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Found 16 results

  1. Aprice0101

    Unbound Gaming

    We're looking for more people to play Tarkov, amongst other games with. Maintaining Lv.1 boost and turning the server into a gaming community. If you are interested, please hit me up on my channel! https://discord.gg/wdHVmzdJ2g
  2. Der deutsche Gaming Discord für den wahren Gamer. Brandaktuelle Gaming-News, Community-Events und Gewinnspiele lassen jedes Gamerherz höher schlagen. Abgerundet wird dies durch eine übersichtliche Serverstruktur und unserem einzigartigen Serverbot. Halte dich an unser Regelwerk und finde deinen Zockerbuddy fürs Leben. Für Escape from Tarkov und viele weitere Games bieten wir separate Kanäle, in denen es ausschließlich um das jeweilige Game geht. Über 5.000 Mitglieder können sich nicht irren, werde auch du ein Teil von vR Gaming: https://discord.gg/nvEvvDu | http://vRDiscord.de
  3. Leo Fenice

    We Want You!!

    Come check out REAPERS OF WAR (RoW), a newly built place for EFT and other mil-sim games. 18 and up please. And if you wish for more details, don't be shy to PM me. https://discord.gg/r2XzWBJ
  4. pawn33

    Cloud gaming and bans

    Hi raiders, I am quite new to escaping Tarkov and I am having a blast. I have a question about cloud gaming though. I only have a low spec laptop to use to game on. I recently found a solution: Cloud gaming. It is a way to 'rent' a pc gaming computer and load up EFT on that rig and I can play the game with almost no lag (because of my internet speed). I use Liquidsky if you are interested. I have a question though. I load EFT on my laptop sometimes to do some inventory management, and afterwards I boot my cloud pc to game on. But because of how the cloud gaming works I am worried I might eventually get banned. Because it might be suspicious behaviour, since I switch IP's within a few minutes and the IP I game on is far away and different every time. I have to put in a new device ID everytime I boot up my cloud PC. My question is if anyone knows I am running a risk of getting banned. And if there is a way to prevent this, by let the admins or devs know cloud gaming is a thing for instance. Cheers
  5. Shigatsu

    Gate Gaming

    Hallo es freut mich das du unseren Beitrag liest. Wir sind eine Multigaming Gemeinschaft im aufbau und freuen uns dich in unsere Gemeinschaft aufzunehmen. Spiele sind das Tor in andere Welten und mit uns hast du einen Begleiter in diese Welten egal in welche Welt du eintauchst du brauchst dies nicht alleine zu tun denn wir von Gate Gaming sind für dich da und begleiten dich egal ob Fantasy, Postapocalyptik, Weltraumgefechte oder Schlachtfelder wir sind dabei! Also schau doch mal in unserem Ts³ vorbei: clan.gategaming.de Wir bieten eine Nette Gesellschaft, TeamSpeak, bald eine Website und vieles mehr! Was wir verlangen? Begeisterung am spielen, Teamfähigkeit, und ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren.
  6. Brickleful

    Other Guys PC Discord Community

    What is OG?The Other Guys is a gaming community for the masses. A hub for players around the world to connect with friends and play video games together. A tight-knit community, that takes everyone’s opinion very seriously, founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We currently have over 350 members, most of which are quite active, playing a variety of different games. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members. How was OG Founded?OG was founded by two members (NrGy and Satic_Rounds) who could not seem to find a leisurely gaming community where they could focus on fun and not routines, regulations, and rules. Ranking in OGRanks in our clan work very simply. The more active you are, and the more you contribute to the community, the higher you can go. Currently anyone joining in our Discord will be given the role of The Others. From there, after a simple “tag up” mean you put “OG” besides your name, you will be moved up to The Guys. Then, whether you have plans for the top dog spot of The Premium Guys or to just relax with the community you will either see The Original Guys role or The Scout Guys role. Remember, competition breeds success. Gaming in OGAs states earlier, OG members play a variety of different games. We have enough members where most people either already play the game you have or are willing you play it. Our discord server is set up where if you play a certain game we will give you a tag of that game that you can use in the game’s text channel or in general to ask if anyone is wanting to play. We also host a game night about once a week where a big group of us get together and play a game (usually free). Although this is not mandatory at all, we see this as a community building event where bonds between friends can become even stronger. Rules in OG 1. Don't be an asshole. 2. Be civil, and no fighting. We are all adults here. 3. NO DRAMA. If you have an issue, come to a Premium Guy with it. 4. No political talk. We are here for gaming. 5. Sharing is caring. 6. Read the welcome message. 7. Do not Advertise other communities (Invites, etc.) 8. If you plan on staying a while "Tag" up. Our One Requirement 1. Must be active in our Discord to stay in We hope to see you in our Discord Channel! DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/VFPmmcZ
  7. Malevolent1

