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Found 65 results

  1. So I have played quite a few games, some of which ended up getting ruined by loading into the map, then attempting to contact the server, just to find out I am unable to finish the connection. Now, I'm not 100% sure this can be done, but if my game found out that I could not access the server BEFORE loading in my character, wouldn't I be able to keep the gear that I was taking in with me, and then just move onto a different match? Again, I'm not sure if thats possible, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it would be nice to have some kind of failsafe in cases where I'm not trying to leave the map but can't even load in and therefore sacrifice all my gear to the vultures.
  2. NOTE: This was originally posted in the Beta Testing Forum. I forgot that section is not open to all users, so I decided to move it here instead. Also, the original context of this discussion is a post I made on Reddit. The formatting is a bit easier to read there, so feel free to go that route if you prefer. Now, onto the show ----- What if the traders were to come to you from time to time and say, "Hey, I need you to run into Interchange for me and get a bunch of loot. Here, take this weapon, rig, backpack, and armor and put it to good use. If you come back with the goods, you can keep the gear. If you don't come back with enough loot, then I'm going to start thinking twice about giving you these types of opportunities going forward..." And from here, maybe the user must extract with a certain number of a particular loot item. Or maybe they can mix and match whatever loot they want as long as its value equals at least $X. The idea is that each success could open higher levels of gear sets for later offers. So let's say early on, you're given a nice pisltol or SMG with low-tier armor. If you bring back the value of loot requested, maybe next time he swaps out the previous gear he gave you with you a rifle, mid-tier armor, and larger backpack to come back with an even larger amount of loot from the raid. (EDIT6: To clarify this point, the idea being you always ever have ONE free gear set at a time that you immediately take in with you to a raid. You can't just collect the items, stash them, and use something else. You accept the task, are given the items, and boom, immediately moved to the lobby for a raid on the designated map. When you extract, the trader expects you to give him back the non-disposable/non-usable items in order to progress further. Thoughts?) There could also be requests that require more than one player. For example: "Hey, find a buddy willing to take the risk with you, and I'll give you both a Labs keycard and set you up with some good gear. But in return, I want every single Raider killed. Every. Single. One. Which means you need to make sure every alarm is triggered before you extract and then go hunting. And remember, if you turn on me once you get in there and run away like a coward, I will not forget. What do you say, want to give it a shot, cowboy?" The goal here is to give players a chance to use better gear than they currently have, while also facing penalties for "failing" the task at hand. This way, if they just spawn in and rush for extract in order to keep the gear, that decision will "stay with them". Maybe the trader demands his gear be returned to him upon extract, maybe his karma takes a negative hit, maybe his rep with that trader goes down quite a bit. Something to punish provide a disincentive* for "not even trying" (* See EDIT4). Think of it kind of like a "gun game" mode, but included through intermittent quests from the traders. Each success "levels up" your next gear offer. And if you fail badly, your next gear offer drops in quality, etc. And again, the key word here is INTERMITTENT. These wouldn't happen all the time or be available 24/7 like current uncompleted tasks. Players would still have to find and risk their own loot the majority of the time. But every now and then, maybe these types of tasks could pop up for the player. Thoughts? Improvements? ----- EDIT1: Or, maybe the offers keep coming back to back to back and you upgrade/exchange your gear sets as long as you stay on a "win streak"? I can hear the player reactions now: "The other day I got one of those 'free gear' questlines from Peacekeeper... I ended up going into six raids back to back and got all the way up to a tricked out ADAR with Level 4 armor. In my last one, I had to kill and loot an item from 10 different scavs and make it out with $X value of loot. I didn't make it out, but man, was those were some sweet runs! Have you received one of those quests yet? How far were you able to get? What kind of gear did they give you each time?" The balancing act for the devs, then, would be how quickly the gear progresses after each success and/or the in-raid requirements that must be met for the tasks as they get progressively harder. ----- EDIT2: Maybe there could be an interesting interplay/reward for players who kill and loot a player currently on one of these questlines? For example, say you kill a player, and while looting him, you see he has a note or something (maybe a special flashdrive?) telling you to hand it in to Peacekeeper (or whatever trader the player was currently working with). Immediately upon extracting, the player automatically hands it over and receives a message from PK: "Ahh, you took him down did you? Or maybe you didn't, and you just found this on his body. Either way, I've got an offer for you. That player was on a mission for me. I set him up with some gear and in return, he completed certain tasks for me. Seeing that he's dead and you're alive, what do you say I extend similar offers your way?" And from here, the player is free to embark on a "free gear" questline of his own if he chooses to. Just like players can currently find Labs keys in-raid, this would essentially serve as a way for players to find a similar sort of "instant free-gear questline" pass, rather than having to wait for one as usual. ----- EDIT3: Rather than equip the player with one specific loadout each time, he could be given choices and/or allowed to choose from a limited subset of the items. "Hey it may not be pretty, but here. Grab whatever you want from this stash and make it happen." Later down the line, if the player "levels up" the gear offer, he could choose from an assortment of high level items. Mix and match attachments and items to fit how he wants to approach the next task. A sort of "gun game with options", if you will. The goal though would be to avoid pigeonholing players to a single play style while also keeping it short and sweet so they don't get overcome with analysis paralysis. For example, would you rather a decked out auto shotgun or really nice supressed pistol or mildly appointed MP5? Quick and to the point, keeping the player moving along. ----- EDIT4: As u/hanizen points out, it may be best to have any repercussions be limited to the "free gear" mini-quests, otherwise it may come across as unfair. The thought is to keep these fun and desirable -- "Yay, I got a free gear questline offer!", not "Crap, what if I die to a suspicious player or run into a four man squad? No thanks, I don't want it wrecking my trader rep!" ----- EDIT5: /u/delu_ has an interesting thought that I hadn't considered... Could something like this completely replace the Scav run? Especially once we have the hideout and multiple PMC characters, perhaps allowing these "supplied mercenary for hire" type raids from time to time could provide a more consistent experience story/lore-wise? Hmm... Interesting! (Though I have to say I really like "teaming up" with the AI as a Scav!) He goes on to say that certain tasks could "set up" the map in certain ways. The example he gives: "So, there's this asshole who keeps scaring my guys. Heard he sewn his name on his armor. Killa was it? Can you take him out?" which would make guaranteed killa spawn on your next interchange raid... Maybe even as an end of a longer series. Like first you gotta find a working gphone for Fence to arrange a fake meeting with killa, then you go clear and secure the place etc." Very cool! ----- EDIT7: Piggybacking a bit off of u/delu_'s idea of "setting up" the map... What if certain high-risk tasks provided some level of backup for the player in order to complete? For example Ragman: "Hey, I've got another one for you. This one is big. Very difficult. I need you to break into the Kiba store and place a tracking beacon on a shipment of supplies. You'll have to blow the door with this charge. Don't worry about Killa, we've already disabled the alarm. You've got ten minutes. I'll have my best guards on map providing support. We'll get you close, drop you off in a van in the parking garage, and provide some overwatch. After 10 minutes, though, all bets are off and my guys are pulling out. If for whatever reason you don't make it out, we never had this discussion and this whole deal never happened. What do you say?" And then, on map, certain blockades and/or flairs could be set in the mall, as a means of cordoning off the area (and hinting to others that something "special" is afoot). Maybe some high level scavs are stationed at certain areas to deter players (stationary machine gun mounts, possibly?). Upon map start, the player would spawn within the mall, in the parking garage, near a blacked out van. Other players, upon joining the raid, would receive a message from Ragman along the lines of, "Hey, I've got a guy running something important for me. Don't get in the way. Kiba's off-limits for the first 10 minutes. If you do kill him, though, bring me back his beacon and I'll clue you in." (See EDIT2) During the first 10 minutes, Ragman's guards would serve as a sort of "third-party" to the fighting. They'd engage both Scavs and PMC's while being friendly to you/your squad.
  3. SwordBlock

