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Found 163 results

  1. passionoftheju

    Around 2 million Rubles gone from stash

    Approximately 1.8 million rubles have disappeared from my stash. This either happened overnight or during my one PMC run this morning. I signed off last night with 3.9 million rubles. After I completed my PMC run today and sold loot for 200k, I noticed my total rubles are now at 2.3 million. I have seen other posts regarding the same issue. Is there anything to be done? Can BSG look at my transaction log as see the error?
  2. Centurions42411

    Fix This Please

    I got a gift from the system and when I went to move it over it said "bad moving item" or something like that and deleted it all it was a slick 2 tan helmets a m4a1,m4a1lvoa,ak-105,and a AKsUN
  3. slayergonewild

    Graphical glitch

    When I am playing I randomly get stutters where grey and black lines flash across my screen covering the whole screen rendering the game unplayable. I have to tried deleting everything and fresh installing and that did not fix it. I have tried v-sync on and off and changed multiple settings such as shadows textures etc. When I record the game it does not show up in the footage it just something I can physically see and it only happens on tarkov.
  4. on 2/16/20 at 1:50 i was gaming on woods killed same chunky dude and evacuated, when i got back to my stash i look up and most of my money was gone. 5.8 mil out of 7.1 was gone. i only have 1.7 because i sold stuff then realized it was gone.
  5. I had 45 million before I went into a PMC match, and right when I got out, I decided to go buy some stuff from the FLEA to find that 43m Roubles have disappeared from my money container. I'm now only at just under 2 mill. I'm just now hearing whilst making this post that supposedly other players are losing money as well? Would it be possible to get this refunded if it's a glitch or is it goodbye grind?
  6. I get this interchange light bug every time I play on interchange does anyone else have this issue and the game will crash right after. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it here is a video of the bug My PC specs I7-8700k gtx 1080 ti 16gb ram 1000gb samsung m.2 nvme 970 evo plus
  7. Just had this weird glitch happen. I was sifting trough items and examined a greyed out thing in the shop. It didn't finish examining the object. I double tapped the item and got a new window. I couldn't close it. I pressed the Back button and the overlay of the store was still there.
  8. Dr_Catfish

    Connection to Server Lost

    I (and 3 of my squad mates) all lost a boatload of gear for Tarkov problems. Loaded up customs, before anybody could even load in for the first time, we all lost connection to server. A little weird, but recently some servers have had issues and it was no big deal. We try rejoining, before it even loads us into the game we lose connection to server. Fast forward several minutes later (15-20), everyone but me forfeits their gear and confirm leaves to go play other stuff or go to sleep. I stuck around but not a single attempt allowed me to stay in the game for more than 5-10 SECONDS. I would rather lose it to the scummiest 5-man of exit campers in all of Tarkov than lose it like that. I guess I just got Tarkov'd.
  9. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  10. Nemrus


    I Recently purchased ETF, and I was super excited to play it, I installed the launcher and began installing the game, but when it was done, and error appeared saying that the checksum had failed, it made me restart the installation over again, but it kept happening. I spent hours looking for a workaround, I found many solutions but most of which are outdated and didn't work. I don't think it's worth the 40 dollars if I can't even play the game. I'm at the point to where I think that it would be better to wait until it comes out on steam until I play it because nobody seems to care when I've seen multiple posts about this issue that wont even allow paid accounts to install the game.
  11. Templarmillitia

    money bug in trader system

    hello dev team i have found a bug depending on selling guns to the local traders in the game. if you have a gun for example and you go to prapor or any of the traders you can sell the gun to. and you are in the sell screen you can inspect the weapon if you take out all the attachments the price stay the same and you can sell the attachments also and make more money. or lose money if you add those attachments and sell the gun to a trader. i tested with a handgun it normally sells with a magazine for 5400R if you take the magazine out in your normal character screen. and go back to the sellers screen you can sell the gun for around 4640 and the magazine separate for around 560 . but if you take out the magazine in the selling screen you can sell the gun for 5400R and if you back out and re-enter the trader screen you can sell the magazine for 560 and make a profit. i tested it with a fully modified weapon and if you know the places you can make a decent profit but also lose money if you are not aware of it. maybe my explanation is a little bad. i'm doing my best. please fix this devs and make the game fair. to the player who didn't know. take your chance before it will get patches
  12. doveth

