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Found 20 results

  1. Hey Guys, Hope someone here can assist me in the matter. I bought a 3080 end of October, and EFT was better than ever hitting Fps Cap on all maps with a few dips to 105-121 Fps here and there. After recent patches im Hitting 27-35 Fps and the game is not using 30% of my Gpu. before i would use at least 80% Gpu and 60-70% Cpu. i have tried re doing Nvidia Drivers , tested with a few other Drivers up until the latest Driver. when i enter the raid Gpu sits at 80-90% Gpu usage and fps at around 100-122Fps and 15 or so seconds later you can see the Gpu ramping down to around 500-
  2. Hello everyone, sorry for posting off-topic stuff here but I couldn't find the hardware forum. Anyways, I wanted to discuss about the recommended graphics card for tarkov, cause my old RX480 won't play anything other than customs (at more than 40FPS). So what do you guys think? I'm taking advice for new and old cards as well. Here's my system info Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3000 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s) Motherboard : Z370 GAMING PLUS (MS-7B61) RAM : 24.0 GB GPU
  3. I think it would be a great idea, to add different kinds of graphicscards, so there would be a low tier, mid tier (could be the existing) and high end which would be very rare.
  4. Olá galerinha Esse ainda é um assunto muito comentando aqui no fórum, muita gente tem duvida se a maquina que possui é capaz de rodar o jogo "de boa". Sendo assim decidi criar esse tópico, pretendo deixar mais explicado, mas caso você não tenha um conhecimento sobre hardware e não entenda algo, vou deixar o tópico aberto para perguntas. Quero lembrar também que o jogo está em beta e em determinadas fases do beta o jogo já recebeu certas melhorias na optimização e isso deve acontecer novamente no futuro, sendo assim sempre busque feedback's mais atuais da situação real do jogo.
  5. Hello everyone, I was just posting today to ask about your graphic cards. I'm currently playing on an RX480, and on good days I get 60-70 FPS on customs. But the moment I get any scope that's more than 2x and look at a tree on woods I easily fall to 30. Lost quite a few kits to that hardware problem and it's very annoying. So I was asking to see what cards you guys play on! Do you guys get good FPS? What are your graphic settings? Looking for some cheap upgrades that would work nicely as well. Heard some people talk about GTX1080ti, would a GTX1080 work just as we
  6. Hi all, So, I've been waiting for 50 hours for my Graphics Card to get crafted and I was almost literally waiting above the intelligence center the last 15 minutes of the craft to get the item. I noticed that when the craft finished there was no notification sound so I went to check if the item was ready and it was. I clicked on Get Items and boom, Error moving items appeared and got me back to starting screen. I enter hideout again and what I see is my Graphics Card still being crafted and still having 10 hours to be done. Is this a joke? I was literally waiting for 50 hours an
  7. lilbicky

    Can’t get 60fps in Tarkov

    For a while now I’ve been struggling to reach a solid 60fps in Tarkov. Lately it’s been horrible with my frames staying around the 30fps mark. Any other game I play (Valorant, Apex Legends, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, etc.) runs perfect with solid frames and no issues, yet I struggle with Tarkov. I’ve done tons of internet searching to find an answer but have only managed to learn that Tarkov is a CPU intensive game, and that you should increase the quality of graphical settings to take some of the load off of the CPU and onto the GPU. I’m currently using an AMD RX 580 8gb graphics card, so I sh
  8. Moin Moin ihr lieben, Ich versuche nun schon seit einem Monat das spiel vernünftig zum Laufen zu bekommen. Nie komme ich mal über konstante 60 FPS, immer schwankten meine FPS zwischen 27 und 71 FPS … Meine CPU ist zu 28 % ausgelastet und meine Graka zu 61 % wenn überhaupt. Im Internet suche ich auch schon seit Wochen nach Lösungen und ich habe Sämtliche nein … WIRKLICH ALLE Einstellungen und “FPS Guides„ durch … Ich schaff es nicht … Interessant ist das ich im Offline Modus → ohne Scavs / Bosse auf 120 FPS komme. Die Graka ballert auf 98 % durch und der CPU qualmt. Na ist doch geil! So
  9. swats73

    Multi GPU crossfire/Sli

    Hi all Would any one know if Multi GPU will be supported from Beta or final release or not at all?
  10. boudoir33

    Changement de carte graphique. Aide ?

