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  1. The_Redacted

    Game Guide for New Players!

    Escape From Tarkov is a treacherous, high reward, exhilarating and insanely fun game where each and every single raid will be different. You will experience fascinating shoot outs, combat scenarios and stories that will probably stick with you for a very long time. It is truly a one of a kind video game out there at the moment. This is a guide to help new players, or seasoned veterans who could use a small spruce up. Enjoy reading it, just as i enjoyed making this guide. It's my first one ever! So first thing's first. Why are you (Or your PMC) [Private Military Contractor] in Tarkov in the first place? I'm going to leave a lot of the lore out of that question so you can find out yourself! But long story short, your PMC, either you chose BEAR or USEC, is sent to retrieve something. Spoiler free. You got separated from your group in an intense scenario, and now you are all alone. You must Escape from Tarkov and reunite with your company and friends alive! But first, we're given an option. Escape from Tarkov offers you two choices once you start the game. BEAR or USEC. Their voice lines are different, BEAR speaks Russian, USEC speaks English. Their clothing is also different. USEC gets their own clothes, along side with bears. USEC Options BEAR Options ( They look wayyy cooler in my opinion, and i always chose USEC haha ) Once you have chosen your preferred factions, lets start with the Hide Out! The Hideout is your home, your sanctuary, and the safest place in Tarkov according to me. You slowly regenerate your stats here, and arm up for your first, and many, many raids to come. These are just a few examples of some sections and options that you are able to upgrade to the maximum. They bring a lot of benefits! Do try to upgrade your hideout as soon as you can, but don't go broke, you still need money to fund your raids! The hideout will test your patience and resolve. But it is possible, and you can do it. I believe in you. Yup. that's a literal wall of graphics cards that you can use to mine bitcoins and reap an insane amount of money. This game is amazing. You can also chose to play as a Scavenger! Or a Scav, for short. This is a free attempt, with a random gear set that you don't have the option of changing, on any map you want! As a new player, you should use your scav the moment it's available. It's a free raid that you can use with absolutely zero penalties or negative features toward you or your PMC. They have cool down timers in between them. You can play as a scav, but so can other players... The normal Artificial Intelligence scavs, the non player scavs, walk and roam the map. They even loot and wiggle at you! They are friendly, provided you don't kill them. But if you defend yourself from another real player, playing as a scav, the NPC's should still be friendly to you. As a PMC, scavs will always shoot you! Escape from Tarkov boasts quite a few maps for its caliber and type of game at the current moment, with many more confirmed on its way! But which map do play on first? Well, like in real life, actual special forces and active military personnel always have a plan to enter, and get out. This is called Infiltration and Ex filtration. The best and first thing you should do is know where you are in the map. At the current moment, just knowing where to leave should be your priority, NOT how you can take down Five man squads and get away with it unscathed. (Some can do that, it's actually quite impressive.) Know your exfil! You may have gotten lucky and one tapped a fully geared player, but you ran out of time trying to find the exfil. Oh no! Use maps that are available online, get a grasp of the landmarks and call outs. For this, i highly recommend you try offline mode. If you play Online, and get killed. You will be forced to wait in your hideout so your character can heal his injuries, or spend precious money on medication and other health supplies. Money that a new player can't afford to lose on such little things constantly. The Woods. Long range combat and some medium ranges here and there. Heaven for snipers. The Interchange. A massive shopping mall with an exterior and interior layout with multiple floors. This contains both long range, and tight CQC. These are what some exits may look, but you can search them up online for even more information! Interchange Railway Exfil (LEFT) and Emercom Exfil (RIGHT) Behind the green truck to the left of the Emercom Exfil is the actual exit. So now you know how to get out right? Try to remember landmarks, they help orient you on where you need to go before the timer runs out! Wait, a timer? YUP! You can double tap the ' o ' key to see your extraction, and time remaining. You are under the mercy of the raid's time. Each map has their own maximum time, from a whole hour, to just twenty minutes. Do what you need to do, and get the hell out! If you don't make it to the extract in time.. You are considered Dead or Missing In Action, and you just lost everything you gained / did in that raid. Prevent this at all costs as it would have been a huge waste of time! But not entirely, because you can use this to learn, and figure what you did wrong. Pay attention to the timer, your location, and your resources such as running stamina, food etc. And now for the fun part, and a highlight to this game in my opinion. THE WEAPONS AND THEIR MODIFICATIONS! Good lord look at all those things that you can do to your weapon. Escape from Tarkov has a unique feature, that pretty much no other game comes near to this level of detail. The true Gunsmith. With this, you can create the perfect weapon for your needs, and then some. Remember earlier in this guide that showed you the maps, their layouts and their exfils/ extractions? Well, your weapon must suit that mission / map's criteria. Playing on Customs? Bring a decent ranged effective caliber rifle, M4's and AK's are fantastic. Playing Factory? Sub-Machine guns and shotguns. A plethora of weapons that are all available to you are great starter weapons to get a feel of the game. With limitations of course since your PMC level is low, he won't have all the resources available. Yet. So how do we get extra stuff and rewards that can help us rise the levels and ranks? The Traders. The traders are NPC's that give quests, are a great source of Experience points, weapon rewards and modifications, and will pretty much carry you on your way toward finally Escaping From Tarkov! Or having way more fun. Each trader has three requirements. (Yellow) The Level Requirement your PMC must reach this level to meet this criteria. Just gain Exp from doing stuff in raids! (Light Blue) The Loyalty Requirement is a must! So complete the quests that the traders give you! This is how much they like you, and for you to meet this criteria. It goes up every time you turn in your quest! (Green) Money requirement is you selling AND buying from them. These two actions make it go up and meet the criteria. ALL three must meet the requirements to advance to the next level. Rinse and repeat until the trader is at max level. Level 4. This is what just one quest from a plethora of quests as an example. As you can see, some quests are very simple and straight forward, others quite convoluted, and much more difficult. But i believe in you, you know this already. Read the quest, read the description as is it actually helpful, and help you understand what you must do, and if you need to, search the quest's name online for even more assistance! The Rewards can be seen from the bottom, do as many quests as you can! They are not only vital, but a great income, items, and unlocks that will help you a ton! Who can help you perform these quests? FRIENDS! Friends are a great way to get team killed- i mean, to watch your back, and operate properly! Friends and teammates are fantastic to have with! Just make sure you communicate properly as there are NO team identifications that you see in other games. You can, and will shoot your teammates if you're not careful! Tips that i can think of is wearing similar clothing, maybe the same helmet, clothing, even armbands can help! Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! Talk what you see, what you hear and what you're going to do. Reloading? Call it out so your teammates won't have to question the noise that they just heard. But don't share too much, try to keep your coms, communications, clear so others may hear their surroundings. Find a good balance between the two. Also, try not to sweep your teammates. There have been a lot of moments where teammates would rest their fingers on the shoot button and accidentally fire. Be careful! Once you reach level 10, the flea market is unlocked! The Flea Market is a vast and important resource, so get to Level 10 as fast as possible! You can search up pretty much anything, and purchase the things you need! Be careful and triple check before you buy something though, what you thought was in Roubles, may actually be in Dollars! They're color coded so you can't miss it. But just pay extra attention at what the trade is asking for! Thanks for reading this overly simplified guide on how to help you start with tarkov! It is a very difficult game, but if you do it right, you can come out with good loot! This was my very first time creating a guide for any game, sorry if there are any inconsistencies or errors, but i believe this is the bare minimum for new people.
  2. Hello, I've made a guide for begginers and casual players. It is complete guide containing: - maps with extracts and places to loot; - informations about Traders (for new players); - weapon modding and analysis of ammunition; - sample weapon presets for begginers and players who are not millionaires; - sample weapon presets for more rich players; - useful crafts for begginers; - tips and tricks. All content is full of screenshots and curiosities. Guide is made with the thought of new players, but also contains advices to casual player, or maybe even experienced players - maybe you'll find information you haven't known for now. Here you have Google Drive link to download the guide. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1415u0JcxqmukDkfwnHDAux4lhWf0biYI/view?usp=sharing Hope you will have fun during reading this! Thank you for your appreciation.
