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Found 132 results

  1. Welcome New Players

    If anyone's looking for a grind partner or casual play, or simple needs a second man or a guide, message me on steam or tarkov. RiftUnix. Level 35. Any map. United states
  2. CLAN - Inner Madness (US/AUS)

    Inner Madness is looking for new players. We have a growing community based in the USA and Australia. If you wanna group up to do some raids come join our discord channel
  3. Hey Guys! If your reading this then id like to say thanks for giving me the time but basicly we are just a group on discord that likes to connect tarkov players to help them find friends within the game. We have a few people Who are Vets and are willing to assist in any quests you need doing any gear need finding etc. Ill be honest theres one member that likes to give his stuff away but ill let him do him lmao but what we are looking for is fun english speaking people who are looking to make some long term gaming friends within a small group and help each other better themselves at the game What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game Discord:
  4. Can we have solo matchmaking only as a option for players who don't want to play against groups of players? I think the largest group allowed is 5 players. 5 players vs the rest is not really fair to someone who just plays by himself. PUBG has the option for solo players to only match with other solo players. Can we have this function in EFT?
  5. Coming back !

    Hello I am just coming back from a long break and am looking to find a mature group to play with , if i had to estimate id say im at about 150ish hours on EFT. I mainly play on factory as it is the map i find most enjoyable and the one i know the most call outs for . I'm still learning the game and am by no means a master at combat . If your a clan or group of guys looking for a mature and decent player im your guy . I do have a lot to learn tho and mistakes will happen so if your looking for a pro player don't come to me Thanks for taking to time to read
  6. The Escapists

    Hello fellow escapees. I'm currently looking for very active Pacific time zone players looking for a group with the intent of building upon team work and call outs in Squads of TWO to FOUR I myself and others in the community I'm making are small time content creators / streamers. If you are interested please be actually interested and not just looking for second group when your main group is offline. Microphone and Discord required Blooddove#3667
  7. [AS] - Aww Squad - Recruiting

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Looking to make an active organised Tarkov team, and community. - We have alot of experience playing Tarkov and several other Hardcore survival genres. - Add Aww#1187 on discord to join up! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Requirements to join: - Be a mature player (No age requirement). - You must have a brief knowledge of the maps, and mechanics. - Understand or be willing to learn callouts. - Be active on Tarkov - Good attitude and sportsmanship when it comes to dying. - Willing to play as a team and not a lone wolf. - Fluent in English. - Be able to hold your own in high pressure situations. - Must have Discord / Mic
  8. Discord groep

    Hallo, Ik zou graag met een paar mensen tarkov willen spelen, alleen is het nogal lastig en wordt ik vaak gekillt door teams. Daarom heb ik een discordgroep gemaakt. De discord is is voor alle spelers die Tarkov willen spelen met anderen.
  9. EFT Needing players add me if you want to play EFT
  10. [AUS] Looking for a group?

    Are you looking for a group to play EFT with, well so am I. Im 16 love the game know a the majority of the game but find myself dying alot to teams join or ad my discord LINK: USER: Mr. 2kay#4281
  11. Discord channel for squads

    Me and my good friend Crosby11 are currently looking to bring our discord back to life for EFT. We stand at around 50 members that are on from time to time and are looking to expand our little NON-Toxic community. If you have any questions you can DM me on the forums or DM me or Crosby11 on Discord (Link Below). Discord: Stay Safe, Play Aggressive, and Happy Raiding! - Sean
  12. LFP to play with!

