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Found 8 results

  1. GregL385

    Fix Scav AI with Nades

    Can anyone explain to me how Super Scav Ivan can activate spidey senses when a grenade gets launched in his general direction? I have noticed this for the past year and its quite annoying that this has not been fixed. It almost doesn't even seem viable to throw grenades at a group of scavs because they will just run away from it. What good is a grenade if you cant take out multiple targets when they are least suspecting it? It would be one thing if they started running if they saw it. But the AI literally hauls ass the second you press G and alerts everyone a grenade is being tossed even if oyu are 50yards away. They dont even have to be looking at you. Eyes in the back of their heads apparently can sense a grenade is coming. Please fix this stupid coding so Scavs are no longer dogs who can hear a grenade pin cooking from half a map away.
  2. HumaDracobane

    Throwing range.

    The thing is simple: My nephew, whose 2nd birthday was 6 days ago, can throw his toys longer than this "trained and professional mercenary" can throw a grenade. I understand that you need to make a progression system which gives you a benefit doing things and developing skills but It isn't normal that having more than the half of the stamina, being totally still I nearly blew up my face 3 times today because this supermercenary believes that it could be a great idea to throw a grenade 5m away... I'm not asking about put a grenade into orbit with a hand but some kind of "logic" about this could be great... And it is similar with the stamina, my mentioned nephew can run longer that what this guy do ( without gear, I see your points), which is worst when the capability of throwing grenades or using the melee weapon depends of how much of this stamina you have....
  3. AirRegalia


    Make them server side so we know where they actually go. So we don't kill ourselves or I don't watch a grenade bounce away from me that someone else threw only to have it blow up under me.
  4. infidel1_1

    Grenade Gliches???

    twice now I have thrown a grenade through a hole to a floor underneath ran into a room away from the hole and the explosion goes off in my face killing me any idea whats causing this or has this happened to anyone else
  5. Hallo heute muss ich mich als EOD Nutzer und eigentlich Treuer Fan von EFT mal zu Wort melden. Ich habe vor Weihnachten und nach Weihnachten das Spielen genossen aber egal welche Community man fragt es taucht immer ein und dasselbe Wort gegen EFT derzeit auf. Durch das Neue Spawn System ist man zwar nicht gebunden an einen Ort aber man ist z.b in Customs besser geraten erst ab Stufe 1 Stärke dort zu Spawnen denn der Weg über das Dixi ist besser als Weggecamped zu werden. Du spawnst Sniper Halle oder Zirkus auto (Wassertanks) und du wírst von Checkpoint weggecamped als wäre es Weihnachten für die ansonsten einfach Strommasten stellen und beide Eingänge becampen. Spawnst du checkpoint und dein Gegner an Zirkus lädt 2 Sekunden länger kannst du ihn noch im Spawn töten ohne das er etwas machen kann ( ja die Mechanik funktioniert wir haben es als Gruppe getestet und mit einer gemeinsamen Lobby Glück gehabt. Die Ladezeiten derzeit besonders Matchingzeiten sind viel zu Lang. Durch schnelle Runden bist du einfach mal wie ich heute 15 Minuten nur im Loading Screen. Neulinge sind fast ohne Guides ( keine Hinweise in den Mails oder ähnliches ) dem Tot ausgesetzt. Tarkov ist ein sehr sehr Tiefgründiges und Langatmiges spiel aber es schreckt Leute ab die noch nie eine Milsim oder ähnliches gespielt haben ab. Dadurch das Gewisse Dinge einfach zu viel Zeit kosten im Sinn=Nutzen Faktor Stirbt Tarkov. Ich Liebe Tarkov und seine Community genauso die schönen Erlebnisse aber das was derzeit passiert mit dem Spiel lässt in unserer Community sowie 2 Weiteren die Spieler gehen. Ich hoffe das dies in einem Absehbaren Patch geändert wird. Vielen Dank für das Lesen und guten Loot Der Reaper von Tarkov
  6. Hung_Cowboy


    If a grenade is on the floor above me, or 4 car lengths away or an the other side of walls and 10 ft away from the wall it should not kill me unless the wall is destructible. Also AI scavs are way to precise with grenades and need a slight nerf and a grenades just need some work with the blast radius when i have the best armor available, best helmet, and googles with over 10ft of space and direct solid cover between me and the blast. Please address these issues.
  7. TechoverMana

    Grenades Broken?

    So, it seems recently that either the grenades were reworked, or nerfed, or bugged because they're just pathetic now. You have to literally be squatting on top of them for them to be even remotely lethal. This blog tests them out and beyond 1 m, they couldn't land a single kill where this was fairly common and realistic in prior patches where you could score a grenade kill from some considerable distance. https://tarkovballistics.blogspot.com.br/2017/11/hand-grenades.html And you can see here in DevilDog's video, a grenade goes off in his face, in an enclosed environment where a grenade should be even deadlier, and fails to do more than disorient his character. He didn't even look like he took any damage at all. No concussive blast, no fragments, nothing beyond just the visual and audio tinnitus sounds. I hope this is just a bug that needs to be fixed, and that's my question. Does anyone know if this was a bug, or was this purposeful, meant to be some sort of feature/balancing act? Because if the later, then there are serious issues about EFT as a game.
  8. Given how often grenades are used in urban warfare, solid mechanics for their employment in EFT is going to be important. I've never liked the typical "left mouse hard throw right mouse weak throw" you see in most FPS. Something like what they do in Insurgency or Red Orchestra 2 would be ideal IMO: (For full disclosure, I did make that video.) Left mouse cooks and tosses the nade, right mouse tosses it normally, middle mouse is a underhand high-angle toss. Additionally, an arming sound when grenades are thrown wouldn't be a bad idea. Real RGD-5s make a loud pop when they are thrown.
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