  3. Wikiworker

    新人须知 — 塔科夫的问与答

    Q:作为萌新,我在熟悉游戏时如何寻求帮助? A:我们设立了“夏尔巴计划”,并招募了大量优秀玩家来帮助萌新熟悉游戏的各种机制。你可以在游戏官网资料页上找到 “新人助手 - 夏尔巴人” 选项。(目前仅有两位中文夏尔巴人,我们仍在努力招募新的夏尔巴人) Q:我在游戏里应该做什么? A:逃离塔科夫有着无数种可能!不过入门的最简单方式,是让自己熟悉游戏中的地图。“离线模式”允许你自由地设置并体验游戏,无论幸存还是死亡都不会影响存档,因此你可以通过这个模式来探索地图,然后再开始做任务。游戏中的每位商人都会提供一些任务,完成这些任务即可获得游戏内经验值与奖励,有些时候也会提升该商人的信任度(解锁更多商品)。 Q:如果死在了战局中,我的东西怎么办? A:塔科夫是一款硬核游戏。如果你死亡(KIA)或者失踪(MIA),带进战局内的所有物品将会丢失!唯一的例外:安全箱。放入安全箱中的物品会在死后保留。 Q:安全箱是啥? A:正如前文所说,一旦角色死亡,未放入安全箱的物品都会丢失。安全箱有多种规格,最小的为 2x2 格(也就是 Alpha 安全箱)。你可以在商人处买到更大的安全箱,不过最大的那个,只能通过完成任务获得。 Q:我发现了bug,要如何反馈? A:游戏中肯定会有bug,毕竟塔科夫仍在进行beta测试!提交bug报告可以帮助我们解决游戏中的问题,非常感谢你的好意!你可以通过游戏启动器中的 “报告bug” 选项来提供反馈。请描述你遇到的bug,附上游戏的日志文件(如果能提供视频链接就再好不过了)。 Q:删档是啥?多久删档? A:因为游戏尚处于开发阶段,BSG的开发团队有时会要求清空所有玩家数据,这意味着:每一位玩家的物品、任务进度和经验值都会被重置到初始状态。这种情况只会在大规模更新时发生,每年大概一到两次。 Q:藏身处是啥? A:藏身处最开始只是一个条件有限的废弃防空洞,但你能够在这里制作物品,恢复健康值,测试武器,挖矿,派遣Scav为你搜集物品,以及更多更多! Q:这游戏对我很不公平。为什么我单排时也会遇到组队的玩家? A:不要用“平衡”“公平”的字面意思来理解本游戏。对新手来说,这款游戏非常难 — 并且是按照团队游戏来设计的。单独行动当然可行,但会很艰难!这也关乎到打造 「 你自己 」 的故事。想怎么玩就可以怎么玩,但作为新手,你得明白,有些游戏方式会让你比别人玩得更困难。你可以在这里了解逃离塔科夫的愿景:https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/132180-the-vision-of-escape-from-tarkov/ Q:为什么我打不死人?他们总是能防住我的子弹。 A:不同种类的弹药有着不同的使用目的。只要你了解哪种弹药能用来做什么,就更容易取胜。一些弹药对付装甲很有效,而其他的能造成更高的躯体伤害(肉伤)。选择交战时使用的正确弹药十分重要。例如:射击腿部、手部或是脸部时,用肉伤弹会更有效。 一个了解弹药用处的优质工具: http://tarkov-tools.com/ammo
  4. As the title describes I've been working on a updated copy of robz's armor chart, currently it now contains all the new body armors and I am currently looking to expand into helmets and the additional components associated with them. Sheet 1(main):https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MWtDi2kOuTxmGWIN7b4Y56d-ReNnIywnl2DTuWe-0dA/edit?usp=sharing Sheet 2(backup):https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zflwocZaO4xdBjhR7N3EfrB0Or68zmx03fYqyv91KRQ/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Hallo deutschsprachiges Tarkovforum, hier eine aktuelle Version des Escape from Tarkov FPS Guides Der Guide wurde unter Windows 10 Professional unter Verwendung einer Nvidia Grafikkarte und einer Intel CPU erstellt. Möglicherweise sind einige der unten aufgeführten Tweaks in anderen Windows Versionen anders zu finden oder nicht verfügbar. Achtung, wie für alle anderen Guides hier im Forum, gilt auch hier: Für eventuell auftretende Schäden an Hard u. Software, sowie Datenverlust kann keinerlei Haftung übernommen werden. Einige der hier aufgelisteten Tweaks benötigen die Verwendung von externer Software, die in keinerlei Verbindung zum Spiel oder zum Verfasser dieses Guides stehen. Diese Software ist kostenlos, kann jedoch zusätzliche Installer und oder Werbung enthalten, schaut also was ihr anklickt, bevor ihr installiert. Solltet ihr euch nicht sicher sein welche Tweaks auf eurem System Sinn machen, bzw. Fragen haben, schreibt sie einfach unten. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Settings im BSG-Launcher: (Stand 01.03.2020) Im Launcher die Optionen unter Settings so wählen, dass sich der Launcher automatisch beendet, nachdem Escape from Tarkov gestartet wurde, um unnötige Aktivitäten im Hintergrund zu vermeiden. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Settings im Spiel: (Stand: 01.03.2020) "Nvidia Highlights" deaktivieren da dieses Feature in der aktuellen Beta zu starken Performanceproblemen führen kann. "Auto RAM Cleaner" aktivieren, solltet ihr über wenig RAM verfügen (weniger als 16GB), ansonsten deaktivieren und die Maps damit nach dem Raid im RAM belassen, was zu schnelleren Ladezeiten beim erneuten Spielen einer Map führt. "Use Physical Cores Only" aktivieren da dies in der aktuellen Beta zu spürbar besserer Performance führen kann. Aktuell gibt es unter Verwendung einer AMD CPU jedoch Probleme mit dieser Einstellung. Trotz aktiviertem Setting kann es vorkommen, dass Hyperthreading mit AMD CPUs nicht wie gewünscht deaktiviert wird. Die Verwendung der externen Software "Process Lasso" kann hier Abhilfe schaffen. Thread Process Lasso Wenn "Process Lasso" verwendet wird, die Option Ingame bitte deaktivieren "HighQualityColor Mode" dieses Feature ist noch recht neu in der Beta und hat leider bei einigen Spielern aus der Community zu massiven Fps Verlusten geführt. Im Zweifel erstmal deaktivieren. "Texture und Shadow Quality" bei schwacher CPU auf "High" um diese zu entlasten und mehr Last auf die Grafikkarte zu verlagern. bei schwacher Grafikkarte auf "Medium" um diese zu entlasten und mehr Last auf die CPU zu verlagern. bei ausgeglichenen Systemen je nach persönlicher Vorliebe "Anisiotropic Filtering" (Anisotrope Filterung) - Einstellen entsprechend Nvidia 3D Einstellungen deaktivieren für optimale Leistung aktivieren für weichere Übergänge von nah und fern dargestellten Texturen gleicher Art ~ 5% Leistungsverlust "Antialiasing" deaktivieren für maximale FPS, allerdings sehr körniges Bild, welches das Erkennen von Gegner mitunter sehr erschwert um diese Einstellung zu verwenden im Menu auswählen und passend dazu, unter Nvidia Systemsteuerung --> 3D Einstellungen verwalten FXAA (Global) --> deaktivieren (Aus) Antialiasingmodus --> deaktivieren (Aus) FXAA (Fast Aproximate Antialiasing) ~ 5-10% Leistungsverlust je nach Map und Wetter um diese Einstellung zu verwenden im Menu auswählen und passend dazu, unter Nvidia Systemsteuerung --> 3D Einstellungen verwalten FXAA (Global) --> Aktivieren (Ein) Antialiasingmodus --> Anwendungsgesteuert TAA (Temporal Antialiasing) ~ 3-7% Leistungsverlust je nach Map und Wetter um diese Einstellung zu verwenden im Menu auswählen und passend dazu, unter Nvidia Systemsteuerung --> 3D Einstellungen verwalten FXAA (Global) --> deaktivieren (Aus) Antialiasingmodus --> Anwendungsgesteuert TAA High (High Temporal Antialiasing) ~ 5-15% Leistungsverlust je nach Map und Wetter um diese Einstellung zu verwenden im Menu auswählen und passend dazu, unter Nvidia Systemsteuerung --> 3D Einstellungen verwalten FXAA (Global) --> deaktivieren (Aus) Antialiasingmodus --> Anwendungsgesteuert "VSync" deaktivieren um Inputlag und Performanceverluste zu vermeiden ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nvidia Systemsteuerung: (Stand 01.03.2020) "Fortgeschrittene 3D-Bildeinstellung" verwenden um einzelne Werte anzupassen Gelb eingerahmtes verwenden, für optimale FPS, wenn kein Antialiasing genutzt wird Rot eingerahmtes verwenden, für optimale FPS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nvidia GeForce Experience: (Stand: 01.03.2020) Solltet ihr Nvidia Experience verwenden, solltet ihr das Laden der "optimalen Grafikeinstellungen" durch Experience unterbinden, da dies in der aktuellen Beta zu massiven Performanceproblemen führen kann. Dazu: Öffnen --> auf Zahnrad klicken für Einstellungen --> linker Reiter auf Spiele --> Haken entfernen bei "Optimale Spielbare Einstellungen" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Single Display Performance Mode - Nvidia Inspector: (Stand 01.03.2020) Bei Verwendung mehrerer Monitore, kann es zu Performancesteigerungen führen, wenn man den Nvidia "Single Display Performance Mode" aktiviert, dieser ist leider unter der "Nvidia Systemsteuerung" nicht aufgeführt. Einstellen kann man ihn beispielsweise über das externe Tool "NVidia Inspector": Downloadseite Nvidia Inspector - Externer Link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DPI Skalierung: (Stand: 01.03.2020) Windowsseitige DPI Skalierung überschreiben um Performanceprobleme aufgrund fehlerhafter Skalierung und Eingaberuckler zu vermeiden. Dazu in den beiden Dateien: "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" & "BsgLauncher.exe" (zu finden in den jeweiligen Installationsverzeichnissen von Spiel und Launcher) unter Einstellungen das Häckchen bei "Hohe DPI-Skalierung überschreiben" setzen und die Skalierung durch die "Anwendung" durchführen lassen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows 10 Spielmodus deaktivieren: (Stand: 11.03.2020) Der unter Windows 10 als Systemstandard aktivierte "Spielmodus" kann in der aktuellen Beta zu FPS Drops führen. Um ihn zu deaktivieren unter "Einstellungen" --> "Spielen" --> "Spielmodus" --> "Spielmodus - Aus" einstellen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grafikkartentreiber Neuinstallation: (Stand: 01.03.2020) Leider kommt es nach Game Updates im Zusammenspiel mit geupdateten Grafiktreibern hin und wieder zu Problemen. Sollten euch Probleme, wie zum Beispiel stark gesunkene FPS (im Vergleich zu vor dem Update), sowie Gameabstürze direkt beim Betreten der Map bzw. Betreten des Hideouts auffallen, dann könnt ihr versuchen, ob euch eine "frische" Neuinstallation der Grafiktreiber weiterhilft. Damit ist nicht das "drüber installieren" mit dem Nvidia Installer gemeint, sondern der Grafikkartentreiber wird inklusive alle versteckter Registryeinträge komplett entfernt und erst anschließend mit dem Nvidia Installer neu installiert. Tool dazu: DisplayDriverUninstaller (hier im Forum auch oft "DDU" genannt) Downloadseite DisplayDriverUninstaller - Externer Link Um die Software "DDU" korrekt zu nutzen, müsst ihr euer Windows im abgesicherten Modus starten, damit das Tool die Registry reinigen kann. Anleitungen wie ihr in den abgesicherten Modus kommt, gibt es passend zur Windows Version zu Hauf. (einfach googeln) oder in DDU Startoption: "abgesicherter Modus" aktivieren, neustarten und dann DDU verwenden Danach dann die aktuellste Version vom Grafikkartenhersteller installieren. Die bereits getätigten Grafikeinstellungen gehen dabei jedoch verloren. Daher die Punkte mit Nvidia Systemsteuerung und Inspector einfach nochmal wiederholen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMD Ryzen CPUs: Installation der offiziellen Chipsatztreiber Standardmäßig sind in Windows nicht alle Treiber für die AMD Ryzen Chipsätze installiert. Es hat sich jedoch gezeigt, dass in einigen Spielen die Performance dadurch gesteigert werden kann. Um die Chipsatztreiber zu installieren, muss zuerst der korrekte Chipsatz unter folgendem Link ausgewählt werden: https://www.amd.com/de/support Hierzu unter "Suchen Sie Ihr Produkt" Chipsets -> AMD Socket AM4 -> Chipsatz des Mainboards auswählen und den Treiber herunterladen. Sollte die Installation nicht vollständig sein (dies scheint ein Bug der Installationshilfe zu sein) sollten nach dem Starten der Installation unter C:\AMD die Treiber für den Chipsatz zu finden sein und können manuell installiert werden. Um die korrekte Installation zu verifizieren, können - nach einem Neustart des PCs - im Windows Geräte-Manager unter Systemgeräte die Treiberversionen mit der auf der AMD-Seite verglichen werden. Diese sollten daraufhin übereinstimmen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allgemeine Hinweise: Ansonsten gilt für Escape from Tarkov das Gleiche, wie für jedes andere PC Spiel im Firstperson PVP Bereich. Wenn ihr optimale FPS wollt (natürlich im Rahmen des Möglichen in Anbetracht des Betastatus) dann solltet ihr keine unnötigen Anwendungen im Hintergrund laufen lassen, dafür sorgen, dass eure Treiber aktuell sind, die Kühlung funktioniert, ihr anständiges Internet habt, unnötige Windowsdienste deaktiviert sind, Firewall und Virenscanner ordentlich eingestellt sind usw. usw. Dies geht jedoch für den Umfang dieses Guides zu weit, dazu gibt es bereits reichlich gute Tutorials im WorldWideWeb. Weiter nehme ich in diesem Guide keinen Bezug zum Thema Hardware Overclocking (Übertakten von Hardware), da dies ein sehr breites Feld darstellt und die jeweiligen Tipps und Tricks, je nach System sehr sehr spezifisch sein können. Auch zu diesem Thema gibt es reichlich gute Infos im WorldWideWeb. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sollten euch weitere Tweaks in Sachen EFT bekannt sein oder solltet ihr Fragen haben, bitte postet diese einfach unten (gerne mit Fotos). Besonders interessant wären Tweaks rund um AMD Prozessoren und ATI Grafikkarten, da ich diese aktuell nicht selbst testen kann. Ansonsten findet ihr mich für "Live Support" (Di - Sa 7:00 bis 14:00) auch auf www.twitch.tv/pik_tv Viele Grüße euer PIK
  6. HERC130


    I did a little research into Each throwable in the game, once I spent a little time going over each one I decided to share my findings. If you have any interest in maybe learning some stuff about the grenades there are some cool things in here for not only new players but also veterans of the game. (Overhead Throwing, Throwing Around Corners... ETC) Enjoy and I hope you have learned something like I did making the video! Grenades/Throwables Everything you need to know!
  7. Καλησπέρα στο Ελληνικό Community. Εδώ έχουμε ένα πολύ καλό video από τον streamer φίλο μας TNofficial που εξηγεί πάρα πολλά concept του παιχνιδιού σας το συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα. (Κάντε Follow στα Channels του παιδιού) Περιγράφη: Σε αυτό το βίντεο θα δούμε αναλυτικά το Escape From Tarkov, ένα παιχνίδι αρκετά δύσκολο και έντονο. Μπορείτε να το πείτε και "Οδηγός Tarkov για Αρχάριους".
  8. New to Tarkov or have yet another friend joining this wonderful game that you don't want to explain every little mechanic to for the 100th time? This guide is for you! This is an original total beginner's guide written by me featuring: Compiled into a neat, well spaced and easy to read 54-page PDF Linked table of contents for quick navigation to each topic Dark theme for easy reading with the lights out Full spectrum coverage with fundamental info on pre-purchase to raiding to trading and everything in between Most searched for "eft guide" on all of google (you can google it right now!) Here is a direct link to the PDF, and if you're looking for confirmation that it's legit first, you can check out this reddit post for upvotes and testimonials (memey or otherwise) in the comments. I'm planning a large update soon to cover FIR market changes and a couple of LL1 availability changes, but >99% of the guide is still completely up to date and serves the purpose of getting new players acquainted with how to play Tarkov properly, reducing frustration and increasing retention so everyone can enjoy this awesome game. Thanks for reading and good luck out there, operator!
  9. درود! به چنل آموزش های اولیه تارکاو خوش آمدید. این چنل شامل تمام اطلاعاتی میشود که نیاز است پیش از شروع بازی بدانید. راهنما: بخش 1: منو ها و فروشنده ها بخش 2: دریافت ماموریت(تسک) های اولیه بخش3: مهمات، آیتم های مدیکال(درمانی)، سیکیور کانتینر( کانتینر های امن مثل آلفا و...) بخش 4: هاید اوت (مخفیگاه) و پِریسِت های سلاح بخش 5: گیِر و کیت تجهیزاتی که برای رید نیاز است بخش 1- منو ها و فروشنده ها در منوی اصلی، چهار گزینه می بینید : "Escape From Tarkov": جهت رفتن به رِید(بعدا کاملتر توضیح داده خواهد شد) "Character" : اینونتوری اِستَش و اینونتوری کاراکتر شما "Trading" : منوی فروشنده ها "Hideout" : محلی برای ساخت و تولید برخی از آیتمم ها وارتقا و افزایش سطح موارد مختلفی روی کاراکتر و خود مخفیگاه (این بخش هم بعدا کاملتر توضیح داده خواهد شد) [Character] در سمت چپ کلیه وسایل و تجهیزاتی که همراه خود به رِید می آورید را مشاهده میکنید. در سمت راست تصویر، اینونتوری استش خود را مشاهده میکنید، اینجا محلی است که آیتم هایی که در شروع بازی دریافت میکنید قرار دارد. همچنین هر آیتمی که از رِید بدست می آورید ، از فروشنده ها و یا "فلی مارکت" خریداری میکنید نیز در اینجا قرار میگیرد. [Trading] این منو مربوط به فروشنده ها ( و "فلی مارکت" بعدا توضیح داده خواهد شد) است، اینجا هشت فروشنده مختلف را مشاهده میکنید. حالا منوی هر تریدر را باز کرده و همه ی ایتم های موجود را بررسی (اگزماین) کنید. {چرا باید به خودمان زحمت اگزماین کردن همه این آیتم ها را بدهیم؟