    Make wearing gear worthwhile (MATHS)

    I made one of these threads before were I asked the developers to buff gear and stuff like that. Most people reacted with the usual, oh no that's unrealistic stuff. I did some maths to show how not worthwhile wearing good gear is. I played 100 raids on labs, 50 with gear (Gen4, Altyn, modded m4 etc.) And I played 50 raids with only a Silenced Stechkin Automatic Pistol with 2 magazines filled with ammo. On the raids with gear I survived 30 times. On the raids without gear I survived 22 times. On the times I survived without taking gear with me in the raid I killed an average of 4,5 raiders (let's say 4). Mostly I found a backpack (like beta or attack 2) and I couple of times only a Tactical sling bag. I got an average of (roughly) 450k roubles when I survived the raids. Let's say a Silenced Stechkin Automatic Pistol with 2 magazines filed with ammo costs 25k. So I roughly lost 700.000 roubles (25000 x 28). I made about 9.900.000 roubles (450.000 x 22) . 9.900.000 - 700.000 = 9.200.000 profit. On the times I survived and took gear with me in the raid I killed an average of 5 raiders. I took an attack 2 with me and a tv rig. I made an average of 600k roubles when I survived the raids. 30 x 600.000 = 18 000 000. Let's say I lost about 500k when I died in the raids (probably more, but okay). I died 20 raids and lost about 500k, so 500.000 x 20 = 10.000.000. 18.000.000-10.000.000 = 8.000.000 roubles profit. If you only take a pistol the risk is lower and you still have a pretty huge chance to survive the raid. The raid does take an average of 3-5 minutes longer though. I kinda rounded the profits for going in the raid with gear up. The reason why you make more profit with only a pistol is because you can take gen 4 armor, attack 2 backpacks, ulachs, guns etc. from raiders. If you go in with gear you can't take as much stuff with you when you survive the raid, because you already have armor and stuff in your armor slot. You do have a better chance to kill players and take their gear if you go in the raid with gear, which is (sometimes) better than the gear from the raiders, but your chances of not surviving go up as well. When you go in with a pistol you also get an extra gun slot, because you have 2 slots where you can put the guns from raiders in. If you go in with a pistol you can almost always just headshot raiders and take their gear and kill other raiders and even players. You can also kill a raider, take his gear and then kill a player with that gear. So basically if I calculated everything down to the exact price the difference between going in with gear and going in with a pistol would be a lot more profit if you go in with a pistol. With my calculations (which favour raids where you're going in with gear ) you will get 1.200.000 roubles more profit if you go in the raid with just the Silenced Stechkin Automatic Pistol with 2 magazines filled with ammo. Even if your statistics are a bit different, it's almost always more profitable and (to me) more fun to only take a pistol and kill the raiders, and to walk away with a huge profit. These statistics were made while (to a certain extent) exaggerating the profits of going in with gear. So there might even be a bigger difference for you, and bigger profits to be made from going in with a pistol. These numbers might not seem reliable and I couldn't be bothered to make a youtube video and stuff, so I encourage you to do something similar and calculate your profits and/or losses. I think that the developers should make gear better or in some way more worthwhile to take with you into the raid.
  4. what happens if you stay in the raid until the time runs out, i am currently stuck between two dumpsters with nice gear and want to know if i will loose it when the time is up
  5. SwordBlock

    Gear totally underpowered

    I have been playing EFT for a while now, basically since the .11 patch. I have heard from people that gear kinda got a nerf before this. I think gear should get a bit of a buff. Gear should get a buff because of the following reasons: There is a very bad risk reward ratio if you go in with the best or really good gear, people who only bring a pistol in a raid should not be able to kill a player who has the best gear (unless they find a weapon or something), having gear the way it is (too easy to lose) incentivises players to not take any good gear in raids, etc. There is a very bad risk reward ratio if you go in a raid with the best or really good gear, because a player with a pistol can kill you easily. When I go in raids with a pistol, I mostly go in with an aps. I can easily kill geared guys with an aps, just aim a bit for the head and unload your mag and easy gear. You can also just go in with an sks with some bp ammo and one-shot basically every helmet. Why would you go in with gear if it barely protects you, makes you move slower and makes you hear less. At least pistols should not be able to penetrate level 4+ armor class, because why would I wear a helmet when I would get one shot with a pistol anyway? Some people might say that this might be unfair to newer players and stuff, but this incentivises newer players to grind and go in with gear as well. Let's be honest: at least 80% of raiders are hatchlings or pistoleers anyway, this might help to incentivise players to take gear with them on raids and it actually gives use to a 200k helmet and a 100k fort armor. Pistoleers can easily kill players with an ops-core helmet with all the attachments for example, or just unload on a kiver or lszh with a face shield. Better and more expensive gear should actually make a difference of some kind. Why would I take 400k gear with me in a raid when a person who spends 10k can easily kill me? It is also pretty unrealistic that you can even shoot through a helmet, which was made for and used by military personnel. In the past people used to kill a scav get a vepr and kill players with that. There is nothing wrong with that method. It should not be impossible to kill geared players, but it should be harder. Instead of going in with just a pistol, you should take a weapon or find one, that is the least you should do to kill a geared player to be honest. And if you actually take an m4 or an rsass or something, then of course it should be possible to kill geared players with that, but as it is now you can kill people in the best gear in either 1 or 2 shots, that's all it takes. You can take 1 million rubles worth of gear with you just to get 1 or 2 tapped, by a naked dude who spent 20k on a gun at most. This is also a fair method to newer player because they will take gear and learn that going in naked has a huge disadvantage. So in conclusion, I can think of lots reasons of why to buff gear a bit. Make gear about 1,5x more powerful, make class 4 gear at least a 2 tap with guns that cost 50k roubles. And nerf pistols to not be able to shoot through class 4 armor and above at all. You can still shoot the legs or maybe the face hitbox, so it's still possible to kill geared player, but it should be just a bit harder. Because armor and helmets barely have any use at this point.
  6. DarkSoldier

