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  1. Currently in 12.12 covert movement is bugged. When you start/stop moving with covert movement slider all the way down your character makes a loud sound that only other people can hear but YOU CAN'T HEAR. This is extremely detrimental to any sort of covert playstyle, hopefully it can be fixed relatively soon. For more insight here is a link to my bug test on video
  2. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  3. I do not have video of this, but this has happened multiple times, I am going to try and test it, but scavs are shooting me through the ground and into bunker extract on woods. I was looting the containers with a friend when the scav just started shooting me through the ground, killed me and friend had to go up and kill the scav.
  4. Hello, I don't know exactly where to post this so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. I just got Tarkov last night and booted up the game this morning. After I clicked launch I was disconnected from my wifi and was not able to get back on it until I had restarted the computer. I tried to submit a complaint through the launcher and was once again disconnected from the internet- but this time a computer restart did not fix the issue. I had to use the network troubleshooter, which reported that the network part of the computer had been disconnected. This obviously makes tarkov completely unplayable. I would try to recreate the issue, but am at this point unsure if repeating the problem would cause permanent damage to my computer. Is there any way to possibly resolve this? Thanks.
  5. BiscuitBoy

    Spa Tour Part 4 Glitch?

    I am sitting on the gens in room 219 west wing, but it doesn't complete the quest. Anyone know about this issue?
  6. TarkovCitizen3998045

    Helmets are not face masks

    If you watch Tarkov clips or use a shotgun you know helmets block your face 9/10 times even tho they are not designed too. Unless you hit someone center face it counts as a helmet shot and is deflected this needs fixed.
  7. lbsvag

    Party Disband Bug

    Hey BSG, Recently me and friends have been running into a problem where when we try to begin a raid as either SCAVS or PMC, when finding a match it disbands the party back to the main menu. Sometimes it causes the entire party to get sent back to the main menu or it will just send a single player out from the group while the remaining group members get continue with the match finding process. It usually occurs where the group has progressed far enough in the loading process where they cannot back out of the matchmaking process and must continue to the raid. Just thought I would bring it up as it has occurred multiple times over the past few days every time we try to play. Usually we change the group leader and it sometimes fixes the problem but it is a consistent problem me and friends have been experiencing. Has anyone else been experiencing the same problem? I am in the US and have been playing on the automatic USA regional server.
  8. Is there a way I could like get my stuff back from raids I have died in because the game loads me in different raids from my friends or at least be heard so this could be fixed?
  9. on 2/16/20 at 1:50 i was gaming on woods killed same chunky dude and evacuated, when i got back to my stash i look up and most of my money was gone. 5.8 mil out of 7.1 was gone. i only have 1.7 because i sold stuff then realized it was gone.
  10. PicoMarzio

    Piccoli glitch post patch

    Sto notando dei piccoli glitch apparsi dopo la recente patch, fondamentalmente sono due, dei lampi di luce casuali, di questi ne ho sperimentati 2 tipi, uno dei quali, lo avevo già notato prima, ma, con minor frequenza, questo glitch è dato dalla presenza di "lampi" in giro per la mappa, come se ci fossero delle esplosioni di luce diffusa circoscritte, il secondo, che ho sperimentato solo post patch è dato da lampi di luce, ma, diretti al PG, come se qualcuno ti puntasse o un laser o una torcia molto forte in faccia, i glitch di luce hanno luogo sia in pieno giorno che all'alba ed al tramonto, non saprei dire se avvengono anche di notte, dato che, preferisco gli orari di luce. Il secondo glitch è sonoro, anzi, per essere più preciso "vocale", sento sovente le voci degli scav come se mi fossero a 1/2 mt intorno a me, il fatto è che spostandomi, cambia la percezione della fonte sonora, come se ci fosse realmente un npc o un pg in un punto fisso, questo dura qualche frazione di secondo e non è così frequente, ma, può inficiare la buona riuscita partita. Nelle patch note, non ho capito se la possibilità di fare la matrioska di zaini direttamente nella videata di trasferimento scav/stash sia stata tolta, ma, non si possono più trasferire oggetti dalla stash allo scav. Un'ultima cosa, ci sono dei folding stock, che nella descrizione sono ripiegabili, ma, che ne in mappa ne in stash/inventario sono effettivamente ripiegabili, volevo, se possibile sapere se è un errore del mio client, o se devono ancora venire implemetnati. Ah, gioco praticamente solo sul Customs, i glitch li ho rilevati li. Grazie a tutti e buon lavoro.
  11. Gud_boi

    Stuck in Labs rails.

    Went to labs, camped a little, started pushing and got stuck.https://streamable.com/prjeqj
  12. Overseer5013

    Extracting on Time (Yet MIA)

    So far this has happened twice, but it has only happened while I was playing as a Scav and on factory. Another important thing to mention is that the time to extract was below 1min. Wanted to report this as either a reoccurring bug or a server/user sync error. As always happy hunting.
  13. I am having a similar problem with the traders... I have all requirements met for Skier Level 4 but nothing happens. The other traders like peacekeeper and prapor are also not updating. The ammo and other items have been at the same quantity in stock for the last 2 days. PS: I have reinstalled the game, checked game files, cleared cache, and simply waited for the last 3 days with nothing changing... (all these problems have been happening for the past 2-3 days) I posted this in a reply to a another post, but then realized the post was pretty old so here is a more up to date post.
  14. Templarmillitia