    Looking for people from the US to play with, Fairly new to the game and just wanna have fun! add me on steam Thormander or join Ill be there waiting send me a message if im not in! Small Notes: Im 20, requesting mature players who can duck around. New to this game but came from games like arma and siege.
  13. if anyone wants to group up send me a pm or join this discord active players in here hope to see you all soon
  14. whats up all if anyone is down to group and squad up let me kno send me a pm this is a link to discord group chat for active players please join hope to see you all soon
  15. Me and my good friend Crosby11 are currently looking to bring our discord back to life for EFT. We stand at around 50 members that are on from time to time and are looking to expand our little NON-Toxic community. If you have any questions you can DM me on the forums or DM me or Crosby11 on Discord (Link Below). Discord: Stay Safe, Play Aggressive, and Happy Raiding! - Sean
  16. Shared Group Stash

    i think a shared group stash would be a cool addition, maybe not for a while as there is obviously more important content. Having a shared group stash would give the aspect of teams working together to collect weapon and items for quests. shared gear would make teams play more careful and make each player care more when their team mate dies as its not just that one persons gear its everyone's gear that could possibly be lost. The stash could also start really small and can be increased by means of group quests
  17. Hey! I'm a 19 yo guy from Austria and relatively new to the game. I'm looking for people to play with so if ur interested just add me or comment my IGN is marlowe
  18. Players

    Anyone wanna play together? I know my way around but duo's or squad makes it to much fun
  19. ELiTE Gaming Network

    Hello, ELiTE Gaming Network is a multi-genre gaming community that tends to focus around FPS/Survival games. We are s relatively small knit tight group but always looking to expand to fellow players who want a good group of people to play with. We are all mostly over 20 but all the way up to around 40s. If you are looking for a community that supports each other and all focus on helping each other out then we may be a good place for you. Also, we welcome streamers to the group small/big and also have a Twitch streaming community.(We have no one big, yet we do support each other.) If this is something you guys are willing to try out feel free to join the discord and hangout/meet new people! Most of us on around 5pm CST Discord: Rules: 1. Must have a microphone/headset 2. General common sense and no overblown obnoxious 3. Respect others and treat them how you would want them to treat you. 4. General knowledge of the game and ability to communicate effectively. 5. Be mature and responsible. We are all here to support each other. Thanks for reading and see you in the raids of Tarkov!
  20. Group up

    I was just posting this to see if anybody would wanna play together and group up? I took a break from the game and wanna get back into it. I have a shortage of friends who are willing to get this game and playing solo is getting a little stale.
  21. Looking for another

    Hello everyone, I am from Canada, Est time zone. Looking for someone else to play with, I am currently level 31 and have a decent bit of experience with the game. Send me a message if you are interested! Thanks.

  23. I need some MILK

    Looking for help, Amerifat, 20, bad Got this game a while ago and just started playing it a couple days ago and holy sheet I hate it. I need someone to teach me how to play this because as is my play-throughs are the equivalent of a flaming pile of garbage, they usually go like this: 1. run in with a hatchet, attack, mid swing im ded af 2. creep in with hatchet, sneaky breeky, loot some, shot to death/ defend myself, mid-swing, ded af 3. pistol, sneaky sneaky, pew pew, dead af because the human skull is bulletproof 4. pissed, grabs Saiga 12, insures gun, sneaky sneaky, find man, wait for him, *SURPRISE MFER*, *shotgun sounds*, he's still alive, all rounds connected to his chest, he shoots me, ded af CYKA BLYAT I HATE MY LIFE *rage quit* *forum typing* Help me so i dont kms, or don't, I wish to be released from this pain
  24. Group/Player indication.

    Hey all. I tried searching for this topic, but seriously couldn't find anything. Escape from Tarkov is a first person survival shooter. (Great game ) One thing.. Focusing on group play is good & all. But not when you can't identify every tom, dick & harry from an enemy player or scavs. I can't see the logic in gearing up, killing ai or players to have your team mate pop rounds into your head because you look the same as ai Please, Can we seriously do something about this. Introducing friends to the game, trying to help them & give them gear to find myself popped by one of my team mates because they can't tell the difference between an enemy (kiver, avs & a bear) Trust me, it sucks. Thanks heaps. I know i'm not the only person with this problem.
  25. looking for people to play with

    Hey I'm always running solo, would like to find some people to group with. I'm 24 and only speak english. if interested add me in game or on discord. KP#5751 / KPttR (in game)