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Found 3 results

  1. Scoobodybop

    Hatchling / Marked for death solution.

    Since hatchlings seem to be some sort of an annoyance, I have come up with a little something that might be a solution to all the hatchling problems while maintaining the the use of the Secured Containers. Solution 1: Have Hatchling specific spawns / extracts per map with severely reduced time to raid so that they don't have time to run to / loot high value locations. -This can be determined by either flea market value or Dealer value. Solution 2: Similar to Solution 1 except they are only allowed to play a certain map that only allows other hatchlings. -Loot may vary between Low and Mid Tier guns and armor, along with small value meds like A-1, Bandages, Splints etc... Solution 3: If someone Disconnects from the raid, have their Secured container lose all recently looted items from the raid. -Can be changed based on ideals. But I figure this is one of the worst of the solutions. Since there are times where the server crashes. Solution 4: Have the Secured Case only become usable when a certain amount of Roubles are at risk. -This is very similar to the first 2 solutions. Solution 5: Have the deposited items begin a count down once placed in the case. When the countdown reaches Zero, it'll be safely secured. -This is a similar opinion for 3. Unnecessary when there are better solutions stated above. I hope this little opinion of mine might bring a few ideas to light all the while maintaining the primary use for secured containers while "containing" the Hatchling problem. (Get it?) Share your opinions!
  2. hazyDayZ

    Script Kiddie's

    How broken is the actual Anti Cheat in this game? And how many people actually want to take any gear out since it's a 50/50 it will be lost to a little script kiddie who can see through anything and shoot with a mac from 400 yds perfectly or throw a granade the same distance, im quickly getting bored with it now.....
  3. SklerosGR

    Gear Fear

    I watched a video , today , on youtube about gear fear of EFT.. many people have it .. I mean its normal in a game full of adranaline, stress etc.. Well, I said to myself "alright, its time to play with full gear and stop the crap" after some fail matches.. [Music Background] Any idea how to get some extra euros/dollars/rubbles ? Im not kidin' , Im broken ! I watched also about farming money .. but I dont want to play a game that I have to grind like madman to play like normal person . Also, I want to ask : where to find keybar ? where to find docs ? I have to carry my own keys on my container to use them or its ok on stash ?
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