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  1. nicholaspack25

    Huge FPS dropoff

    When I started playing Tarkov the game ran completely seamlessly, no lag and no frame drops even while fighting (im on a gaming laptop specs attached below) does anybody know what I should do? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, sorry for posting off-topic stuff here but I couldn't find the hardware forum. Anyways, I wanted to discuss about the recommended graphics card for tarkov, cause my old RX480 won't play anything other than customs (at more than 40FPS). So what do you guys think? I'm taking advice for new and old cards as well. Here's my system info Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3000 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s) Motherboard : Z370 GAMING PLUS (MS-7B61) RAM : 24.0 GB GPU
  3. I think it would be a great idea, to add different kinds of graphicscards, so there would be a low tier, mid tier (could be the existing) and high end which would be very rare.
  4. Hello everyone, I was just posting today to ask about your graphic cards. I'm currently playing on an RX480, and on good days I get 60-70 FPS on customs. But the moment I get any scope that's more than 2x and look at a tree on woods I easily fall to 30. Lost quite a few kits to that hardware problem and it's very annoying. So I was asking to see what cards you guys play on! Do you guys get good FPS? What are your graphic settings? Looking for some cheap upgrades that would work nicely as well. Heard some people talk about GTX1080ti, would a GTX1080 work just as we
  5. Simp_93

    FoV (viewmodel and world)

    Adding in a viewmodel FoV slider would be a great help. At the moment, the gun is obtrusive and too close to the face obscuring much more than realistic and presents a generally unaesthetic image. The ability to raise the world FoV higher would be welcome as well. I understand that given the means you have implemented in this game 75° vertical comes out around 107° horizontal. My humble reqeust is the ability to raise it higher so that those of us who encounter motion sickness can play and have a more pleasant experience. Generally speaking, playing below a 120° FoV introduces nausea into
  6. Доброго времени суток товарищи ! (данное предложение адресовано аниматорам EFT в целом, и аниматору Kiba в частности) Предлагаю вариант решения древней проблемы «приклеенного оружия к глазам». Суть проблемы: почти во всех играх с видом от первого лица – оружие буквально вклеено в камеру обзора, и в момент ввода движения с мыши, происходит поворот, как камеры, так и модели оружия одной группой. Тоесть камера обзора и модель оружия в данном случае является единой частью персонажа… Такой подход к механике обзора является проблемой по двум причинам: 1) При получении ка
  7. I own a pretty decent PC that can run almost any game medium or higher but this game just runs terribly will the BSG team be working on optimizing it for better frames for most decent gaming computers. It would be a big help for people who dont own very expensive gaming rigs
  8. Hey guys, i dont know if this is the correct place to ask this, but my game for some reason has worse aliasing after some update. Ive been playing the game for about a month now and the game always looked very nice and clean when it came to anti-aliasing, but now something changed and i see shimmers in places i have never seen before and some of those shimmers are really disadvantagous. The fences shimmer really badly now, to a point where from a certain distance i can barely see through them, also today i discovered crazy shimmering on door frames in long hallways, thin stair railings only st
  9. spacemarine2142

    Streaming question about heavy pixelation

    Hey guys, my Tarkov stream has been stupid pixelated and I can't figure out how to help kill some of it. This is my current rig, obs settings, and graphics. Rig: Cpu: ryzen 9 3900xt Gpu: gtx 1080 ti Ram: 16gb 3200mhz cl14 Ssd: samsung 960 evo Obs: Encoder: x264 Cbr: 6000 kbps Cpu preset: medium Profile: high Tarkov graphics: Texture: high Shadows: high Object lod: 2 Visibility: 2000 Shadow visibility: 40 Antialiasing: TAA High Resampling: 1x off Hbao: off Ssr: off Anisotropic
  10. Hey peeps, I made a performance video a little while ago breaking down what all the graphics settings do and why setting everything to low may not net you the best frame rate. From that video I got a lot of questions on how to get past the refresh rate of your display, so I made a quick vid on the different settings and how you can unlock your FPS. Hope y'all find it helpful.
  11. Hello... New player here. This isn't a repeat post, but I had a problem earlier and posted it in a general discussion thread coz I have no idea what I'm doing just yet. I was fooling around with Graphics Settings and I inadvertently blew up the window size and locked myself out of Game Settings, no matter what I did in the game I couldn't access the Game Settings icon because it kept dropping below the task bar and was just out of reach no matter what I did. As a new player, I'm sure other new players might find that not having the game settings icon at the top of the page, or promi
  12. Ni_Johnny

