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Found 22 results

  1. سلام تیم توسعه دهنده بازی به دنبال اطلاعاتی راجه باگ مربوط به شنیده نشدن صدای نارنجک ها و دیده نشدن نارنجک ها موقعی که پرتاب میشوند میگردد. اززمان آپدیت های 0.12.8 چنین مواردی دیده شده. :اگر شما هم با این مشکل مواجه شدید در صورت امکان یک پیام حاوی اطلاعات زیر به من بفرستید تا ارجاع داده بشه شماره تیکت باگ ریپورت- یک ویدیو از این مشکل داخل بازی- تاریخ و زمان رخ دادن این مشکل- توضیحات بیشتر و مچ آی دی ( کدی که در پایین سمت چپ تصویر داخل بازی نمایش داده میشود)ا-
  2. I think we all know that grenade spam is a big issue in this game. It takes a second to throw and you can have an unlimited amount in your vest. As a professional soldier it's something that really annoys me. In reality it takes a long time. About 5-10 seconds in a stressful situation. My suggestion is to remove the instant throw and use the already existing hotkey option. That way it makes it a tactical decision. Grenade throwing is scary, it's not something to take lightly. For reference:
  3. The grenade case added in patch 0.12.4 does not fit into the THICC item case. MedCase and cooler boxes that are almost the same size and the same element can be stored, Isn't this an attribute setting mistake inside the item? Exceptionally, a pistol case with a pistol and a magazine, and a cheap pistol case, It is understandable that the same THICC system cannot be stored to prevent too high-density compression by matryoshka storage, The grenade case does not apply to both, and you have to feel uncomfortable. Anyway, I store it forcibly with 3 * 3 bags, but what I can actually store is only one extra step, so I think it makes the play feeling worse. (Similarly, LuckyScavJunkBox in ItemCase is the same type as THICC because the array has a huge capacity.) --- Sorry, my English skills are noob. (Because,I'm japanese.But,this sense is all players can feeling.)
  4. GoTDTruth

    VOG-25 readded or rare?

    Found this today. Curious if anyone else has seen these spawn recently.
  5. Talmer

    Smoke Grenade

    Will there be smoke grenades in game? Within the footage released so far and from the FAQ's it is confirmed that there are fragmentation grenades however I have seen nothing on smoke grenades.
  6. I am thinking this is a bug, but if this is working as intended then... I would suggest changing that. Seems bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERXf_63PP0U&feature=youtu.be
  7. jayspectre

    Grenade Spam Solution

    This game stresses on realism (and I realize it's just a game). However, when this game has you loading magazines round by round, I also feel grenades should have the same sort of approach. You should have to equip the grenade and prime it -- equip in weapon slot and prime it (w/ fire button). There should be more vulnerability involved. Seeing players loaded with frags in their vest practically falling out because they're throwing one after another. Grenades should be a tactical option, not a spammed alternative. The solution to this is simple: have grenades equipped and primed before throwing. TLDR; I believe grenades should have more of a prep time before being thrown like it was a rock picked up from the ground. EQUIP & PRIME.
  8. Da_Ru55ian

    Speed Looting - Using Grenades

    As the title suggests, I found a way to speed up looting animations in the game by simply holding a grenade. I did some calculations and figured out that looting a cash register normally takes nearly 5 secs whereas with a grenade it takes less than 3. If you are looting the goshan registers this will save you over 1 minute and as there are 2 grenade boxes at the back of the store there Is no reason not to do this.
  9. Hey Everyone, I am new to this game and since the 6th run i love it(It's the first round i survived). There was also a body near the Exit with huge amount of grenades. But there was one thing i can't understand. The usage of Grenades is bind to the use of other weapons? Someone told me to always carry at least a knife with me for using Grenades properly. I tried it out and i could only threw one nade and that's it. Is this a bug or intended?
  10. KailJoric

    Grenades Not Realistic

    So, I'm thinking the reason behind this issue is actually a coding situation and might be more trouble than BSG has resources to fix, but for a game that aims at being hard and realistic why do grenades not explode if you die before they detonate? If I manage to lob a grenade but then die in the process the grenade I toss immediately becomes inactive. This isn't realistic at all and actually eliminates a possible threat for PMC's. If someone throws a grenade at me and I managed to kill them before it goes off I should still have to worry about the grenade. I'm sure this topic has been discussed, but I did a couple quick searches and couldn't find anything listed. This would also mean the possibility of gaining a kill after death, which again, I"m not sure BSG has the resources to code this into the game, though I do believe it should be done.
  11. Since the grenades shoot out individual shots, is it possible to dive on top of a grenade to protect your team mates? Or is there a sphere of effects that would still kill you? I would assume you'd still get the tinnitus even if you are not hit or actually physically hurt. Anyone every try this?
  12. gragon9800