} اولین دلیل برای انجام این کار این است که مقدار قابل توجهی "ای ایکس پی" بدون دردسر کسب میکنید، دلیل دوم این است که شما نمیخواهید این کار را طی رِید انجام دهید زیرا هرچه زمان بیشتری صرف اینونتوری خود در رید کنید خود را در معرض ریسک بیشتری قرار میدهید. هر فروشنده چهار سطح ( لوِل) دارد هر سطح بالاتری که میرسید به آیتم های بیشتری برای خرید و یا معامله با آن فروشنده خواهید داشت. برای باز کردن سطح های بالاتر شما به میزان مشخصی از لول کاراکتر خود، محبوبیت(رپیوتیشن {از طریق انجام تسک ها افزایش پیدا میکند}) و مقدار مشخصی از ارزش خرید و فروش با آن فروشنده نیاز خواهید داشت. بخش2-دریافت تسک های اولیه تسک ها یکی از اصلی ترین روش های کسب "ای اکس پی" در تارکاو هستند، همچنین سود هایی مانند پول، رپیوتیشن و پاداش های ویژه مانند کیس ها وسلاح ها دارند. برای شروع یک تسک باید سربرگ مربوطه را در بالای فروشنده مد نظر باز کرده، یکی از تسک های در دسترس را انتخاب نموده و بر روی گزنه "اکسپت" کلیک کنید. برای شروع میتوانید از "پراپر" و " تراپیست" تسک دریافت و شروع به انجام کنید. هنگام انجام تسک هایی مانند"delivery from the past" که نیاز است آیتم مربوط به تسک را ازیک مپ به مپ دیگری ببرید، استش مخصوص آیتم های تسک تعبیه شده تا بعد از اکسترکت کردن بتوانید آیتم تسک را به آنجا انتقال دهید و هر زمان که خواستید تسک را به پایان برسانید آیتم تسک را همراه خود به رِید ببرید. تا به طور ناخواسته آیتم تسک مربوطه را بر اثر مردن در مپ دیگری از دست ندهید. بخش3-مهمات، آیتم های مدیکال و سیکیور کانتینر [مهمات] بعضی از گلوله ها به منظور نفوذ در آرمور ، وبعضی دیگر برای حداکثر آسیب به بدن هدف استفاده میشوند. هر گلوله دارای پارامتر های مختلفی شامل قدرت نفوذ، میزان آسیب به آرمور، میزان آسیب به بدن و سرعت حرکت در لحظه شلیک میباشد. در لینک زیر میتوانید کلیه جزئیات مربوط به گلوله های مختلف را مشاهده کنید. https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Ballistics [آیتم های مدیکال] [Bandage] بانداژ ها خونریزی سبک را متوقف میسازند ولی میزان سلامت کاراکتر "اچ پی" را برنمیگردانند. [Painkillers] پِین کیلر ها یا مسکن ها به شما اجازه میدهند تحت شرایط خاص نیز بتوانید به صورت نرمال عمل کنید. به این معنی که به طور مثال اگر یک پای شما شکسته یا سیاه شده است با استفاده از یک پِین کیلر میتوانید به دویدن ادامه دهید، ولی دویدن در این شرایط باعث ناله کردن کاراکتر و کم شدن "اچ پی" شما میشود.( بدون استفاده از پِین کیلر ، یک پای شکسته یا سیاه شده سرعت حرکت شما را به شدت کاهش میدهد و توانایی دویدن را از شما صلب میکند) [Splints] اسپلینت ها و یا شکسته بند ها(آتل) شکستگی دست و پا را درمان میکنند. [Surv12 &CMS] این کیت های جراحی برای درمان قسمت های سیاه شده بدن کاراکتر مورد استفاده قرار میگیرند.(تنها راه درمان دست، پا و شکم سیاه شده استفاده از این کیت ها میباشد). [Esmarch & Hemostat] این آیتم ها خونریزی های شدید(سنگین) را بطرف میکنند . ولی برای خونریزی های سبک نمیتوان از آنها استفاده کرد. [Secure Containers] سیکیور کانتینر ها تجهیزاتی هستند که میتوان آیتم های دیگر را در آن ها قرار داد تا حتی پس از مردن هم آن آیتم ها را از دست ندهید. معمولا بازیکن ها آیتم های مهم خود مانند کلید ها ، کیس های کوچک(کیف مدارک، جاکلیدی و "سیک کیس") و آیتم های مصرفی مورد نیاز در هر رید مانند کیت های جراحی و مهامات اضافه و همچنین آیتم های با ارزشی که طی یک رید بدست می آورند را در "سیکیور کانتینر" خود قرار میدهند. بخش4- Hideout & Weapon presets "هاید اوت"(مخفیگاه) محلی است که میتوانید در مدت زمانی که تارکاو بازی میکنید آن را ارتقا دهید، آیتم تولید کنید، بیت کوین فارم کنید و اسلحه های خود را آزمایش کنید. در آغاز بازی سعی کنید ژنراتور سطح یک، میز درمان سطح یک و میز کار سطح یک را بسازید. [Workbench & Weapon Presets] "ورک بنچ" (میز کار) توانایی ساخت تعدادی آیتم و همچنین استفاده از "ویپن پریست"(ست های از پیش تعیین شده سلاح) را به شما میدهد. با استفاده از قابلیت "ویپن پریست" میتوانید بدون هزینه سلاح های مختلف را شخصی سازی کرده ، نتیجه را مشاهده و در آخر اقدام به خرید و ساخت آن سلاح کنید. در لینک زیر اطلاعات کاملتری در رابطه با "هاید اوت" میتوانید مشاهده کنید: https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Hideout بخش5-گیِر و کیت تجهیزاتی که برای رید نیاز است کیت شما تجهیزاتی است که همراه خود به رید میبرید. که باید با توجه به مپی که میخواهید بروید و هدفی که میخواهید در آن رید انجام دهید، انتخاب کنید. بد نیست که قبل از هر رید کلیه تجهیزات خود را چک کنید تا مطمئن شوید چیزی را کم و یا اشتباه نیاورده باشید. [آیتم های هیلینگ(درمانی)] همیشه برای هر شرایطی آیتم های هیلینگ مورد نیاز را همراه خود ببرید ،شامل شکسته بند "اسپلینت"، آیتم بازیابی خون"اچ پی" مانند انواع مدکیت ها، آیتم های بند آورنده خون ریزی سبک و شدید و"پین کیلر ها" یا مسکن ها. [آرمور(جلیقه ضد گلوله)] آرمور ها به دو دسته تقسیم مشوند: 1-آرمورد ریگ ها که ترکیبی از آرمور و جلیقه تجهیزات"ریگ" میشوند و 2-آرمور هایی که فقط از شما در برابر گلوله محافظت میکنند. ["هلمت"(کلاهخود)] کلاهخود ها نیز مانند آرمور برای سر عمل میکنند، بعلاوه شانس بلاک کردن گلوله ها را نیز دارند. [هدفون] هدفون ها کمک میکنند که صداهای خاصی را در بازی بلند تر و از فاصله بیشتری بشنوید. مانند صدای قدم ها ، شلیک سلاح هاو ... پیشنهاد میشود همیشه از هدفون ها استفاده کنید زیرا صدا ها در رید میتوانند حیاتی باشند. [سلاح] پیشنهاد میشود همیشه یک سلاح همراه خود به رید ببرید چرا که اصلی ترین راه شما برای دفاع از خود برابر دیگران است. به یاد داشته باشید از هر سلاحی که در اختیار دارید استفاده کنید. تقریبا هر سلاحی که پیدا میکنید مخصوصا در لول های پایین میتواند برای شما قابل استفاده قرار بگیرد. ["بک پک" (کوله پشتی) ] در لول های پایین هر کوله پشتی ای که میتوانید همراه خود ببرید، هرچه فضای بیشتری بر روی کاراکتر خود داشته باشید "لوت" بیشتری میتوانید از رید خارج کنید. کوله پشتی های هم اندازه و کوچکتر از "اسکَو بک پک" و کوله پشتی های متفاوت میتوانند درون هم قرار بگیرند، پس اگر چند کوله پشتی پیدا کردید آن ها . را درون هم قرار داده و با خود از رید ببرید. Credit to Sherpas: Jet https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/profile/303158-jet10s10/ PilotFreak https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/profile/401324-pilotfreak/ Roccz https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/profile/631631-roccz/
  10. Updated guide for the healing items in Escape from Tarkov for patch 12.9. Minor changes made by BSG include: Vaseline is now 6 uses w/ duration increased to 350 secs & a heavy bleed will take 175 hp off a Salewa - bring in a hemostat/tourniquet! Hope this helps ya.
  11. Hey i mainly play EFT with active steam overlay to have access to an browser and can search for important information while ingame. I did a little compilation of stuff that i use often in form of a steam guide because the overlay browser don´t have comfy stuff like bookmarks. It should be mainly interesting for new player like myself. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2363636921 To have access to the steam overlay you need to put the launcher.exe into steam not the game.exe !
  12. I have an updated guide for shorelines Village. For new players and old who are struggling to get out of the gate or struggling to even make a profit in 12.9. This guide will help you and show you the most underrated and under looted (everytime i go) Spot on shoreline. which should net new and old players around 500k-1mil a run. thanks for checking it out. thanks and constructive critcism is much appreciated. THE GUIDE IS HERE < Shoreline village Loot Guide - Escape From Tarkov (0.12.9)
  13. Hey everyone, I had created this guide before the wipe. This is a WIKI style Comprehensive guide to all items needed to complete your quests and everything required to max out your hideout. Sure some of the numbers have changed since I had created this video but it seems to be on the lesser side for each one! The video is not meant to be watched from start to finish, EVERY Single Item required has a Timestamp in the description. This will then show you a clip of where to find each item how many in total and how many have to be FIR (Found In Raid) The video took me around 100 Hrs of editing time if any of you find this useful feel free to share with your friends if your struggling to remember how many you should save early wipe or if your a brand new player. I will be doing an updated version of this video when I complete all quests this wipe! Enjoy and much love to the Amazing Tarkov Community! Hideout and Quest Item Guide (All Items Required)
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    THE BEST SETTINGS for 1920x1080, priority at HIGH vsync "ON" max FPS-Guide!😄 Have FUN! leave a commend!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. A guide for the healing items for new players and a tool for sherpas to use to while explaining the system. As a sherpa this past week I found this to be useful for my new players to better explain the meds in Tarkov. Hope this helps you as a sherpa or new player to the game ❤️
  16. I've created what I feel is a slightly more comprehensive guide than some of the others with regards to ammo. It covers the basics of penetration which is obviously one of the more important stats to understand in the world of Tarkov.
