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Found 161 results

  1. Hey, according to one sixteen year old im a salty old C--T, maybe. If your into spamming labs and telling everyone constantly how awesome you are please stop reading and find a different thread. That said, we are a group of mature gamers, as i suspect you have, we,ve seen it played it thrown it away or deleted it, i would really like some regular players who want to run raids, scav runs , pistol runs, cheesing ridiculous tasks etc, basically just get on while having a laugh. not looking for super serious but if were in a group and in raid its the group first, a bit of tactics and discipline, if that fits with your thought process then great. I am looking for cool headed guys who want to play as a duo or in small fire teams, not too serious not to casual , juuussst right.. there are a few of us we play 24/7 as we are based across a wide geographic area, some of us have families , business and work for a living if you think it may be good to come and find some genuine new players to hang with then that's great, there are really only a couple of rules and they are pure common sense. 1, you must join the voice channel in discord and use a mike, not just sit in the side channel. 2, either help others or be helped 3 communication in game with group at all times, lone wolves will not last ingame or on discord, excepting if you are playing solo of course. 4 you are here to share, if it's all you then see rule 3 we are not a massive gaming community made up of a million strangers, we are just a quiet few enjoying ourselves online. If this seems like there could be some good times to be had then please contact me through discord Gundeamon (Mark)#3963
  2. You can join the official Escape from Tarkov discord server by clicking here: Discord.gg/EscapefromTarkovOfficial Once you join, follow the channel instructions to gain your access. If you experience any issues or need help, our staff is ready to assist you. If needed use the #help channel to ask questions about your discord access. Spread the word and invite your friends to join you on this Discord community. We cannot wait to see you there!
  3. Hazel


    這篇是供戰隊,團隊招生所使用的。 中文區塊內所有招生/尋找團隊/戰隊的文章將會刪除 招生不限格式,通訊軟件 但請嚴格遵守論壇管理條例,招生文外其他內容會被刪除。 如有任何關於該團隊的疑問,或需更多資訊請直接使用論壇PM詢問發文者 感謝大家合作!
  4. I'm a new player who wants to get in to the game but it's so unforgivingly hard as a solo I can't, does anyone want to help me and show me the ropes of the game discord is Momoge#7319 contact me there
  5. BlackCockDown

    Looking for people to do raids with

    I have over 1000 hours in EFT, I'm decent at the game. I used to play it a lot but now I'm back to working full time. I'm just looking for someone or a few people to do raids with.
  6. Escapers! We would like to invite you to the new official Escape From Tarkov discord server. This multilingual Discord community will serve as a hub for EFT players to easily find others to play with. Our official discord server will also be useful to increase the communication between you—EFT fans—and Battlestate Games. To join the server click on the link below: Discord.gg/EscapefromTarkovOfficial Once you join, follow the channel instructions to gain your access. If you experience any issues or need help, our staff is ready to assist you. If needed use the #help channel to ask questions about your discord access. Spread the word and invite your friends to join you on this Discord community. We cannot wait to see you there! TRANSLATIONS: German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary and Moderator @Hummz21 French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Emissary @titi4600 Korean translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Korean Emissary @lih2677 Slovenian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Slovenian Emissary @BlueMagicSlo Italian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Italian Emissary and Moderator @dinosamir Poruguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Portuguese Emissary @Al3xandr3_EFTPT Estonian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Estonian Emissary @TEXIT Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Turkish Emissary and Moderator @Dimitri468 Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary @NoisyCosmos Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Chinese Emissary @Mage_Elminster Romanian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Romanian Emissary @j0zeph Greek translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Greek Emissary @ZermanGR Serbian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Serbian Emissary @Luxxx_Maximus Hindi translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Indian Emissary @Agnisekhar
  7. WHY would you make a person that is in a group with a friend, who happens to die, not be able to spectate his friend who is still in game, instead of forcing him back to the main menu while your friend may take 15 - 30 more minutes to extract!!?? PLEASE FIX. PLEASE. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK THUS FAR. ITS A GREAT GAME!
  8. We are a fun community looking to grow our members and would love more tarkov players. If you are bored of playing alone and would like to have some friends to play with then this is the place for you. We accept all from noobs to pros and from all around the globe so players can always find someone to play with. Can setup private rooms on the discord for streaming times and events if need be no problem. https://discord.gg/5TQhjqD
  9. pheonixcarnage

    4v4 event Being hosted by JAG!

