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Found 13 results

  1. Scionti

    Christmas 2019

    Still no word on any gifts this year? Where is a good source to follow for EFT news?
  2. Scionti

    Christmas 2019

    Any word if there will be gifts again this year? Just curious.
  3. Sliz

    Gift is not found or inactive

    Salut, Voila depuis la 0.12 je n'ai pas reussi à avoir mon Gift... Je souhaite eventuellement savoir si je reset mon profil de jeu, est ce que je retrouverai ce gift ou pas??? Je sais que certains l'ont, d'autres pas... Merci
  4. Question above. I was curious if the 2017, 2018, and book gifts are able to be received again after the wipe.
  5. Haxorbore

    Christmas Gift Question

    I got asked this question in my discord last night and was wondering the same thing, does this Christmas gift replace the one from last year, or do we get both the gift from last year and this year?
  6. UnversedNumber3

    Purchaseing as a gift

    I have been playing for about a week now and really enjoy the game. I decided to purchase the game as a gift for a friend. I bought the standard edition through the purchase as gift button. A while after I received two emails from Battle star titled "Closed Beta test" and "Pre-order Escape from Tarkov". They look just like I emails I got when I bought the game for my self a week ago. I did not receive any code that I could give to my friend nor did was I able to enter my friends email or account to send it to him. Can someone assist me?
  7. SlimJimBim

    Looking for EFT Gift Code

    Just purchased the Standard Edition for my friend, I got an email where it said "Thanks for purchasing Escape from Tarkov (xxxxxxxxx)" Is the numbers in the parenthesis the activation code or have I yet to get the right email?
  8. So I recently bought an upgrade for my version of Tarkov, and I read that to have it available in-game I must reset my game profile, which I am told will wipe my character progress. I am fine with this but I do want to know if after the wipe will I be able to redeem the Christmas Gift again and get the key-ring, box, and guns back?
  9. AlongCameWilly

    No free gift?

    I checked my profile and I don’t have the option to get the free gift. Was there a date to redeem by or is mine just bugged?
  10. SyntoX

    Can i gift the game to a friend ?

    So I accidently preordered the standart version twice... now my question is, can i refund one of them or gift it to a friend ?
  11. m4dk1ngd0m

    TRial Keys

    HI guys, happy new year to everyone at Tarkov! May i ask, how and where to claim my 2 (7 day trial keys?), i preodered the game Late June, Ive searched my Mail but no clue. Only the "gift" mail, and says is activated in game. (additional equipment), so please any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. trooper1

    Waiting on a Email for activation

    Hey I'm purchased the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition as a gift for a friend. The payment has gone through and I still haven't received the Email. How long does it usually take?
  13. bought this game as a gift for someone and they aren't getting anything about potentially being in the Alpha, since I bought it as a gift do they not get a chance to be in the Alpha since he did not actually buy it?
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