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Found 54 results

  1. daNzgLitch


    Just an idea for fun..... Why can't offline be a 'Test and Play' of sorts with the ability to use ANY weapon and mod in the game? Sure you can't take anything out of it & XP disabled but just a fun game with any choice of gear and weapons? Cheers :)
  2. Smutje-Krabbe

    What about suppressor Covers? [images]

    I wud love to see those in the game! With a new suppressor type or as additional gear! Tell me what u think and pls post some good Images of some covers ud like to see in the game. Greetings, Smutje from Germany! Love u EFT Devs and Community.
  3. DSinfinite

    Will there be British gear added?

    I was curious if there are plans to add British gear to the game, I ask because Terra Group is UK based and might provide some equipment for USEC :p
  4. With wipes a constant thing, those that paid for the cheaper version of the game and grind their way to Epsilon to obtain almost the same convenience as the EoD lads, I'd think it's fair that for once you obtain one, it links to your profile and you keep it despite the wipes from then on. You did the grind and got to almost same level through grinding, let 'em keep it. One thing that for sure would be very fair to those that didn't pay so much money for something really quite advantageous.
  5. Blind44

    Who Wants Free Cash And Gear?

    WANT FREE GEAR? Just PM me I'm kinda selling my pc so I'm not playing and giving out my gear anyone that struggles to get gear is welcome, but not gonna give to fully geared guys.
  6. Einen schönen guten Morgen, dieser Post soll nun kein rumgeweine werden oder so, auch nicht großes geflame über Leute die nur mit dem besten Gear rumrennen, aber ich mag mal ein wenig eure Meinung wissen. Also ich selbst bin halt immer noch ein Neuling, mir ist auchgefallen das sehr oft als Squad gecampt wird. Das überwiegend an Positionen die man evtl als Spieler überqueren muss oder wenn man bestimmte Quests machen muss. Ich selbst finde das ein wenig nervig, da ich versuche mich in die Map einzufinden, die Quests zu finden und halt irgendwann mal ein wenig Gear. Ich selbst würde es schön finden, wenn man eine Art Match-System hat, wo sich Gruppen anmelden können oder nur einzelne Spieler. Denn ich werde fast ausschließlich von größeren Squads gejagt und über den haufen geschossen. Während ich mit einer AK ohne allem rumlaufe und diese Leute mit der besten Rüstung in die Map laden und mich direkt wegpusten, weil Sie einen Spot abcampen der durchquert werden muss. Ich weiß auch nicht ob es genug Spieler gibt, dass man sagen könnte. Lobby für Low-Level oder Neulinge und eine Lobby für Highlevel oder nur PvP. Mir ist es auch im Discord aufgefallen, dass wenn ich nach einer Gruppe zum looten suche, diese Gruppen eher nur auf Kills aus sind und halt eher auf Spielerjagt gehen. Wie seht ihr das? Würdet ihr sagen es sollte eher so bleiben wie es ist? Sollte es eine Art System geben, wo sich neue Spieler besser einfinden können? Ich persönlich wäre halt dafür das es wenigstens Lobbys für Gruppen und einzelne Spieler gibt.
  7. I propose to reorganize the Weapons Department into a Gear Department with SubForums for Weapons, Armor and Equipment which are then further broken down into Categories (e.g. Pistols, Assault Rifles etc.) which can then have individual SubCategories on specific firearms. Each might have pinned and locked threads giving an overview of each firearm and perhaps a short historical background. As a former industry guy and history buff, I volunteer to help out. Theory and practice are both pretty good but I do not claim to be any sort of ninja. OTH I have a pretty good handle on the commercial side.
  8. elaxir

    Inventory items managment

    Hi guys! Just started plying (great job!) and so far, there's one thing pretty annoying: When grabbing items in stash or from containers and bodies, taken item will not replace the one equipped or taking slots in a bag. Clicking on the looted item and simply clicking again on the equipped item, replacing it - will be more convenient. Hope you'll understand what I mean.
  9. YoloHippy