    Bonjour voila j'ai ma nouvelle config depuis plusieurs mois la voici: Alim Seasonic focus plus 750w gold Carte mère msi x470 gaming plus 2x8go ddr4 g'skill x-flare 3200mhz cas 14 Ryzen 7 2700x 1 ssd 240go kingston + 1ssd samsung evo 860 500go Carte graphique: Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury Nitro Tri-X OC "cg doccaz" j'avais plus de finance pour avoir un gpu plus costaud ou neuf. Je joue en 1080p P.S je jouais avant la 0.12 je ne peux jouer là étant à l'étranger pour encore quelques mois. Bon voila je tournai bien mais "j'ai l'impression d'avoir plus de drop de fps" c
  11. Anyone notice low gpu usage with a 1080ti? It appears to my dismay and woe that, I cannot get this game to use more of my card. I7-7820x 4.4Ghz (8 core 16 Thread) msi gtx 1080ti 16 GB [email protected] I am saddened :(. p.s- anyone know what gameupload is? That appears to be always red for me. Thank you for the answers
  12. ImmaBirdMF

    Just Another Low FPS Question

    Hello guys just wanted to ask about my rig and the fps its getting. I pretty much did all the solutions multi monitor/scaling dpi/high or realtime affinity thingy. But still getting 35-40ish FPS on Shoreline and I'm not counting scoping... its like 15-20 fps.(I know it creates 2 seperate images of the direction im looking) Woods and Customs are pretty much butter smooth not even counting Factory. I also forgot to mention i get low usage of cpu and gpu at the same time its like %40ish for both. I'm all on ears for any suggestions with tinkering the options and things like that. I'm no
  13. EpicOblivion

    Game hardware question

    Really curious as to why Tarkov is demanding so much RAM? I have an 8gb 1070 that is using around 3%? Like i really am curious as to why it is doing this. This game runs on the Unity engine which isn't that demanding right? Technical explanations would be great. Thanks.
  14. Anthonyl59

    Low fps with 1080ti AMD R5 1600

    Just a quick question.. we have a few PC's at home,, My sons rig is an Intel I5-7500 with an AMD RX 580, 16Gb Ram and an SSD. My rig is an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with an Nvidia GTX 1080ti, 16Gb Ram and SSD. Tarkov runs at 2560 x 1080 on his machine at around 150fps at Customs while my machine on same settings at 2560 x 1440 runs at around 50 - 60 fps. (Have also tried running my screen at the same res as his but the fps barely changes. So my question is,, is this game better suited towards Intel based machines or AMD graphics cards?
  15. GinsuGames

    100% gpu

    Gpu usage is 100% on loading screens which is killing my GPU with these 15 minute matching times. Please fix as I like this game and would also like to keep my graphics card https://gyazo.com/a26baf8590770aa1b2fbc34554c4c622
  16. Hello, I am report this issue because it is detrimental to my game play. I bought the EoD edition for the SHEER reason of supporting the devs because what you guys have going here is incredible. I have only played EFT on an Alienware laptop (Trust me if I had the choice I would never have gotten near the thing ;P) and it works by using both Intel Graphics and a 1070 as conjoined member (I am unable to shut off the Intel graphics without the computer cutting off access to the 1070). Currently what is going on is EFT does not know how to function properly in this environment and splits the
  17. So apparently game locks itself to use only 50%of gpu and uses only one core of the cpu which might cause low fps. So I don't know man how to fix this rather than buying the most expensive hardware or wait for devs to fix it. Anyways it's going to take time. See u on tarkov
  18. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but sometimes in a raid, my game freezes for almost 2 o 3 seconds, this could happen anytime in a raid. Not only the game is frozen during that moment, everything in the PC freezes, even Discord. This only happen with EFT, it never happened with other game, thats the reason why I think that the problem is with EFT. No idea if is it something wrong with my pc or the configuration of the game. If someone know something about it, please tell me.
  19. I've noticed a large memory leak. When I launch, the game uses about 3,000mb of VRAM, but after only a few minutes, it's using 5,000mb, and after 40 minutes, I run out of memory and my pc black screens and crashes. I think part of that problem is the fact I have a multi-core gpu (8x) The issue being I have 128GB of VRAM, but the game can only use one core (16gb). Pls help.
  20. So I have noticed that the game uses 100% of GPU's usage on menus and on loading screen. It's very bad for power consumption and produces a lot of heat. I have nvidia geforce 960gtx 4GB (SLI). The game runs well but it's insane that on menu and loading screen GPU usage is 100%. So I suggest that there would be option to cap the menu FPS and still let the in-game FPS be non capped.
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