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Found 22 results

  1. I upgraded from standard to EOD during Black Friday Sale. After some hours I received the items (like the EOD melee Weapon), the golden name and the bigger stash. Sadly the Gamma Container is still missing. Saw that some people had this problem, but nobody, who found a solution to get the gamma added to their account. So, does anyone know a way to get the gamma (hopefully one without resetting my account)? Or do Mods just look for those problems to fix them?(If you are a mod and could handle the problem, it would be very nice of you to fix it❤️)
  2. Slanted_arch

    Gamma and brightness problems

    A couple days ago i wiped my computer and i reinstalled my game on my ssd i didn't have this problem before but now every time i load into a raid my gamma on my pc resets i have looked everywhere for a reason and all i have found a post fx settings witch do help but my menus are still SUPER dark almost impossible to see the grids in my inventory if anyone has a solution or needs more resources please respond to this post.
  3. I have see on discord a post from EFT regarding the upcoming 12.7 update stating "The next patch 0.12.5 will contain the settings of graphic post-effects. Filters from Nvidia will become unavailable for use." So is Nvidia the only one being targeted for its Nvidia control panel? because you can do the same with AMDs Radeon Control Settings. (Google "Radeon control setting gamma") So if Nvidia is going to be disabled are they going to level the playing field and disable AMDs too?
  4. Well i started playing, still am happy to play but i hit a well know wall. This has to due with me being colorblind (Only seeing black white and grey). I ant see anything when entering buildings and when playing woods or factory i cant seem to play cuz i walked 10 mins against a wall not knowing and got killed by scavs. I really hope that theres a option comming for colorblind people like me (Gamma changable) and im not asking to make it OP and give visabilty to max like not needing the use of NVG and flash light but make it so i can see a bit more. because right as of now i stopped cuz i cant see nothing(Not even a chest or what needs to be there cuz i still didnt figure out where i whas stuck on) So please help me and enable something like that cuz as of now i cant play normal and im bounded to Customes wich is to hard for a what newer player like me. So i hope i told enough of my suggestion/problem.
  5. dkeys97

    Bought EOD and nothing happened

    So i bought the EOD this morning and my game edition says i have the EOD edtion. I did not receive any of the money, items or most importanly the gamma container. I bought it this morning at 7am Eastern time.
  6. Jemahne

    My Container Suggestion

    Hi Nikita, devs, and the Tarkov community Hopefully the developers may look at this versus the current Reddit posts flooding about, and I would like to share my opinion on containers. Currently containers are in a good spot, but they can be improved and become better. My idea is to have containers only be usable once in a raid, and that's it. What this means is having to actually scour a loot location before making the decision of accessing the container to put items inside the container itself. The only limitation that I am suggesting is that you can only move items inside the container itself once in the raid. You will still be able to use your keybar, docs, SICC case, etc, and you should still be able to utilize the items as well as meds. I understand this is a part of hundreds of other suggestions, but I hope that this one stands out a bit more.
  7. So, in the joint live stream/podcast done by Tarkov streamers, Nikita mentioned, that the way Secure Containers work would be changing, at least for patch 0.12 and then, a poll/survey would be available so that the collective community can decide whether they like the new mechanics, and they stay this way going forward, or they go back to the way they were. A couple of questions: 1. Do we know about how long into the patch this survey/poll will come out? I would like to know how time I have to test this mechanic. I don't want to sound negative, but depending on how the game plays out and majority vote, well my Tarkov play time may drastically shorten. But hey, Tarkov is fun, so I'll always be around. 2. I imagine there will be a notification, sent out to let people know where to vote. Is this going to be on twitter or will there be a notificartion in game and launcher to let people know to have their say? Just curious, as I don't want people to turn around and complain that, 'they weren't told' about it. That's all from me. I know I don't have the right to ask any of this, but if you get a chance would you put out a tweet with a link clarifying some of the details surround this new change so people are aware of, what's at stake if they don't take part in survey/poll. Cheers in advance for reading, and if you do get a chance to let us know what's going in this area, thanks again!
  8. crush-rs

    Der Securecontainer

    Der Securecontainer ist ein hilfreiches Instrument um geliebte Items nicht der Gefahr eines Verlustes im Raid aussetzen zu müssen. So kann man sehr wertvolle Items garantiert mit aus dem Raid nehmen, ob man nun überlebt, oder nicht. Immerhin ein kleiner Trost im Falle des unerwarteten Ablebens. Gerade für den Feierabend-Gamer der zwischen Tür und Angel schnell mal ein Game macht eine Hilfe nicht direkt in Depressionen verfallen zu müssen. Auf der anderen Seite lässt es den "Hardcoreflair" von EFT bröckeln und wird als Lootbehälter für Farmrunner missbraucht.Ich denke es wäre interessant mal zu sehen wohin die Tendenz geht und wie unterschiedlich der Anteil der Meinungen ist.
  9. vippun

    gamma and or brightness

    just started playing the game and the default settings have the game looking washed out.... not seeing any settings for gamma or brightness.... anyone else having this issue?
  10. If no one can drop for me, then I will go for the container mentioned below. The Epsilon container is a 2x4 portable container, obtainable by completing the Prapor quest The Punisher - Part 6. ^ This is what I will be going for right off the bat otherwise, I just wanted people to know it's possible to get a large container by simply playing the game. I was worried it was going to be an issue and I'd be stuck with 2x2 forever. Just in case no one wants to/can be bothered to drop me a Gamma... Is anyone looking for a group to complete the prapor quests on server restart? Hope this post is allowed, if not just delete it and accept my apology.
  11. Elder-Drake

