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Found 3 results

  1. Since hatchlings seem to be some sort of an annoyance, I have come up with a little something that might be a solution to all the hatchling problems while maintaining the the use of the Secured Containers. Solution 1: Have Hatchling specific spawns / extracts per map with severely reduced time to raid so that they don't have time to run to / loot high value locations. -This can be determined by either flea market value or Dealer value. Solution 2: Similar to Solution 1 except they are only allowed to play a certain map that only allows other hatchlings. -Loot
  2. hazyDayZ

    Script Kiddie's

    How broken is the actual Anti Cheat in this game? And how many people actually want to take any gear out since it's a 50/50 it will be lost to a little script kiddie who can see through anything and shoot with a mac from 400 yds perfectly or throw a granade the same distance, im quickly getting bored with it now.....
  3. SklerosGR

    Gear Fear

    I watched a video , today , on youtube about gear fear of EFT.. many people have it .. I mean its normal in a game full of adranaline, stress etc.. Well, I said to myself "alright, its time to play with full gear and stop the crap" after some fail matches.. [Music Background] Any idea how to get some extra euros/dollars/rubbles ? Im not kidin' , Im broken ! I watched also about farming money .. but I dont want to play a game that I have to grind like madman to play like normal person . Also, I want to ask : where to find
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