  17. Terragroup labs is one of the pvpers most favourite map , In this guide we will be talking about the hotspots of the map , loot , raiders advantage and how to peak them , Hotspots are usually where the high tier loot is , 1 : Dome Has chance of spawning Ledx skin transilluminator (no keys required) : This spot is know as being very active early game since all players push this spot for the ledx , so always keep in mind you are not the only one there , Near the Dome there is black keycard spawn : Black keycard spawn on the desk in front of Dome : The keycard spawn on the Desk where the arrow is pointing , hard to miss it if you know what you looking for , 2 : Laboratory block (G22) AKA Green room (Require Green keycard to access the room) Black keycard spawn location (Click image for video guide) : Possible LEDX Skin Transilluminator in the metal container (Click image for video guide) : Possible Folder with intelligence spawn near the laptop (Click image for a guide that shows 15 spawn locations) : Remember this spot is always active and count as hotspot , there is always players around , 3 : Terragroup Lab Quarantine room AKA Blue room (require Blue keycard to access the quarantine) : Green keycard spawn location (can access without blue keycard) : Ledx skin transilluminator inside Quarantine room (Require Blue keycard to open the door to the quarantine room) : 4 : Recpetion AKA manager office : Green keycard spawn chance : Require manager Office key to unlock the door , contain high end tier loot (bitcoin,lion,vase,teapot) You can find bitcoin on the desk or the floor near the teapot shown below : This spot is very dangerous cause its located in the middle of the map on the second floor, Most raiders will shoot you from all across the map , if you want to go there, its better to go there at the start of the match or after you have cleared the area from raiders/players. 5 : laboratory security AKA red room (Security room require red keycard to open) : Inside of red room you can find Green keycard spawn (no key required to open the door): Security room require red key card to open the door (Has a lot of high end tier items): Very active spot be careful from this area . Now we come to the last part of the post , Raiders : These raiders are very dangerous , the way they work is very aggressive they Shoot on sight , at long range they nade you , close range they shoot only , they often have good type of ammo (armor piercing) My tips is always try to sidestep peak them don't lean since when you(Lean) you only show them your Head and they lock on that, Q / E (lean) Alt Q / Alt E (sidestep) This is an example of what raiders see when you lean peak them : They only see two parts of your body , arms and head , 90% chance you will get killed by head, they always shoot the part of your body they see , for example if they only see your head they will shoot that part , if they see your whole body they always lock for hands stomach and thorax less chances for them to one shot you on the head , Example of what they see when you sidestep peak : in this image the raider can see five parts of your body , less likely to get one tapped in the head , the raiders are very aggressive and sometimes even if you peak your full body they can still one tap you in the head that is cause of the box's/bushes covering the rest of your body and they only see your head , always try to peak them from close range with your full body, long range distance make sure if your peaking them there is nothing blocking/covering your body , Hope this is helpful for new players trying out labs , good luck out there ,
  18. The Lab is a top-secret underground laboratory facility built by the Terra Group underneath the city of Tarkov. It does not exist in any official records and its existence surfaced only after the Tarkov conflict escalated and personnel evacuation had to be carried out. Documents and data salvaged by PMC operatives suggest that the lab specialized in biological, biotechnological, physical, chemical, and high-tech areas. Moreover, the state of some of the work areas, their design, and equipment seems to suggest that many of the experiments that were carried out here were forbidden by law. Lore-wise The Lab is definitely one of the darkest and the most disturbing places in Tarkov as it shows the true face of the Terra Group corporation. Each Raid in the Lab lasts for 45 minutes and features from 6 to 10 players and multiple Scav Raider spawns. The Lab is a unique map with a ton of different extraction points, and it can be confusing for new players. This area contains high-end loot and valuable items all over the place. Ensuring items does not work on this map, so don’t waste your time trying. Scav Raiders spawn around the map when certain conditions are triggered. They may be hard to defeat and are often equipped with high tier armor, weapons, and ammo. Insurance DOES NOT work inside the Labs map of EFT. Regardless of which trader you purchase insurance from, they won’t be able to retrieve any items you may lose inside. In fact, they will inform you that they couldn’t find the location and that their men didn’t come back. Labs has 10 keys to track down scattered all over the map. The keys that give access to some of the best loot usually have to be found on other maps in the game. TerraGroup Labs access keycard: This keycard is probably the most important of all the lab keys. This key is required to access the map from the raid selection menu. This keycard can only be used once before another has to be found or purchased. In team play, every member of a squad needs to have this key to be able to enter the labs. You also need to gather three of these during a raid for the “Fishing place” questline given by Jaeger. This key can be found in Shturman’s stash and in the drawers on Shoreline and in The Lab itself. You can trade for the key with Mechanic at level three for six tubes of Poxeram Cold Welding and level four for two Physical Bitcoins. Therapist sells the key at Level four for 157,500 EFT roubles. It is also a possible loot item from every boss. It is possible to farm the key using scav bosses, particularly Shturman, as both the Scav boss and his nearby stash can spawn this item. If you are going to farm the key from Shturman, it is recommended to bring a small team to make it easier. Check our Woods guide for more information on the boss and his stash. Black keycard: This key unlocks the door to the G12 experimentation area on the first floor of the Lab. All of the possible spawn locations for this key are in the Lab. It can be found in the G22 laboratory block on the south end of the second floor sitting next to a computer. You will need the green keycard to enter the area. There are also two spawn locations in the large O11 room in the central area of the first floor. It can spawn on the large table of lab gear and on a computer desk across from the toxic waste spill covered by the orange dome. Green Keycard: This keycard unlocks the G22 laboratory block on the south end of the second level. The keycard can spawn on a shelf between two binders in the back hallway leading to the R23 arsenal on the north end of the second level. It can also spawn on the reception desk of the manager’s office in O21 on the second level, and a desk next to the quarantine zone G11 on the first level. Blue Keycard: This key unlocks the door to the quarantine zone G11 on the first floor. This key spawns on Reserve and Shoreline. On Shoreline, it can spawn in the West Wing in offices 104 and 112. It is located on a desk in 104 and on a low shelf next to a TV in 112. It can occasionally spawn in the passenger door of the ambulance in front of the resort on Shoreline. On Reserve, this key is dropped by the Scav boss Gluhar on his death. Red Keycard: This is one of the most sought after keys for the Lab because it unlocks the laboratory security arsenal in section R23 on the second level. The arsenal has a lot of loot, including weapons, ammo, and weapon mods. The Red Keycard is primarily found on Shoreline. It can be found in the East Wing of the resort in room 221 on a table with a laptop. In the West Wing, it is found in rooms 218, 203, and the basement. In the basement, the key can spawn in a gym locker that is missing the door. It is found on top of a water barrel in room 218 and on the floor in front of the nightstand near the balcony in room 203, It also has really low chance spawning on boss's Violet Keycard: This keycard unlocks the security post in R23 on the north side of the second level. This room can have weapons and weapon mods, as well as COFDMs and VPX storage modules. All of the spawn points for this key are on Woods in the lumber camp and the Scav checkpoint. The keycard can spawn in the trunk of the black SUV parked near the blue warehouse in the camp and on a table in the brick house just north of the camp. At the Scav checkpoint, the keycard can spawn inside the driver’s side door of the black SUV Yellow Keycard: This key is used to make extracting through the parking garage a bit easier. It unlocks the room needed to disable the parking garage alarm system. This key primarily spawns in the Lab in R24, O21, and O11. In R24 in the cafeteria on the second level, the key spawns on the center window table. In O21, on the second level, the key spawns on the table in the front area of the manager’s office overlooking the lab floor O11. Finally, it is also found in the central O11 section of the first level on one of the worktables. Arsenal Storage Room Key: This key unlocks the storage room door inside the R23 arsenal. This room can have some rare item spawns and weapon mods. The spawn locations for this key are on Customs in the three-story dorms, the new gas station, and the electrical substation. At the substation on the northeastern side of the map, the key can spawn on a chair in the shack. In the three-story dorms, it is found on a nightstand in room 215. Finally, it can spawn on the counter behind the cash registers in the new gas station. Manager Office Key: The Lk.MO key unlocks the doors leading to the manager’s office in O21 overlooking the O11 central lab area. The spawn locations for this key are all in the Lab in O13, O22, and the Y11 parking garage. In O13, the keycard is on a lit-up desk near the glass doors. In O22, the keycard is by the laptop in the conference room. Finally, in the parking garage, the key can be found on the passenger seat of an SUV with a weapon box in the back. Weapon Testing Area Key: The Lk.TA(w) key or Lab. Key. Testing area (wrap.) unlocks the door to the weapon testing area in the central lab area of the first level. This area has a couple of weapon boxes, and possible weapon spawns. The key can spawn in the Lab in the R15 gym, the entrance to R23, and room B21 above the server room. The R15 gym is on the east side of the first level. The key can spawn on a stool in the gym. In R23, the key can spawn on the bottom of the shelves to the left of the entrance. Finally, the key can also spawn on the kitchen counter in B21 on the south end of the second level. Escape from Tarkov The Lab Extract (Images are clickable for a tutorial on Youtube) The Cargo Elevator: This extraction point can’t be used until power is restored to the elevators. To turn on the power, take the southwestern stairs down to the basement. Once in the basement, turn right and head to the powerplant (G1). To the right of the powerplant’s southern entrance is a fenced-in area with a switchboard that has an interactable switch on it. Flip the switch then head back up to the second floor to press the elevator button. The elevator is located in the southwestern corner near the stairs to the basement. Medical Block Elevator: From the southwestern stairs in the basement, turn right and head down to the end