    Lost in time

    I accidentally came across the sickest game breaking glitch. I spawned into customs doing a scav run and right off the bat I heard something similar to non-stop machine gun fire (I thought it was some boss because I am a newbie) and ran to it to rat some loot, on my way there I saw some scavs standing around, decided to leave them alone because they weren't opening fire on me. As I was getting closer to the epicenter of now 10 minutes worth of continuous fire, I saw a highly geared player standing still, thinking he went AFK I shot him in the head, his character reacted by doing the headshot head-bob animation, but not dropping dead. After a solid 10 bullet magazine to the head I deciphered that something is not right, I came over to look and there was another geared guy with an AK that seemed to be making the "continuous machine fire" noise. around them they were about 2 bodies and a person with a knife running and stabbing without moving at all (I promptly tried to shoot all of them but again, the characters did some head-bobbing animation but didnt die) then proceeded to loot the bodies. I was able to loot some trashy gear like starting (presumably the loot the geared guys didnt take in the real time dimension of this server) but some good gear that they probably took kept going back on the body as soon as I would take it. Thinking that this is an interesting glitch and I would like to see what happens if I extract (yes the timer was working and no I wasnt lagging, my ping was regularly updating and it was in the green 30-40ish). After turning off my sound (I was still hearing the gunfire) I started running to my extraction point and about 30 seconds later I just dropped dead (not sure why, maybe I was shot in the other dimension of the server) and in the end menu I got 200xp for shooting players. Did anything similar happen to anyone else or did my scav have some time controlling powers?
  13. So essentially some red dots have weird sighting issues. I put some effort into representing this with a test that took me a long while. I executed this test with all sights ranged down to their lowest range to ensure that it wasn't the problem, and in fact, it wasn't! As you may see, the difference in the sights are quite minuscule, however, these problems make the MPX obsolete in ranges above 100 meters. Some may say that this isn't an issue because nobody uses the MPX, but with the upcoming additions to MPX modding, this issue needs to be addressed (if not already). So down below, I took a bit to screenshot exactly what I'm talking about, using a variety of sights (about 11 of them I think). Line in which I'm aiming at is shown in red whereas the impact of the bullets are shown in green. Also take note of the position of the laser when changing the sights. It seems like the bullets are traveling into the laser rather than the crosshairs (this should not happen as typically IRL you can change the sighting of both the laser and sight). Anyway, let me know if anyone is aware of this issue, and don't be harsh if I'm just too stupid to realize that this isn't a flaw. -Thanks for your time!
  14. We spawned woods house side and went to leave, and there was a player glitched on top of the mountain where sniper scav spawns, he killed my friend and i finally saw him, he had no helmet and had a suppressed gun with 12x scope. luckily i saw him and captured proof. This ruins the game and should not be thing. Is this being fixed, or is this intened, if so make a set a stairs to the place.
  15. grigoo

    Glitching textures WTF?