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and any hardcore operators who don't quite fit in a single box, the JAG clan and community would like to cordially invite you all to take part in our inaugural Escape from Tarkov 4 versus 4 deathmatch tournament! The rules are simple; find three of your most bloodthirsty friends, arm yourself to the teeth, and join our discord to register your team. Registration will be open through April 15th and there's room for 16 teams total. Matches will be played in the resort area of shoreline, with each team having a JAG escort to help coordinate things and make sure everything goes smoothly (and that we don't have any interruptions from cheeki scavs or opportunistic stalkers.). The only restrictions? Stay within the resort boundaries. Matches will have a 20 minute time limit; If 20 minutes pass without one team winning, the number of surviving players on each team will determine the winner. No Press Vest armor or UNTAR helmets: Our JAG enforcers will be wearing those so you can easily spot (and avoid shooting them. Killing an enforcer will result in disqualification). No IR scopes -- I know, I know I love feeling like predator, growling and shrieking to myself behind my monitor, my true alien form taking over as I smell the fear of my... uh, never mind-- Point is, let's have at least some warrior's honor as we do our best to outmaneuver and kill each other with every other dirty tactic Tarkov has to offer. And of course, listen to your enforcer to make sure all goes smoothly. And for the those who come out on top? Plenty of in game spoils to be had, and maybe a few game keys on steam... All of the details, as well as sign ups, can be found under the #4v4s-pugs-community-event channel on our discord. So come. Assemble your team, put together your gear, and give us your best war face when you come sign up on our discord. Happy Hunting, -Lizzie ❤️ https://discord.gg/p25EYxD
  10. Join us on Discord JAG is a Military Style structured community full of active/retired military players as well as civilians from all over the world. We were founded back in 1998, formerly an exclusive military member only community after 9/11 most of our members were deployed and the group was put on hold. Two years ago, we opened up to all players, and currently have over 1,100 members on our discord. We Host an Open Discord for everyone to Join, but ranked users are handpicked. You do not have to be a member of JAG to play with us, we use a "Guest" system to filter official members from other players so there is no confusion. We have a quite a few games that are actively played as a community as for Tarkov here is a list of what you can look forward to. Active groups of players 24/7 that are always willing to play. Community Events every week. JAG hosts newbie Fridays (more info below). Mature teams of players that assist players of any skill level. News and info on the games progress all in one place so you do not have to search Newbie Fridays are one of that large events that we host for Tarkov. It allows our veteran players to help out newer players get past that harsh learning curve that this game throws at you. We run it all day Friday every Friday. We have multiple rooms that are manned the whole day by our official JAG squad leaders who are trained to get you through your raid. Whether it be to help you with a quest or to just give pointers on how to get better at the game, our Squad Lead’s are happy to help Expected from our members when joining our discord: Matured attitude. Follow channel rules. No harassment of other members No discussion of exploits, hack, cheats for our games. Just be a good person! Assholes will be kicked!
  11. Hi, So here's my suggestion regarding the lobby screen and its current functionality. I figured my example picture would give a quicker explanation as to what i'm hoping to see in future updates... Key poins: All group members appear on screen with their current character loadout. Hardcore / PVP / Duel players may want to turn this option off from gameplay options. You can also edit your character or trade in the lobby - yellow PREPARING status. This also solves group disconnection problem when we currently have to press BACK. All group members need to press READY before group leader initializes the game. You can rotate all character 3D models horisontally (not essential but helps with waiting boredom and assets appreciation). Your character level should be more visible behind the head. Really hoping this post gets noticed and taken into consideration. Thank you. K~
  12. TeJeh

    Looking for Mature Buddies for Raids

    My name is TJ, I'm from Michigan in the United States. I'm looking for people who play seriously, but casually. I request that you be mature and have a microphone. I'm in the Eastern Standard Time zone and I always play at different times of the day. If this is something you're interested in, don't hesitate to add me on Steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/BreadLoafTJ/home I look forward to playing with you and perhaps expanding our group further, thanks.
  13. Escapers! Θα θέλαμε να σας προσκαλέσουμε στο νέο επίσημο server Escape From Tarkov. Αυτή η πολυγλωσσική κοινότητα Discord θα χρησιμεύσει ως κόμβος για τους παίκτες EFT για να βρουν εύκολα άλλους για να παίξουν. Ο επίσημος εξυπηρετητής Discord μας, θα είναι επίσης χρήσιμος για να αυξήσει την επικοινωνία μεταξύ των οπαδών σας-EFT και των Battlestate Games. Για να συμμετάσχετε στο διακομιστή, κάντε κλικ στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο: Discord.gg/EscapefromTarkovOfficial Μόλις συνδεθείτε, ακολουθήστε τις οδηγίες του καναλιού για να αποκτήσετε πρόσβαση. Εάν αντιμετωπίζετε προβλήματα ή χρειάζεστε βοήθεια, το προσωπικό μας είναι έτοιμο να σας βοηθήσει. Αν χρειαστεί, χρησιμοποιήστε το κανάλι #help για να κάνετε ερωτήσεις σχετικά με την πρόσβασή σας. Διαδώστε τη λέξη και καλέστε τους φίλους σας να συμμετάσχουν σε αυτήν την κοινότητα Discord. Δεν μπορούμε να περιμένουμε να σας δούμε εκεί!
  14. H0lyGoose

