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Found 6 results

  1. Ammo mixing is a real thing. Maybe not for sport shooters, maybe not for those, who carry arms for self defence. But in military it's pretty common. Especially with belt feeding, like here: It's box of 900 rounds of 5.56x45mm, mixed. It's pattern is 4x Ball, 1x Tracer and repeat. I know we probably won't get belt fed weapons in EfT, that was just easy example of real-life application. In EfT we can mix ammo types in our magazines. But doing 4/1 split like above in 60-round mag is difficult, boresome and unintuitive. My suggestion is that we could use some UI to achieve this thing. We could select ammo types, set count and be able to say "it's a pattern, please repeat until mag is full". I have even brought my superior Paint Skillz (yeah, that's a lie, I've used Photoshop...), to show an example what I've been thinking of. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3 (repeating pattern): STEP 4 (non-repeating pattern): Thoughts?
  2. oxhid3

    Reduce Recap Menu pages!

    The menu in this game takes far too much time for what it does! Of course tryharders and sweaty dudes would like to read books with how well they did in game, but don't you think a page would suffice to scroll down and up on your info after a finished game? I find it overly annoying to have 5 pages to skip to get to a new game as well as get into it! UX needs mending / optimization here!
  3. machplatt

    Enhance dealer menu easy of use

    I would like to suggest a dealer menu enhancement. If you click on any item on the left side, please auto switch to buy an select this item. Also if you ctrl-click on a part in stash, please auto switch to sell and put the item into sell box as usual. This would reduce the number of clicks needed without any negativ effect.
  4. Есть предложение по интерфейсу. Добавить меню вверху экрана для быстрого доступа. Было бы удобней, чем постоянно вперед-назад-вперед-назад.
  5. Hey guys, Throughout this build of EFT I have acquired ludicrous amounts of gear and cash, along with weapon/item cases. I have tried to organize these items based on their location to each other, but it is hard to differentiate which weapons case is full of M4s or AKs. Along with lots of cash, most of these things are very hard to move around in my stash because I can only pick up one item at a time. What would really help organization and inventory management would be an item naming system and a selection box system, where you can click and drag a box over all the items you want to move in your stash. With that being said, naming items like weapons cases and weapons would add an extra level of personalization to gear in the game. So the player has the ability to name his 5-flashlight saiga-12 with the SIG Bravo, eotech, and aimpoint "A Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear" or something. There would have to be a cost to get things like weapons named to avoid overuse. Maybe the Mechanic can charge ~$50K Roubles to engrave a name into a weapon? This would add an extra level of personalization to your gear and weapons.
  6. Hey guys! I don't know what has happened but as of recently I have no longer got access to the Global Chat, is this a bug and has anyone else got this issue too, its also happening to my buddy who's with me currently on Discord. - TBag
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