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Found 124 results

  1. Nik_Russian1

    Bizarre game-breaking bug.

    Hello anyone who can help! I don't know if you're the right people to ask about this, but I'm new here. I installed Tarkov earlier today and things seemed fine. I had some basic performance issues that I planned to fix, but lately whenever I try to go into a raid, the loading screen gets stuck at 100% and stays there for maybe a minute. Then, the game minimizes, becomes completely unresponsive, and the Steam client opens and starts launching Wolfenstein the New Order. Seriously. It makes the game unplayable and is far and away the strangest bug I've ever encountered. I have no clue why this is happening or what I can do about it. I really want this game to be playable, especially because I spent $74.99 on it. If any of you guys can help, please tell me anything I can do to fix this!
  2. UCFBaron88

    Money Glitch - Won't Stack

    I am currently experiencing a glitch with currency in my stash. I have dollars and rubles which are not at max stack size (100,000). When trying to combine the stacks, the icon turns red when dragging and dropping and the stacks won't combine. The problem stacks were in wallet I took off a dead scav in the previous raid.
  3. So on customs, there is a Glitch spot where you can get stuck and you "can't get out". I managed to find a way out, the like below is footage and me talking you through getting out! <3 Youtube Video
  4. I do not have video of this, but this has happened multiple times, I am going to try and test it, but scavs are shooting me through the ground and into bunker extract on woods. I was looting the containers with a friend when the scav just started shooting me through the ground, killed me and friend had to go up and kill the scav.
  5. Tomskik

    Very cool video game *sarcasm*

    Am I the first person that had this type of problem? I do not recommend hehe https://plays.tv/video/5ae11ca1c12b487969/for-tarkov-support https://plays.tv/video/5ae11ca1c12b487969/for-tarkov-support https://plays.tv/video/5ae11ca1c12b487969/for-tarkov-support
  6. I was checking the dorms for loot, and when I was making my way down the stairs I get teleported into a random place. Was this a cheater teleporting players or a bug? And will I get banned for this? I'm just curious. https://youtu.be/6QiToekqO4g
  7. http://plays.tv/video/5ac392155008d6c35e/duck-is-this-lost-all-my-good-poo-one-shot-whilst-had-full-armour-scav-took-about-10-mpx-shots- as you can see i loose all my good stuff to a seemingly invicible scav who i thought had died...
  8. J'ai croisé ça hier sur Shoreline, au départ je pensais qu'ils lagaient simplement, puis en voyant les sauts à répétition et leur manière d'en avoir rien à foutre de se déplacer en courant à découvert, j'me suis dit que c'était pour appâter les tirs sur eux. J'ai clairement mal joué en tentant de les traiter et j'aurais du arrêter et aller me coucher depuis bien longtemps.. ça ressemble à l'utilisation de macro pour sauter tout le temps, car je ne pense pas qu'il passent leur temps à appuyer sur espace pendant un raid de 30 min? J'aurais jamais dû non plus les engager avec une arme semi auto aussi... Pour les stats de fin de jeu j'avais juste tué un scav d'une balle dans la tête avant, donc on peut voir que j'ai bien mis 3 balles au mec que je filme. En conclusion c'est pas du cheat, même pas du glitch, seulement de la merde pour t'empêcher de viser convenablement tes premiers tirs? Cool Stuff
  9. Cari Fuggitivi, Abbiamo iniziato a ottimizzare "Shoreline" e abbiamo deciso di correggere gli errori visivi / collisioni e glitch su questo scenario. Vi preghiamo di inviarci schermate ( qui ) di questi luoghi / oggetti: Cose che volano Oggetti che sono in collisione fra di loro Oggetti senza fisica o oggetti senza collisioni balistiche Luoghi in cui rimanete incastrati Tutto ciò è problematico Sarà molto più veloce se raccogliamo tutto in un unico post. Si prega di condividere qui gli screenshot di queste posizioni affinché vengano raccolti, recuperati e trasferiti al team di sviluppo. Abbiamo bisogno solo di informazioni costruttive, schermate con una descrizione esatta o una descrizione dettagliata del problema. Grazie a tutti per la vostra assistenza nella correzione di questi bug.
  10. Takenudown

