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Found 19 results

  1. Hiredea

    Pakistani EFT

    I am from pakistan looking for orther pakistani player to play with add me on discord shinigami#0345
  2. Before I start my actual post: karma system for scavs? Please! Also sorry if bad english anywhere, I did my best, but it's a long text. I was reading some rumors about the addition of a karma system that would punish players for killing other members of their faction, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. They were my team when we were under the contract of the same employer, but now we are just strangers abandoned trying to survive, we just share a similar background. But I am not against the karma system, I just disagree that it should be based on factions. My suggestion related to this is karma based on groups of players. Let me explain: I know that proximity voice chat will come to the game eventually and that it will allow communication with nearby players. But it would also be nice to add a radio, which in addition to serving as long-distance communication (as Discord currently does) would allow other mechanics to be added. It would be an item that could not be lost, such as knives and safe containers, and is only available for PMCs. At the beginning of each Raid, the leader of each player group would receive a frequency (and of course each lone player would be the leader of their own group). During the raid if we make friends with one of more random PMCs, regardless of the faction, we can synchronize the radios (call them to the group). Karma would be a way of punishing players who try to take advantage of this system and betray groups. This also solves the existing random problem by creating random groups to betray them at the beginning of a raid. And it would be nice to be able to add as friends these random PMCs that you extract with in the same group at the end of a raid. To encourage this mechanic, there could be a karma bonus to form groups and extract together with random PMCs. This could also allow clans to exist, but this is other topic. Also extraction camping must be punished hardly, since not only this is toxic gameplay to extreme but it's the time where most of the betrayals would happen. Some questions and problems that may arise from my suggestion: 1-How will the game decide if a player betrayed the group or not? The punishment system could work like in most games with TK, did your friend accidentally kill you? Then after the raid forgive him. Was it on purpose? Choose the option for him to be punished and he will receive the negative karma. 2-So can you put in your group everyone you encounter? No, only PMCs and the radios must have a maximum number of frequencies synchronized at the same time (to avoid groups of 20 players). Perhaps the same limit for entering the raid? Or maybe a little bigger (5 before raid but 8 in game? Depending on map of course). 3-How will synchronization happen? Each player must be close to the leader to enter his frequency, and the latter decides whether or not to accept synchronization. One option would be for the frequency to be a number that the leader have to say and the other players must insert into their radio. Another option would be for the leader to send an invitation to nearby players (this part cannot be completely realistic, or else we will have players putting random frequencies in their radios and forcing themselves into groups). 4-This guy from our group is begin a ass* what can we do? Players can leave the group or be kicked out of it at any time, but killing one of the players who was recently part of the group (10% of raid time?) would give an expressively high karma penalty, even bigger than normal tk(so you will be desincoraged to kick someone them kill him). So you guys must follow different paths before the timer runs out. The now alone player's radio will be filled with static until he finds a new empty frequency. 4.1-What will happen if a member of my group migrates to another? If a member of your group with a modifier goes to another group, all players in both groups will become subject to that modifier. You will also get the modifier on any player that recently leaved their group. If all the players are in the same group angain the modifier disapears. All players can have ilimited modifiers by joining and leaving ilimited groups. This is to prevent most elaborated schemes to kill trustworthy players. 4.2-How do we know if we still have the modifier? It will be the same thing as medical modifiers, put them very small in some corner of the screen so that they don't break the immersion, and by pressing tab you can have sure of how much time is left. 4.3-If I kill some former member of my group with less than 10 seconds left to the modifier will I get the full karma penalty? As time goes by the amount of karma lost will decrease, maybe 1% of time will be equal to 1% less karma to lose, I think this would be just since you could just shot any stalkers that did not accept to be kicked by you and have been following you with immunity by 5 minutes straigth. 5-Can everyone hear what we talk in the radio? Of course! They can hear both you talking to the radio and what is begin told from it, so you have to choose carefully the time to communicate with your teammates. 6-Can we join groups if the leader have different extractions? I think that extractions should be synced with the leader, but even if they're not I don't see any problem in it. I will not go into much detail about the radio(range, batteries, different models etc...there other posts about it) or the punishments/benefits of the karma system(better trade values, better scav gear etc...this is up to Battlestate). My point is: your faction is your friends, regardless of them begin USEC or BEARS. The PMC you used to work for will just affect your skills and initial gear but not who are your enemies. And you also should be able to make new friends in game. This is exactly what is show in the game trailer: a BEAR and a USEC putting differences aside to survive.
  3. Twy7cH2084

