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Found 150 results

  1. I have everything done for prapor and peacekeeper. I have max loyalty, reached level 29 and have well over the amount of money spent at them, yet they arent leveling up. I've restarted my game and it still isnt showing.
  2. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  3. ChilliCheeseDog

    Anyone else getting this bug?

    I traded off a T H I C C items case for a lab arsenal key. Small problem, i'm not receiving the key. I've waiting 30 minutes or so and i'm afraid to close the game, but i haven't gotten the key but it ate my case. As far as i'm aware, the person with the key has received the case.
  4. So essentially some red dots have weird sighting issues. I put some effort into representing this with a test that took me a long while. I executed this test with all sights ranged down to their lowest range to ensure that it wasn't the problem, and in fact, it wasn't! As you may see, the difference in the sights are quite minuscule, however, these problems make the MPX obsolete in ranges above 100 meters. Some may say that this isn't an issue because nobody uses the MPX, but with the upcoming additions to MPX modding, this issue needs to be addressed (if not already). So down below, I took a bit to screenshot exactly what I'm talking about, using a variety of sights (about 11 of them I think). Line in which I'm aiming at is shown in red whereas the impact of the bullets are shown in green. Also take note of the position of the laser when changing the sights. It seems like the bullets are traveling into the laser rather than the crosshairs (this should not happen as typically IRL you can change the sighting of both the laser and sight). Anyway, let me know if anyone is aware of this issue, and don't be harsh if I'm just too stupid to realize that this isn't a flaw. -Thanks for your time!
  5. I'm experiencing more often, that i'm getting shot through that much foliage, even while moving, switching positions in so much cover without even spotting the shooter, while he knows everytime exactly where im at. I refuse to call hacks/cheats/glitches easily, but found some russian video on YouTube, where you can see how this could be explained. Every foliage is gone, the game looks shitty though, but you can spot players half across the map. Now.. my question in this whole thing is: Isn't this also some kind of cheating? Will such ppl also get banned? It's such a massive advantage to not have that much, or even no foliage on every outdoor fight situation. Any1 had some similiar experiences?
  6. AlekTheHero

    Game Breaking Glitch

    Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I was in labs and doors did not work and when I walked into a bathroom and tried to close the doors behind me they glitched open. Every time I tried to leave it glitched me back. Error code when it teleported me back to the door [Exception] : Exception: Key already been added `2[System.Int32,LootItem]. (Int32 , .LootItem ) EFT.GameWorld.[LootItem] (.LootItem ) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) :UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EFT.GameWorld:(LootItem) LootItem:Init(Item, String, , GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Boolean) LootItem:(GameObject, Item, String, GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Boolean) LootItem:(GameObject, Item, String, GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Boolean, Vector3) EFT.GameWorld:CreateStaticLoot(GameObject, Item, String, GameWorld, Boolean, String[], String, Vector3) EFT.GameWorld:(, Boolean, Player) EFT.:MoveNext() Diz.Jobs.JobScheduler:LateUpdate()
  7. Lightel

    Vente multiple d'un même objet

    Depuis la .11 j'ai remarqué que lorsque je vends un objet, parfois, l'objet réapparaît dans mon stash après un raid ce qui me permet de le vendre une deuxième fois. J'ai eu le cas avec un set, une ak 74 M full mod et un Saiga full mod. Aucun message d'erreur rien et je garde bien l'argent de la première vente. Le glitch a marché sur le flea market et chez les traders. Le saiga était dans une item case et le reste en dehors donc rien à voir avec un sac... Une chose a noter, a chaque vente je n'ai rien placé sur les cases anciennement occupées donc je ne sais pas si faire ça pourrait génerer une erreur ou faire disparaître un objet. Cependant pour l'instant je n'arrive pas à le reproduire volontairement. Ticket number : #858728

    Spa Tour Part 4 Glitch?

