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  1. Skiddd


    Hey Tarkov Community! My friend is currently hosting a RED REBEL ICEPICK giveaway as a celebration for his 50 followers milestone on Twitch. Right now the odds are extremely high since we only have 4 entries, so if you join now, you have a pretty good chance of winning! To enter the giveaway join my friends Discord server and react in the #giveaway text channel! https://discord.gg/5jFCebgGay Follow him on Twitch for an increased chance when we roll! "twitch.tv/savagepresent" Hope I'm not breaking any rules here, but didn't know how else to promote this giveaway!
  2. Cari giocatori! Vi ringraziamo per la calorosa accoglienza che tutti voi avete dedicato al torneo estivo “Summer Cup” 2020. Dovete ringraziare Pc Hunter e GamingRig per aver messo a disposizione il montepremi per questo torneo e per averlo reso possibile. I nostri tecnici stanno ultimando il calcolo del punteggio: i Vincitori verranno annunciati in diretta Twitch, Domenica 6 Settembre, alle ore 21:00. Oltre ai vincitori, mostreremo la classifica totale delle squadre che hanno partecipato; i nostri tecnici vi spiegheranno più nel dettaglio alcune delle Sfide presenti e, saranno presenti
  3. RockMorty

    Welcome to Atlas!

    Welcome to Atlas Gaming! We're just some relaxed Tarkov players who are looking to host some really cool Tarkov events and create Tarkov content. We're a fairly new discord, but we're really striving to host some awesome Tarkov tournaments, giveaways, challenges, trivia, and many other activities! We want to help experienced and new Tarkov players alike find a fun and engaging community to hangout in and grow as players. So don't hesitate to hit that join button below and hop in a voice channel! To get full access to the discord, make sure you read the rules carefully and hit the react t
  4. Sirspliff

    Big giveaway !

    https://www.twitch.tv/taxentv giveaways every hour ! Today.
  5. Hello Escapers Celebrating the success of patch 0.12 I'll be giving away 10 14-day trial keys only for forum users who don't have the game yet. I know that the success of patch 0.12 has had a lot of repercussions and because of this success the number of new players has increased a lot. However some users have not yet become PMC, I'm here to make it happen. How to participate: To apply for a key you must create a forum account and post a Meme, Story or Fanfic about Escape From Tarkov in that topic. The 10 posts with the most UPVOTE/LIKE will win a 14 day key trial. R
  6. 0.12 will soon be upon us and with that comes a wipe, with everyone going back to their edition gear. With the upgraded Unity Engine, a lot of new content and a brand new map 0.12 will be the biggest patch to date, to say the community is hyped is an understatement. There has never been a better time to take a stand, BEAR or USEC, and see if YOU can Escape from Tarkov! Prize x1 Standard Edition Key (Full game, not trial) x4 14 day trial keys (One per person, 4 in total) How to enter What are you most looking forward to in 0.12? How long have you been following Escape f
  7. MrSandman98

    The Dark Zone - 18+ Community

    The Dark Zone – 18+ Community About us: The Dark Zone is a community of EFT players that accept anyone that is new or old to the game. We aim to create an active player base on our discord to develop friendships, team chemistries and having fun. Requirements to join: - Must be 18+ - Must have a good mic, or push to talk. - Must be able to take a joke. Discord: https://discord.gg/mpKJ9CN
  8. With 11.7 patch just around the corner it is time for a giveaway, this will run from now until the moment the servers go down to install patch 11.7, when a winner will be picked. Prize x1 Standard Edition Key (Full game, not trial) How to enter What is the first thing you would like to do in Tarkov? Tell us your story and you could be in with a chance to start your adventure with the upcoming patch! Some things you may wish to consider: What map are you most looking forward to playing? How will you dominate your enemies, up close and personal in CQB or pick off
  9. I have really enjoyed playing/streaming EFT this year so as my last weekly giveaway of 2017 I am giving away a copy of the standard edition! Tickets will be available all week long during the stream using our points system, you earn points for chilling/chatting in the stream with a maximum of 100 tickets per person, the winner will be picked at the end of Saturday nights stream, don't worry if you can't be there, if you win I will contact you on Twitch within 24 hours. I stream Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 18:00 GMT Will sort the winner out some keys and gear t
  10. Going to be raffling off a copy of the standard edition of the game to celebrate a 24 hour charity stream for Wounded Warriors Canada! To enter, just come visit me at www.twitch.tv/goat_47_ and drop a follow. Once you have done that, you can type "!raffle 1" in the chat to enter your name into the draw! Hope to see you there :)
  11. Hallo Leute, das letzte Giveaway ist noch nicht lange her, aber wir planen schon das nächste Im September wird es erneut ein Giveaway geben, indem wir 2 Gamekeys von Escape from Tarkov verlosen. Eine Edge of Darkness Edition ist schonmal im Topf, diese hat sich aus dem Rabatt während des letzten Sales ergeben Für eine weitere Edition, haben wir jetzt angefangen, Spenden zu sammeln. Also mal schauen welche Edition die Spardose ermöglicht. Soviel erstmal zur Info. Sonstige wichtige Daten zum Giveaway werde ich im Laufe der nächsten Woche hier ein
  12. Hallo deutschsprachiges Forum und Twitchcommunity von PIK_TV Wie ihr ja wisst spiele ich EFT nun seit fast einem Jahr mit sicherlich weit über 1000h Raidzeit, zudem bin ich seit geraumer Zeit auf Twitch aktiv und reichlich am Escape from Tarkov streamen. Dabei werden natürlich auch immer fleißig Fragen beantwortet und die neuesten offiziellen News verbreitet, im Rahmen meiner Tätigkeit als Emmissär für Escape from Tarkov. Soweit zur Vorgeschichte^^ Ich denke der Channel hat jetzt einen Punkt erreicht, an dem es lohnt auch mal aktiv Werbung zu machen und somit ein breit
  13. pizzadudecook