    Insurance failures

    Hi Guys, I'm just making this post to see if anyone else is noticing an insurance problem im witnessing with prapor. I've been hiding gear for myself and my buddy's aswell as purposely hiding really small insured items. It's been 3 days almost and still no sign of any of the gear. Not a single piece. I understand gear can be picked up by player scavs that spawn later on in the game and also I could have poor placements. I've done a 'shotgun' effect and thrown small pieces about in random hidden spots and still it's overpasses the 24-38 hours that prapor promises for the gear. is this a known bug / issue or am I only experiencing this. I don't insure with therapist as she's over priced and I'm not in a rush for gear to be handed back. I'm level 57 and understand the game mechanics and have only recently been noticing this. I've been playing for almost 2 years just so people try giving me tips. Just wanting to know if you have the same issue or heard of anything. Cheers for reading.
  7. "Thus, each user who bought the game within 10 days after the start of the event, is guaranteed to receive additional in-game equipment with the opportunity to get it again after each wipe, including those that would be made by himself within six months." Could this mean that any gear/weapons/things that I acquire in the next six months I get to keep even after a wipe or am I reading this all wrong. Could someone be kind enough to please clarify. Cheers.
  8. Flavivs

    Android inventory manager

    Hi there! I have some suggestion about making some cool inventory/gear manager for android platform. This app would be great for trading and inventory management in the meantime, when you can not be at the computer. Is this possible for the future? Thank you for possible answer...
  9. azullaris

    Horde of Geared players

    Ok so i probably will have people chasing me with pitchforks, but thats is something i believed and observed. The problem is that the game in its current state is almost unplayable for low level players or budget runs, why i say that, well today i went in 15 different raids, and in all of them and end up in the same way, getting shredded by an m4, as val, aks and sks. Yeah all pretty normal until in almost every raid i tapped them at least 5 times with vepr (7.62), and well in most times they lost 300 ish of life, but in me , bam 1 or 2 do the trick. So you are wondering , whats the problem? The problem is that the armor in this game is broken, far away from reality, in rlf its few armor that can stop it, and one bullet already shread the structure of the armor, in this game armor 4 and beyond transforms you into a walking tank. And people want mosin nerfed, or the price raised, but in reality is the only weapon( that in many circunstances wont save your ass) that can at least kill the guy with 2 well placed shots. **What i belive would solve the problem would be nerfing the vests, lvl 4 and 5 can only take 2 7.62mm and in the next you already getting full damage 2 and 3 only 1 shot would be blocked. Because for me its unbearrable, having a vepr, turn the enemy into swiss chiss , and he taps me 1 or 2 times and im dead( in some situations even with armor).
  10. nsternon19

    List your best random scav gear

    Today my scav loadout consisted of a motherfucking ak-105 with 2 mags. Whats the best gear that you've gotten from playing scav?
  11. The Gear Share Thread Take out your sickest rifle or your new crafty experimental firing system. Walk others through your thought process, how far it's in the game and how much it is. Help create a fun meta of guns and gear, and create interest in higher level content and their shenanigans for beginners. Shine light on pieces that others might overlook and make them sparkle. Bring out the value in items, explain your combination of gear, the dosage of your meds, the choice of grenades etc. Snap a screen, make a short video, write walls of texts or just go mad with numbers with other math maniacs. #0.9 As this patch just went live a few hours prior to this post I see a lot of potential for fresh content. I'll start. Since I am quite a new player, I've tried ducking around with cheap gear to see what works and what doesn't. To explain my backgrounds a bit, I come from the cs:go scene, have 1300 hours on record and played a lot around LEM ranks. I tried the Toz, and I don't know why but the constant fear of having just 2 bullets before being helpless for a good 5 seconds cripples me and my playstyle. It doesn't fit my playstyle and even though I can land my shots, it seems to me often the bullets just bounced away. The MP153 seems like a better choice and it's definitely a gun I would pick up in a stress situation to deal with somebody, but as soon as it gets to anything thats more than a hallway you're lacking range. It's also not really cheap with it's 30k price tag. So I slowly started searching through the stuff I chucked in my stash to see what my option are in the beginning. The AK74U seemed like a good choice, but the lack of a good clear view on the enemy and no availability for either the gun or the scope from lv0 traders pushed it away from what I searched. I came to the conclusion that the AK74N is your best bet, since it has a very nice clear iron sight from the start and two Black Rocks are very manageable to obtain. But I kept thinking: "What if it's Day 0 Hour 0 after the wipe and I have no super duper edition where I get stuffed from the start like I do with EOD. What if I get dropped with the bare basics and not a lot of money on my hands? Whats the best I can do while being cheap?" "THE CLG (Compact Loot Gun)" After looking around a bit and doing a little playtesting I've decided this to be the perfect CQB budget looting gun. i'll explain later on. Part List PP19 Vanilla EKP 8-18 + Reflex shades 120 Pst Gzh 9x19 Extra 9x19 Mag The gun is extremely friendly for building up cashflow for prapor and mechanic since the parts can be sold to both if no longer needed and the ammo can be bought for the same price from mechanic, making it a nice passive buildup as bullets have small shelf life. You can pair this gun with light gear, for example a scav vest, a mbss and maybe a paca or 3m. But I've found that running the gun naked isn't much of a problem either. It holds enough of a punch and accuracy to quickly put a bullet into somebodies head, sparing yourself bullets, meds and most importantly keeping a low profile with a quick burst. End fights before they begin. Pricing & Economy Holy poo. When I first found this thing off a Scav I discovered potential I dismissed in Battlefield 3 long ago. On the first encounter It didn't have a scope on it. As I had a mate with me I talked a lot about the gun and he told me the EKP fits by default on the PP19 and the 10k price tag might seem like an investment, but a full set of the gun has so many positives that I see no reason to not run it if you're low on cash but want a decent chance to bring home some gear instead of getting blown over because that one pistol bullet just won't cut it against the armored fatties. The cost of the gun ( -Bullets, +ExtraMag) totals to a sum of R 31 440. Including the ammo the set comes to R 39 960. You can additionally sell the rear sight, granting you a 228 rouble cashback at mechanic. Compare this to let's say the MP 153, it has a colossal size of 1x7 slots and a price tag (Gun + 30 12x70 Buck Shells) of R 31 502. It does not have any modding options off the bat and it does not come with any tactical attachment. For R 8000 more you get the opportunity to get a clear view of your opponent and have an option to better control over cqb situations because your momentum does not rely on your gun anymore. So if you were to take the MP153 gun into a raid, you're gonna drop it if the other two guns are tasty enough to pick them up over the trusty black barrel. The PP19 in this configuration has a size of 2x3, and can be folded to 2x2. So if youre gonna run a backpack, I don't see a reason to store it away in my BP mid raid, since folding doesn't take long and the weapon can be unfolded very quickly for an out of the box battle state. Comparing to an AK74U, you have two more free slots that can be filled with precious very much needed early game money. And if you're a incredibly cheap bastard, you can in theory stuff the gun away in your Alpha or Gamma Container if things get rough and you run a empty pouch. Stats & Mods I look forward to many posts on this thread and I am happy over any submission, regardless of your budget, skill or experience. Whether you're using this thread to educate yourself about ideas how to approach tarkov in it's multiple stages or if you're looking for a place to forge wicked creations and share them, you're welcome to this thread. Discussions about sets & guns aren't just allowed, I absolutely encourage every form of critisism or expressions from your point of view. So please, if you see better alternatives, or possible evolutions of an interesting set, share your thoughts!
  12. JakeThraxton