    New Player Looking For Other Player(s)

    Just started 3 days ago and am looking for friends to play with on here (and to show me other maps as well) I've spent the past 3 days just playing "Interstate" learning the Extract Points on the outside. lol the inside is where I just get destroyed, and I've got hardly any weapons left, BUT! got a lot of fight an patience, an time! Seriously, though, really wanting to find anyone who doesn't mind showing me the ropes of the other maps(if you're a more seasoned player). Now lets get to Raiding Tarov!!! To add me on BattleState:Twy7cH2084 To add me on Discord: twytch84#2955 Hope to hear from you Guys and Gals soon!!!
  4. MrNightNight858

    Looking for Players!

    Hey guys! Looking for two to three more players for our raid group! Currently there are about three of us that usually plays and we all thought about having a 5 man group that can rotate along side with us if some of the others are not online! I know its hard for some players who are alone and who would love to be in a group so please if you are interested let me know here and once we talk I can give you more information about us! Some of the requirements I am looking: * Discord and a working microphone * Must be at least 18 of age *Able to speak/understand English *Must be able to play with PST players (Pacific Standard Time Zone) If this interest you then go on ahead and let me know! We more than happy to help you out with anything that we know so you can gain knowledge about the game! Thank you and see you all soon!
  5. Ollelel

    Looking for Group/Clan

    Im currently lvl 38 and im looking for experienced and high level players to play with. Timezone/ Central European Time preferred play time/ Afternoon 18-24 Add me on discord: Schalz#0340
  6. (DISCORD LINK) <------ JOIN THE DISCORD About us! We are a growing escape from tarkov community! We like to invite you to join us on discord and find others for you to play with and trade with or just even to ask for help! All players are welcome even then ones with no experience we'll help you out! What do you benefit from us? - On the discord we have many help options. Under [eft-map] on discord you have quick access to all the maps there extraction locations, the spawns for pmc and scavs. (also all the loot spawns and key spawns!) - on the discord there is always someone that is willing to help you run your task so you aren't alone or even the higher levels will give you what you need for task items! - on discord we will have the updates from eft straight to the announcement section on the discord. (such as bullet updates trader up dates) - We have a trade section on our discord! You can trade reliable players in the community and you will not get scammed! if you need a item just post in trade section! (scamming = ban) - We have many help options and information that we hand over to our community players that is at your hands. We are here to help each other out! What do we benefit from you? - The community is growing in a good way from just you joining and play with the community players! - Having more knowledge if you are a new player with all information given on the discord and the veteran players or guides. - Always having someone to squad with or teaming with! (just join looking for group channel) What do we need from you? - Envy has a set of in game rules and discord rules that should be followed at all times! resulting in breaking the rules will be banned from the server. We are here to have fun and help not troll. - Keep the text channels to there correct category - Have fun and happy hunting! What we are looking for! - creative people or people who use photoshop - We need guides(which is staff that help players in the discord with the game) - To grow and progress with players and information while escape from tarkov progresses - feed back!
  7. SaltyDog666