    To Anyone LFG..

    I imagine there are going to be a lot of new players looking for someone to group up with since the drop of free beta keys etc. You're all more than welcome to join my server, where there are a few of us of who love to play the game who will be willing to play with you. We're easy going, friendly, and have a bit of a laugh. We speak english and while it's not a requirement we'd prefer 18+ as the chat channel can be a little explicit at times. Here's the invite code: https://discord.gg/tYd9D2M Have fun! Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  15. 8uTcH3R

    Play as a group is joke!

    hi guys and girls ,at the begin find friend is to hard and overall isn't work. This is a single-player game that comes with the name of the multiplayer first You can not recognize your friends and kill them in the raid This is very frustrating . Like many other games, it's very easy to connect group friends. And you can join each other in a short time and enjoy the game .for simple example Division is the one of the best grouping system easy and useful you can fix it and improve your game or remove grouping part at all
  16. I recently started playing this game and I have no clue on the group finder if I will just join a bunch of people who will kill me immediately is there a restriction on friendly fire from group mates? I don't want to loose my gear because I'm trying to get help from other players.
  17. Escapers, hier haben wir ein paar neue Screenshots der Map TerraGroup Labs was mit 0.11.x kommen wird. Es werden im laufe der Zeit auch noch einmal die bereits veröffentlichen Screenshot der Map hier drin zu sehen sein. Bereits bekannte Screenshots:
  18. erthug

    New Players LFG

    I have recently started playing Tarkov and i have been having troubles adapting to game in short time. Not only that but i also came across many groups that got me killed 1v2 most of the times. Usually i get 1 but I get out geared. I want to get better at this game also learn Extractions while enjoying the game and have conversations with some other players.
  19. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    Looking for mature and patient players for tactical EFT raids? join our teamspeak! hell's corp is a multi-continental gaming group centered around our teamspeak playing a wide range of games but focussing on first person shooters. We are looking for reinforcements for our members playing EFT. Therefor we are looking for players interested in progression in the game. We do play tactically to the point where some people will consider it a casual milsim playstyle. So we will not yell at you or make you call us sir but every raid has a leader and we expect people to follow his decisions. Generally we are looking for mature and patient players eager to learn with common sense. You do not need to join our gaming group if you just want to play EFT with us that is fine, too. If intreasted please join our teamspeak!: kovar.typefrag.com:6610
  20. LeavingtheWolf

    LFG or a lfg discord of a high player count

    Hello everyone! So I'm looking for some experience every day players, I'm also open to a active LFG discord. I'm pretty active in the game, I'll like to say I'm good but we all have our bad days. I'm right now a lvl 35 but with ripe around the corner that's a what've. How I play I'm a defensive player, I like to put the people I'm fighting out in a bad position. I don't care for gear match one way or the other.
  21. RegiusCaesar

    UK players group [Discord]

    Looking for a few people from the UK looking to play. New players or old welcome, discord server set up and ready for people to party up and play together.
  22. MurknMurda

    Looking for a partner

    Im 20 from the US. I know the basics of the game and I enjoy it. looking for people who wanna play and have a good time.
  23. robertacedane

    [INA] Looking for Groups to play

    Looking for group of indonesian people to play with
  24. InsideBlaster

    Looking for some mate(s)

    Hello all, I'm an 18 year old male based in Texas. I'm just looking for someone or a group of people to tag along with to learn the game, I'm currently only level 3. I'm willing to play other games as well just whatever you guys are wanting to do. My work hours are flexible and I'm not sure when I'll be on, but I can let you know! Discord: SAMM#0746 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SAMMOFF/
  25. mghaven

    Looking for Friends

    Ive been playing EFT for almost 2 years, and im looking to make some friends. The game is headed in a more team oriented direction and having someone to watch your back is very useful. No matter if your new or existing player im just looking for people to play with and have some fun. message me and ill invite you to my Discord.
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