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Found 1 result

  1. Well I am taking a break....

    Due to the rampant desync, certain groups who I shall not speak the name, "dare I get banned from the forums" the hacking, the lies and false narrative spread by everyone from the top to the person who pre-ordered last week, and the blatant toxicity of the forums and in-game ideology and idiocracy, I give up. It is no longer fun when people camp spawn locations(at the time of this post spawned in as a scav to be gunned down by a "basic hatchet man with a pistol" who just got an ak off me for free") gang up in huge numbers as well as abuse the gamma container glitch and run around factory with a ducking glitched keddar with a silencer and a sight. This is some of the stuff people want to keep hush hush about and never acknowledge. It is sad, Il update this post tomorrow with a reply because I plan on giving away all my stash. about 5 mil in MPX, fully modded ak-74Ns, M4s, defender armor, helmets, nvgs, keddars, svs, sks, a lot of stuff I worked hard for but I would rather just give it away instead of losing it to some bull poo *insert bug, glitch, hacker, any reason currently plaguing the build here*. So let me know if anyone is interested and how I can give you stuff or just buy you some decent gear. I am not salt, sweaty, or trying to shitpost, I am just TIRED. Stevie