    Let's get scavilicious

    Hello escapers! Mature group of 2 to (often 3) folks here needing a few more guns. You would get along with us if you're: mature chill a decent human not elitist Not super serious, but try to play to win. We need 2-3 more guns for optimal good times & shooting stuff. PM me for details, or convo SpicyRick in-game.
  8. I just want to start off saying, EFT is one of the greatest games I've played, with potential for being the greatest. For the developers, I have added an * where I believe the comment is most important. Groups and matching: 1) *Modes: I would like to suggest a mode, lets call it "competitive" where groups are matched against similar rank and similar sized groups. You could choose to be grouped with a random if not already in a group. I still like the idea of the way it is now where you have no idea how many/what rank PMC you are trying to kill. Though, it would be nice to play in a more balanced scenario where I know there are no groups larger than mine, especially if I am playing solo. Perhaps give some kind of XP bonus for playing in the current "survival" mode as you might call it. Lastly, an "arcade mode" where you don't earn XP but you can test your gear against other players without risk of losing it. Of course you could still pick up their gear and test out their gear too! 2) There should be official "clans", including a way to mark yourself as belonging to a clan which would help in battle for identification of groups. 3) *The ways for players to interact with each other outside of the live game is lacking. It should be easier to find players you play in game with, make new friends, and send friend requests, etc. Basically, if I group up with a random and it works out well, maybe I can see their name in the end game report? Maybe a report at the end of the game that shows who I played with/against. Other suggestions: 4) **For beginners there needs to be more introduction/tutorials/training modes. I am sure this is in the works. 5) *The weapon modding system is very difficult to learn. It would be nice to have all of the possible mods for a selected weapon be presented. Perhaps have a toggle in the weapon mods screen that lets you see what can be purchased versus what you own. It would be nice to be able to purchase the mods in the weapon mods screen. 6) It would be nice to have a quick start feature where it automatically buys out a customized gear layout you have designed and loads you into your preferred game mode/map. Basically, the launch time is a little tedious/cumbersome, especially with going through 5 different traders, each with their load time and cumbersome layout. Although, I could see where some might like the tedious nature of the preparation for combat. 7) **Currently the motive for playing the game is lacking, especially after you have a large wealth and high loyalty. I suggest a prestige rank that is either represented directly on the characters skin and perhaps their dog tag. I would suggest that this prestige require a combination of rank and perhaps you can buy it for say 1,000,000 Rubles. Maybe after you prestige you start over with the traders. But you shouldn't have to do the quests again, maybe you earn loyalty again through earning XP/rank after you prestige. 8) It would be interesting to have civilians. You would lose XP for killing the civilians. Perhaps the SCAVs look kind of like the civilians so its difficult to know who is a threat. 9) **Also, there should be a way to customize your skin/character. It would be cool to be able to customize your gun, perhaps with spray paint. A way to buy different types of camouflage outfits. 10) It would be cool to have "wild dogs" that run the map and attack you occasionally, giving away campers. Maybe they only go after characters with open wounds! Perhaps you can drop the dogs food to pacify them. 11) It would be nice that maybe in the "arcade" mode to have a "kill cam" or maybe a report that shows exactly where you were hit on the body (i.e. picture of your character with wounds), for how much damage. Even a kill cam where you can only see your screen would be helpful in some situations in understanding "what the #@$*" just happened. 12) The SCAVs ability to see through foliage is still too strong. Also, it is too easy to hatchet a scav. They turn about 15 degrees per second so you can easily run around them. Perhaps they should turn faster but their aim still be off. 13) It would be nice to have a combat grab. Basically when you get close enough you can actually grab the other character or grab their gun making their gun ineffective. Once in a grabbed situation both characters can activate the melee command, whoever is faster to melee wins. If you have a pistol perhaps you default to it instead of melee? 14) The loading of magazines is too fast. Need more incentive to bring more mags into combat. Of course, with this change you would need allowances for more magazine storage. 15) Grenades make a clinking noise when they hit dirt/grass? This should not be the case. It should be more of a thud. I keep thinking I dropped a bullet casing lol, then oh no! grenade! 16) I would like to suggest bear traps and trip wires with grenades. Perhaps the perception skill helps to identify these traps. Also, flash bangs/stun grenades/smoke grenades? 17) There should be some kind of XP loss for killing PMCs of the same organization? Currently there is no purpose to USEC versus BEAR. 18) Suggest different types of pants (more storage) and shoes (quieter). 19) Suggest gun fire effect the sensitivity of hearing? 20) Suggest at night time sight becomes better throughout the match unless exposed to bright light which causes you to lose your "night vision". 21) Use of painkillers should have a negative effect on some skills? Create an addiction? 22) Bullets should go through players if not already. 23) Night time flares you can launch into the air and light up an area? Bugs: Occasionally I get, a "move item" type error suggesting a simple bug which reverts all of my equipment moves back to where they were... Occasional, yet massive lag spikes, especially around other players. Sometimes, I am unable to transfer equipment from a dead body. I thought this was because my arm was blacked out, but it happened when both arms are fully functional. Occasionally, a spawned player is maybe lagged out/timed out and not able to be killed? Sucks to give away your position and not get a kill.
  9. dtzero

