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Found 6 results

  1. dragos2u2000

    Things I learned as a new player

    Hello. I am a somewhat new player level 20 right now,I have about 100 hours into the game and these are a few things I have learned. Keep in mind that I am nowhere near good as I simply do not know the maps well enough yet, that being said lets begin: 1.Customs is not a beginner friendly map Customs, the map everyone suggests for new players is, is a hard map to play on. The point of the map is dorms. You want good gear you go dorms. No, you RUSH dorms. A lot of quests are in Customs so you need to go there but I would suggest learning the game first before you go Customs. 2.The way to lose gearfear is to know how to make money You are only afraid of losing gear when you are afraid you cannot get it back. Thankfully its way easier than people think, I bought the standard edition so I had a rougher start than you may have,the first thing you do is unlock the flea market. Get level 5, scav round exp doesn't count. Now you should know what every item is worth before going on a raid but the best way to make money is well buying stuff cheap and selling it for more. Learn what people need,stockpile 100 of that item and sell it for more. Capitalism baby, 1 mil per day if you are determined enough. 3.Try to play alone I don't know about you but while groups are fun, they get hectic fast. People constantly talking with each other, friendly fire and when you kill someone they rush to it like a swarm of rats. Ask for a sherpa to duo with if you need it but stay away from groups of randoms if you cannot hold your own yet. I don't know about you but being shot by your "friends" after calling out what you are doing is just annoying as hell. Playing solo also makes you a better player imho as you have to look out for groups. You won't barge in like you own the place alone, but the groups will use that to your advantage. 4.Interchange for easy loot/Factory PVP Easiest map to get good loot is interchange by far in my opinion. The extracts are almost never camped and because people always rush inside there are a lot of ways to make money even outside the map. Loot stashes,rush the tech shops,camp at exits you do you man. Factory on the other hand is where you learn to PVP in this game. Nothing much to say about it, just go in ,die and learn from your mistakes. 5.Going in geared with expensive stuff is just going to make you sad when you lose it If you are bad at the game and you don't know the map, I suggest you hold on to that HK you found for a little bit, its better than losing it for sure. I see this all the time,level 9 player with ulachs and hks. I went PACA with a pilgrim and a vepr, my teammated go full gear and shout at me for not going geared, 5 minutes later they die because of bad positioning while a guy with the paca gets 5 pmc kills and gets out. Armour won't save you, it allows you to make mistakes, its better to not make mistakes in the first place. Also going level 6 armour and helmet on the open fields of woods is just dumb. Speed is armour too. I hope I helped you, these are things I learned and are mostly my opinions. I am biased by my own experience so pro players feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Cheers!
  2. blackned198

    Item Prices

    Hello Everyone, This is my first ever post, so please forgive me if i am doing anything wrong. So, like an hour ago i did a raid of my life finally slow and smart play paid off. I am basically a newbie with 30hrs of gameplay. I managed to take down 3 guy premade group whom were heaviliy geared. So i managed to loot them ( probably i would looted better but i panic :) ) So i have some questions about the marketing system. 1-) Is it worth to sell dog tags in flea market ? Because like in-game npc traders pays idk 10 15k for a 43 level dog tag but in flea market it worths 300k or more. Are those items ever going to sold out ? 2-) From the raid that i mentioned above, i looted some guns with mods that i have never seen/used. So if any one would help me about their values in flea market that would be awesome. Because i want to seize this chance since i want to buy some weapon containers etc. Basically i need money. ( The prices can be low like for 20-25k for quick selling) 3-) My Flea market reputation is kinda never increasing like i have sold 10-15 items/miscs it didnt raised but once i cancelled some offers it decreased like hell. So what is the algortihm for this system ? And also, if any veteran or intermediate players willing to help me time to time, i would like to have your discord etc. I kinda need some mentor :)
  3. xDontTazeMEx69

    New LFG Discord Welcome to join Everyone!

    Join our Active nightly and daily Discord Community. New Players to Veteran Players all welcome. Click the link below to join. Good luck and have fun all https://discord.gg/KAkCPd
  4. thomasotje10

    knife not working?

    I knifed a bot about 8 times and he didnt die. I was rotating around him knifing him while he was comfortably reloading his rifle. Explain? I thought it may just be the armor but to survive it 8 times seems ridiculous.
  5. if anyone wants to group up send me a pm or join this discord https://discord.gg/uKrN4v active players in here hope to see you all soon
  6. I saw a video about this game on Youtube and was immediately curious about it. I read the information on the about page but still have some questions I hope the community that has been following it more closely can answer. 1. Is this game strictly a PvP open world MMO like game or will it feature PvE elements? If it will also feature PvE elements as well, will you be able to exclusively partake in it without having to do anything PvP related or will they be mixed in some manner? 2. The video I saw mentioned permanent death but the about page makes it seem different from a rogue style game. So when you die, do you lose that character and their progression in experience and skills as well or is it a matter of you lose your gear where you died? Thus requiring you to have a backup set of gear to load up and head to that area where you died to recover what you can? 3. Again from the video and what I've read, it's just buying the game and future DLC. No micro-transactions confirmed. No subscription either, correct? 4. Game play is slated to be much more hard-realism instead of soft-realism. Such as the difference between ARMA and STALKER series? 5. When it's said to be an MMO, meaning like traditional ones where it's a server cluster and everyone on that server is active on a main world instance at the same time with instances for certain parts? Meaning hundreds if not thousands of players active in the world map at the same time? Essentially, what is the scale they are looking to create. 6. First person perspective entirely or will there be possible third-person? I thank you for any answers and information you can provide. My curiosity is piqued by what I've seen and would really like to know more if this will be the right game for me or not!
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