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Found 103 results

  1. Glitchowanie broni!!!

    Kiedy twórcy cokolwiek zrobią z możliwością glitchowania broni w EFT???? Co trzeci gracz ma zglitchowaną broń a kolesie w biednych gearach z M4 na full (zglitchowaną oczywiście) to przypadek 1 na 3 rajdy na Woods. Zróbcie coś z tym i nie czekajcie do zapowiadanego patcha! To kompletnie niszczy grę i jakikolwiek sens grania! TEMAT WAŁKOWANY I PORUSZANY OD 2017roku.
  2. This glitch is literally ruining the game. Especially on factory. Me and my friend ran factory all day too get some money to buy more weapon cases and I ran into 10+ people doing the glitch where they can use a weapon and still have it in their secure container. Plenty of them were using m4's and rsass's as well making me run fort and fast helmet to mitigate the chance of death to them. I died a total of 3 times today to people doing this glitch and it is basically game breaking at the moment. DO NOT TRUST ANY HATCHLINGS, kill anything and kill everything on sight as they can easilly be packing anything from a kedr to an rsass in their secure container that if they shoot you with it, and even if you kill them you can not loot the weapon. If you go into factory, just fully expect to die to this glitch. I would say at least one person at the least has been in each and every factory run i did today. Sad thing is, is it is not just low level people desperate not to lose their gun and to get more gear. I killed multiple people level 30 and up doing this. Hopefully the dev's are already working on a solution to this, but too me this should be a bannable offense as it is literally taking away the key component that makes this game so different and fun, and ruins it for the people actually playing the game.
  3. Title says it all. Its an abuse of a game mechanic and not intended. Should fix asap and ban those abusing it.
  4. Bugged item graphics....

    Was just wondering if anyone would be able to let me know what is going on here? Tried a reboot etc... pretty sure my PC isn't the issue :\
  5. Waffen Glitch

    Guten Tag alle zusammen, ich bin sehr begeistert von diesem Spiel und spiele es auch liebend gerne. Ich habe Mittlerweile unzählige Stunden darin verbracht und habe keinerlei Probleme, dass es Desyncs,Ruckler usw gibt deswegen ist es ja in der Beta. Was mich jedoch stört ich habe jetzt eine Spielzeit im dreistelligen Stundenbereich und gestern das erste mal Glitch einer seine Pistole weg auf factory. Entwickler angeschrieben mit Beweisfoto und Video sowie auch das Geständnis des Glitchers. Leider sagt mir der Entwickler, dass dieses Problem bekannt ist aber dafür niemand gebannt werden kann, weil dies keine externe Software ist sondern ein Fehler im Spiel der von den Spielern ausgenutzt wird. Es war zwar sehr unverständlich, dass trotz dessen dieser besagte Spieler nicht gebannt werden konnte, weil das ist ja nicht die Absicht des Spieles, dass man Waffen wegglitchen kann. Der Höhepunkt war aber heute während ich wieder in factory unterwegs war und ein level 11 Spieler mit einer komplett gemoddeten m4 auf mich schoss ohne jegliche Ausrüstung oder sonst etwas NUR die M4 und mal wieder nicht lootbar sie ist einfach nicht aufgetaucht an seinem Körper zum looten obwohl er sie in der Hand hatte. Also kann man auch eine M4 wegglitchen. Ich finde es ein wenig Schade, dass solche Personen nicht gebannt werden können, bei denen man es zu 100% beweisen kann, dass sie einen Fehler des Spieles zum Vorteil ausnutzen. Man stelle sich einen Spieler vor der ehrlich spielt vielleicht gerade seine erste fort sowie mt helm und ein bisschen Ausrüstung hat und dann von solchen Leuten getötet werden. Wie steht ihr zu dem Thema? Bitte um ernst gemeinte Antworten und Kritik auf einem geistlichen Niveau, welches höher ist als das eines 14 jährigen Kindes. Grüße Primoo P.S. Für alle Grammatikfanatiker ich entschuldige mich bei euch ganz aufrichtig, falls es den ein oder anderen Fehler in diesem Text gibt.
  6. EFT is falling down

    Tarkov give up! 1 hour ago on Woods I met a boi with a glitched Remington and after 15 minutes a cheater 'Name removed by Mr_Sheep' that kill all my team with an headshot from nowhere. Servers are full of hatchet player and scavs destroy all legs. Devs need to do something to save this terrible situation, or the game will be down in a few weeks.
  7. So guys I encounterd three gllitchers today, why arent u doing anything against it? It is destroying the games purpose.... Here you have a video how it went for them: Video removed. I dont see a purpose in destoying your game expirience, maybe he is too bad at this See ya in Tarkov, ExotiQ
  8. Health state reset bug

    I just noticed that if your game crashes/alt-F4 and you re-enter the raid, the game has forgotten your previous health state. I happened to notice it when my leg was blacked out and I got stuck and tried to alt-F4 and reconnect to get unstuck. My health state was reset, I had a black leg and could run and jump like a gazelle again. Tried it twice more and sure enough it resets your health state every time. Could be abused I guess. If this is a known bug then just delete the thread and sorry maties! See you on Tarkov!
  9. me and my friend were playing tarcov when we encounter a guy who had no armor and an m4, we killed him and when we went to loot it we could not loot it, another guy in the same game did the same thing. the glitch is back and worse the ever, with the glitch you can now bring m4s and other guns without risk of losing it. this is worse then is has been before if the developers can fix this asap it would make the game more fair.
  10. where should i report cheating

    does anyone know how to report someone for cheating hacking or glitching? i killed a guy on factory and he was bare bones except for the m4 in his hand. upon checking his body it was not there and it really ticks me off, i have video evidence and his name was delta062. i cant upload the video because it was to big and bad format but in the pictures i attached below you can make out the bottom of the PMAG that was in the m4
  11. Pistol glitch is back