    looking for people to play with

    https://discord.gg/PJSchbt join the discord
  10. I think a simple arm band system that appears on each group members character would be perfect instead of adding any means of GUI. The team arm band colour is chose at random the group is informed of the colour before match start and once spawned into the game every member of the group will appear with and arm band on the right of left arm of that groups colour. Great game. Keep up the good work.
  11. SLY985


    Hay there! I'm pretty confident that Clans or groups will at some point make its way into this game and I had a really interesting idea for this game. With how in-depth this game goes with its realism and options I started thinking why is there no way to distinguish players from each other? Well I started thinking customizing your gear but as a developer myself I started thinking well maybe that wouldn't be as easy to put in as just saying so. So then I thought well if you add clans and allow for the creation of clan colors/emblems why not add clan associated equipment. This would be super interesting and something not seen (at least not to the EXTENT as this game could do it) in most other games. But you could things like arm bands, leg bands, bandanas, caps, hoodies, beanies, legit anything, even a cape or something ridiculous. You could even allow for pins to put on backpacks or other things, even full blow skins for said items. This would allow for some crazy customization and options for the player base and could be expanded on whenever. That, and would allow for some form of group/team indicators without jeopardizing the realism in the game. In real life most people will wear clothes/equipment to distinguish friendlies from anyone else and this would be literal implementation of that into the game. It would be a way for players to be able to tell the different from their friends and enemies without adding something like a HUD element or something that would be seen in a video game (IE: a floating name, glowing person, something not really... realistic.) Either way I thought this would be a super neat idea and would love to see what other people think.
  12. Cobra12

    Player made skins.

    A buddy and I were talking and we had come up with and idea. The idea is that say you and your friends wanted to make a custom patch or custom face mask so that you could tell a friend from foe. I don't know what you guys are going to do in the future but we thought that something like a custom uniform or patch would be cool to have in the game.
  13. TechoverMana

    Factory Group Spawns

    I thought that the EFT devs had fixed the group spawning so that people actually would spawn together if they're in a group, like it does with every other map, but factory? Why is it total luck of the draw if a group on factory spawns together or not, when it's clearly not on every other map? At least if it was consistent it'd be one thing but it randomly decides if you'll spawn together or not. If the devs don't want people to group up in factory, make that clear so people no longer group up or don't allow it. But if you're going to allow people to group, have them spawn together like they do for every other map.
  14. FosterFox

    Squad Spawning In

    So I just recently had an encounter on the night time version of Customs, and I ran into a person who I started to shoot at but then suddenly 3 more guys popped up right in front of my eyes. I was wondering if it's possible to spawn groups farther away from solo players? Or at least spread them out a bit instead of stacking them on top of one another? It makes the play session much less fun and even though I only lost a PACA, KIVER, and Vityaz. I'm still annoyed that people can just pop up right in front of me, and that I don't have much of a chance to run through the map. I understand that if I took a different route I might have avoided them but I don't think groups of 4 should spawn so close to the edge of the spawn where the map begins. I feel like solo players should have at least the head start advantage... EDIT: Video brightness and contrast was increased afterwards to help you see what happened.
  15. Currently, in the lobby screen, only your character is shown with their kit/loadout. Also, all players in your group are highlighted in blue. My suggestion is to show the character model with their kit of all players in the group in the lobby screen with their names above each character. This would aid in providing positive identification of friendlies upon spawning and early into the raid. Since most (maybe all?) maps have a group size around 5 or 6, it shouldn't be too much to fit on screen. I will try to edit this suggestion with an edited image representing the current and proposed screen.
  16. luftkorps