    New equipment slot ideas

    So, I just dreamed this up (literally), an idea for a new customizable bag area/system. Let me know what you all think. 1. The area is marked "waist bags" and could either be a standalone area, or something that covers some or all of the "pockets" slots. 2. Each selection would/should be for late game players, possibly locked by skill requirements (healing, endurance, etc.) 3. Each "type" of bag would have two levels, with the second level being an upgrade in size and/or utilization. 4. the majority of these bags would be lootable from defeated opponents With this in mind, bag types are: 1a. Quick draw holster; a holster that allows you to draw a pistol twice as quickly as switching weapons normally. allowing for a more dynamic counter than reloading a primary weapon. (also holds two 1x1 slots for magazines. This bag takes two 1x1 slots from the pockets slots. 1b. Large quickdraw; the upgraded version of the quick draw holster. This would allow a player to store a machine pistol (2x2 types, like the Kedr for example) that draws 40% faster than switching weapons normally. this Bag would take three 1X1 pocket slots, and would include two 1x1 slots for magazines. 2a. Bomber Bag; A 2x2 bag that holds grenades, covers two of the 1x1 pocket slots. 2b. Grenadier Bag; A 3x3 bag that holds grenades, covers three of the 1x1 pocket slots. 3a. Medic bag; A 2x2 bag that holds medical supplies. Healing items from this bag can be used via hotbar, and heal the player 25% faster. This bag takes one 1x1 pocket slots. 3b. Surgeon bag; A 4x3 bag that holds medical supplies. Healing items from this bag can be used via hotbar, and heal the player 40% faster. This bag takes three 1x1 pocket slots. 4a. Hidden pockets; A bag with three 1x1 slots. The bag can only carry money and jewelry. This bag acts like a pouch, allowing items within to be saved in the event of player death. This bag takes two 1x1 pocket slots. Cannot be looted from defeated players. 4b. Hidden bag; A bag with three 1x2 slots. This bag can carry anything that fits. This bag acts like a pouch, allowing items within to be saved in the event of player death. This bag takes four 1x1 pocket slots. Cannot be looted from defeated players. 5a. Gun bag; a 2x4 bag that carries weapons, attachments, and magazines. Loading weapons into and out of this bag takes time (2 seconds). This bag reduces mobility. The bag takes two 1x1 pocket slots. 5b. Gun case; a 2x7 bag that carries weapons, attachments, and magazines. Loading weapons into and out of this bag takes time (2 seconds). This bag reduces mobility. the bag takes four 1x1 pocket slots. 6a. Light leg armor; Armor that covers the upper, outer thigh with class 2 armor (durability 20). This armor reduces mobility. This armor takes two 1x1 pocket slots. 6b. Extended armor; Armor that covers the knees, thighs and groin with class 5 armor (durability 45). This armor reduces mobility considerably. this Armor takes four 1x1 pocket slots 7a. Scav flag; a marker worn to show allegiance to the scavs. this marks the player as a scav to scavs. this is rendered void if player shoots a scav. shooting a player with this flag will trigger scavs against the aggressor (ie if a player-scav shoots the player wearing the flag, scavs will aggress the player-scav). This flag takes two 1x1 pocket slots. 7b. Scav boss flag; a marker worn to show dominance to the scavs. this marks the player as a scav boss to scavs. up to two scavs (if nearby) will follow this player in their raid (terrain and other factors allowing). This is rendered void if player shoots a scav. shooting a player with this flag will trigger scavs against the aggressor (ie if a player-scav shoots the player wearing the flag, scavs will aggress the player-scav). This flag takes four 1x1 pocket slots. insight into this would be fantastic, let me know if there's any conflicts or ideas for this system. Best regards, Jake Thraxton.
  13. daNzgLitch