    Reshade and Gamma Panel

    I have seen post at from the beginning of the year that say that Reshade is ok to use but I wanted to get a current confirmation that it still is and ask about Gamma Panel. My monitor needs a little help but I do not want to run an app that could possibly violate the ToS in any fashion. Thank you in advance for any information and help on this.
  12. Shootemup899

    Gamma Case Giveaway/s

    For the next update and wipe, I am looking for other EoD owners that would like to give away their Gamma Container to the Non EoD players. How it would work. Players would simply comment to enter an EoD player would choose a player and would DM him or her to notify them. Then would meet each other in a group and switch their containers. Once a player is chosen and received their case, the EoD user will respond to their comment to show that he or she as won. I and possibly others will include items in the Gamma case for you to use.
  13. Cardboard231

    Fix you Us something from gamma

    I don't know how I did it but I just reloaded my gun from gamma.This may not mean you can us guns but it is highly likely you can. I'm scared
  14. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    yo guys, Ive decided to give my gamma case away, So all you have to do is like this post and leave a reason why you should win, good luck
  15. jburke620

    EOD upgrade with no Gamma!?

    ISSUE! So I was convinced to upgrade to EOD from standard. I did all that fun stuff, made sure the launcher & game were closed, and then I did a profile reset. After all of this I load in as a new game (BEAR or USEC) and I continued. All of the goodies are there EXCEPT THE GAMMA CONTAINER. I've got 3 people that can vouch as we were all on Discord (still on now) when all this went down. ALSO, my level did not change. I was level 9 & after the reset I'm still level 9 and my character is empty (as stated, no gamma!) I've restarted the game & launcher several times with no fix. Everything is there except the Gamma Container, the ONE piece that actually makes a difference with EOD. Any help would be awesome! NOTE: I already used a profile reset meaning I can't do another for two weeks.... Not fond of that after spending over $90 to upgrade.... I have also submitted this two Official Facebook pages & submitted two tickets via support.
  16. grüße ich spiele das game jetzt erst seit einer woche bin jetzt level 17 hab mal nh frage wenn ich den gamma container mit in den raid nehme ausgerüstet als pouch oder wie das heißt kann ich ihn denn verlieren wenn ich sterbe ? ich möchte bitte produktive antworten und kein dumm gemache oder so danke im voraus Mit freundlichen Grüßen WHittyYT
  17. bradleytwin01

    Gamma Container

    I'm wondering if there's a way to get a bigger secured container than the Alpha Crate. I've seen streamers with the Gamma container that you get from the EOD upgrade but I was wondering if there was some middle ground between the items. Like a beta crate or something.
  18. I just upgraded my standard version to the EoD version of the game. The launcher shows as much, as you can see in this image here: When I log into the game I still only have an alpha pack, and my stash is still tiny. None of the pre-order items mentioned in the EoD package are in my inventory, and I have no pending messages. What is normally supposed to happen when you upgrade? I didn't feel good at all shelling out for the larger stash, so now I'm pretty upset that it isn't working, and I haven't received any information via email or otherwise telling me what I should expect, or how long it will take before I get what I paid for.
  19. TheMojaveViper

    Gamma Glicthing still..

    I'm sure this is something that has been brung to light to the devs but Gamma glitching kedrs and pm's is still very much a thing catching back on after last patch in my recent youtube video i killed a squad of 3 gamma glitching on customs and im sure the answer is this is always being worked on but how much of a priority is this bug among other bugs?
  20. I think I stumbled upon someone that found another way to use the gamma case to keep there pistol even when they die here is a clip of it after he shot me a couple times with what looks like a suppressed handgun I killed him and looted him but no handgun was on him just a shutgun https://clips.twitch.tv/ConfidentTardyBadgerPanicBasket
  21. Strel0k

    Yet another gamma glitch

    So I just found another gamma glitch, which works in off- and online mode. I just created a support ticket with steps how to reproduce it, is this the right procedure?
  22. Will gamma adjustments be an option? Or more generally I'd like to know if there will be something in place to combat a person negating the obvious downsides of not being able to see in the dark, such as boosting an in game gamma slider until the night becomes bright as high noon. I ask this because seeing as NV is shown to be in the game, as-well as a day/night cycle, it would be a hefty concern if anyone could easily get an arguably unwinnable advantage through a simple in game trick. I only ask because the dev's in Arma, for whatever reason, decided a gamma slider was a good thing. As far as I'm aware most games do not include a gamma adjustment but i figured i'd ask anyways. <3
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