    Insurance Rework

    Hi EFT Team and community, Just a noob player here throwing down a thought on how a change with insurance would help the game a little better. I have read many a forum post on Hatchlings and the constant salt that people have against them due to having loot grind stuff with just there hatchet and secure container. I know alot of us has done this, myself included to get loot and sell them to get more money to gear up for raids etc. I dont see any issue but alot of people are getting annoyed at it. Another issue is people going up against highly geared players who are highly skilled at the game and losing really fast due to the high learning curve this game offers, for me, nothing wrong with it as I find it challenging and rewarding. But I guess in a way to help everyone with having gear issues, gear fear, hoarding etc etc we can look into how insurance works. Currently we insure our stuff, and in the likely event that we die, we have a chance of getting our gear back if a player hasnt taken it from our cold dead body. And if they do, our gear is lost forever. Alot of people who are new fear this, and this creates alot of salt within the experienced players to the very nooby ones. Alot of us understand that this is a hardcore realistic game, but i think we can make a change to how insurance works to benefit everyone and have a healthier community and better gameplay. I would like to suggest that when you insure your gear, you are 100% guaranteed to get them back after death. Now now, hold the fire and pitchforks everyone. I only say this so that the GEAR we get doesnt have a place holder anymore. That means the only thing that we are really needing is PVE material that cant be insured, so the focus is more on the quest tasks and the trade items other then the enemies gear. You still can opt in to kill the enemies and loot them, but this makes the gameplay less annoying for those that are fearful of losing their hard earned loot. Now the experienced Tarkov players will probably read this and go whatever, but some of us dont live and breathe this game. I play this game a bit and have no issue with losing loot now but it does get annoying sometimes when a scav magically shoots you in the head after youve unloaded several AP rounds into him. How to balance the insurance mechanic since its a guaranteed return of goods? Well increase the payment by a large portion. Like, very large. That way our money isnt being hoarded, ppl have millions. Literally. The streamers can vouch for that. How does this help everyone? Well we are now not worried about our gear, we are now focused on the raid, looting what we find, killing what we see, engaging in PVP more often (the ones that dont like the pvp aspect will surely join in more instead of camping and getting the scraps) How does this impact economics? Well weapons degrade. If people are worried a change like this will break the game then make it so that when you receive your lost goods, all the items suffter a 20% durability loss. So this way, you die 5 times, your gear is rubbish, time to buy new gear, or farm it. This suggestion will not stop Hatchet runs etc, but it will help ease it off so that people are shooting more geared players for more fun or mayhem. I know myself and others would benefit a system like this and would be more engaging in PVP if knowing my gear will be back after death to go at it again before they eventually break and have to be replaced. I would rather have my gear fall apart after dying the 5th time then to work really hard in getting the gear or cash and have it be all gone in 30secs. That all being said, I know there can be more issues with having a guaranteed insurance policy, but i think it wouldnt hurt the players to have that peace of mind, and I know that the streamers/youtubers/highly experienced players would probably be ok with it either, hell theyd probably go all full terminator mode and hunt us all down even more then what they are now lol. Anyways, thanks for your time. PS - Now before all the ultra realistic hardcore players out there burn my suggestion in saying that this is meant to be a "hardcore realistic game and that when you die you lose everything, simple as that...." if thats how you are going to approach what I have said, that I suggest the devs remove the secure container for everyone... that way we all can be more realistic.... Just saying.
  10. First off, All Hail the Tarkov. Thank you for the emotional discomfort your game causes me. Second off, your team is doing amazingly well. I have alot of suggestions though (besides the ones everyone else mentions). 1. Bayonet Mechanic: I think it would be great, minimal, and possible with the engine at hand to add a bayonet attachment. You can swing it overhead, or do a jabbing attack, much like from red orchestra. I think this would add a cool dimension to the game, and give some line of defense against a hatchet. If the hatchet gets too close, the bayonet is useless. I think some epic sh*t could go down lol. Certainly only if mechanics are smoothed out with the hatchet. 2. Gear Suggestions- Mounting Attachments: DUCT Taping attatchments to your rifle, be it a flashlight or something, and after a certain amount of stress (firing,sprinting,falling) it becomes loose and can fall off - much like weapon jamming. There will be SCAV's with cheap weapons with duck taped things they've found in crates. ALSO: Duct Taping two AK-74 mags together would be great. Faster reload for the second mag but can not be placed back in the vest without breaking them separate again.... or something. You don't even need a vest, but you only have 60 rounds worth of bullets! 3.) Magpul tabs for the bottom of M4 magazines - they would draw from the vest slightly faster! https://www.rainierarms.com/magpul-5-56-nato-mag-pull-assist/ 4.) New GEAR Suggestions! A) ANYTHING from this (Especially black SWAT gear) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21616 B) The second picture in this link -Chechen look (backpack especially) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27353 C) UN Blue Helmets, gear, insignias. 5.) Have the option of choosing a template of camo for your character. Pants and Shirt camouflage template in character Settings- this gear is un-loosable and is just part of your uniform. Inventory screen would not change. I think having many many options of camo would only be a good thing - BUT I do think BEAR and USEC should have designated camoflauge patterns for each. 6). PUBG Style Squad Screen: The invite/party system could definitely use some help. The lobby is good and all, but being able to see your teammates gear would be really epic before entering the raid, as well as staying grouped in a Party even when out of a raid. It'd be a dream if you could do this! I know PUBG is a different game, but that is an aspect of that game that makes it stand out. 7.) Random Events: AMBIENT AIRCRAFTS in the distance! A Russian Hind, flying in the distance...... every 15-20 minutes, a Russian frogfoot distantly roars overhead.... then every rare occasion (like 1 out of 7 games) a god daaamn airdrop comes in. Nothing cheesy - it drops water and food late game as a humanitarian care package. I think raids are rather static, and I think this along with my next point would help it greatly. Also, I think something like this should be able to be purchased from one of the traders. a BEACON that goes in your gamma, and you click it and drop it, and 3to 7 minutes later there is an airdrop of supplies. 8.) Random Scav Events: I hear talk of the boss scavs and I think it is great. There could be random SCAV patrols/assaults that cause SCAVs to basically insert mid raid (not spawn in, but insert from the boundary) and take control of an area randomly.... swarm the dorms, surround Construction site... Like a dynamic battle. And as I heard someone else suggest, the players could be tipped off to this via their RADIO in their Hideout. What a damn good idea is that? The props of having a RADIO in the hideout is to be given a small heads up on random events, that can easily shift the tied of the battle. - Can't you just picture, an armored vehicle like a BTR pulling up to the other side of one of the Custom gates (where you can't see them, only hear the BTR engine, and then yelling, like near Checkpoint, and then after a couple seconds, the gate slowly opens, and there is a decked out Russian SF Scav Boss team insertion... some aimbot SCAV's. Or even simply, SCAV bosses having a random fortified position. Extra sandbags, barbed wire, a guy with a pecheneg in the compound watching the courtyard I think it would be GRRREAT. I'm gonna keep adding here. Let me know if I'm breaking any rules. I love Tarkov, it would be a dream to work on a game like this. 9.) African Rebel themed faction, that only makes a very small and subtle appearance. Like Ethiopian corrupt PMC's, that show up to reclaim an item, as part of the TERRA war. Pan-African investors got involved, and needed to hire a Proxy to stimulate conflict/retrieve the briefcase....something. I could thing of a goooood one given the confirmation that you are interested in this. I think UN and African gear definitely belongs in Tarkov eventually. 10.) Hatchet Only Raids? Some type of gametype/Lobby system that allows lowly geared players, to play with other lowly geared players. Like rank 1's get in with Cap rank 15's maybe. Something along those lines.
  11. t3hSn0wm4n

