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  1. Hallo deutschsprachiges Tarkovforum, hier eine aktuelle Version des Escape from Tarkov FPS Guides Der Guide wurde unter Windows 10 Professional unter Verwendung einer Nvidia Grafikkarte und einer Intel CPU erstellt. Möglicherweise sind einige der unten aufgeführten Tweaks in anderen Windows Versionen anders zu finden oder nicht verfügbar. Achtung, wie für alle anderen Guides hier im Forum, gilt auch hier: Für eventuell auftretende Schäden an Hard u. Software, sowie Datenverlust kann keinerlei Haftung übernommen werden. Einige der hier aufgelisteten Tweaks benötigen die Ve
  2. Καλησπέρα στο Ελληνικό Community. Εδώ έχουμε ένα πολύ καλό video από τον streamer φίλο μας TNofficial που εξηγεί πάρα πολλά concept του παιχνιδιού σας το συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα. (Κάντε Follow στα Channels του παιδιού) Περιγράφη: Σε αυτό το βίντεο θα δούμε αναλυτικά το Escape From Tarkov, ένα παιχνίδι αρκετά δύσκολο και έντονο. Μπορείτε να το πείτε και "Οδηγός Tarkov για Αρχάριους".
  3. New to Tarkov or have yet another friend joining this wonderful game that you don't want to explain every little mechanic to for the 100th time? This guide is for you! This is an original total beginner's guide written by me featuring: Compiled into a neat, well spaced and easy to read 54-page PDF Linked table of contents for quick navigation to each topic Dark theme for easy reading with the lights out Full spectrum coverage with fundamental info on pre-purchase to raiding to trading and everything in between Most searched for "eft guide" on all of goog
  4. The_Redacted

    Game Guide for New Players!

    Escape From Tarkov is a treacherous, high reward, exhilarating and insanely fun game where each and every single raid will be different. You will experience fascinating shoot outs, combat scenarios and stories that will probably stick with you for a very long time. It is truly a one of a kind video game out there at the moment. This is a guide to help new players, or seasoned veterans who could use a small spruce up. Enjoy reading it, just as i enjoyed making this guide. It's my first one ever! So first thing's first. Why are you (Or your PMC) [Private Military C
  5. HERC130


    I did a little research into Each throwable in the game, once I spent a little time going over each one I decided to share my findings. If you have any interest in maybe learning some stuff about the grenades there are some cool things in here for not only new players but also veterans of the game. (Overhead Throwing, Throwing Around Corners... ETC) Enjoy and I hope you have learned something like I did making the video! Grenades/Throwables Everything you need to know!
  6. درود! به چنل آموزش های اولیه تارکاو خوش آمدید. این چنل شامل تمام اطلاعاتی میشود که نیاز است پیش از شروع بازی بدانید. راهنما: بخش 1: منو ها و فروشنده ها بخش 2: دریافت ماموریت(تسک) های اولیه بخش3: مهمات، آیتم های مدیکال(درمانی)، سیکیور کانتینر( کانتینر های امن مثل آلفا و...) بخش 4: هاید اوت (مخفیگاه) و پِریسِت های سلاح بخش 5: گیِر و کیت تجهیزاتی که برای رید نیاز است بخش 1- منو ها و فروشنده ها در منوی اصلی، چهار گزینه می بینید : "Escape From Tarkov": جهت رفتن به رِید(بعدا کاملتر توضیح داده خواهد شد) "Character" : اینونتوری اِستَش و اینونتوری کا
  7. Updated guide for the healing items in Escape from Tarkov for patch 12.9. Minor changes made by BSG include: Vaseline is now 6 uses w/ duration increased to 350 secs & a heavy bleed will take 175 hp off a Salewa - bring in a hemostat/tourniquet! Hope this helps ya.
  8. Hey i mainly play EFT with active steam overlay to have access to an browser and can search for important information while ingame. I did a little compilation of stuff that i use often in form of a steam guide because the overlay browser don´t have comfy stuff like bookmarks. It should be mainly interesting for new player like myself. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2363636921 To have access to the steam overlay you need to put the launcher.exe into steam not the game.exe !
  9. Hello, I've made a guide for begginers and casual players. It is complete guide containing: - maps with extracts and places to loot; - informations about Traders (for new players); - weapon modding and analysis of ammunition; - sample weapon presets for begginers and players who are not millionaires; - sample weapon presets for more rich players; - useful crafts for begginers; - tips and tricks. All content is full of screenshots and curiosities. Guide is made with the thought of new players, but also contains advices to casual player, or maybe even
  10. I have an updated guide for shorelines Village. For new players and old who are struggling to get out of the gate or struggling to even make a profit in 12.9. This guide will help you and show you the most underrated and under looted (everytime i go) Spot on shoreline. which should net new and old players around 500k-1mil a run. thanks for checking it out. thanks and constructive critcism is much appreciated. THE GUIDE IS HERE < Shoreline village Loot Guide - Escape From Tarkov (0.12.9)
  11. Hey everyone, I had created this guide before the wipe. This is a WIKI style Comprehensive guide to all items needed to complete your quests and everything required to max out your hideout. Sure some of the numbers have changed since I had created this video but it seems to be on the lesser side for each one! The video is not meant to be watched from start to finish, EVERY Single Item required has a Timestamp in the description. This will then show you a clip of where to find each item how many in total and how many have to be FIR (Found In Raid) The video took me around 100 Hrs of editi
  12. aggrssv3


