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Found 10 results

  1. zact478

    Interchange Bathrooms

    The Bathroom stalls in interchange have weird invisible walls on the doors, I ran into the stall to hide someone's gear and I got stucked inside, I had to kill myself to avoid the MIA penalty..
  2. Hello Guys, I just want to know if this happened to anyone else, because it happened to me and also a couple of days ago it happened to my cousin. Problem: I was on Customs spawned just up north from SCAV Checkpoint/Administration Gate as PMC and i Went to the checkpoint to loot. I gathered an attachment and then proceeded in the container to loot the toolbox, after that inside the container i noticed an attachment proceeded in looting it and it didn't wanted to move in my inventory. (in my inventory it was in an infinite loop loading and outside it appeared to be there while with my pointer on it it said that i have no inventory space, which i did). I said to myself whatever and proceeded towards the yard were ZB-1011 was located, cleared the stash under the pipes and then moved carefully towards the building with the dead scav at the entrance on the couch and the toolbox near it and two weapon cases up the towers. So I went inside while aiming down the sight in case someone was looting the toolbox. Surprise someone was indeed looting the toolbox and i tried to kill him, shot a couple of bullets in his head (which was not covered by anything) it didn't die so i unloaded half of my magazine in it then i remembered that it happened to my cousin too, so i looted the toolbox and ran away as far as I could thinking that i might not die. Then at the SCAV checkpoint i got hit (I didn't heard anything but I did got hit pretty badly by IDK what, i considered being someone hidden and shooting with silenced weapons) so i ran in the blue container to hide then instantly died but i do not know from what. This is an annoying bug that might kill the fun especially if you lose some cool stuff, luckly i had only a green helmet, cheap ear piece, an AK-74 with 3 magazines and a cheap vest so it was fine. Did someone else encountered this? Are the devs aware of this issue? Thank you guys.
  3. RadioactiveGGz

    Spawning late as pmc

    So I've noticed this weird thing happening to me for 2 days now, the first day I just thought it was the game being weird as usual, but today it seems to be the exact same thing. Whenever I "hatchling" run on Interchange I spawn 1 minute and 30 seconds into the game meaning that I will always die to pmc camping inside or outside because of better positioning etc, I was just wondering if this was something intentional to lower the amount of people trying to go in naked and profit. I've now tried about 10-15 times and all the times I've spawned 1.5min late and I can promise you that its not the my computer. //Some random noob trying to make cash from naked runs. Although to defend myself I do lab runs daily and reserve with A friend of mine but tbh we die alot so to make up for the money I do the naked runs (Sorry if I don't have the most perfect english it's not my main language)
  4. Done_Diddled

    Money bug?

    Just lost almost 500,000k while sitting at the inventory screen. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. I'm new to Tarkov and died on a PMC raid recently because I wasn't able to heal myself. It first started with me not being able to reload my gun after I killed another player, so I restarted the game. Mind you, I was able to heal after I killed the player but once I got back in I was able to reload but not able to heal or use painkillers. The animation would go on for longer than it should and once it ended I didn't get healed. I could still take damage because whenever I jumped my right leg would get more red so I thought this wasn't a ping issue. I went to the Dorms V Exit that was on the list of available extracts and the car wasn't there. I don't know if it's because I'm a new player but I thought that was odd and worth mentioning. Anyways, I died due to not being able to make it to any other extracts I could've gone to. I'm just really confused and want to know what happened if anybody could explain this issue. Thanks. EDIT: I went missing in action, but I guess it's the same as dying.
  6. Killed a player and it seems like i can't loot him. If I try to pick up his stuff it blinks and remains on his body. Anyone got the same issue yet ?
  7. Dead_Nation34

    glitch report.

    i was doing some looting and then this happened. dont mind the audio. my kids in the back
  8. Yandog


    To whoever may read this, May someone please clarify with me if you throw a RGD-5 grenade over a barrier/obsticle which you are behind (and that is bulletproof, may I add), isn't that an indication where if you throw a grenade over it, you're not meant to take any damage from it? I just had a RAID with a friend of mine and I killed another PMC and using grenades from cover to suppress the other PMC's team-mate. whilst looting his body, I threw another grenade for suppression and the grenade kills me? You can clearly see the grenade fly over the barrier and I've now lost all my gear because of this. Can anybody shed some light to me here? Thanks Yandog P.S. Image of grenade throw attached. If anybody wants to see the video (Developers especially), give me a shout and I can provide.
  9. I collected an amount of 115 AI-2 Medkits. sold them to the medical lady for just over 1k each. sold her 58k worth to begin with. and then an additional 78k after. only to see that i never got any of the money. check to see if she was glitched by buying 1 bandage. and selling it to her. and it worked . idk what the hell. but if its a bug. now you know. careful selling large quantities of items
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