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Found 4 results

  1. DanielCarver

    More gore, body consistency, physics.

    Will there be more gore in the future? It will make the game even more realistic/fun/hardcore when you can lose limbs. For example specific damage on the body occurs depending what type of ammo a player uses would add serious awesome gameplay! Animations for dying/critical wounded npc's/player like physical reaction as in real life when receiving a headshot where the body almost simulates a hard knock out. Here is an example from the game 'Insurgency Sandstorm' ps: Thanks Devs for making this game without any political agenda/political correctness - much respect!! Unique gameplay and definitely my favorite game of all time! Cheers
  2. Burrower


    Gore & dismemberment would be amazing. After total blood loss in body parts, the next rounds (depending on the type of weapon/caliber being used) could blow off limbs, chunks, etc. from the body. This would add more realism to the game without making dismemberment too complex. Mind that this would only work after the next shot is guaranteed to kill.
  3. slicksloth

    Gore/Realistic damage

    Before all the veterans and murderers say sht like ''that is not how it happens in real life'', i do not want unrealistic action movie gore but when you shoot someone it should be responsive. I know that there are more important things to add and fix right now but small details like this are also important. I am against dismemberment, i feel like it just wouldn't fit the game and take up too much time. But things like 3D bullet wounds, blood pools, locational blood spilling, chunks, blood staining cloth should be added. yes it will get a higher rating, solution to that is making it an extra download or free dlc which some devs have already done. if violence in games disturbs you even tho you are buying a game where you kill people there is always a turn off option.
  4. The experience of hitting and injuring enemies in this game can easily be improved with a few changes. Currently, when you shoot an enemy, a blood stain is spawned ONLY if there is a surface behind the character. Spawning a stain near the character that got hit, even when there is no surface behind him, should be implemented. Blood pools, if you will not make a new decal and animate it, could be easily done by spawning a few stains where the dead character got hit, like in ArmA 3 Bloodlust mod. When a character gets hit, there is a chance that he will be bleeding from the injury, however, there is no visual representation of this bleeding. Stains should be spawned under the character every few seconds when he is bleeding, and again, if you will not make a new decal for it, just use the existing blood decals, just make them smaller during bleeding. The blood decals on characters is a nice touch, and I especially like that if you get hit in the leg, and you look at your character's legs, there will be blood where you got hit. That is a very nice touch, however, the size of the decals on characters is too small, and too vertical. You should increase the size and the width to make it look more like a gunshot wound instead of a cut, and keep the current ones for hatchet and knife attacks. Lastly, I've seen in a few early trailers that character's weapons drop out of their hands on death. It looks so much better than what we have in the Beta currently, and you should make the characters drop their weapons out of their hands upon death. If you had it before, it will then be easy to reimplement it. Those are just a few suggestions, what do you think of them? I've attached a few screenshots of the results I achieved by shooting dead characters, taking their weapons and dropping them on the floor, and it looks way better than what we currently have in the Beta.
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