    So it seems that pistol glitch is back in the game. No idea how to do it would report it if i knew. Have countered several glitchers today at factory while doing punisher pt6.
  12. RSASS Glitcher

    Hey guys, I ran into this guy who was glitching his RSASS. He accepted my friend request and was happy to report that the devs will do nothing about his cheating ways and that the devs are ok with it. I didnt dedicate a whole video to him so check out the rest of the highlights and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance
  13. Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche de solution pour le bug de la grenade. C'est un bug qui fait que la grenade explose à l' endroit ou la personne se tient plutôt que la ou le modèle de la grenade va. Schéma : Ne perdez pas votre temps sur l' incroyable qualité de mon schema. J' ai besoin d' info. Il faudrais le message d' erreur console qui se génère dans ce cas. Si vous venez à avoir ce bug, faite une capture d' écran de votre console et mettez le quelque par dans ce post. J' ai aussi une vidéo qui témoigne de ce bug, on y voit pas grand chose mais au moins elle ma bien fait rire.
  14. New Glitch?

    How is this even possible, player called [name deleted] Glitching an M4. players like this guy need to be banned,
  15. So, i tried to play in the map offshore, it takes a lot to load, and when it comes to the end, it just appear the message "Server connection lost", and this is very frustating because it's the only map which is happening this, i coudn't play in it until now due to this annoying bug, is someone knows a solution, please tell me.
  16. factory glitch

    in factory next to the 3 story-building on the barrels and ramp side when you go to the far set of stairs and you try to jump under them your character freezes in place and cannot move but can shoot
  17. Can't discard weapons

    I tried to move my pistol into my backpack slot out of my side arm slot while in Customs. After doing so the weapon stayed in my sidearm slot but also appeared in my backpack. I could not drop it out of my backpack. I picked up a shotgun off the ground and killed a few player characters. I tried to drop the shotgun off my back slot so i could pick up the players silenced ak but i could not discard the shotgun or my primary gun. I also noticed I could not refill mags inside my inventory. I tried to Alt + F4 out of the game and reconnect but it was still bugged. So I ended up just beating feet to the exit. Not sure if you guys have had this reported but I didnt find it in the forum search.
  18. RSASS glitching

    Just killed a guy on factory rafters. I went up to him and saw an RSASS in his hands but he didnt have it in his inventory. He is streaming on twitch and admits that he is glitching. Could someone tell me if this is legal and if not i hope that the devs will ban this gameexperiance ruining dude.
  19. We spawned woods house side and went to leave, and there was a player glitched on top of the mountain where sniper scav spawns, he killed my friend and i finally saw him, he had no helmet and had a suppressed gun with 12x scope. luckily i saw him and captured proof. This ruins the game and should not be thing. Is this being fixed, or is this intened, if so make a set a stairs to the place.
  20. Is this god mode? 10 hits, 10 dmg? TT silenced, splinter cell'd them for 10 minutes and then took my shots. What do you think?
  21. DVL Glitching???

    So I killed a guy on shoreline, he is one of the two in the pic below, wont say which one so you dont witch hunt. Ran up to his body, looted his fort armor, (he only had fort and a dvl) and there was no dvl to be seen, i checked all around him, and none... How is this even possible... guess people with troll names gonna troll right?
  22. Shoreline, using a silenced TT.... splinter cell'd the poo out of these two dudes, following them for 10 minutes. Finally get my moment annnnd? Watch the video below lol Are they hackers? Is this a glitch? What's going on!?
  23. I do not have video of this, but this has happened multiple times, I am going to try and test it, but scavs are shooting me through the ground and into bunker extract on woods. I was looting the containers with a friend when the scav just started shooting me through the ground, killed me and friend had to go up and kill the scav.
  24. Its very annoying when someone prefires a corner you have been holding for 5 minutes, or someone takes 5 headshots from an AK without a helmet and survives, or I'm in a building and I take a mass amount of damage out of no where (No sound or anything just 2 blacked out legs and almost dead) for no reason, or when a magical flying scav comes down from the heavens and shoots me in the head with an M4 (Nah thats got to be lag), or I'm wearing fort and a kiver and a toz scav instakills me from 100m away. There are so many unfixed problems that I can't distinguish between the reasons for which I died. Was it a legitimate kill? was it lag? or was it a hacker? really discouraging when you know that there is a Amazing large chance that either a glitch or a hacker will kill you half the time. Yet big content creators on YouTube always edit this Crap out and make this game look far more consistent/reliable then it is.
  25. Money Case

    Why does the money case randomly take money out of the case? The same thing happens with the wallet its like the game is taking interest or something. Can this be fixed I had a full money case with 3.6 million Roubles in it and check it today with 3.4 million in the case. I lost over 100k for no reason.