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Found 4 results

  1. SlimJimBim


    So since the time I've gotten this game to right now (about .8 to .12) I have an on and off issue with server stability. In .12, every other game i'm playing I get disconnected from with a "server connection lost" pop up. I know I'm not the only person with this issue, and it is NOT my internet. This is such an infuriating problem and I have lost so much gear to this stupid issue that is NEVER fixed or even ATTEMPTED to be solved. It seems as though BSG would rather add new guns than fix everlasting problems I'm sure they're well aware of. It's gotten to where I'm giving up on thi
  2. NerdyStrawb3rry

    Server Connection Lost

    Im so damn tired of these ducking servers.. kit after kit, I go into a raid just to have each encounter with every ducking PMC fade to black and read the 3 ducking words that kill my mood for this game: "Server Connection Lost". I am literally the Oprah of this game because every raid I go into now is just "you get a kit and you get a kit, EVERYONE gets a kit". I might as well be ducking handing out roubles. There needs to be a balance of content and server patching.. I like this game but there is only so much I can take
  3. Im so sick of dying from someone behind me that is maybe 5-7 footsteps away.. because i could hear there footsteps while i was standing still... while hearing a headset in game....Your audio in this game is trash.. getting real sick of it and fast... Fix your games footstep audio already isnt that hard cmon already....
  4. Honestly can someone explain me any reason to ever even use a shotgun? I've tried using them for a while now and they just seem completely trash. 5.000 rubles more you can get a Vepyr 7.62. A gun that has 2 extremely more beneficial character traits: It doesn't suck against armor and it can deliver lethality regardless of range. Inb4 "Shoot the legs" yea, you can't always shoot at someone's legs. Either they're in cover, or the angle doesn't allow for it. It makes me super sad cause the shotguns can look really cool, but are practically paper weights.
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