    2 Problems

    Starting out there is a bug with grenades in some cases when I have thrown the grenade over a fence with barbwire or when i threw it down the 2nd floor of dorms and the grenade its self flew far however the grenades explosion stays right where it was thrown and kills the user. On the other hand optimization is needed, though it says beta, it could be far better as I lose 6/10 fights when it rains because when i full auto guns it shoots maybe 2 or 3 bullets then stops completely even when I am not taking fire as some would say you probably died so it stopped however that is not the case. Please fix this please I have a GTX 1060 6gb and a ryzen 1700 at 3.2ghz and 16gb of ram and this game uses 20-30% of my cpu and around 50% of my graphics card, if you could also optimize for multiple core cpus please
  13. Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche de solution pour le bug de la grenade. C'est un bug qui fait que la grenade explose à l' endroit ou la personne se tient plutôt que la ou le modèle de la grenade va. Schéma : Ne perdez pas votre temps sur l' incroyable qualité de mon schema. J' ai besoin d' info. Il faudrais le message d' erreur console qui se génère dans ce cas. Si vous venez à avoir ce bug, faite une capture d' écran de votre console et mettez le quelque par dans ce post. J' ai aussi une vidéo qui témoigne de ce bug, on y voit pas grand chose mais au moins elle ma bien fait rire.
  14. SleeplessLuna

    Can this please be stopped

    Can the no sound aimbot instakill impact grenades that AI SCAVS seem to throw get removed at some point? Thanks. Feels like it's a joke that has gone to far at this point.
  15. AndrewBruno

    F1 Tactical Nuke Question

    Hi I threw my first F1 atomic bomb today from the blue container of alley into construction and turned around and ran to wall and was severely injured even bled out this raid after watching the mushroom cloud go off. So my question is if anyone has tested the kill radius on these?
  16. TheMojaveViper

    Running with a Grenade

    This maybe more of a bug report however its an issue ive noticed in a few gameplay session when throwing a grenade while running (to give it more moment) the grenade just drops at your feet
  17. PHAL

    F1 Tactical Nuke!

    Just had the strangest death so far! Threw a F1 grenade at what seems to be max distance, but as I was looking straight at it, it blew my head off! Can someone please explain!? http://plays.tv/video/59b6fd8fe1e6860056/show-me-logic-in-this-f1-tactical-nuke-grenade
  18. Protodead

    Dud grenade?

    I threw a grenade (not the f1, the other one) up to the 2nd floor in the dorms. I thought I heard someone up there, and I had grenades to spare. I heard it land, and I waited. And waited. It never went off. I did hear a sound like it was slowly rolling down the steps, clink.... clink....clink. but no boom. After like 40 seconds, I went about my business. Did I throw a dud grenade? Are there duds in EFT? Or did I experience a glitch?
  19. Will the availability of frag grenade and or effectiveness will be reduce for open beta ? I have watch a lots of streamers , and grenade spam from naked guy seams to be so effective that you can take on groups of 3 to 4 peoples having loot or got 2 to 4 grenades ... the frag grenade availability and effectiveness seams to be way to much ... I think , having more " flash " or Smoke grenade , or even molotov would be better than having this much availability for frag grenade ...
  20. Awoken91

    grenade launcher attachments

    Hello Awoken here again =) I would really like to have this implemented attachment for gunns it´s a smal "grenade launcher" that has a pretty cool reload mechanism & also shoot smoke grenades they are used when assulting urban buildings and causeing "chaos" =) https://www.google.se/search?q=canteen+bottle&rlz=1C1CHZL_svSE682SE682&espv=2&biw=1378&bih=815&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiar5uLlNrLAhWIvnIKHdsJCX0Q_AUIBigB#tbm=isch&q=grenade+launcher+attachment+for+ar+15&imgrc=EHATKH9QurfHvM%3A here is the link aswell best regards
  21. eltdrgntmr

    Picking up Live Grenades

    Was wondering if there's a game mechanic where you can pick up live grenades. Since your one life in a raid is invaluable, I can see this being a useful mechanic in some situations.
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