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  1. I worked myself up after weeks to come back to the think I love The "Flea Market". After finally unlocking it, I just got disappointed. I can't sell anything anymore. It feels like such a downgrade of the game. To be able to sell the stuff you don't need or want so you can buy a bit better Gear and Ammo. Also I loved to be able to trade, by buying Weapons Modding them and selling them. (What looks like it not possible anymore neither) As a low level to be able to do that, has given me much Joy and Fun, it also help me to be able to Fight heavy geared Players and high levels that h
  2. Hi, Just came to mind it would be nice to add fold/unfold action to some rigs and backpack similar to how we have fold/unfold for some weapons. Example how it could work: 1) Only empty backpack/rig can be folded 2) Folded backpack/rig takes less space, but cannot hold any other items inside 3) Some backpacks can be only be placed inside other backpacks in folded state 4) Backpacks of the same capacity cannot be places inside one another in unfolded state (to prevent unrealistic infinite backpack stacking we have now) 5) Armored rigs cannot be folded (at least
  3. Alright, I have a lots of new members in our discord community that just started playing Tarkov and at this stage it is very difficult for them to win a PVP without being 2 tapped or die from bleeding. Although it sounds really hard for new players to start the game at mid wipe I always encourage them that this is the best time to prepare themselves for the next wipe. Sometimes no matter how good their positioning is, their bullets just can't penetrate an Altyn this is where the most budget effective gear I have advised them to use. a semi-moded /stock AK with BT Rounds, 6b5-15 armor (ragman
  4. I get idea when nigthvision, lasers, sights needs batteries
  5. what happens if you stay in the raid until the time runs out, i am currently stuck between two dumpsters with nice gear and want to know if i will loose it when the time is up
  6. TheSzeckler

    Ghillie Suits

    Can we have Ghillie suits 👀 ? Ghillie suits should be a default clothe category you can buy from Ragman's Services OR buying it at Traders, once equipped it should cover your whole body / equipment, except the weapon/melee weapon. Nothing should clip through from under the gillie suit.
  7. I think that a good balance to add to the game would be to change the amount of time it takes to use medical supplies depending on what kind of gear you have. If you have no gear on then the time to use the meds should be as it is now but as you put on more and more gear it should take longer to use the meds and heal up. This would make it more realistic as it would be difficult to bandage your head if you had a helmet on or chest with body armor on, the thicker and heavier the armor the more difficult it would be to use meds. This would also make it more challenging for players that are in th
  8. Seeing as Nikita has said the the flea market will be for found-in-raid items only, maybe there should be an ability to break down player's gear for repair resources. There was a mention of dogtags possibly being a type of currency (a sum of all the lvls of the dogtags you have in stash) so maybe player's gear that you stole in raid could break down into a type of repair resource (or currency). These points could be dependent on the health of the gear you stole and a 'Repair' skill that allows you to extract more repair resources out of the items. Those resources could then be applied to exist
  9. Might be a dumb question... But I wanted to know if anyone else has had the same experience, and what resulted of it. I was trying to load into a raid on my pmc, I was bringing with me a pretty valuable AR. It was worth about 400-500k, as well as a few mags and armor and what not. When I tried loading into the game, I was waiting to match with players for about 15 minutes, then my game crashed. I re-opened knowing I will be able to get back into the raid, but then I got stuck at "creating loot pools". Game crashes again.... I once again re-open and to my horror, I am returned to the main menu.
  10. t3hSn0wm4n

    Ideas for Scavs

    OK. So, insurance can be a pretty frustrating thing. You pay good money to insure your gear. And sometimes you get it back, sometimes you don't. We all know how frustrating it is when we do not get back that fancy gun we lost because we died to a pesky P scav that got the drop on us, or we in general screwed up. To that end, What if as a scav, you have the option to sell any looted insured gear back to Prapor and Therapist at an increased rate over what they would normally pay for a standard item? you can still sell it to the market, or to the traders directly, but you would get less for it.
  11. GigxFitz

    New gear ideas

    A tactical belt or gun fighting belt would be a really good idea to add to the game. The new pouch system would work well with this gear item. The belt allows for the addition of different pouches/holsters. Rifle/pistol/mag dump pouch could be added for extra carrying capacity or way to run a light weight kit. -Drop down serpa holster could allow for faster draw time. -Dump pouch could allow for rapid reload without throwing mags on the ground. Draw backs could be that the reload Isn't as fast as a regular rapid reload but not as slow as a regular reload. Once mag goes in the pouch i
  12. JustBiased

    Using Wrist Watches In Game

    I have noticed that the player models generally have wrist watches on them and it led me to wonder about the plausibility of using them for the purpose of tracking time, position, and direction. Instead of having the time appear in the corner of the map you could create an animation to look down at your watch and get information such as the three previously mentioned. It would add a new market into the game as there could be simple watches that just tell time; all the way up to watches that tack your GPS location and let you know which cardinal direction you are facing.
  13. IngramTheApache

    Patrol belts, duty belts, ect.

    I feel like we are sitting on a missed opportunity. If you look at your PMC he has his FROGs/Blouse tucked which gives you full access to the ability of using a Patrol/Duty belt. Peacekeeper already sells American Helmets so why not add the belt to his merchant options. Along with being able to purchase mag pouches, grenade pouches, dump pouches ect. To attach to the belt to make more space. So like normal mag pouches being 2x1, grenade 1x1, dump pouche 4x4. But only allowing like 4 or 5 attachments on each belt or make the cheaper belts have less. Just an idea.
  14. apeFromTarkoff

    Make EFT Great Again !!!!

