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  1. Escapers! We would like to invite you to the new official Escape From Tarkov discord server. This multilingual Discord community will serve as a hub for EFT players to easily find others to play with. Our official discord server will also be useful to increase the communication between you—EFT fans—and Battlestate Games. To join the server click on the link below: Discord.gg/EscapefromTarkovOfficial Once you join, follow the channel instructions to gain your access. If you experience any issues or need help, our staff is ready to assist you. If needed use the #help channel to ask questions about your discord access. Spread the word and invite your friends to join you on this Discord community. We cannot wait to see you there! TRANSLATIONS: German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary and Moderator @Hummz21 French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Emissary @titi4600 Korean translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Korean Emissary @lih2677 Slovenian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Slovenian Emissary @BlueMagicSlo Italian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Italian Emissary and Moderator @dinosamir Poruguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Portuguese Emissary @Al3xandr3_EFTPT Estonian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Estonian Emissary @TEXIT Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Turkish Emissary and Moderator @Dimitri468 Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary @NoisyCosmos Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Chinese Emissary @Mage_Elminster Romanian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Romanian Emissary @j0zeph Greek translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Greek Emissary @ZermanGR Serbian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Serbian Emissary @Luxxx_Maximus Hindi translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Indian Emissary @Agnisekhar
  2. PixiOsReformed

    Greek Tarkov Discord Community 2021

    Καλησπέρα σε όλους!! Θέλω να σας συστήσω σε ένα ανοιχτό Ελληνικό Escape From Tarkov Community. Το Server άνοιξε αρχές Φλεβάρη 2021 από μία παρέα που παίζουμε EFT φανατικά. Συχνάζαμε σε διάφορα private servers για να γνωρίσουμε το community της Ελλάδας και συνειδητοποιήσαμε πως είναι πολύ μεγαλύτερο απ' ότι νομίζαμε. Έτσι σκεφτήκαμε να δημιουργήσουμε ένα ανοιχτό σε όλους Discord Community με σκοπό να παίζουμε το αγαπημένο μας παιχνίδι,να γνωρίσουμε καινούριους ανθρώπους,να βοηθήσουμε τους καινούριους παίχτες διότι όλοι ξέρουμε πόσο εκνευριστικό μπορεί να γίνει το game όταν είσαι νέος. Σας καλούμε λοιπόν όλους να έρθετε να γνωριστούμε και να διασκεδάσουμε μαζί παίζοντας το αγαπημένο μας Game,το Escape From Tarkov!!! Discord Group : https://discord.gg/3yQRRvEtWa Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2342034782568848/
  3. Hazel


    這篇是供戰隊,團隊招生所使用的。 中文區塊內所有招生/尋找團隊/戰隊的文章將會刪除 招生不限格式,通訊軟件 但請嚴格遵守論壇管理條例,招生文外其他內容會被刪除。 如有任何關於該團隊的疑問,或需更多資訊請直接使用論壇PM詢問發文者 感謝大家合作!
  4. You can join the official Escape from Tarkov discord server by clicking here: Discord.gg/EscapefromTarkovOfficial Once you join, follow the channel instructions to gain your access. If you experience any issues or need help, our staff is ready to assist you. If needed use the #help channel to ask questions about your discord access. Spread the word and invite your friends to join you on this Discord community. We cannot wait to see you there!
  5. Hello, Looking for a group of people to play with on a consistent basis. I love Tarkov and wanna get back into it. I just got on and my character is set up and ready to go. I am 20. My name is Johnny. I am based on the East Coast. I am available between 5-11pm on weekdays and all day on Saturday. My discord is johnn#0420 so if you want a loudmouthed stoner with a surprisingly good head on his shoulders, direct message me. I would preferably like some players around my age just because I don't want some kids asking me about drugs or anything like that. Thanks homies 👍
  6. Khampower

    Looking For Group/Homies

    Hey all you people! I'm a lvl 5 looking for players to help boost up to lvl 10 fast and just have a good time. hmu
  7. NinjaShot54

    LF active players/discord group

    Hello im a returning player to the game, currently lvl 1 just starting up again this wipe. Im looking for an active discord group to find squadmates, preferably experienced players. -US -18 + prefered
  8. Randoness

