanted a bit of help as Ive been non stop looking for ways to smoothen things up a bit i managed to get ok performance on scav runs bout 50-70 fps but when i do full raids i got back to a old issue of stutters constantly and especially if someone shoots at me or near me or when i fire my gun also if it helps all the performance tests Ive done Ive done on interchange thanks for the help
  16. I would like to start this off simply by introducing myself. I want to give people who read this some context to me as a person.. as well as a gamer. Let me start this off with the following facts about myself. I have been gaming since pong, through arcade, into consoles, and landing in PC master race. I have gone to numerous schools of varying degrees, for various different degrees, that would categorically fall within game development and planning. A lot of this falling under the conceptual development and think tanking if you will. As I always wanted to see how far game development could be
  17. Zynx

    Thoughts and suggestions

    Hello guys! There are some thoughts and suggestions for overall better game experience. Maybe some of them will be useful. Sorry for the poor english. - Prevent players to stand each others head: Prevent players to reach spots which normally unavailable for them. In that case less "glitching feature" will be available for the players. - Auto sell to Fence: It will be a nice to have feature, when a SCAV raid ends and the players leave some stuff on the scav character theese items should automatically going to sell to Fence. It is a small thing I know, but
  18. Jallopi3


    As this may never be seen by the devs I would like to at least get my opionion out there. So, number 1, Adding the ability to pick up random objects and use as melee, or as trigger sounds. and basically using more of the environment for the player to use to their advantage. Number 2, Able to open doors slow and quiet but still may creek or groan as they have rusty hinges, some even shut tighly and need a budge, maybe even being able to wd spray on hinges. Number 3, Body dismemberment, with explosive kills, that render equipment useless which would make people think twice abou
  19. isteelback

    Looking for players to play with :(

    Hello guys, bought EFT a couple of months back and is looking for any SEA players to play with, as I am residing in Singapore. Relatively new to this game, as I have been playing solo all these while. Just wanna get some loot and get a hang of this game. Able to speak both mandarin and English. I am willing to share loots as I am more into game play. Btw I believe i do not have any keys at the moment. Really hoping to hear from someone soon~
  20. The community and devs have to come to a consensus soon on where Tarkov stands realism/gameplay wise or the game is going to lose a swath of players on either side of the debate patch to patch. POST TLDR: Tarkov's devs and community need to find a balance between playability and realism and the current/recent direction of the devs is neither. Tarkov can be semi-realisitic and still fun with the addition of certain simple mechanics surrounding gunplay, movement, and healing. For this to happen the community needs to have compromises instead of fighting that muddies the communities voice in
  21. Nickish_

    VR Support in hideout

    I have just had an idea that would be really cool if they have implemented. If they made the hideout support VR. What would this feature be: - Only offline (but you can use the equipment on your PMC) - Interact with stuff inside the hideout (Generator, Scav box, TV/Radio, Medstation and more) - Realistic testing of firearm with the gun range - Other RP elements (interactions with traders, defending the hideout from Scav/Raider attacks, reading up on the different bosses using the intelligence station) - It would be something like Pavlov or any other VR Shooters I would lo
  22. Hello peeps, Returning player and I just noticed that I cant even get half way across a map without the raid timer running out. What happened? I could swear those timers were a lot longer before. Was hoping to return to this gem but now i cant even play the way "I" enjoy. First world problems I know but how long until we can have longer raids again? Hoping for some date or general time frame response so i know when I can return. Please do not let this be permanent. Thanks in advance.
  23. Getting good is not an answer. People sit in bushes and 1 shot you with whatever ammo it is. It's impossible to do anything when you have naked people running only mosins and you can't see where they are at. My last 13 raids have all been ruined by mosins that 1 shot through my level 4 body armor. At this point, its not worth bringing anything in or playing because its gone to losers that sit in bushes and 1 shot anyone who gets close. Literally every death I had today, was mosin. Tired of this poo.
  24. hi, just had an idea about an grendae belt that probably is allready in the works so you have more space for specific types of grenades , but also a grendae quickdraw option so you can choose the type of grenade you want to use in specific situations might give the game mechanics more variety entertainment and quality of life and give more use to less used grenade types in the game overall. thought i bring it up here keep it up but please fix the game its current state is very broken specially the fact that sometimes magazines and or backpack bug out weapon ammunition that then deal no dmg at
  25. JuliusCaesar

    Pre-game betting

    Here is what I think. Alot of us can't get into matches, and that is a little upsetting, so sitting at our computers, what will we do with our time? I say we introduce a spectator mode where before the game starts you can bet roubles on which team will win. This will ease those who can't get into filled lobbies, while circulating money more in the game, helping out the economy. If 4/8 spectators bet that USEC will win, and USEC wins, obviously the pot is distributed evenly, and vice versa. You can leave it like that or you can go further and bet on things like: Who will have the highest
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