of the hall past the powerplant. The elevator will be on the right wall standing open but needs to be powered first. To power, the elevator keeps going to the end of the hall. There will be a door on the left that will need to be breached to open. Against the back wall is a switchboard with an interactable switch. Flip the switch, an announcement will sound, and the elevator can be used for extraction. Alternatively, there is a hole in the floor of the server room (B12) on the floor above. Players can drop down through this hole to access the power switch instead of breaching but may take some damage. Hanger Gate: This extraction point is on the eastern side of the main floor. Inside the warehouse is an elevated platform with an office sitting on it. The office looks like a white storage container with blue Cyrillic letters and a red outline. Enter the office and look out the window. Directly across from the office is a garage door between two trucks, that is the exit. Interact with the panel with the microphone on the table. It will take a little while for the door to open, and it makes a lot of noise attracting everyone in the area. Just past the now open door are two rooms filled with Scavs waiting for anyone that tries to exit. The dark corridor past the Scavs is the extraction point. Main Elevator: The main elevator is in the northernmost part of the basement between a bunch of blue barrels and some tall red gas tanks. Directly across from the elevator doors is a room with a bunch of switchboards. Pass through the switch room and turn left. Go down the hall towards the boiler room. There is a set of stairs with a switchboard right next to them. Interact with the switchboard and the elevator will be available. Parking Gate: This is one of the quickest extraction points, but also the most dangerous. The parking garage is located on the first floor on the northwestern side. There is an office overlooking the garage. From the center of the garage face east towards the main part of the building. Head through the door on the left with the sign flashing “error” above it. Go up the stairs, and the office will be through the first door on the right. Walk up to the panel with the microphone on the desk. Interact with it and run like hell. A large door on the far west wall of the garage will start to open. It will make a lot of noise, and there will be an announcement attracting every Raider and player on the map. The alarm for this extraction point can be disabled using the Yellow keycard. From the office where the garage door is opened go down to the opposite end of the hallway. There should be some big screens taking up the wall and displaying scenery. Past the screens on the right-hand side is another office. This office is accessed using the Yellow keycard. Once inside there is a grated area with some loot and a desk with a computer. Interact with the computer to shut off the alarm. Even though the alarm is off Raiders can still spawn when the extraction point is activated. This will only work for the Parking Gate extraction, the alarm and announcements will still sound for all other extraction points. Sewage Conduit: The sewage conduit is in the basement. This is the safest extraction point but also the most time-consuming. The entrance to the sewers is in the middle of the eastern wall of the basement. The entrance is down the center hall past the vent room (O1) and will have blue stripes and a large 02 on the walls next to the door. Once through the door, turn right and follow the tunnel. There is an open area with a water conduit in the center. Go to the far right side of the room and activate the switchboard, then head to the opposite side of the room and interact with the control panel on the wall. The water level will begin to sink. This makes a lot of noise and takes a little over a minute to empty, so Raiders and some players may come down to investigate. This extraction point cannot be used with a backpack. This point is in the basement. Go down the stairs from the second floor to the basement. From the bottom of the stairs, go straight to the end of the hall, then turn right and go through the door. There will be a dark hallway with a grated door. The shaft is high on the wall to the left on the other side of the grated door. This extraction point can be used without triggering an announcement. Hope this Helps out
  19. Schlüssel sind in Escape from Tarkov fast so lebensnotwendig wie die Munition in der Waffe. Darum will ich euch hier mal einen kleinen Key Guide für Escape from Tarkov in Deutsch geben, damit ihr genau wisst, wo welcher Schlüssel zu finden ist und wo dieser in welche Tür passt. Der Key Guide ist nicht von mir persönlich erstellt, sondern nur so gut es geht ins Deutsche übersetzt worden. Das englische Original ist von The Velvet Gentleman. Thanks for the great work Guys. Diese ganze Idee ist mir gestern beim Stream anschauen gekommen, da wir dort im Stream Chat das Thema Schlüssel hatten. Escape from Tarkov Keys für die Factory Map Factory Key: Dieser Schlüssel sollte niemals euren Container verlassen. Der Factory Key öffnet 2 Extracts in Factory sowie den verschlossenen Raum in der 3ten Etage im Büro Bereich. Den Factory Key spawnt auf der Map Customs im Office 3 Storey sowie im Glass Lager oder auch Factory mit toten Scav genannte Halle in der Nähe des ZB-1011 Ausgang auf Customs. (Im Blauen Schließfach oder neben dem Toten SCAV) Key (Pumpen Station): Öffnet den geschlossenen Bunker in der Nähe des Maschinenraums. Der Schlüssel ist auf Factory zu finden in der Umkleide Kabine auf der Bank in der Nähe zum Eingang. Key (Admin): Öffnen ebenfalls den geschlossenen Bunker. Der Schlüssel hat zurzeit einen Random Drop. Bedeutet man findet diesen bei SCAV Bots, Jacken oder Taschen. Escape from Tarkov Keys für die Woods Map ZB-014: Öffnet den geschlossenen Raum im Bunker an der Wand zwischen dem Auto Exit und SCAV Hause. Der Raum ist ebenfalls eine Quest Location. Diesen Schlüssel findet man im Raum 220 in Customs. Yotota: Öffnet den PickUp Truck am Sägewerk in der Nähe der 3 gestapelten Baumstämme. Der Schlüssel einen Random Drop Escape from Tarkov Keys für die Customs Map Verschiedene Schlüssel: Customs Key: Der Customs Key öffnet das Büro in der großen Roten Lagerhalle am Spawn. Diesen Schlüssel braucht man auch für eine Quest. Checkpoint Key: Öffnet das Gebäude am UN Checkpoint am Ende von Customs. Gerade wenn man als Axtjockel in die Map geht ist der Checkpoint Key sehr beliebt, da man dort Waffen, Granaten und vieles mehr findet. Den Checkpoint Key findet man oft im Glass Lager oder auch „Factory mit toten Scav“ genannten Halle in der Nähe des ZB-1011 Ausgang auf Customs. Cabinet Key: Dieser Schlüssel öffnet das Büro in der kleinen Tankstelle. Der Schlüssel ist der selber wie der Black Handle Key. Schlüssel (Black Handle): Dieser Schlüssel ist Identisch zum Cabinet Key und öffnet ebenfalls die Büros der kleinen Tankstelle. Schlüssel (Black Handle: Portable Cabin Key): Dieser Schlüssel öffnet das Container Büro in der Nähe der Baustelle. Diesen Schlüssel findet man auf der Map Factory im verschlossenen Raum unter dem Mantel. Unknown Key: Der Unkown Key öffnet den Trailer vor dem ICE. Der Schlüssel ist immer zu finden am Toten SCAV im Bush in der Nähe des Welcome to Tarov Truck. Cabin Key: Der Cabin Key öffnet den Mobilen Trailer im Bus Depot. Storage Key: Öffnet den Medizinischen Lagerraum in der Tankstelle. Den Storage Schlüssel findet man unter dem Schreibtisch im Tankstellen Büro. Car Key: Öffnet den Kofferraum am Weißen Auto in der Nähe von Dorms. Im Kofferraum findet man viele Granaten. Machinery Key: Dieser Key wird für eine Mission benötigt und öffnen den Tanklastwagen an der Baustelle. Nach der Quest kann man den Schlüssel in seinem Stash verstauen, da er nicht mehr gebraucht wird bis jetzt. Den Machinery Key findet man im Raum 205 in Dorms, der Raum am versperrten Flur. Cabin Key (Trailer Park): Dieser Schlüssel öffnet die Kabine in der Nähe des Offline Spawn. Der Schlüssel wird für eine Quest benötigt und wird euch zum Quest Start gegeben. Er ist aber auch an verschiedenen Locations zu finden. Zweistöckiges Haus in Dorms: Dorm Guard Desk: Öffnet den Security Raum in der Eingangslobby. Diesen Schlüssel findet man im selben Gebäude im Badezimmer der 2ten Etage in einer Hand eines toten SCAVS. Room 104: Öffnet den Raum 104. Der Key spawnt im Dom Sicherheitsraum im Schließfach. Room 105: Öffnet den Raum 105. Dort gibt es einen Safe. Room 110: Schlüssel für den Raum 110. Dort gibt es einen Safe. Room 114: Öffnet den Raum 114 im Zweistöckigen Dorms Gebäude. Diesen Schlüssel findet man im Kofferraum im Auto in der Nähe des UN Checkpoint. Hier ist ebenfalls eine Quest Location. Room 206: Schlüssel für den Raum 206. Quest Location Dreistöckiges Haus in Dorms: Room 108: Öffnet den Raum 108, auch genannt Pussy oder Katzenraum. Room 108: (Ergo: 103): Dieser Key ist gleich zum 108 Key und heißt auch gleich, öffnet aber Raum 103. Hier gab es wohl mal einen Bug / Verwechslung, daher die selbe Namen. Room 118: Schlüssel für den Raum 118 im Dreistöckingen Dorms Room 203: Quest Raum – Diesen Schlüssel findet man im Raum 214 in der Roten Tasse. Room 204: Schlüssel für den Raum 214. Room 214: Der Munitionsraum – Hier findet ihr viel Hochwertige Munition und einen Safe. In diesem Raum findet man auch den Raumschlüssel 203 in der Roten Tasse. Room 218: Der Waffenraum. Hier können im Raid immer mal Waffen spawnen. Room 220: Schlüssel für den Raum 220. Der ZB-014 Schlüssel für den Woods Bunker findet man hier auch sehr oft. Quest Lokation. Room 303: Auch hier ist ein möglicher Waffen Spawn. Der Raum selber ist wie so oft ebenfalls eine Quest Lokation. Room 306: Schlüssel für den Raum 306. Dort soll nicht viel Loot zu finden sein. Room 308: Der Geldraum. Im Raum 308 findet sich oft viel Geld. Rubles, €uros und auch Doller sind hier zu finden. Marked Room (314): Bis jetzt einer der seltensten und wertvollsten Schlüssel in Escape from Tarkov. Der Marked Room Key 314 ist so beliebt da man hier viel gutes Loot finden kann. Unter anderem Dokumententaschen und mehr. Room 315: Schlüssel für den Raum 315 Escape from Tarkov Keys für die Shoreline Map Da die Map Shoreline in Escape from Tarkov recht neu ist, gibt es hier noch nicht alle Informationen. Sollte es hier Neuigeiten geben, werde ich versuchen immer Zeitnah ein Update zu Posten. Verschiedene Schlüssel: Cottage Back Entrance Key: Öffnet die verschlossenen Immobilien. Der Schlüssel spawnt auf den Blauen Tonnen in der Nähe der Immobilien. Cottage Safe Key: Öffnet den Safe in der abgeschlossenen Immobilie. Der Schlüssel spawnt im Weißen Bus in der Stadt. SMW Car Key: Öffnet das geschlossene Auto in der Nähe der Immobilien. Der Schlüssel spawnt hinter einem Gebäude, an einer blauen Mülltonne auf einer Pappschachtel. Sanatorium Key: Dieser Key ist ein Quest Item für Pacekeeper. Shoreline Utility Key: Dieser Schlüssel öffnet unmarkierte Türen im Resort auf Shoreline. Dieser Schlüssel spawnt in einem der Schränke im Health Resort. Health Resort Management Office Safe Key: Öffnet den Safe im Theater/Kino Raum innerhalb des Health Resort. Health Resort Westlicher Flügel Office 104 West Wing: Schlüssel für den Raum Office 104 Westlicher Flügel. Dieser Key spawnt in der Nähe der Power Station in einem Schließfach. Office 112 West Wing: Schlüssel für den Raum Office 112 Westlicher Flügel. Dieser Key spawnt im Bus in der Mitte der Busstation. West Wing 203: Schlüssel für den Raum 203 im Westlichen Flügel. Der Schlüssel spawnt auf einem Stuhl im Weißen Haus im Südwesten der Stadt. West Wing 205: Schlüssel für den Raum 205 im Westlichen Flügel. Der Schlüssel spawnt im Lighthouse auf einer kaputten Schachtel oder im Hafenbüro neben den Aktenschränken. West Wing 207: Der Raum ist zurzeit nicht abgeschlossen. Der Key spawnt auf einem Schreibtisch in der 2ten Etage im Health Resort. West Wing 216: Schlüssel für den Raum West Wing 216. Der Key spawnt auf einem Schreibtisch in der 2ten Etage im Health Resort. West Wing 218 (+221, 222): Schlüssel für den Raum West Wing 218 sowie 221 und 222. Dieser Schlüssel spawnen oft auf einem Stuhl in der Nähe des Blauen Badezimmers am Strand. West Wing 219 Schlüssel: Schlüssel für den Raum West Wing 219. Der Schlüssel spawnt im Lighthouse auf einer kaputten Schachtel oder im SUV in der Nähe des Hafen Office. West Wing 220: Schlüssel für den Raum West Wing 220. Der Schlüssel spawnt im Hinterzimmer des unverschlossenen Anwesens im Schlüsselschrank. West Wing 301: Schlüssel für den Raum West Wing 301. Der Schlüssel spawnt im Bus in der Nähe des kaputten Tunnels. West Wing 303: Der Raum West Wing 303 ist zurzeit nicht verschlossen. Dieser Schlüssel spawnt auf einer Kiste im Pavillon hinter dem Resort im Nordwesten. West Wing 306: Diesen Schlüssel findet man in den Werksumkleideräumen in der Nähe der Extraction Seite. West Wing 313: Noch keine Infos drüber. 