    Ammo Cans

    So we have the Item cases, we have the weapon cases and even the money cases. can we get an Ammo can at some point? Was just taking about this with a couple of friends and couldnt find any topics where this had been suggested. Ammo is a pain in the rear to organize, and for users that are not EOD, I can only imagine the frustration. And unless you are a millionaire, buying I-Cases or weapons cases just to sort ammo is impractical. But the addition of these little guys would be fantastic and because they are dirt cheap IRL would be something that could be made available via traders to help with stash organization. There are Russian Maxim cans, commercially available watertight plastic cans, and the standard issue US army green ammo can... I can't be the only one who would think this to be a fantastic idea. Also the option of a grenade box or medical box would be pretty sweet too.
  12. SigMaGiiK

    Laser Rangefinder

    What about impementing Laser Rangefinder as attachments(like this one https://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/media/editor_media/rm_defence/pdfs/produktpdfs/infanterieausrstung/TAC-Ray_1500.pdf) or in the binocular model(like this one https://www.steiner-optics.com/binoculars/military/m830r-lrf-military-8x30r-lrf). Would be a good item for land good shots from distance ;). Keep the good work!
  13. machplatt

    add gear level to dogtag

    Currently the money you get for a dogtag depends only on the level of the player the dogtag is from. I think it would be better if the price is also dependend on the level of armor and weapons the player had, so that you get a higher price if you catch a dogtag from a high gear player. This could make it less interessting for a high gear player to kill hatched or pistole only runners, which is currently happening very often and is quite anoying for players with low gear .
  14. GhilliedSlug

    Base load outs

    I was thinking this today about EFT where say you pick a bear as your main character then your character comes equipped with a base load that you can pick up from the venders. So like I said I picked the bear well then i would go prapor and i can pick up an ak74u for free or a ak74n thats heavily discounted. Something along those lines, i dont know just thought to maybe minimize the gear fear and these rabid hatchlings lol
  15. Valorhazard

    A Practice Match

    Dear Players & Developers, The idea is to allow for players to make a private room separate from the public servers where you may invite friends to join you in a match with gear any individual may equip to their PMC Character's with if so desired. There is some sense of progression in these matches, like skill advancement, or loot to obtain, and you may die as well; however none of the skills that have advanced, or loot that was obtained, nor the death & perceived loss of gear will save similar to the Offline Mode available. This allows for yourself and your partner(s) to familiarize with each other if need be, also with the environment & possible opposition if the option was desired in the Menu before starting the Practice Match. The Benefits of this allows for simply better calls, strategy, & possibly effective plays throughout any of the raids while playing with your *Battle Buddies*; which would all stem from practicing with friends in a private match where any progress whether negative to the player or positive, like the loss or gain of gear Does Not Apply! Sincerely, an EFT FanForLife
  16. Marineallupnyou