    I started a scav raid on reserve and when i loaded in this happened: Look at the attached pictures!!
  16. I'm experiencing more often, that i'm getting shot through that much foliage, even while moving, switching positions in so much cover without even spotting the shooter, while he knows everytime exactly where im at. I refuse to call hacks/cheats/glitches easily, but found some russian video on YouTube, where you can see how this could be explained. Every foliage is gone, the game looks shitty though, but you can spot players half across the map. Now.. my question in this whole thing is: Isn't this also some kind of cheating? Will such ppl also get banned? It's such a massive advantage to not have that much, or even no foliage on every outdoor fight situation. Any1 had some similiar experiences?
  17. So back before .12 i kept getting into lobbies with Scavs that run in place and some people are invisible. I cant hear them shoot or scream, i only take damage and die. Its been happening for a while on my account and i don't know what to do. I have already clean installed the game and it keeps happening. If i play in a squad, in our spawn im not moving and on my screen they might move or they will be still. Its only happening to me and its a weird bug. -Thanks gamer-
  18. So I bought the game a couple days ago, and I have not been able to play AT ALL due to a pretty big bug in the "Prepare to escape" section. When I click on an area I want to play in, the game selects stages going in order towards streets of tarkov, which i dont have unlocked. I can not select a stage due to this, meaning I cant play the game. PLEASE HELP FFS
  19. I have everything done for prapor and peacekeeper. I have max loyalty, reached level 29 and have well over the amount of money spent at them, yet they arent leveling up. I've restarted my game and it still isnt showing.
  20. ChilliCheeseDog

    Anyone else getting this bug?

    I traded off a T H I C C items case for a lab arsenal key. Small problem, i'm not receiving the key. I've waiting 30 minutes or so and i'm afraid to close the game, but i haven't gotten the key but it ate my case. As far as i'm aware, the person with the key has received the case.
  21. AlekTheHero

    Game Breaking Glitch

    Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I was in labs and doors did not work and when I walked into a bathroom and tried to close the doors behind me they glitched open. Every time I tried to leave it glitched me back. Error code when it teleported me back to the door [Exception] : Exception: Key already been added `2[System.Int32,LootItem]. (Int32 , .LootItem ) EFT.GameWorld.[LootItem] (.LootItem ) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) :UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EFT.GameWorld:(LootItem) LootItem:Init(Item, String, , GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Boolean) LootItem:(GameObject, Item, String, GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Boolean) LootItem:(GameObject, Item, String, GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Boolean, Vector3) EFT.GameWorld:CreateStaticLoot(GameObject, Item, String, GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Vector3) EFT.GameWorld:(, Boolean, Player) EFT.:MoveNext() Diz.Jobs.JobScheduler:LateUpdate()
  22. Lightel

    Vente multiple d'un même objet

    Depuis la .11 j'ai remarqué que lorsque je vends un objet, parfois, l'objet réapparaît dans mon stash après un raid ce qui me permet de le vendre une deuxième fois. J'ai eu le cas avec un set, une ak 74 M full mod et un Saiga full mod. Aucun message d'erreur rien et je garde bien l'argent de la première vente. Le glitch a marché sur le flea market et chez les traders. Le saiga était dans une item case et le reste en dehors donc rien à voir avec un sac... Une chose a noter, a chaque vente je n'ai rien placé sur les cases anciennement occupées donc je ne sais pas si faire ça pourrait génerer une erreur ou faire disparaître un objet. Cependant pour l'instant je n'arrive pas à le reproduire volontairement. Ticket number : #858728
  23. BiscuitBoy

    Spa Tour Part 4 Glitch?

    I am sitting on the gens in room 219 west wing, but it doesn't complete the quest. Anyone know about this issue?
  24. HuskyNet

    Itemy nie przechodzą do stash

    Witam, dziś po zrobieniu questa u prapora dostałem 4 magazynki i 17k rubli. przeniosłem sobie spokojnie do stashu, klikam OK, i nagle wyskakuje mi jakiś błąd że nie można przenieść rzeczy, to myśle sobie dobra walić 17k i 4 magazynki mnie nie zbawią, tylko teraz po sprzedaniu KIBA 2 klucza za 289999 nie dostałem pieniędzy. Zamiast mieć 408k mam 138k. Naprawcie to błagam Oczywiście sprawdzałem czy można odebrać jeszcze raz w queście, pisało "Received"...
  25. saibot0

    New pistol glitch..?

    So there is a new pistol glitch, don't know it but yeah some guy is abusing it. Killed a guy FULLY modded glock, just had an extra magazine in a scav vest and no weapons at all when i killed him.
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