321 Safe Key: Im Raum 321 im West Wing befindet sich ein Tresor den man mit diesem Schlüssel öffnen kann. Der Schlüssel kann auf einer Kiste oben auf dem Wetterstationsturm gefunden werden. Health Resort Östlicher Flügel Office 107 East Wing: Schlüssel für den Office 107 Raum im Ost Wing. Der Schlüssel spawnt auf einem Stuhl im Music Auditorium. Office 108 East Wing: Der Office 108 Raum im Östlichen Flügel ist bereits offen East Wing 206: Der Raum 205 und 206 sind über einen Balkon miteinander verbunden. Der Schlüssel für den Raum 206 im Östlichen Flügel spawnt in einem SUV auf der Straße zum Hafen Office. East Wing 209: Noch keine Informationen. East Wing 218 (+221): Viel Raum in diesen beiden Räumen. Waffen und Medizin spawn. East Wing 222: Dieser Schlüssel spawnt in einem Raum links neben der Power Station. East Wing 226: Der East Wing 226 Schlüssel spawnt auf Scav Island auf einem Tisch neben dem ausgebauten Motor. East Wing 301: Raumschlüssel Östlicher Flüger 301. Waffenbox und Waffenspawn befinden sich hier. East Wing 306 (+308): Der Schlüssel für den Raum Östlicher Flügel 306 spawnt im Custom Office auf dem Tisch im Tresorraum. Über den Balkon kommt man hier noch in den Raum 308. East Wing 310: Diesen Schlüssel findet ihr im Bus in der Nähe der Parkgarage neben dem Customs Gebäude. East Wing 314: Dieser Schlüssel wurde auf der Map Woods im Checkpoint Gebäude gefunden. East Wing 316: Schlüssel für den Raum 316 im Östlichen Flügel mit viel Loot East Wing 322: Noch keine Informationen East Wing 328: Der Schlüssel für den Raum 328 im Östlichen Flügel findet ihr auf SCAV Island auf dem Tisch neben den ausgebauten Motor. Escape from Tarkov Quest Keys Eine kleine Zusammenfassung alle Quest Keys von Escape from Tarkov. Sollte es hier Änderungen geben, werde ich hier ein Update dafür machen. Unknown Key: Der Unkown Key öffnet den Trailer vor dem ICE. Der Schlüssel ist immer zu finden am Toten SCAV im Bush in der Nähe des Welcome to Tarov Truck. Cabin Key (Trailer Park): Dieser Schlüssel öffnet die Kabine in der Nähe des Offline Spawn. Der Schlüssel wird für eine Quest benötigt und wird euch zum Quest Start gegeben. Er ist aber auch an verschiedenen Locations zu finden. Room 220: Schlüssel für den Raum 220. Der ZB-014 Schlüssel für den Woods Bunker findet man hier auch sehr oft. Quest Lokation. Room 303: Auch hier ist ein möglicher Waffen Spawn. Der Raum selber ist wie so oft ebenfalls eine Quest Lokation. Machinery Key: Dieser Key wird für eine Mission benötigt und öffnen den Tanklastwagen an der Baustelle. Nach der Quest kann man den Schlüssel in seinem Stash verstauen, da er nicht mehr gebraucht wird bis jetzt. Den Machinery Key findet man im Raum 205 in Dorms, der Raum am versperrten Flur. Customs Key: Der Customs Key öffnet das Büro in der großen Roten Lagerhalle am Spawn. Diesen Schlüssel braucht man auch für eine Quest. Schlüssel (Black Handle: Portable Cabin Key): Dieser Schlüssel öffnet das Container Büro in der Nähe der Baustelle. Diesen Schlüssel findet man auf der Map Factory im verschlossenen Raum unter dem Mantel. ZB-014: Öffnet den geschlossenen Raum im Bunker an der Wand zwischen dem Auto Exit und SCAV Hause. Der Raum ist ebenfalls eine Quest Location. Diesen Schlüssel findet man im Raum 220 in Customs. Room 203: Quest Raum – Diesen Schlüssel findet man im Raum 214 in der Roten Tasse. Room 214: Der Munitionsraum – Hier findet ihr viel Hochwertige Munition und einen Safe. In diesem Raum findet man auch den Raumschlüssel 203 in der Roten Tasse. Room 206: Schlüssel für den Raum 206. Quest Location Room 114: Öffnet den Raum 114 im Zweistöckigen Dorms Gebäude. Diesen Schlüssel findet man im Kofferraum im Auto in der Nähe des UN Checkpoint. Hier ist ebenfalls eine Quest Location. Sanatorium Key: Dieser Key ist ein Quest Item für Pacekeeper. Escape from Tarkvo unbenutze Keys Zur Zeit gibt es noch einige Schlüssel in Escape from Tarkov die noch keine Bedeutung haben oder auch noch nicht benutzt werden können. Sobald es hier Änderungen gibt wird die Seite natürlich auch mit diesen neuen Informationen aktuallisiert. Weapons Safe Key: Keine Funktion. (VAZ) Sixpack Key: Keine Funktion. West Wing 207: Ohne Funktion – Der Raum ist bereits geöffnet. West Wing 303: Ohne Funktion – Der Raum ist bereits geöffnet. West Wing 325: Ohne Funktion – Der Raum ist bereits geöffnet. Office 108 East Wing: Ohne Funktion – Der Raum ist bereits geöffnet. Weather Station Safe Key: Ohne Funktion. Der Tresor ist auch bereits geöffnet. Gas Station Safe Key: Ohne Funktion – Die Tankstelle sowie der Tresor in Shoreline sind bereits offen. Health Resort Warehouse Safe Key: Ohne Funktion. Store Safe Key: Ohne Funktion. Wie ihr seht, gibt es schon jetzt in der Closed Beta von Escape from Tarkov jede Menge Schlüssel. Egal ob für eine Quest in Escape from Tarkov oder nur um Räume mit Waffen, Geld oder anderen Loot zu finden. Sobald ich irgendwelche Updates oder Neuigkeiten zu Keys in Escape from Tarkov finde, werde ich diese versuchen hier Zeitnah auf der Seite zu aktualisieren. Wenn ihr Fehler oder Informationen zu Schlüsseln habt, oder hier sogar falsche Informationen stehen, schreibt doch einfach einen kurzen Kommentar.
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    Hidden Stashes - VIDEO

    Woods Hidden Stashes: Customs Hidden Stashes: Interchange Hidden Stashes: Shoreline Hidden Stashes: soon soon
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    Guide on how to become coochie man

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svhemipCQJ4&t=90s It is a meme, please do not take it seriously!
  22. How to Learn Tarkov Without Harming your Desk and Mouse (Mostly) ... Hey, can you see this? .... Weird, the last guy that had me must have died, typical. Every PMC does eventually. You look eager, I’ve seen that look before. OK, sit down, I’ll tell you what I know. Let’s skip the known part. Tarkov is hard. And you will die, multiple times. Now, onto business. Tarkov is an MMO with FPS and RPG elements. This means a few things. 1- Elements of the game will feel unfair without looking at the bigger picture of what Tarkov is meant to be. By practicing the FPS aspects of the game, you increase your characters RPG elements. This in turn affects the overall MMO interactions between players in Raid. Oh, yea, Raid. Raids are the experience you have when you load into a map with your character and begin to achieve your desired goal. All of this should mean to you that knowledge is key in surviving Tarkov and you will need knowledge of many things. We will start with maps. I know what you’re thinking, how can maps be the most important thing? Tarkov is full of big guns and Stimulants that make you faster and stronger, maps mean nothing right? Wrong. Beginning a Raid on Customs with a Slick plate carrier and kitted M4A1 will end very fast if you don’t know the possible dangers around you from the second the raid starts. This will not always be true young warrior but for now, assume someone in your Raid knows exactly where you are for the first 3 minutes of the Raid. This means you must obtain the same knowledge to know where they and most other enemies may be from the first seconds of the Raid. The only way to know these things are to study the maps of Tarkov. Every zone offers something unique and different and should be approached differently based on your goals and mission. Knowing where your enemies may be is not enough though. You must be able to assume where they are going. This is no easy feat and is not knowledge that can be easily obtained. Time, perseverance and keen study of more experienced Raiders will assist you in learning certain rotation patterns. An easy rule of thumb is this, Assume where every player spawned, it was instead you, and what you would do given that spawn. Now realize where they are in relation to you. Will that player want to push you, knowing they have an advantageous PVP spawn and you should start to move away from that area? Or should you maybe peek them, as they are closer to high-tier loot and may have their back to you as they run the opposite direction towards said loot? These become the chess moves of Tarkov and how the best Raiders are made. ... Did you take your time to learn the world young Raider? Good, we can move on. Guns and ammo, the bread and butter of Tarkov. That M4A1 looks nice, does it not? Be careful young Raider, it is loaded with 55 FMJ. You see an enemy, contact directly north. He’s wearing level 4 armor and a face shield. Can you easily send him to the afterlife? Knowing your ammunition is more important than knowing your gun. Both are essential but the M4A1 mentioned above is a bee without its stinger. And so are you if you pulled the trigger in that situation. Sure, you may sneak in a good (head,eyes) every once in a while but luck of the draw is not an aspect you want to count on much in Tarkov. Calculated movements and plays will always be the best way. So, back to the situation at hand. What do you need to make this situation favorable? I’ve heard stories of an esteemed Raider, a friend to all who seek him that knows the utmost about the ammo of our world. He goes by NoFoodAfterMidnight and his charts are worth more than gold. You must seek out his knowledge as well if you wish to become the best Raider you can be. You’re still here eh? Alright, we’ll keep going. You’ve grasped the lay of the land and have found a decent weapon you’ve filled with the best ammo available to you. What now? Well, now the world is yours for the taking. Offline mode is your friend for learning cache locations and scav spawns. Questing will improve your reputation with the traders, allowing you to more easily build easier to handle weapons to aid you in your raids. The hideout continues to become a better and better resource for the aspiring Raider, don’t neglect it. Many hard to find quest items and essential Raiding aids can be found there. Find a squad to Raid with, there is strength in numbers. Movement is important and everything you do creates sound. Learning the best ways to use all of the movement controls at your disposal makes a great difference in whether or not you peek the same angle from around a box twice, or you peek from a new lower angle with a prone lean. Repositioning will often save your life. Not all cover is equal and bullets will penetrate certain types of cover. Tarkov is a world about survival, killing everything you see move may not be the most beneficial decision. Loot is important but it isn’t everything if you can never make it out with it. This of course isn’t all there is to our world young Raider but this will get you started. You will have tired nights and days filled with only death and lost Roubles. Keep going, no one ever achieved anything by quitting. Good luck out there.