    Graphics bug, sharpness reset

    So I've been trying to figure out whats causing this problem, I searched forums, Google and what not but couldnt find the solution. Heres the thing - every single raid I go in, my shaprness resets, I have it at max and since the latest update as soon as I load in into the raid, my shaprness goes back to default, although it says that its at max. Only solution to this problem that I have found out is to go to Settings, while in raid, click Save and exit the main menu. That fixes it but only for that raid. I have to repeat that process in every raid I load in to. Does anyone know why is
  13. slayergonewild

    Graphical glitch

    When I am playing I randomly get stutters where grey and black lines flash across my screen covering the whole screen rendering the game unplayable. I have to tried deleting everything and fresh installing and that did not fix it. I have tried v-sync on and off and changed multiple settings such as shadows textures etc. When I record the game it does not show up in the footage it just something I can physically see and it only happens on tarkov.
  14. HideOnBush

    EFT Graphic bug

    Hallo, Ich habe ein Problem mit der Auflösung in EFT. Bei mir fehlt die 1920x1080 Einstellung sie ist einfach irgendwann einmal weggegangen ich habe schon alles versucht. Das Game sieht so komisch verpixelt aus und dadurch hab ich einen enormen nachteil. Ich hab EFT auch schon neuinstalliert ich weiß nicht was ich machen soll ;( Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen ❤️ mfg Edwin
  15. Hello, I turned off " Noise " In graphics, but the game still looks grainy / an old film. What to do?
  16. PIKAJEW666

    Could i run it?

    i have 8gb ram, 4gb vram, intel core i5 2600HQ, nividia GTX 960m. could i run the game with this? what settings? and what fps (i mean like an estimate on the fps i may get!)
  17. Logor

    FOG comparison

    Hey, Compare these two screenshots : first is mine, second one is from twitcher Kotton See ! I've never seen such clear weather. How do you do that ? I find the fog irrealistic, I mean, I can see moutains at over 100km distance from my window but can't see a tree at 300m in tarkov ?? I've tried every graphic setting I could. How does he do that ? Thanks
  18. Формирование кадра (Rendering) в текущей версии движка Unity реализовано с ограниченным набором спец.эффектов, в особенности отложенных эффектов (post-processing), и не несёт в себе некоторых довольно значительных функций для сохранения динамики в итоговом кадре. Иначе говоря - каждый сформированный сейчас кадр выглядит довольно статично и не связан с предыдущим кадром почти ничем, кроме эффектов со вспышками. Про переход на обновлённую версию Unity2018 говорилось уже многое и ещё многое будет сказано, но хотелось бы предложить разработчикам уделить внимание следующим эффектам при переход
  19. Send_Puppy_Pics

    Future graphics for Escape from Tarkov

    Hey there developers, I'm impressed with the game so far in terms of the ideas you guys have brought to the game. I was wondering if you guys saw what unity put out on January 16, 2018 where they showed the Book of the Dead teaser. I was really impressed with what they did on unity and was wondering if you guys are inspired by it. Is this your graphical target for the game? What should we expect in terms of graphics on what you guys would want to improve and how pretty would you guys want to make the game look, because it would be really nice if you guys ended up with gr
  20. Sup3rn0va


    Would love to have some kind of benchmark, camera that runs trough e.g customs and goes trough dorms, with constant weather and time so it would be a little easier to tune for optimal fps and visuals.
  21. Tabular

    RX Vega performance

    People who own an RX Vega - how is the performance of the game running? Average FPS for what resolution you're running. Low FPS? (I have an RX480 but am considering a new monitor at 1080p 144Hz wwith freesync - thus I'm considering Vega).
  22. ch40tic


    HQFXAA, MSAA and SMAA are these features planned ? thank you
  23. I'm not sure if I'm posting this correctly, as this is my first post, but I'd like to know if there is an option to play the game in borderless windowed mode? Basically a mode where it is full screen sized but its a window. That was you can alt+tab out of the game without it minimizing to your taskbar. If this option is not in the game, does anyone know if there are plans to implement it?
  24. So Gamma tricks & reshaders are ruining night missions. These people are breaking the game, and making it pointless to run at night. The re-shaders should land on the banned software list, and the gamma trick needs a nerf (I'm guessing eliminating or reducing ambient light would work).
  25. Okay, call me a noob(I'm level around 10 anyway) if you wish but I'm sick of getting sniped from bushes and its friends. Could anyone please tell me what settings should I change to get overall more visibility and smoother gunplay? I'm playing on high graphs. Just turned off the headbobbing, tuned up the FOV and it's way way better but I'm wondering if there is any other things such as this or if lowering graphics helps with visibility. Thanks for the answers.
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