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Found 11 results

  1. leZeus

    Add the MICRO RONI for glocks

    This is a mod suggestion for the glock, this mod would transform a regular glock from a pistol into a semi automatic rifle. This is called the "CAA RONI G2-9 Glock Pistol to Carbine Conversion Stock"
  2. MKev

    Upcoming Glock

    Hello all. I just got informed that there was a recent interview with Nikita Buyanov on a youtube video in the Russian speaking forum. It is not available in english yet but a friend who speaks russian told me it was mentioned that the M16A4 is coming alongside with a Glock Handgun. Don't know when but to hear that BSG is working on it is great news. If somebody has translated the video or knows a english subtitled version of the video please let me know. But for now my toughts on that: I can't wait to hold the m16a4 in hands since it is the opponent AR Rifle to the AKM or the older AK47. When it comes to Glock i hope it is the Glock 41 with .45 ACP Rounds. I was hoping to see the .45ACP Colt M1911 commando or similar first, but i am fine with Glock. Since it comes in versions with burst or full-auto modes. To give you all an better look about the Glock, i have a nice video here from my Shooting Sports Colleague and Gunny-Legend Jerry Miculek: I'm a fan of miculek and recommend his other videos. Regarding the Topic and the Video where Nikita Buyanov is talking about developement and what comes up in Beta visit this topic: Would love to see your thoughts on this, and if somebody has a translated or english subtitled video of this Nikita talk any information would be highly appreciated. best regards, MKev
  3. LostInTheABCs

    Glock Sight Mod

    I'm level two with the Mechanic and I got the Aimtech Tiger Shark sight mounl, but I can't find an actual sight for the glock. Does anyone know which sights work and where to find them? Thanks
  4. JacksonBarret

    Glock 17

  5. evanrudy

    Glock 21 45 Auto

    The Glock 21 chambered in .45 ACP. The bigger brother of the Glock 17 with larger dimensions to fit the larger .45 ACP Catridge. *Had the photoshop itch
  6. TheColdVein

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Dear players, we are so excited about the upcoming patch that we decided to keep the ball rolling! Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the unveiling of the new Glock 17 Gen3 that will be coming to a trader near you! There will be 30 mods for this so you can make the Glock of your dreams. ENJOY!
  7. The_Echoholic

    Auto Sear for the Glock 17 Gen3?

    Good day everyone i was just wondering if anyone else would like for a auto sear to be implemented. So i made a poll
  8. Forien

    Glock? Glock.

    My entire stash is now glock. Even my glock has a glock. I'm afraid that if I open my fridge there will be glock as well. Can't wait for more glock. Need more glock. Maybe this glock? That's some glocking piece of glock. With regards, Glock. PS. glock. PPS. Yes, it's fun/parody/whatever thread in off-topic forum. PPPS. I'm neither glock fanboi nor hater. PPPPS. I would really glock that glock from the image.
  9. Just wondering for the M16 and the Glock. Will the glock have a full auto mode and will the M16 be limited to a three round burst
  10. MyMomSaysImLazy


    WOW, i reallu hope glocks willl be in the game with allot of mods holy poo glock is my favourite gun!
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