    Just an idea for fun..... Why can't offline be a 'Test and Play' of sorts with the ability to use ANY weapon and mod in the game? Sure you can't take anything out of it & XP disabled but just a fun game with any choice of gear and weapons? Cheers :)
  14. Smutje-Krabbe

    What about suppressor Covers? [images]

    I wud love to see those in the game! With a new suppressor type or as additional gear! Tell me what u think and pls post some good Images of some covers ud like to see in the game. Greetings, Smutje from Germany! Love u EFT Devs and Community.
  15. DSinfinite

    Will there be British gear added?

    I was curious if there are plans to add British gear to the game, I ask because Terra Group is UK based and might provide some equipment for USEC :p
  16. With wipes a constant thing, those that paid for the cheaper version of the game and grind their way to Epsilon to obtain almost the same convenience as the EoD lads, I'd think it's fair that for once you obtain one, it links to your profile and you keep it despite the wipes from then on. You did the grind and got to almost same level through grinding, let 'em keep it. One thing that for sure would be very fair to those that didn't pay so much money for something really quite advantageous.
  17. Blind44

    Who Wants Free Cash And Gear?

    WANT FREE GEAR? Just PM me I'm kinda selling my pc so I'm not playing and giving out my gear anyone that struggles to get gear is welcome, but not gonna give to fully geared guys.
  18. Einen schönen guten Morgen, dieser Post soll nun kein rumgeweine werden oder so, auch nicht großes geflame über Leute die nur mit dem besten Gear rumrennen, aber ich mag mal ein wenig eure Meinung wissen. Also ich selbst bin halt immer noch ein Neuling, mir ist auchgefallen das sehr oft als Squad gecampt wird. Das überwiegend an Positionen die man evtl als Spieler überqueren muss oder wenn man bestimmte Quests machen muss. Ich selbst finde das ein wenig nervig, da ich versuche mich in die Map einzufinden, die Quests zu finden und halt irgendwann mal ein wenig Gear. Ich selbst würde es schön finden, wenn man eine Art Match-System hat, wo sich Gruppen anmelden können oder nur einzelne Spieler. Denn ich werde fast ausschließlich von größeren Squads gejagt und über den haufen geschossen. Während ich mit einer AK ohne allem rumlaufe und diese Leute mit der besten Rüstung in die Map laden und mich direkt wegpusten, weil Sie einen Spot abcampen der durchquert werden muss. Ich weiß auch nicht ob es genug Spieler gibt, dass man sagen könnte. Lobby für Low-Level oder Neulinge und eine Lobby für Highlevel oder nur PvP. Mir ist es auch im Discord aufgefallen, dass wenn ich nach einer Gruppe zum looten suche, diese Gruppen eher nur auf Kills aus sind und halt eher auf Spielerjagt gehen. Wie seht ihr das? Würdet ihr sagen es sollte eher so bleiben wie es ist? Sollte es eine Art System geben, wo sich neue Spieler besser einfinden können? Ich persönlich wäre halt dafür das es wenigstens Lobbys für Gruppen und einzelne Spieler gibt.
  19. I propose to reorganize the Weapons Department into a Gear Department with SubForums for Weapons, Armor and Equipment which are then further broken down into Categories (e.g. Pistols, Assault Rifles etc.) which can then have individual SubCategories on specific firearms. Each might have pinned and locked threads giving an overview of each firearm and perhaps a short historical background. As a former industry guy and history buff, I volunteer to help out. Theory and practice are both pretty good but I do not claim to be any sort of ninja. OTH I have a pretty good handle on the commercial side.
  20. elaxir