    Trader Levels

    So i logged into Tarkov after taking a nap today with my Prapor at lv2 Therapist lv1 Skier lv2 and the rest lv1. I logged into game ran a quick factory run to find a dog tag and some guns to sell. I went to traders and they're all of a sudden max level i did some looking but i can't find anything saying anything bout patch notes or anything. Also i am no longer able to sell dog tags to the Therapist and only able to sell a lv48 dog tag to prapor for 7200 rubles....anyone else having this issue my player level is only 21.
  11. I recently joined someone's group and after I died I got every Trader maxed out. Current Level: 12 Prapor: 0.09 Debut Completed Checking Completed Shootout picnic Active Therapist: 0.06 Shortage completed Skier: 0.21 Supplier Completed The Extortionist Completed Stirrup Active Peacekeeper: 0.00 NO MISSION STARTED YET Mechanic: 0.00 NO MISSION STARTED YET Is that on purpose that they are all maxed out for no Reason or is that a Bug? If I now want to sell something to a Trader they give me way less than I used to get. It kinda sucks.
  12. Grofm1c

    Glitch in Customs

    Good day. I just want to post this for the Dev`s not sure if this is in the right section. I jumped in the Fuel tank and fell into the stairs here is the screenshots. Got stuck between the stairs and tank. There is no way to get out. Regards,
  13. So i know this was a thing some month ago where kills wouldn't get registered unless they where bleeding. Just to make sure, are the devs aware that this still is a thing? I just killed a PMC with one bullet to the head and i saw that i did not get that kill. Happened just recently on customs where the guy was looting (dunno if that matters).
  14. Multiple time, I've taken something off or hid the largest backpack to stand out less, to have to fall through the game or fall through inside rocks disappearing, its frustrating, this should not happen. If there is anyway to fix this, I would be greatly happy to see it implemented.
  15. ZionRoL

    Possible Glitch?

    So, there seems to be a problem where a couple of the therapist items are suddenly missing. This has happened twice today, and I have looked around the internet already as to why items are disappearing. Most threads say that it is because the items that disappear are sold out, but I highly doubt that some of the maps would suddenly go out of stock after I do ~4 runs. If anyone knows a fix, or an explanation about this, let me know. Thank you in advance.
  16. Cardboard231

    Fix you Us something from gamma

    I don't know how I did it but I just reloaded my gun from gamma.This may not mean you can us guns but it is highly likely you can. I'm scared
  17. I am confident i didn't miss this shots. Zeroing was in 50m. Then, what's wrong?! https://clips.twitch.tv/FragileImpartialWalrusDatBoi
  18. Wort3x

    Gun Glitch Fixed?

    Hello just wondering if u guys have fixed the glitch or on the way on doing it? its spreding like fire just look at this : Removed video.
  19. TheMajorPain

    Godmode Glitch ?

    Ich hab keine Ahnung was da passiert ist . Man sieht ja am anfang deutlich wie mein Bildschirm sich leicht rot färbt aber irgendwie verliere ich keine HP und sterbe nicht oder sonst was Link Zum Video
  20. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  21. Mulb

    Fix the nade glitch

    Deleted the video for Inappropiate language.
  22. flofizier

    RSASS glitching

    Just killed a guy on factory rafters. I went up to him and saw an RSASS in his hands but he didnt have it in his inventory. He is streaming on twitch and admits that he is glitching. Could someone tell me if this is legal and if not i hope that the devs will ban this gameexperiance ruining dude.
  23. tacolover899

    Guns that people dont lose?

    I'm kinda new at the game so im still learning things but I was wondering if there is a glitch were peoples weapons aren't dropped. I have killed two people who were shooting at me with aks/pistols and when I killed them and immediately went to loot them they had nothing on their corpse. Their dead body was still holding the ak though.
  24. I just opened the bsg launcher and there is a new patch there. I click to update it and nothing happens. Anyone else having the issue or finding a fix?
  25. I have everything done for prapor and peacekeeper. I have max loyalty, reached level 29 and have well over the amount of money spent at them, yet they arent leveling up. I've restarted my game and it still isnt showing.