    I am sitting on the gens in room 219 west wing, but it doesn't complete the quest. Anyone know about this issue?
  9. HuskyNet

    Itemy nie przechodzą do stash

    Witam, dziś po zrobieniu questa u prapora dostałem 4 magazynki i 17k rubli. przeniosłem sobie spokojnie do stashu, klikam OK, i nagle wyskakuje mi jakiś błąd że nie można przenieść rzeczy, to myśle sobie dobra walić 17k i 4 magazynki mnie nie zbawią, tylko teraz po sprzedaniu KIBA 2 klucza za 289999 nie dostałem pieniędzy. Zamiast mieć 408k mam 138k. Naprawcie to błagam Oczywiście sprawdzałem czy można odebrać jeszcze raz w queście, pisało "Received"...
  10. saibot0

    New pistol glitch..?

    So there is a new pistol glitch, don't know it but yeah some guy is abusing it. Killed a guy FULLY modded glock, just had an extra magazine in a scav vest and no weapons at all when i killed him.
  11. Staale

    Can anyone explain this?

    Here i am in dorms and suddenly the third story door on the right side by marked room suddenly opens. In the video you can hear the sound of the door opening and i thought it was beneath me. I have never seen anything like this in the game, have they added some sort of new key or is this a glitch? Here's a screenshot of his name, as you can see he is only level 14. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/488015328035602445/501500739433267211/unknown.png
  12. This has happened to me many times now on customs and I see others posting about it with no solutions yet. I've gone to all 3 different extraction points and none of them work, I've tried dropping gear and picking it back up, everything I can think of in-game and nothing will allow me to extract. My only options are to either let the raid timer run out and I lose everything or just disconnect and lose everything that way. It's very frustrating bringing out your best loot, killing a bunch of fully geared players and then losing it all just because of a glitch.
  13. Did117

    New Cheat/hack/glitch!

    Invisible players kicked half of my team of the server and managed to kill all of us without a single fired shot. GD clan tag. Also DT clan tag. These people run in groups, cheating and collecting everything in their way. Ban them. Ban them all to hell. Absolutely game breaking and disgusting!
  14. CoolishShark44

    Game stuck at leaving raid

    My game has been stuck like this for the past hour 4 raids in to patch .10
  15. BDRMrTBag

    Nice new BUG

    So, quick and simple, had the game disconnect me from a factory raid, tried to get back in, didn't let me, I ALT-F4'd, now this is happening, anyone else getting this error? Or is this actually a new one?
  16. Just encountered this guy on a late night Customs raid. He had nothing but an Attack-2 backpack and his trusty hatchet in hand, did not take a single point of damage from any source. Just ran around and looted any and all PMCs we killed and stored the loot inside his backpack. Was wondering if this is some new invincibility glitch on Customs or if he was just a plain old douchy hacker. LINK: (We are getting pissed in swedish in the video, so be aware)
  17. I clicked on doing a offline raid and i am 100% no way what so ever. So i wanted to test something. then i instantly get into a raid ofc with no matching and the 10 second timer and then i disconnect and lose everything.....
  18. guilhermino_g

    HACKER EM TARKOV até quando...

    Hoje jogando com alguns amigos, nos deparamos em woods com um hacker de scav, o cara "tancou" nossos tiros sem nenhum equipamento, dei dois head shots no cara com SKS e não morreu, até quando vamos ser abordados por estes? Como fica os loots que essass nos roubam "in game"? Como fica o tempo que investimos "in game"? Ta impossível jogar dessa forma. Horário do Game 18 horas e 20 minutos... Não encontro suporte direto no tarkov..
  19. AssassinsDecree

    Game-Breaking Reload Glitch?