    Inventory items managment

    Hi guys! Just started plying (great job!) and so far, there's one thing pretty annoying: When grabbing items in stash or from containers and bodies, taken item will not replace the one equipped or taking slots in a bag. Clicking on the looted item and simply clicking again on the equipped item, replacing it - will be more convenient. Hope you'll understand what I mean.
  21. YoloHippy

    Insurance Rework

    Hi EFT Team and community, Just a noob player here throwing down a thought on how a change with insurance would help the game a little better. I have read many a forum post on Hatchlings and the constant salt that people have against them due to having loot grind stuff with just there hatchet and secure container. I know alot of us has done this, myself included to get loot and sell them to get more money to gear up for raids etc. I dont see any issue but alot of people are getting annoyed at it. Another issue is people going up against highly geared players who are highly skilled at the game and losing really fast due to the high learning curve this game offers, for me, nothing wrong with it as I find it challenging and rewarding. But I guess in a way to help everyone with having gear issues, gear fear, hoarding etc etc we can look into how insurance works. Currently we insure our stuff, and in the likely event that we die, we have a chance of getting our gear back if a player hasnt taken it from our cold dead body. And if they do, our gear is lost forever. Alot of people who are new fear this, and this creates alot of salt within the experienced players to the very nooby ones. Alot of us understand that this is a hardcore realistic game, but i think we can make a change to how insurance works to benefit everyone and have a healthier community and better gameplay. I would like to suggest that when you insure your gear, you are 100% guaranteed to get them back after death. Now now, hold the fire and pitchforks everyone. I only say this so that the GEAR we get doesnt have a place holder anymore. That means the only thing that we are really needing is PVE material that cant be insured, so the focus is more on the quest tasks and the trade items other then the enemies gear. You still can opt in to kill the enemies and loot them, but this makes the gameplay less annoying for those that are fearful of losing their hard earned loot. Now the experienced Tarkov players will probably read this and go whatever, but some of us dont live and breathe this game. I play this game a bit and have no issue with losing loot now but it does get annoying sometimes when a scav magically shoots you in the head after youve unloaded several AP rounds into him. How to balance the insurance mechanic since its a guaranteed return of goods? Well increase the payment by a large portion. Like, very large. That way our money isnt being hoarded, ppl have millions. Literally. The streamers can vouch for that. How does this help everyone? Well we are now not worried about our gear, we are now focused on the raid, looting what we find, killing what we see, engaging in PVP more often (the ones that dont like the pvp aspect will surely join in more instead of camping and getting the scraps) How does this impact economics? Well weapons degrade. If people are worried a change like this will break the game then make it so that when you receive your lost goods, all the items suffter a 20% durability loss. So this way, you die 5 times, your gear is rubbish, time to buy new gear, or farm it. This suggestion will not stop Hatchet runs etc, but it will help ease it off so that people are shooting more geared players for more fun or mayhem. I know myself and others would benefit a system like this and would be more engaging in PVP if knowing my gear will be back after death to go at it again before they eventually break and have to be replaced. I would rather have my gear fall apart after dying the 5th time then to work really hard in getting the gear or cash and have it be all gone in 30secs. That all being said, I know there can be more issues with having a guaranteed insurance policy, but i think it wouldnt hurt the players to have that peace of mind, and I know that the streamers/youtubers/highly experienced players would probably be ok with it either, hell theyd probably go all full terminator mode and hunt us all down even more then what they are now lol. Anyways, thanks for your time. PS - Now before all the ultra realistic hardcore players out there burn my suggestion in saying that this is meant to be a "hardcore realistic game and that when you die you lose everything, simple as that...." if thats how you are going to approach what I have said, that I suggest the devs remove the secure container for everyone... that way we all can be more realistic.... Just saying.
