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Found 3 results

  1. I'm a huge graphics nut, and thus after stumbling onto some alpha/pre-alpha footage of the game, have noticed some changes in the footage and in the product. I have noticed a trend with pre-alpha footage, being that there seems to be a ton more vegetation and dynamic lights just about everywhere, one of the examples being on the front light of the truck in the image below. I made some comparison shots so you could compare and discuss. I really like this game and would like to see the best of it when it eventually launches, the reason why i make those kinds of posts. The above picture is pre-alpha footage, showing a russian truck with working headlights, and more vegetation. Vegetation seems to be majorly lessened and the overall image feels less atmospheric, but that may be due to the fact that these shots have a different time of day. The locations aren't exactly the same, for all i know the pre-alpha picture might even be on a different map. But what strikes to me here is how much less vegetation there seems to be. The amount of trees is a lot less and they are farther apart, and the grass doesnt seem to be knee-high. The lower image was taken on customs, looking for the most lushy part in the map. I would also hope to hear your comments on this aswell, do you think this was made for gameplay reasons or as a remedy for bad framerate?
  2. Hello devs! Here is another suggestion to consider when it comes to tackling the age-old problem of effective camouflage when rendering characters at a distance where there is no grass layer or shadows. I've included text in the image gallery, so let's get going!
  3. Hello! Some bits and pieces I have on my mind. I really love the concept of this game but there are some elements that are bugging me. Foliage I haven't seen any recent topics regarding the render distance of foliage, this topic might have already been addressed, but it is quite critical changes are made. Foliage is nice and makes the game immersive, but if it only renders 10 - 20 meters in front of you it's pretty pointless. I've found myself being killed so many times due to the fact the opponent had full visuals on me because the foliage in front of me isn't rendering for him. If I sit hunkered down in a sink with a lot of vegetation around me I cant see anyone (which in its own is all fine), but at the same time the enemy is standing 50 meters away and have no issues spotting my head. I've also had the complete opposite where I've come across people trying to hide in the foliage and made themselves easy targets instead. It just makes for very unfair game play (and a lot of frustration). In my opinion the render distance should at least be a couple of hundred meters. Vaulting I really hope some sort of vaulting mechanic will be added to the game at some point. The maps have so many obstacles that shouldn't be a problem climbing over, or even stepping over, but right now blocks your character all together (like tiny pipes, concrete blocks, logs, trash, railings etc...). SCAV spawns I quite often spawn in as a SCAV that's standing in an extraction zone. When that happens I'm able to take one or two steps before being sent back out of the raid again, with the "ran through" title. And of course the SCAV is on its cool down. Some sort of protection is needed, that prevents the character from extracting for a few seconds after connecting to the server.
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