    Alpha key giveaway (Competition)

    I would like to give two alpha keys away to anyone interested in trying the game out! Instead of pick a random number or anything, I would like people to come up with original content in the form of a song that involves Escape from Tarkov! Can be between 15-30 seconds and can be audio or video. The competition will end at 10pm (GMT -7) on Saturday and I will announce the winner on Sunday. Get creative guys! I will only be considering submissions on this thread!
  14. Shootemup899

    Gamma Case Giveaway/s

    For the next update and wipe, I am looking for other EoD owners that would like to give away their Gamma Container to the Non EoD players. How it would work. Players would simply comment to enter an EoD player would choose a player and would DM him or her to notify them. Then would meet each other in a group and switch their containers. Once a player is chosen and received their case, the EoD user will respond to their comment to show that he or she as won. I and possibly others will include items in the Gamma case for you to use.
  15. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    yo guys, Ive decided to give my gamma case away, So all you have to do is like this post and leave a reason why you should win, good luck
  16. Ello! I have way too much stuff in my stash so im giving away 1,500,000 roubles to 3 lucky winners 1st place wins 1,000,000 2nd place wins 350,000 3rd place wins 50,000 to sign up for a chance to win all you need to do is comment on this post with your in-game name Ill pick a complete random user for each winning slot Good luck and happy raiding!! And to those saying i dont have the money to spare....
  17. HungEmmaoLP

    Factory Key Giveaway!

    Guten Abend! in diesem Video gibts ein Factory Key Giveaway! Viel Glück für die die noch keinen haben!
  18. TTVSacredSurviv

    Doing A Giveaway of The Standard Edition

    Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am https://gleam.io/qyh8I/escape-from-tarkov-500-follower-giveaway
  19. Hey guys, I will do a factory key giveaway sometime during my stream on Saturday, January 13th, starting at 6pm GMT! The only two rules are that you have to follow me on twitch and that you have to be active in chat. I'll give the key to the winner after the stream ended to avoid stream sniping! So if any of you want a factory key be sure to tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/samoshofficial on twitch!
  20. Will be live in 25 minutes, this week I'm giving away a Left Behind edition! Twitch.tv/MadMcardle
  21. HungEmmaoLP

    Gamma container Giveaway!

    Guten Abend, wer bock auf ein Gamma Container hat darf hier gerne sein Glück versuchen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW4FIDsM-MI&feature=youtu.be
  22. How's it going Tarkov, Savdaddy89 is doing yet another EFT giveaway once he reaches 100 followers on Twitch. There will be a random drawing, and the winner will receive a document case with a set of very rare keys. Factory key and Marked Key are some of the keys inside of it (there are other keys as well). All you need to enter the giveaway is be a follower of his twitch channel! Good luck! https://www.twitch.tv/savdaddy89
  23. karonte84

    Giveaway EFT Italia

    Buongiorno ragazzi, vi volevo annunciare che Sabato 11/11 ci sarà un giveaway di 5 chiavi temporanee di EFT durante la 12 ore sullo stream http://twitch.tv/arydien Il Giveaway è organizzato in collaborazione della community Italiana di EFT Italia https://www.facebook.com/escapefromtarkovitalia Buon game a tutti ragazzi!
  24. Hello Escapers I will be performing a 6-day Beta key giveaway for you and your friends Each day one key will be distributed through my 2hrs twitch stream How to Participate- 1.Follow the Channel https://www.twitch.tv/tawtv 2.Put up a comment on this post 3.Give a Reputation to the post 4.If you subscribe to the channel, you will have a higher chance to win the key. 5.The winner may use or gift a friend or even create a new giveaway with the acquired key! The Stream will start from 18:00 gmt+1,Wenesday
  25. As wipe is getting near, and I have trouble with too much loot, I want to give some modded out M4s to players who did not really have chance to try them out. I don't want to fence them as I want someone who wants to try them to get them, not someone who is just lucky. So, giveaway will be tomorrow, most probably team of 5 goes into factory, we go direct to extraction and I give 4 M4 to 4 players. To qualify, send me PM on forum with screenshot of M4 that Peacekeeper sells, like one below (whole screenshot, not cut-out). Top 4 players with lowest Weapon Mastering skill for M4 get
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