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Found 5 results

  1. Hello friends and people who spawn camp, I have run into a predicament. my buddy ditched my gear in a far corner bush of a customs run, so there was slim to no chance a scav or another player could find it. I had an M1 rig filled with mags, a trizip, VSS, and Altyn. I was wondering if every item has to be dropped individually in order to be returned in insurance, or if I would be able to shove everything in the bag (as my friend did) and hide it. I'm kinda peeved about it, as I have roughly about 40-400k roubles at any given time; but we all know how it goes, Tarkov giveth, and Tarkov taketh away. If anyone has an answer as to what I should do as far as my insurance, or if anyone has an answer regarding the 'stacked in a bag' issue, that would be the proverbial tits.
  2. CmdrLudwig

    Twitch drops missing

    Hi! I've been collecting my drops since day 1 of the twitch-event. Since there was no timer on when I needed to claim them I just let prapor store them all up until today. However when I checked all my drops today 9 drops had gone missing. All of the drops are from 8+ days ago and I can easily see what's missing based on the history of my drops from twitch. But they have disappeared from prapor, the messages with the "Get" button is not there either. Are the drops supposed to just run out like that? or what happened?
  3. I did the Friend from the West - Part 1 and gave away my MBSS with all my good stuff like Bitcoins and the whole good stuff... Why the hell I cant? look which MBSS I give away? why I have to play 50/50 ? That should be patch... I know dat somebody with a EOD version has no problem with taht... But people with the Standart version have to(caus of spaceproblems) Stack MBSS >.> The same problem happens if u wanna sell something to Skir
  4. sneezecheese

    1 bullet dissapear after raid

    The bullet wich is in the chamber of the gun dissapears after you’ve done a raid succesfully. The mag always says like 19/20 but when I inspect the gun there is no bullet in the chamber. Where do these bullets magically go?
  5. So i was doing the Skier quest friend from the west part 1 where you need to hand over 2 mbss and 6 avs vests. When i was doing this i had al my money stored in a wallets inside an mbss (to save space and organize it). I got 2 mbss for the quest (so 3 in total) and when i wanted to hand them in i clicked auto thinking it would not hand in the backpack with the money in it.... But it did. I lost over 1.5M Roubles, 5k EU and 15k USD. I would of course like it back but i know this is impossible since everyone can claim to have this happend to them. I would have like it if you made it so you can't hand in items with items or money inside for quest thus making them disapear. I added a picture of 0 0 0 for "proof" even if it isn't that special.
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