  23. 1. Call-outs and situational awareness: A.All call-outs should be kept short, but descriptive. i.“over by that tree” this is not helpful or descriptive, especially when on maps such as woods, shoreline, or in any part of a map dense with trees. ii.“behind a tree, forward left of my position”. This is short, descriptive, but only really useful if all team members know your exact location. iii.“ridgeline, far side of (insert POI), left to right” this is a generally acceptable call-out. It gives both a point of interest as reference, which side of that POI the target is CURRENTLY at. And to what direction hey are progressing. B. Situations change rapidly in Tarkov, and a “go with the flow” mentality will only harm you in the end. There is a lot of information to process and remember, but it can be done.(edited) i.I often hear this call out, “who’s shooting?! Who’s shooting?!” when you hear a gunshot, or series of gunshots, who the shooter is, where, and at whom the shots were fired, can be deduced by asking yourself a few simple questions. 1. How far away was the shot sound? 2. Are all my teammates nearby? 3. Were there any call-outs about contact? 4. Was there a snap, whine, thunk, or any other identifying sound after the shot, that would tell me the shot was in my direction? ii. Different situations required certain concrete understandings to be in place in order for that situation to work to your advantage. iii. Let’s go over a few different understandings(edited) 1. Point man. If you have elected to progress up a staircase, or into a room, before any of your teammates, you have elected yourself to be the first responder to contact. When entering a rom, immediately clear the doorway, as this will become the main avenue for supporting fire from your team. 2. Second man. The job of the second man is to push the threat, once engaged and identified by the Point Man. The second man does not fire past the Point Man until that person has cleared the way and taken cover/firing position. A. I have been engaged on a stairway and killed by a teammate from behind as I sought to take cover on the right side of the stairway. B. Be aware of the available cover for the point man and wait for them to move to that cover. 3. Anchoring Pair. In a 5-man squad, the 3rd and 4th members progressing into a building, room, or stairway, have the responsibility to clear and hold the exit for the Point Man and Second Man once they become engaged.(edited) A. Nothing kills squads faster than clogging a doorway/stairwell/ or hallway. B. The anchoring pair only engages as necessary when the opportunity allows. Until then they remain passive and watch for any flanking threats or new situations. C. When the point man and second man retreat, the anchoring pair become the Point man and Second man. 4. Vanguard. The Vanguard is the designated risk taker/ flanker/ and suppressor. A. Not all situations call for risks outside the norm. B. But the vanguard should be aware of all situations where he/she might make a move to flank, take a risk, or suppress the contact from a different angle. C. The Vanguard often has the most freedom of movement, as the last in line for a group, the vanguard can easily break away from a bad engagement and take up a position of covering fire for a retreating team, or disengage and reengage from another, more advantageous, position.(edited) 2. Communications and chatter. a. Its normal and accepted to ask ONCE during a fight, “can you ditch my gear?” but beyond that, you are endangering your team and being a nuisance. b. Wait until the battle has ended to request for your gear to be hidden again. c. When someone calls for “Comms!” this is an indicator that that person needs to be able to hear, or make call-outs regarding a threat/potential threat. You should stop speaking immediately, you can finish your joke later. It probably wasn’t that funny anyhow. d. IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SQUAD IN RAID, BUT YOU WISH TO SAY SOMETHING TO SOMEONE WHO ALSO ISN’T IN RAID AS PART OF THE SQUAD. SEE YOURSELF OUT OF THE CHANNEL FIRST. e. Be respectful of those in raid.(edited) 3. Conduct and handling mistakes. a. Kind of an off-topic moment here. b. If someone slips up and Hot Mics, or forgets to mute their discord while talking to their chat in stream. Don’t be a whiney 4-year old. Ask them to mute their mic and continue on with life. c. Often a simple call-out, “hey you’re hot Mic-ing” will suffice.(edited) 4. Gun Build, Ammo, and Shooting Methods. a. Recoil. For the average player, a reduced recoil build is all that is necessary in order for them to keep rounds on target. b. Due to the advanced modification system in Tarkov, and the effect of streamers/YouTubers. Many think that modding EVERY possible part of a weapon makes it GOD tier. But prior to my clearing of my inventory, my cases were full of such guns, taken from dead PMC’s who were dropped by a stock AK-74N with a CQB muzzle device. c. Ammunition is vital in this game. If you don’t understand your ammo choices, you are placing yourself at a severe disadvantage. i. When selecting ammo types. Consider the possible types of armor you MAY run into during your run. ii. Often, a mid range round will suffice when engaging PMC’s and Scavs. This will also help you not break the bank. iii. Find a reliable Ammo Guide that is up to date and keep it handy. I reference an ammo guide constantly. d. Shooting at the right places, and at the right times is critical. If I am 5-15 meters from a threat, and the threat is in the open. I’m going to attempt a thorax and face shot. e. When engaging an enemy at range when you have the element of surprise, shoot their legs first and then their body. This will often buy you a few extra seconds of clear target picture. f. When engaging at Medium range, short bursts or single fire, are your best options for sustained and accurate fire.(edited) 5. Armor and Gear. a. HELMETS RARELY MATTER. A face shield can sturdy helmet can save your life. In my experience, I have been saved by an FS and Helmet at a ratio of 1-20 engagements. This is a very optimistic ratio……. b. Often, the difference between tiers of armor is as simple as how many rounds of the same ammo it can take before being zero’d, or the type of ammo than can pierce the armor. i. In example SP-5 ammo for the VSS/AS VAL has an 80-85.7% chance to pen class 4-5 armor. But 0-8% chance to pen class 6. c. Download the Battle Buddy app for IOS and Android, by Veritas INC. i. This app allows you to run simulations of any type of ammo vs every type of armor in Tarkov. d. A Large BP isn’t always key to your survival. One of my proudest moments is when engaging a squad of 3 on woods, I tossed my BP in a bush and laid down in the grass as they ran by looking for me. If I’d had my Beta 2 on, they would have seen it sticking up above the grass. Instead I was able to then move to hard cover and drop 2 before repositioning and dropping the third. 6. Looting, and Scooting. a. We’ve all heard the term “Loot and Scoot”. But we rarely realize the potential of that term. b. When attempting to acquire loot that is in the open, scoot your gear into a bush or behind cover. Then quickly grab the loot and retreat to cover. i. This can be easily done by tossing all your gear into your BP and all theirs into their BP c. PRIORITISE AND DON’T HESITATE!
  24. Made this basic guide for a friend so he wasn't looking around for all this stuff all the time, thought I would post it here for everyone to see. Here is the google doc link as well if you want: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vx5jB-lHfhiP3ijemqfIZ9NcXyplqBDLTc0-Zgl4KHw/edit?usp=sharing Maps: Customs: https://i.redd.it/8udfaht87zd51.png Factory: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/zZuPDJk3iAc/maxresdefault.jpg Interchange: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/escapefromtarkov_gamepedia/images/e/e5/InterchangeMap_Updated_4.24.2020.png/revision/latest?cb=20200424115935 Shoreline: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/escapefromtarkov_gamepedia/images/e/e1/Actual_caches_37_map_shoreline.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20200105023459 Woods (Sniper Heaven, only do this map if you have to): https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/escapefromtarkov_gamepedia/images/0/05/Glory4lyfeWoods_map_v4_marked.png/revision/latest?cb=20200605211137 (These next 2 maps are for moderately to very skilled players) Reserve: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/escapefromtarkov_gamepedia/images/4/42/3D_Map_by_loweffortsaltbox.png/revision/latest?cb=20200410160037 Reserve Underground: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/escapefromtarkov_gamepedia/images/d/d0/ReserveExpandedUnderground.png/revision/latest?cb=20200727134749 Labs (Total end-game location, requires keycard, all scavs are raiders): https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/escapefromtarkov_gamepedia/images/6/6d/The_Lab_3D_map_by_SteelSmith_TTV.png/revision/latest?cb=20200510152631 Charts & Resources: Ammo Chart: Beginner: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/670944353933328411/672248010192977940/eawzvoj4blc41.png?width=1442&height=676 Detailed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_l-gYeSt2MqIw62EdMZt_wefG0yO9L7dTaRM74c2J1w/htmlview?pru=AAABdErjZtw*K9nPX3soTw9RdgQ3sw3N7g Armor Chart: https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Ballistics Layman Armor Guide: Class 1: Blocks some low class pistol & shotgun ammo Class 2: Blocks average pistol & shotgun ammo, and some very low class small caliber rifle ammo Class 3: Blocks most pistol & shotgun ammo, and some low class small caliber rifle ammo Class 4: Blocks almost all pistol & shotgun ammo, and average small caliber rifle ammo Class 5: Blocks almost all pistol & shotgun ammo, average small caliber rifle ammo, and some low class large caliber rifle ammo Class 6: Blocks almost all pistol & shotgun ammo, most small caliber rifle ammo, and some large caliber rifle ammo Youtube Guides: Basic Tips For Beginners: Pestily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8yYwbUMWrk&t=247s JesseKazam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZJto8gdfkA Shroud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysl-XOGKERQ Long Form Guides: Geekseh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tAXl7bp3EM JesseKazam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBd1DSQI2BY (Pestily also has guides specific to each map) FINAL NOTE: If you are not very confident with your keyboard and mouse or shooting skills, practice with a more fast paced tactical shooter like Insurgency. Practicing playing battle royales like PUBG or Apex will also help practice your shooting skills and inventory management. If you don’t want to play or purchase any of these games, this aim trainer will also help you: https://www.3daimtrainer.com/
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