    Lost of gear

    So when ever you tab out of the main screen when you are changing your mods on your guns or loot.... it tends to freeze and black out...... I have lost tons of gear this way! so what i have tried is running only this game and just the window that is something in regards towards E.T.F. also i have tried to run as many things as i can to see if its my pc ( it is most definitely not my pc) so if any of you know anything i haven't tried please send me your thoughts. Thanks for your time.
  17. wesnawpunk44

    Coming back !

    Hello I am just coming back from a long break and am looking to find a mature group to play with , if i had to estimate id say im at about 150ish hours on EFT. I mainly play on factory as it is the map i find most enjoyable and the one i know the most call outs for . I'm still learning the game and am by no means a master at combat . If your a clan or group of guys looking for a mature and decent player im your guy . I do have a lot to learn tho and mistakes will happen so if your looking for a pro player don't come to me Thanks for taking to time to read
  18. HI developers, I have a suggestion that maybe you guys can make more items not buyable and have to be found during the game. Now that I have a lot of money in Tarkov it seems to me M4s, DVL, and many others guns and gear don't have the value as it did when we didn't have our traders maxed out. It feels really good when you loot something that's unbuyable such as fort armor, Gold chains, Magpul pmag, green filters, and many more..... Please make more items unbuyable all the way from guns to grips to scopes, etc.........Thank you for your time and you're amazing game.
  19. Hi, Just want to pick a few minds on a way around these annoying situations. So from my experience playing eft, i come across many people camping a bush or extraction zones or just general camping behind doors. So i did some thinking, what can be causing people to resort to these methods. Gear Fear as it's called seems to cause some not so fun game mechanics. I really hate taking 5 minutes gearing up, buying and loading into a game then dying 1 minute into the game by someone camping in fear of loosing his gear. Over.... and over.... and over.... People who want to actually play the game and loot stuff are punished by campers. 6/10 of my deaths I fall to the ground not even having a remote idea of where they were. Or is EFT a game of camping? Are you suppose to let the hatchlings/"noobs" go in and loot then camp the exits or map choke points and wait for them to bring you the loots? Then I got to thinking about the map and spawn zones. What if every spawn had an objective to run before being allowed to extract. The thing about the objective is you can create paths with them. So 10 people spawn on shore. They each have an objective like some item required by a vendor or extraction npc. What you can do with the placement of this objective is make a Pizza. Not an actual pizza but lets use the crust as a spawn location and the center of the pizza the objective. Now towards the center of the pizza every player has a chance for loot then eventually running into players and the objective. So you can be ingame longer than a minute. Camping is then lessened by the fact that you actually have to get out there or you cant extract. Does this make sense or do I need to refine my weak English? Now is this a good idea? I guess when we put all our minds together we could find out or refine the idea. Can a pizza create quality of life improvements? Lets find out...
  20. Murdockj61

    Profile Reset

    So quick question. I am going to upgrade to EOD since I have standard edition, is there anyway to keep my stuff besides taking it in game and trading it? I've thought about insuring it and dropping it in game but I figure with the reset it would reset your insurance also. I've had the standard edition for about a year now. Its time for an upgrade.
  21. Edit: changed title to better reflect the situation in the video Hi all, a friend of mine on our Discord shared this video with us yesterday, of him going into Factory with a hatchet and coming out with Fort, Ops-Core and M4. The main part I would like you to look at is where he starts to stalk the geared player, and manages to retain his nerve once he gets the drop on him. Enjoy!
  22. Auf twitter heist es es gibt 300k rubel rabat aufs IR Scope und man vermutet einen Wipe in nächster Zeit... weiss jmd was genaueres zum wipe ?
  23. Mysticalmaori

    Laser Range Finder

    i think it would be cool if we could introduce a new item that can be carried that would give distances rather than guessing it would make changing your zeroed ranged more effective and more used by players rather than aim off. because most Range finders are handed held it would make sense that the item is a 1x1. a few examples;
  24. Kaution

    More Clothing/Gear?

    I was wondering if there would be any other clothing/gear for both Bears and Usecs?
  25. Edible_Banana


    if you go to your profile, then scroll down some you will see a little box with free gear, click receive, then in your messages(in game) you will see a message that sais receive gear, and you have yourself 2 amazing guns and some use full items, maybe this was obvious but i had'nt noticed it until i randomly was in my profile page. Hope it helps