    I first find out about EFT back in 2015 and it looked interesting and a promising project but then I sort of forgot about it until more than 2 years later in january 2018 I decided to check it out so I found some videos and of course their official channel on youtube and watched all their developers videos and I liked it so I started to watch a lot gameplayes of other youtubers so for the next 3 month I watched about 45 hours of gameplay footage of the game so far and I want to say the game has a potential, it is satisfying and definite
  15. So I have played quite a few games, some of which ended up getting ruined by loading into the map, then attempting to contact the server, just to find out I am unable to finish the connection. Now, I'm not 100% sure this can be done, but if my game found out that I could not access the server BEFORE loading in my character, wouldn't I be able to keep the gear that I was taking in with me, and then just move onto a different match? Again, I'm not sure if thats possible, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it would be nice to have some kind of failsafe in cases where I'm not trying to leave the ma
  16. NOTE: This was originally posted in the Beta Testing Forum. I forgot that section is not open to all users, so I decided to move it here instead. Also, the original context of this discussion is a post I made on Reddit. The formatting is a bit easier to read there, so feel free to go that route if you prefer. Now, onto the show ----- What if the traders were to come to you from time to time and say, "Hey, I need you to run into Interchange for me and get a bunch of loot. Here, take this weapon, rig, backpack, and armor and put it to good use. If you come back with the goods, y
  17. I made one of these threads before were I asked the developers to buff gear and stuff like that. Most people reacted with the usual, oh no that's unrealistic stuff. I did some maths to show how not worthwhile wearing good gear is. I played 100 raids on labs, 50 with gear (Gen4, Altyn, modded m4 etc.) And I played 50 raids with only a Silenced Stechkin Automatic Pistol with 2 magazines filled with ammo. On the raids with gear I survived 30 times. On the raids without gear I survived 22 times. On the times I survived without taking gear with me in the raid I killed
  18. SwordBlock

    Gear totally underpowered

    I have been playing EFT for a while now, basically since the .11 patch. I have heard from people that gear kinda got a nerf before this. I think gear should get a bit of a buff. Gear should get a buff because of the following reasons: There is a very bad risk reward ratio if you go in with the best or really good gear, people who only bring a pistol in a raid should not be able to kill a player who has the best gear (unless they find a weapon or something), having gear the way it is (too easy to lose) incentivises players to not take any good gear in raids, etc. There is a very bad r
  19. DarkSoldier

    Insurance failures

    Hi Guys, I'm just making this post to see if anyone else is noticing an insurance problem im witnessing with prapor. I've been hiding gear for myself and my buddy's aswell as purposely hiding really small insured items. It's been 3 days almost and still no sign of any of the gear. Not a single piece. I understand gear can be picked up by player scavs that spawn later on in the game and also I could have poor placements. I've done a 'shotgun' effect and thrown small pieces about in random hidden spots and still it's overpasses the 24-38 hours that prapor promises for the gear.
  20. "Thus, each user who bought the game within 10 days after the start of the event, is guaranteed to receive additional in-game equipment with the opportunity to get it again after each wipe, including those that would be made by himself within six months." Could this mean that any gear/weapons/things that I acquire in the next six months I get to keep even after a wipe or am I reading this all wrong. Could someone be kind enough to please clarify. Cheers.
  21. Flavivs

    Android inventory manager

    Hi there! I have some suggestion about making some cool inventory/gear manager for android platform. This app would be great for trading and inventory management in the meantime, when you can not be at the computer. Is this possible for the future? Thank you for possible answer...
  22. azullaris

    Horde of Geared players

    Ok so i probably will have people chasing me with pitchforks, but thats is something i believed and observed. The problem is that the game in its current state is almost unplayable for low level players or budget runs, why i say that, well today i went in 15 different raids, and in all of them and end up in the same way, getting shredded by an m4, as val, aks and sks. Yeah all pretty normal until in almost every raid i tapped them at least 5 times with vepr (7.62), and well in most times they lost 300 ish of life, but in me , bam 1 or 2 do the trick. So you are wondering , whats the problem? T
  23. nsternon19

    List your best random scav gear

    Today my scav loadout consisted of a motherfucking ak-105 with 2 mags. Whats the best gear that you've gotten from playing scav?
  24. The Gear Share Thread Take out your sickest rifle or your new crafty experimental firing system. Walk others through your thought process, how far it's in the game and how much it is. Help create a fun meta of guns and gear, and create interest in higher level content and their shenanigans for beginners. Shine light on pieces that others might overlook and make them sparkle. Bring out the value in items, explain your combination of gear, the dosage of your meds, the choice of grenades etc. Snap a screen, make a short video, write walls of texts or just go mad with numbers with othe
  25. JakeThraxton

    New equipment slot ideas

    So, I just dreamed this up (literally), an idea for a new customizable bag area/system. Let me know what you all think. 1. The area is marked "waist bags" and could either be a standalone area, or something that covers some or all of the "pockets" slots. 2. Each selection would/should be for late game players, possibly locked by skill requirements (healing, endurance, etc.) 3. Each "type" of bag would have two levels, with the second level being an upgrade in size and/or utilization. 4. the majority of these bags would be lootable from defeated opponents With this in
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