    The Asylum Gaming Community

    If you are looking for a place to hang your hat and rest easy, come on in. We're a laid back, but fun group of people. We have a very active community with 800+ people over multiple games. What we can offer you: Fun and active discord community LFG and chat channels Diversified players from all sorts of different backgrounds Multiple games (Doesnt have to be just EFT, but we do want you!) Respect and a good time Memes (because who doesn't love stupid fun crap?) Players of all skill levels Giveaways (random games, and yes we even give away copies of EFT!) Helpful and friendly people Maturity and considerate attitude I am currently looking for more people interested in joining this community for EFT, and making it a great place to find groups, interact with others, theorycraft, and just overall enjoy the game. If you believe you fit the description of what we're looking for (which is practically anybody who can respect others and have fun), then please feel free to join us. We're striving to be the #1 discord community for EFT! Help us make that happen. Please feel free to join us. The discord link is https://discord.gg/jf5ds3m
  8. RyanKingsman

    The Kingsman

    https://thekingsman.wixsite.com/website Discord Link and other info on the website
  9. Brickleful

    OG Gaming Community Recruitment!

    We are extending invitations to join our discord! We have about 300+ members with over 100 hundred active almost all of the time. We play various games and are a very relaxed community. We have a handful of rules that are only to not start drama in the discord, thus keeping the peace and letting everyone have a good time gaming with friends We also do community events that are not mandatory to attend but they are usually huge groups playing things like SCP or my favorite Cards Against Humanity. All you have to do is join up, and tag up with "(OG)" in your name and you are good to go. If you join up just say "Brickleful" brought you and I'll give you a free promotion to the Alright Guys! https://discord.gg/hS6Pcbw
  10. Conman121


    Hello Everyone ! I have made a TARKOV WARRIORS group, if you decide to join you can play with others and start a group ! LET ME KNOW DISCORD - https://discord.gg/suaYVw8
  12. Hey Guys! My names N.Rocks and we have just started up our community as we dont have many people who play games like escpare from tarkov and ARMA 3 so we decided to start up our own discord and just wanted to see if anyone was interested in making some new friends and some new battle buddies! if anyone is interested please join this discord (https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2) and if im not online please leave me a message in the request membership text channel and i will be prompt in returning a message back. What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game
  13. hunter97

    Bad Life Choices Gaming

    We are a part of a start up gaming organization called Bad Life Choices Gaming, and I am looking for anyone new looking to clan up for raids, or anyone with heavy experience that wouldn't mind showing me the ropes as well as the others in our group. We bounce back and forth from serious gaming to off the walls fun, and every Friday night we get intoxicated and make bad choices. My in game name is OumaShu if you are interested in helping us get off the ground, as well as make a few friends. As an advisory, we are looking for interested people ages 18+ as Friday nights usually get a little crazy sometimes. The link to our Discord is as follows: https://discord.gg/WM2KrCS If interested as well, we are starting up our official website, so feel free to visit and learn a little bit about us: http://blcgaming.com/ (The website is still being worked on but registration segment still works) This is a midway Discord, not our main NSFW server, so if I don't see you join, send me a private message and I will chat with you as soon as I can. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
  14. Hello Everybody I'm AIRWOLF9, call me Wolf, and I'm one of the leaders of a tight nit community, we might not be the biggest around but we can definitely give them a run for their money in any game we play . Clans History and Information We've been collecting members since 2015 through our tactical plays of Rainbow Six: Siege gaining us quite a bit of notoriety and as of 2016 our group outgrew its Axon room, and what were we to do? Well create a gaming community of course . So we did we went and made a site, built up our members, got a Teamspeak, and enjoyed our days playing video games. And here we are now a year later standing strong inviting you to stand strong with us, to learn new games with us, to battle through the city of Tarkov with us. Now what do we have? We have a working teamspeak that we expand as our members grow. We have members that range from 14 - 36 (it's what he says he's around but we all know he's older ) We have a website with a forum section that is being made ever greater. tfxclan.com. We have a dedicated team that will teach you the ways of Tarkov from beginner to pro we accept all types of level. We have no ranks you are all equal from veterans to new comers you'll all get the same treatment (and if anything happens the moderators are always around to help). And lastly we have some of the best people to play with (I know all communities say that but hey we gotta show love to our great friends once in awhile). List of other games we've been known to play: Payday 2 BF1 Rising Storm Vietnam Rainbow Six: Siege Star Citizen Player Unknown Battlegrounds - Just to name a few. So have I sold you yet? Still looking for more convincing? Well alright you got me jump over to our Teamspeak and check us out for yourself. We'll be waiting . Join through the website at: www.tfxclan.com Join the Teamspeak at: ny.streamlinegames.com:10038 No password needed.
  15. Cfxsquad


    Hi there I've just bought a house (Yeah!) and I can live there around juli. So, I want to make the attic my brand new gaming room. Will be playing Escape from Tarkov most of the time though, but it needs to look neat. The pictures below show the the room. These are from their website, so it's empty right now. Behind the photographer on the first picture there is a slanted roof. What you see in the picture is the space thats fillable. I thought painting it all black, and use black carpet. Leave the door Red, and add my red gaming chair (picture below). Also I want to hang some airsoft replicas on the walls. U guys have tips?
  16. Stakks

    From Rags To RICHES

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