    Karma System

    This has probably been brought up before but it would be nice to see some form of a karma system or player rating system. In example such as a player would be put with bad karma and it would be visible in the group finder, for say spawning in and immediately killing the people they spawned in with. A player with good karma would be someone that has gone multiple group ups without killing a single grouped person, and as soon as they do, their own karma is at a net 0. I'm a new player, only level 3 and I haven't been doing well so far since I'm still trying to learn everything. Took my last rifle on my PMC and grouped up, I survived 3 seconds that group, so I turned to grouping as a SCAV and I survived a total of 44 seconds, trying to understand where everyone I grouped with was, and one of the guys I grouped with put a bullet into my head. It would be nice to see a history as well of how many group members people kill, so you can judge them by their stats in a group. Since now I can either run like a rat and scavenge on my PMC or wait till my SCAV is up again and hope I don't do something stupid to get killed. I get deception is, in a part, part of this game. However, grouping up with someone for help to have them kill you in the first minute and take your stuff isn't great and really turns off new players.
  9. RegiusCaesar

    UK players group [Discord]

    Looking for a few people from the UK looking to play. New players or old welcome, discord server set up and ready for people to party up and play together.
  10. Hodeskalle


    Er det noen norske som snik rundt forumet her? Føles ganske så dødt med norske folk rundt her, ser mer svensker å dansker enn Norske... RIP in pepperonis Norgagia
  11. If you are like us and don't like massive communities we have a small group of aprox 40 players some beginners some advanced looking for more people to raid with. does not matter EU and US everyone is welcome. join our discord with: https://discord.gg/NcWyBWB9 or if the link doesn't work just reply here and i'll generate a new invite :) Lets get raiding guys!!
  12. FreeChloroform

    NA West looking for players

    Hey, I have played for 1 wipe. Looking for anyone who is 18+ and enjoys a chill atmosphere. Free Chloroform#1967 is my discord
  13. Zeroa

    [ENG][21+] Never Play Alone

    NPA is a group of aggressively average tryhards, content creators, and tech enthusiasts looking to win, grow and connect. We have supported EFT for many years, and look to coordinate with chill folks who enjoy tactical shooters and want to play to win! https://discord.gg/NPA What makes us unique? [We are a mature community for adults 21+ years old and over] [We have more than 6,800 active members and a dedicated staff] [We aim to help content creators and streamers grow their brand] [We enjoy teaching. If you're new to EFT, you're welcome here] [We are inclusive, with respect and tolerance for everyone] [We maintain Discord bots that enhance your in game experience] [We create and host events with exceptional prizes for the community] [We attend international gaming events, meetups and conventions] SWING BY THE COMMUNITY TODAY AND SEE WHY TEAM DIXX IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!
  14. Hello, are you looking for a small clan of people who are just trying to enjoy the game and have fun? Than this is the clan for you. We want people at all skill levels to join if you need help with getting started or want to play with other good players than Noxic is for you. Join the discord and check us out for yourself https://discord.gg/Xh7Gwfffve I hope to see you here.
  15. How do you find group's to learn with.. ones that don't have you gear up. Then kill you and take your gear. I don't know any one I this game just big stramers. I don't know anyone who plays. I am a level 4 trying to learn playing fighting level 60 fat and sweet. And only have junk amo. Doesn't help streamer hate on low level players on what they have. But we are limited in what we can buy. In the real world I that guy that can light a match at 600 yds and so on. Here I die to people I would never die to in the real world.
  16. kokopellijones

    Making Friends

    I don't know if this has been brought up before, so delete if so, but after running with a couple people recently after randomly meeting up in game and deciding to let each other live, should there be some way to friend each other? Perhaps as simple of a solution as a dog tag that you can drop in game, worth no money, but one so they can find your name afterwards? Seems to me that the only way to find out who you are running with is to kill them and snag the dog tag. If I am mistaken, and there is a way, then please show me how. Thanks!
  17. WHO WE ARE Fate Gaming is an 18+ casual PC gaming community, who are trademarked, a registered LLC and Discord boosted! We were established in 2018 and have been running strong ever since. We are open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy. We play a variety of games, chances are if it has multiplayer we have someone who plays it! All Fate members are active within 45 days. Many guilds flaunt their large numbers but are inactive & lack quality members. Don't gamble your time on newly established communities with no track record or communities that sellout with affiliate programs. ­WHO WE ARE LOOKING TO RECRUIT Our community is currently looking for laid back, mature individuals who are 18 years of age or older. We exist all across the globe, but have our strongest presence in North America and Europe. We are not looking for players who desire hardcore game play, who are angered easily when they die, or who are looking to boss others around. Instead we value positive, upbeat, team orientated individuals. If you are looking for a hardcore group of players this is not the organization for you. ­ LADIES WELCOMED Fate Gaming LLC takes great strides to ensure all members feel welcomed and a part of the community. It's our responsibility to respect and shield our female gamers from the harassment experienced within other communities. Our Lady Reapers have an exclusive set of channels to communicate with one another outside of our general chat. This squad is lead exclusively by females only. ­CROSS-PLAY ENABLED While we are primarily a PC only community, console members are welcome to join us for any cross-platform titles. REQUIREMENTS | No tryouts needed for membership Mature (18+ years old) Competent Human Being HOW TO JOIN To become a member of Fate Gaming join our Discord or read more about us using the links below: Website: https://fategaming.com Discord:https://discord.gg/fategaming/
  18. Comunidad Escape from Tarkov Hispano >> SÚMATE A LA COMUNIDAD << Escape from Tarkov Hispano es una comunidad no oficial de Escape from Tarkov, pero que aglutina al Staff Oficial Hispano del juego (Representante de la Comunidad, Emisarios y Sherpas). La pretensión de este servidor es crear un entorno en el que compartir, conversar, jugar y estar al tanto de las últimas novedades, así como encontrar guías y toda clase de ayuda, con el nexo en común de nuestra lengua materna: el idioma español. Este nuevo servidor de Discord se suma a las iniciativas anteriormente ya generadas en las plataformas de Facebook y Twitter. Hemos creado este espacio con el objetivo de unir a todos los jugadores hispanos del juego. Administrado por el Staff Oficial Hispano de Escape from Tarkov. Asistencia para novatos por parte de nuestros Sherpas Oficiales Hispanos. Las últimas noticias sobre el juego en español. Guías detalladas y traducidas al español (tablas de munición, objetos, desarrollos, etc.). Canales para conversar, conocer a otros jugadores de tu región, compartir imágenes, videos y memes del juego.
  19. Berzotic