  22. First off, All Hail the Tarkov. Thank you for the emotional discomfort your game causes me. Second off, your team is doing amazingly well. I have alot of suggestions though (besides the ones everyone else mentions). 1. Bayonet Mechanic: I think it would be great, minimal, and possible with the engine at hand to add a bayonet attachment. You can swing it overhead, or do a jabbing attack, much like from red orchestra. I think this would add a cool dimension to the game, and give some line of defense against a hatchet. If the hatchet gets too close, the bayonet is useless. I think some epic sh*t could go down lol. Certainly only if mechanics are smoothed out with the hatchet. 2. Gear Suggestions- Mounting Attachments: DUCT Taping attatchments to your rifle, be it a flashlight or something, and after a certain amount of stress (firing,sprinting,falling) it becomes loose and can fall off - much like weapon jamming. There will be SCAV's with cheap weapons with duck taped things they've found in crates. ALSO: Duct Taping two AK-74 mags together would be great. Faster reload for the second mag but can not be placed back in the vest without breaking them separate again.... or something. You don't even need a vest, but you only have 60 rounds worth of bullets! 3.) Magpul tabs for the bottom of M4 magazines - they would draw from the vest slightly faster! https://www.rainierarms.com/magpul-5-56-nato-mag-pull-assist/ 4.) New GEAR Suggestions! A) ANYTHING from this (Especially black SWAT gear) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21616 B) The second picture in this link -Chechen look (backpack especially) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27353 C) UN Blue Helmets, gear, insignias. 5.) Have the option of choosing a template of camo for your character. Pants and Shirt camouflage template in character Settings- this gear is un-loosable and is just part of your uniform. Inventory screen would not change. I think having many many options of camo would only be a good thing - BUT I do think BEAR and USEC should have designated camoflauge patterns for each. 6). PUBG Style Squad Screen: The invite/party system could definitely use some help. The lobby is good and all, but being able to see your teammates gear would be really epic before entering the raid, as well as staying grouped in a Party even when out of a raid. It'd be a dream if you could do this! I know PUBG is a different game, but that is an aspect of that game that makes it stand out. 7.) Random Events: AMBIENT AIRCRAFTS in the distance! A Russian Hind, flying in the distance...... every 15-20 minutes, a Russian frogfoot distantly roars overhead.... then every rare occasion (like 1 out of 7 games) a god daaamn airdrop comes in. Nothing cheesy - it drops water and food late game as a humanitarian care package. I think raids are rather static, and I think this along with my next point would help it greatly. Also, I think something like this should be able to be purchased from one of the traders. a BEACON that goes in your gamma, and you click it and drop it, and 3to 7 minutes later there is an airdrop of supplies. 8.) Random Scav Events: I hear talk of the boss scavs and I think it is great. There could be random SCAV patrols/assaults that cause SCAVs to basically insert mid raid (not spawn in, but insert from the boundary) and take control of an area randomly.... swarm the dorms, surround Construction site... Like a dynamic battle. And as I heard someone else suggest, the players could be tipped off to this via their RADIO in their Hideout. What a damn good idea is that? The props of having a RADIO in the hideout is to be given a small heads up on random events, that can easily shift the tied of the battle. - Can't you just picture, an armored vehicle like a BTR pulling up to the other side of one of the Custom gates (where you can't see them, only hear the BTR engine, and then yelling, like near Checkpoint, and then after a couple seconds, the gate slowly opens, and there is a decked out Russian SF Scav Boss team insertion... some aimbot SCAV's. Or even simply, SCAV bosses having a random fortified position. Extra sandbags, barbed wire, a guy with a pecheneg in the compound watching the courtyard I think it would be GRRREAT. I'm gonna keep adding here. Let me know if I'm breaking any rules. I love Tarkov, it would be a dream to work on a game like this. 9.) African Rebel themed faction, that only makes a very small and subtle appearance. Like Ethiopian corrupt PMC's, that show up to reclaim an item, as part of the TERRA war. Pan-African investors got involved, and needed to hire a Proxy to stimulate conflict/retrieve the briefcase....something. I could thing of a goooood one given the confirmation that you are interested in this. I think UN and African gear definitely belongs in Tarkov eventually. 10.) Hatchet Only Raids? Some type of gametype/Lobby system that allows lowly geared players, to play with other lowly geared players. Like rank 1's get in with Cap rank 15's maybe. Something along those lines.
  23. t3hSn0wm4n