    5-Man Teams

    5 man teams in maps that the max player count is 7 (customs for example) is just ridiculous. Its a 5vs2. Where the hell people think its "fair"? You can solo all scavs, how a 5 man group would even be fun? Teamemrs never loose their gear, because his budy would take it if he dies or because of the insurance system. This is a major problem in this game for me. The maps doesnt support 5 man groups just because it isnt big enough for more players. For me, the max group it should be allowed is 3, MAX! The ideal would be 2, but 5 is just insane. You could say: "Life is unfair", well, sorry buddy, but this is not IRL. Or you could say: "Pick a team yourself": Well, then I suppose I should pick a hack too, right?! Teams the way its is now is broken, nad need a fix in order to make the game fun and enjoyable. Take PUBG as exemple. It have a good MM system. 4 mans squads max, on a HUGE map with 100 players. You have 4% of the man power in the match, not 71% like here in EFT. *I did found some topics talking about but they were closed. So I made a new one, because the problem obiviouly still.
  17. Jyat

    A Couple Things

    Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying this closed beta as much as I am even with the few hiccups I have encountered. Over-all great experience so far. Just a few suggestions/recommendations on my behalf. First of all, I would like to note group spawning, which in my opinion in THIS particular game, is quite crucial. This game takes a lot of inspiration from the DayZ mod in terms of it's PvP, but I would like to note that this is labelled as an FPS/TPS with RPG elements, and while I understand you devs are going for the most realistic approach possible, I think it may be a good thing to subtly tag/mark team/group members, as every character model looks the same, and I understand you may not have completed the character models you have in mind, regardless at 50-100 metres you wanna keep track of formations and such as the looking around in this game isn't as easy as free looking in ARMA. So may be a good idea. Secondly: I'm not sure if your plans include group spawning yet but if not then maybe you should consider it. I know in DayZ you would meet up and coordinate however immersively, but I'm gonna go on a limb and say that most players who group, are either skyping, team speaking or on Discord. If you understand my point? They're all communicating via sources outside the game, so in that sense group spawning would be a nice feature, and maybe make it optional as well, in case the group decide on making separate insertions and meeting at a certain point the evac-ing, just a thought. Thirdly, AI/Scavs/NPC/Bots: Not sure (again) if this is a permanent feature, but I like it, contrary to the mixed feelings I've seen about it. I had a gander at a few of the in-included maps, and saw the difficulty setting. I am assuming it's either because of the openness of some maps so more player spread between other players and AI's, or it's to do with the difficulty of the AI, just my thoughts. But yeah that's pretty much it, hope you read this and maybe consider my thought's. Like I said i'm really enjoying the game and the tension, really great atmosphere too. Jake

    LFG - Mature Tac Minded People

    Hello everyone, I have been playing pretty solo in this game since start of alpha have seen what its like to have gear overflowing and also been at points where all I had was one pistol left as of late I have started to see this game being a lot more fun in groups or duo's vs solo so thought I would post on here and see if anyone is looking for some friends to play with or wanting to add one more to there group I have some gear nothing special and even tho I have played for a bit and have some knowledge that may help I'm no expert and still have things I need to grow on I'm not an all-star player either so if your looking to be carried or a god tier player I'm neither I just enjoy skilled hardcore shooters and strive to do my best at collecting tears when I can. I'm US based and play most of the day or at least have the ability to, looking for people that are mature and easy to get along with if this sounds like you then send me a pm or add me on steam I don't care if your new or veteran to the game just looking to experience the game on a group lvl now that I have played a ton solo. I have a discord and will link it to anyone needing it or asking in a pm or steam. Thanks! and happy gaming everyone. Requirements: US Based, Mature/Older, Discord/Mic Steam ID: DREAMAZING
  19. Octosnake

    Breaking the Game

    Alright, so what I want to do is see how many people would be down with fresh spawning a raid in a mass attempt to simply break the everliving snot out of it up until the very last second of each avaliable raid. I'd personally have a blast running around with a ton of dudes just trying to break crap and make the game better. Any support?
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