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Found 10 results

  1. hoodedpatriot

    Weapon Tag and Icon Graphic Idea

    I think it would essentially be a good idea to add metal weapon tag and icon graphic for Escape From Tarkov weapons. Now some may say that is a bad idea which I agree if there are no restrictions to this idea. Restrictions: Reach a specific level Complete a quest Design boundary limits on the weapon Weapon Tag 6 characters long Benefits: Can be kept as a trophy case if eliminating top level twitch streamers or people in leader-board. Weapon has a name and it is becomes more precious to you and because why not? Graphic Concept attached
  2. guilhermino_g


    We can use reshade in the game? thank for all.
  3. ElPonchoNegro

    Scintillements des éléments fins

    Bonjour, Je joue a tarkov depuis quelques semaine et malgré toutes les recherches effectuées sur le forum ou ailleurs je n'ai pas trouvé de personne qui soit exactement dans le même cas. J'ai enregistré une vidéo mais après upload sur youtube on ne vois plus rien (baisse de qualité en 360p). Le herbes en mouvement, les feuillages des arbustes et des arbres, les câbles électriques, les barbelé sur les clôtures etc... scintillent en permanence et d'autant plus quand je me déplace. En gros, c'est comme si tout les "éléments fins" du jeu clignotais ce qui rend les parties terribles ^^. J'ai testé pas mal de chose: - Paramètre graphique in game (low - Ultra - avec ou sans effets) --- pas de changement notable - Reshade (EFT Graphic mod update 2 (21 Aug 17:43) et UltiHD v1.5 Sharp / Blur) --- Le jeu est bien plus beau mais ça scintille toujours! - Panneau de config nvidia (AA, DSR avec lissage etc..) --- J'arrive à imposer au jeu les effets nvidia mais ça ne résous rien Je suppose qu'en augmentant la résolution je verrais moins ce "scintillement" mais je n'ai pas d'écran 4K. Je ne comprend pas si c'est la même galère pour tout le monde ou si ça vient de moi puisque sur la majorité des vidéos de tarkov il n'y a pas ce bug d'affichage. Si quelqu'un à une idée de ce que c'est et même mieux une solutions je suis preneur ! Config: Windows 10 x64 - MSI GTX 970 - i7-2600K 3.4GHz - 16G Ram DDR3 1600 MHz
  4. So I have noticed, that there has been some back and forth on sweetfx and reshade and some people saying it can now be bannable and other saying it is not because it just changes the color palette and tweaks visual settings. I used to run reshade a few patches back and it made the game very beautiful as I've a higher-end system and really made the game more immersive. Could a moderator or somebody just tell me if it is against the terms of service, and if it is what is the purpose for it being against the TOS? Just wondering before I reinstall it... EDIT:I have seen that some people state it is ban-able because you can change FOV if you mess with it, however I don't see this option anywhere and don't believe it is in my preset? anyone that can comment?
  5. Burrower


    Gore & dismemberment would be amazing. After total blood loss in body parts, the next rounds (depending on the type of weapon/caliber being used) could blow off limbs, chunks, etc. from the body. This would add more realism to the game without making dismemberment too complex. Mind that this would only work after the next shot is guaranteed to kill.
  6. SOAS_Oni

    Graphic Improvement

    Hi everybody - Dear fellow Escapers! I hope this topic doesn't already exist somewhere here in the forum, at least I couldn't find it - so yeah, I'm sorry in advance if this topic has already been discussed. Anyways, I've been playing EFT for about 3 weeks now and also watched a lot of streams/youtube videos from people like TheDevilDogGamer, DeadlySlob etc. ... who were one of the reasons, I even bought this game, because it always looked so freaking tempting and tbh I don't regret it at all - I'm really enjoying the game so far For your info: My PC can run games like Witcher 3 etc. on Ultra without any problems and about 100-120 FPS. - I'm using a gsync monitor (vsync is turned off) and never had problems in tarkov - though, when I watch videos from the youtubers/streamers, their game looks so good and it runs extremely smoove. It shows that I have about 100-130 FPS while playing the game. Now the thing is: I have seen a lot of people using the reshade program, which basically is just for making the game more uhm let's say "colourful" - please correct me if I'm wrong - I tried it, works fine. But does anyone of you know what kind of settings the youtubers use to make their game so good looking and smoove? - I've been looking for an answer for days now and couldn't really find the perfect solution. I could probably even run the game in 4K but not sure if it's already compatible with it. Could it be that the gsync is causing troubles? or am I just maybe too dumb to find the perfect settings? Anyway, thanks in Advance for any kind of help/tips and may ur scavs not hit one single bullet and your loot be glorious <3 peAce out, Oni
  7. Hello, Could we have separate games/servers for players that use high graphic settings? Option to join only servers that force player to use medium to high graphic settings. Right now I don't want to be in a disadvantage against other players and I'm forced to use low settings. All my friends do the same, so your cool graphics are wasted. Please do something about this. Keep the Hardcore approach! this game is super! PS. Factory is too easy when you have 5-man group, make it harder!
  8. Shinyleapfrog

    Intel Integrated taking priority?

    SO for some reason the Intel Integrated graphics has taken priority over my Nvidia 1070, would the devs be able to drop a hotfix to enable an option in the settings to choose a GPU to run on. PS: I have tried going into Nvidia control panel and told it to default to the 1070, to be used instead. However EFT still chooses II instead.
  9. Xenome-111

    Anti aliasing

    Can we get some kind of anti aliasing in this game. This game definitely needs some anti aliasing with all the aliasing worse in windy situations. Otherwise a very beautiful game. Pls devs.
  10. keyciraptor


    Somehow i have the strange feeling the game doesnt look like the gameplays on youtube. I dont know, but it looks kinda weak, i dont know how to say... but it doesnt feel like the pictures they show on twitter etc. am i totally wrong? (playing it on a monster pc with maxed out settings in 4k)
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