    Hey all, So I already know about the mechanic where you double tap reload and throw the mag to the ground to hurry and get the new on in. This is definitely not that. That motion has a certain animation and you can hear the mag hit the ground. I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen to them and if this was a glitch or yet a different mechanic. 1) Often when I go to reload a mag, especially a two-handed weapon like a the AK74u or the Saiga, i'll drop the mag to the ground but it happens when just performing a standard reload. Usually the mag should back in my tac vest, but instead it falls to the ground. No sound or animation is played and if you didn't look down at the ground or at your inventory as you are reloading, it is very easy to not realize you lost your mag. By every account this seems to be a glitch or bug and it is not replaceable by any action or set of actions I can find. Also, when it happens it continues happening from the start of a raid till the end. I'm not sure if restarting the game fixes it. 2) Also I randomly can't check my chamber and I've never been able to check ammo. Again, I haven't had trouble with any of these things at times but at others they just don't work at all. Again the problems last all for the entire round when it happens and again it is random when this will or will-not happen. 3) Finally, now always have a glitch that when I crouch, I cannot stand back up with any key but the jump key. Very annoying and has gotten me killed as I press the crouch button to uncrouch in a panic only for nothing to happen. But I can crouch again with the crouch button and am stuck in crouch till i press jump or prone. Does this happen to anyone else? Oh and this only happens when playing as my main character while playing in an online raid. It never happens while playing as a Scav or as offline in the test modes. I checked the forum for people having similar issues to these but didn't see any post about them. Playing on an Alienware gaming laptop if that helps devs narrow down the issue at all. Thanks.
  20. OwtaCtrl

    Is this guy cheating?

    So I'm played the video slow and hit him at least 3 times he shoots me and my friend with his basic vepr killing us both (both had face shields) and he took plenty of rounds from my friend too.
  21. i fcking died to a guy who was glitching on exit 3 door. how do u counter that?
  22. These people that are too scared to play the game correctly ruin the experience for everyone else. I'm hoping that this will be fixed soon. Here's a clip of me dying to another limp dick glitcher in the factory, maybe he can be banned based on this video. The account name is JH_. I can only submit a gif version to the forum so the quality is a little grainy, but if anyone would like the .mp4 file message me and i can share it. https://gph.is/2vKgbbq
  23. Nimble02

    Factory Exit Glitch

    I just recently hopped into a match of Factory and had someone blocking the exit with no gear on. They were invincible but they could still deal out damage. I don't know if anyone has experienced this but it was quite frustrating.
  24. ChilliCheeseDog

    So uh... hit reg?

    So, we were 3 manning factory with full kits to mess around because why not, y'know? Then the "fun" happens. We were clearing up to office, no troubles, we eviscerated a couple guys, i even took a whole TT mag to the torso, no issues... Little to no damage to my body armor (about two points) and then we hear someone bathroom. After waiting a little while, we go to clear it. Mind you we're all using Fast MT's, Altyn, Gazelle vest (don't remember what its called exactly), fort body armor for my boys, and we all had fully modded AK's and M4's, we go to clear bathroom.. I tag a guy twice in the face while he's standing on some lockers, lotta blood, we go in farther to clear it and I start unloading into the guy (his username is Venom- if its worth anything in the future) and he just two taps me with a PP-19 and i just get ducking wasted. he alone managed to one to two tap the rest of my guys. We got 3 man squad wiped by some cockhole with an UNTAR helmet and a PACA using a PP-19... I cannot see the logic behind that. at all. I get it, its a beta, but god damn
  25. riverareload3d


    I want to start off with I have no visual proof of what I am about to explain so believe me if you want. I am playing factory with a buddy and we go to extract from gate 3 we are both heavily geared. when we go to extract we open first door to the exfil when a naked ass player wielding only some sort of smg starts opening fire on us. My buddy runs around the blue container and I run around the other side he is now in front of the last door to get to the extract and I line my Holo on his head and dump all 30 rounds into his head (he is not wearing a helmet) and eats every single bullet. then turns to me while being shot at by my buddy and then kills me. Kind of pissed right now. Another bug or cheater has caused me to yet again loose my poo that I will not get back. - removed -
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