    Ammo Cans

    So we have the Item cases, we have the weapon cases and even the money cases. can we get an Ammo can at some point? Was just taking about this with a couple of friends and couldnt find any topics where this had been suggested. Ammo is a pain in the rear to organize, and for users that are not EOD, I can only imagine the frustration. And unless you are a millionaire, buying I-Cases or weapons cases just to sort ammo is impractical. But the addition of these little guys would be fantastic and because they are dirt cheap IRL would be something that could be made available via traders to help with stash organization. There are Russian Maxim cans, commercially available watertight plastic cans, and the standard issue US army green ammo can... I can't be the only one who would think this to be a fantastic idea. Also the option of a grenade box or medical box would be pretty sweet too.
  24. SigMaGiiK

    Laser Rangefinder

    What about impementing Laser Rangefinder as attachments(like this one https://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/media/editor_media/rm_defence/pdfs/produktpdfs/infanterieausrstung/TAC-Ray_1500.pdf) or in the binocular model(like this one https://www.steiner-optics.com/binoculars/military/m830r-lrf-military-8x30r-lrf). Would be a good item for land good shots from distance ;). Keep the good work!
  25. machplatt

    add gear level to dogtag

    Currently the money you get for a dogtag depends only on the level of the player the dogtag is from. I think it would be better if the price is also dependend on the level of armor and weapons the player had, so that you get a higher price if you catch a dogtag from a high gear player. This could make it less interessting for a high gear player to kill hatched or pistole only runners, which is currently happening very often and is quite anoying for players with low gear .
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