    money bug in trader system

    hello dev team i have found a bug depending on selling guns to the local traders in the game. if you have a gun for example and you go to prapor or any of the traders you can sell the gun to. and you are in the sell screen you can inspect the weapon if you take out all the attachments the price stay the same and you can sell the attachments also and make more money. or lose money if you add those attachments and sell the gun to a trader. i tested with a handgun it normally sells with a magazine for 5400R if you take the magazine out in your normal character screen. and go back to the sellers screen you can sell the gun for around 4640 and the magazine separate for around 560 . but if you take out the magazine in the selling screen you can sell the gun for 5400R and if you back out and re-enter the trader screen you can sell the magazine for 560 and make a profit. i tested it with a fully modified weapon and if you know the places you can make a decent profit but also lose money if you are not aware of it. maybe my explanation is a little bad. i'm doing my best. please fix this devs and make the game fair. to the player who didn't know. take your chance before it will get patches
  15. Van extraction is glitchy, I gave them money, I waited, I faced, it says "extract in 60-1", then it left me. Simple as that. #FixItSooner
  16. ZorShadow

    Extraction zone not extracting

    I was playing on customs as a scav and when I tried to extract at military base checkpoint the extraction timer was not popping up. I ended up staying there until the timer for the game ran out and i lost all my loot. I would send the video but I took it on Ge-force and I cant change it to a jpeg, png, etc. P.S. I was waiting in the area for 5 minutes and even tried running away and coming back but nothing worked. I also could not make it to another extraction point because there was not enough time... Do i get my loot back? lol.
  17. KurreBrr

    Can't login

    Decided to play some Tarkov as you do but got greeted by a "email confirmation" thing instead. I tried resetting my password, I tried adding google authenticator and a second email (getting confirmation mails for that lol) but I'm not getting confirmation codes so I can actually log in and play. Pls fix
  18. ihateunoob

    Max Attention Skill

    So, I just maxed out my attention skill and now when i loot bodies every now and then i get a glitch where i cant shoot or right click anything in my inventory. i can still set it to number and use my meds and throw grenades. How do i fix??
  19. Calico_Lobster

    Extraction Glitch??

    I was in for 16 minutes, although I didn't have the greatest items on my person, It is still a game breaking glitch. There was around 7 minutes left on the clock and I had extracts on the west side of the map which included Crossroads and Trailer Park exfil. The extract time popped up in the middle of my screen sitting at crossroad and the time went to 0 and it still kept me in the raid and I tried 2 times before I had ran to Trailer Park exfil and the same thing happened and I ended up dying to a person going to the same extract. I have saved the clip of the glitch and posted on youtube for easier and more convenience. Thank you. https://youtu.be/bTFvoEJYe60
  20. MaxLvLBathroom

    Account not authorized error 202

    I have been experiencing this problem since I have first started playing this game, it has gone under many error messages but in general, when extracting after a scav raid, i get an account not authorized error or a loot not movable error. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried restarting and following fixes but nothing works.
  21. I recently crafted a Magbox and purchased two further Magboxs (Rubles left account) to craft a Scav Box. I went straight to crafting from purchasing and although the purchased Magbox’s show up I was unable to select ANY item (Bolts & Kex included!) when I went to my player inventory, there is a purchased Magbox missing?? Is this a known glitch? What do I do? Any help gladly accepted PS. Sorry for the crappy res it was a screenshot grabbed from phone. But you can clearly see the 6 boxes there!?!?
  22. iamvolner

    Money Case

    Why does the money case randomly take money out of the case? The same thing happens with the wallet its like the game is taking interest or something. Can this be fixed I had a full money case with 3.6 million Roubles in it and check it today with 3.4 million in the case. I lost over 100k for no reason.
  23. https://imgur.com/a/2wAusOB Hello, I've been having very bad audio problems with binaural sound in EFT. I couldn't post a video here but I uploaded a quick video to Imgur for an example and added the link so you can see what I mean, please watch it so you don't think I'm just complaining about footsteps being too loud. The example video it actually pretty tame, it can get a lot worse, and factory is usually unplayable because the amount of noise from so many nearby players/scavs at once. Every time a player or scav makes a noise, like walking or talking it makes an ear piercingly loud noise and I'm not sure whats causing it. I've tried a few things to try and fix it and nothing has worked, I've also tried to look for other people having the same problem as I do but nothing is like this that I have found. I've only had this problem on EFT and only when binaural sound is on, normal sound in EFT is just fine. It makes the game unplayable whenever there's someone within a certain range from me, and the noise starts even before I can hear the footsteps of someone coming so it's kinda like a deafening early warning system that could even be used as an exploit. (I don't do this, I just want normal binaural sound) Could it be something to do with my audio drivers? Or my game? Or even Steam?? I tired changing headsets and tried playing on a friends computer with binaural sound on and the same headsets and its only on my PC that it happens. If anyone has any recommendations or knows how to fix this, or even if you have the same problem please let me know. And if anyone suggests jUsT tUrN oFf BiNaUrAl SoUnD, yeah I don't use it now because of this but the thing is I want to use it haha. Thank you
  24. LucaRB

    Invisible Players?

    Whenever i load into a pmc with friends they are invisible to me they can still shoot and kill me but i cannot see any players or scavs i found some past posts and some say the devs have been working on it but those were posted in in early 2018, is there any fix to this problem/
  25. So I went to bed at around 12am and woke up today at 11am got on collected some drops which is the mess that hasn't been sorted and I checked my bags and found my Lucky Scav Junkboxes were both gone. Those were in the 4x4 slots of the bags, one in the Mech bag and the other case was in the Berkut, labelled oink. I definitely have not sold them and I doubt I brought them in on a raid as I didn't go on a raid yesterday after seeing them in my stash. also did not sell it as you can see in the screenshot I attached. I had a lot of barter items and I am really sad to see it gone.
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