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Found 6 results

  1. TOY_Loyalty

    Loading Late

    For the 3rd time today in reserve me and my friend have loaded into reserve night raids and we both get killed instantly because we loaded in late matter of the fact 3 minutes late.. rip 500k all 3 times... ever since this update dropped it started doing this... why...
  2. Baconcandy000

    Scavs V. Community

    I've been playing since Alpha on and off, but with its optimization update of 0.85 I have finally been able to play a lot more however scavs, I have noticed take many rounds to put down for example, I shot a Scav twice with a suppressed Tokarev in the head and he just laughed it off and killed myself. My question is that whenever I shoot at scavs the damage dealt to the seems like its reduced when compared to players I don't know this is I just know that it seem's ridiculous how much it takes to drop a Scav
  3. How come every time i get into a firefight with someone my frames drops to 3 or the guy is jotting around being made a virtual shimmer? How come sometimes i load into a game, I instantly get disconnected loosing all the stuff i kitted up with to enter a raid? Now i feel like i can't take anything of value out into a raid with me, just in case i loose it due to server connection issues. It's like a 15% chance of happening. Please Fix!
  4. ajftw2

    Trader Money Glitching

    Is anyone else experiencing their money spent with a trader being reset when selling things to them? I recently noticed this when selling stuff to Skier but I also noticed it with Prapor and Peacekeeper as well though I haven't experienced it with any of the other traders. I'm assuming there's some sort of bug in the code that causes certain items/values that are causing internal issues. I'm still experiencing this so if anyone has any tips for fixing or further knowledge of the issue then please share!
  5. Shooter206

    Apparently I am a Scav God

    So apparently I cannot die as a Scav, I also cannot interact with bodies/objects OR exit the raid. However what I can do is kill both NPC's and players. To those few players who were in this match and died to me (including one seriously pissed fully geared one) I'm sorry that this scav i spawned as apparently drank from the holy grail giving him immortality. Recap of this session (still ongoing as I type this post btw, no sense in worrying since this scav has been ordained by god) total kills with knife 7. total kills with spawned in AK 2. times I've been hit (around 30+?) Times I've sat still and been headshot trying to get a player to kill me (~10) Grenades ate from full geared player (4) times hit with hatchet (maybe 7?) limbs of mine crippled 0 damage taken 0 status effects 0 loot obtained 0 (below is a screenshot of the knife only carnage since I cant get ammo or a gun)
  6. Equinox123123

    Why cant i max the trader Prapor?

    currently in escape from tarkov i can not max my loyalty level with the trader Prapor. I have spent MORE then 1m dollars on him and i meet the level requirement, yet i do not get the max loyalty level. Is this intentional or a bug? please help / fix ASAP! TY
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