    [NA/East Coast] Level 20 Rat

    Looking for newer players to mentor in the ways of stealth, patience, cheesy tactics or people to rat with and share tactics. No requirement besides a mic, a decent pc, and the ability to communicate in a team. Profile#3223 is my discord
  20. Vtrap

    PMC group spawn problem

    Hello, I'm playing your game for a while now and am very much enjoying it! There is one thing I'd really like you to improve though: I'm playing together with a friend who needs very long to load the map - there are generally 2+ minutes difference between our loading times. This causes us to not spawn together, since the game doesnt wait for him to load before starting: I'd start when the round starts and he gets late spawn. This is problematic, because when I try to stay at the spot where I spawned (and he will spawn 2 min later), I have to defend against passing groups of players who spawned nearby. When I start playing and moving into a better position as soon as I spawn, he is alone on spawn and it takes a lot of effort to regroup. Either way, when this happens, I die before he spawns most of the time, and he will have to try completing the round on his own before we can try to play together again. I'm enjoying the game very much when we can play together though, which happens sometimes when we have matching times of 2min+, which makes up for the difference in loading times. I'd be incredibly happy if you could do something about this issue - my suggestions are: a) If you group up before a match, let the whole group wait for the slowest player in the group. I'd much rather have a late spawn together with my friend, than spawning at the beginning of a match without him. If thats not how everyone feels about this, you could make it an option at the time of group creation/spawn. b) Let the player in the same group, who gets late spawn because of long loading times, spawn next to the players who already have spawned and are on the move. Im not sure about this ( b) ) being abusable though. Thank you very much for reading and keep up the good work! Vtrap
  21. Strainez

    LFG Newish to the game

    New to the game but got the grasp of it. Just looking to get better with other people.
  22. ViciousFaye

    NA - Over-nighters Unite!

    Hiya Folks ____North America____ I am a 'essential worker' I have acquired 28 years of knowledge in my lifetime so far. Unfortunately, I have to work the overnight shift so thanks to that I am now looking for some people to play with throughout the night. 3pm (15:00-08:00) 8am would be my time-frame ( CST ) Started playing again on 4/13/2020 - Original Beta Release player. lv.25 No preferred maps. --Add me and message me Viciousfaye#3012
  23. BigRedSK916

    Looking For A Few Players

    Looking for a few players to get into some raids with Im in the US On the west coast. Generally on quite a bit and there is always someone in my discord just looking to add new people with different knowledge and group up power comes in numbers. Newbs are Always welcome everyone starts somewhere! Join the discord and come chill ill be on all weekend should be a few others on throughout the weekend as well we are small group not a large community or anything. Look forward to the raids lets get it boyz. https://discord.gg/rTDCzwg
  24. migidey

    Spawning later than friend

    Been grouping up with a friend and a few times I have spawned in later than my friend, whole 4 minutes later once. My specs are better than his and my internet connection is the same if not better, anyone know if there's a way to avoid this happening? The only thing that might be worse for me than my friend is the NAT type, could that affect the matchmaking like that?
  25. bond147

    Group matching

    Anyone else having an issue with finding a match when trying to play in a party??? do they know about this?
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