    THE BEST SETTINGS for 1920x1080, priority at HIGH vsync "ON" max FPS-Guide!😄 Have FUN! leave a commend!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. A guide for the healing items for new players and a tool for sherpas to use to while explaining the system. As a sherpa this past week I found this to be useful for my new players to better explain the meds in Tarkov. Hope this helps you as a sherpa or new player to the game ❤️
  14. I've created what I feel is a slightly more comprehensive guide than some of the others with regards to ammo. It covers the basics of penetration which is obviously one of the more important stats to understand in the world of Tarkov.
  15. Wikiworker

    新人须知 — 塔科夫的问与答

    Q:作为萌新,我在熟悉游戏时如何寻求帮助? A:我们设立了“夏尔巴计划”,并招募了大量优秀玩家来帮助萌新熟悉游戏的各种机制。你可以在游戏官网资料页上找到 “新人助手 - 夏尔巴人” 选项。(目前仅有两位中文夏尔巴人,我们仍在努力招募新的夏尔巴人) Q:我在游戏里应该做什么? A:逃离塔科夫有着无数种可能!不过入门的最简单方式,是让自己熟悉游戏中的地图。“离线模式”允许你自由地设置并体验游戏,无论幸存还是死亡都不会影响存档,因此你可以通过这个模式来探索地图,然后再开始做任务。游戏中的每位商人都会提供一些任务,完成这些任务即可获得游戏内经验值与奖励,有些时候也会提升该商人的信任度(解锁更多商品)。 Q:如果死在了战局中,我的东西怎么办? A:塔科夫是一款硬核游戏。如果你死亡(KIA)或者失踪(MIA),带进战局内的所有物品将会丢失!唯一的例外:安全箱。放入安全箱中的物品会在死后保留。 Q:安全箱是啥? A:正如前文所说,一旦角色死亡,未放入安全箱的物品都会丢失。安全箱有多种规格,最小的为 2x2 格(也就是 Alpha 安全箱)。你可以在商人处买到更大的安全箱,不过最大的那个,只能通过完成任务获得。 Q:我发现了bug,要如何反馈? A:游戏中肯定会
  16. Terragroup labs is one of the pvpers most favourite map , In this guide we will be talking about the hotspots of the map , loot , raiders advantage and how to peak them , Hotspots are usually where the high tier loot is , 1 : Dome Has chance of spawning Ledx skin transilluminator (no keys required) : This spot is know as being very active early game since all players push this spot for the ledx , so always keep in mind you are not the only one there , Near the Dome there is black keycard spawn : Black keycard spawn on the desk in front of Dome :
  17. The Lab is a top-secret underground laboratory facility built by the Terra Group underneath the city of Tarkov. It does not exist in any official records and its existence surfaced only after the Tarkov conflict escalated and personnel evacuation had to be carried out. Documents and data salvaged by PMC operatives suggest that the lab specialized in biological, biotechnological, physical, chemical, and high-tech areas. Moreover, the state of some of the work areas, their design, and equipment seems to suggest that many of the experiments that were carried out here were forbidden by law. Lore-w
  18. Schlüssel sind in Escape from Tarkov fast so lebensnotwendig wie die Munition in der Waffe. Darum will ich euch hier mal einen kleinen Key Guide für Escape from Tarkov in Deutsch geben, damit ihr genau wisst, wo welcher Schlüssel zu finden ist und wo dieser in welche Tür passt. Der Key Guide ist nicht von mir persönlich erstellt, sondern nur so gut es geht ins Deutsche übersetzt worden. Das englische Original ist von The Velvet Gentleman. Thanks for the great work Guys. Diese ganze Idee ist mir gestern beim Stream anschauen gekommen, da wir dort im Stream Chat das Thema Schlüssel hatten.
  19. Darth-LIGO

    Hidden Stashes - VIDEO

    Woods Hidden Stashes: Customs Hidden Stashes: Interchange Hidden Stashes: Shoreline Hidden Stashes: soon soon
  20. SnakeBitesYoBoi

    Guide on how to become coochie man

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svhemipCQJ4&t=90s It is a meme, please do not take it seriously!
  21. Cfxsquad

    Nederlandse Factory Guide! [VIDEO]

    Dag Nederlandse Tarkov Community! Ik heb een Nederlandse Factory guide gemaakt om nieuwe spelers opweg te helpen!
  22. How to Learn Tarkov Without Harming your Desk and Mouse (Mostly) ... Hey, can you see this? .... Weird, the last guy that had me must have died, typical. Every PMC does eventually. You look eager, I’ve seen that look before. OK, sit down, I’ll tell you what I know. Let’s skip the known part. Tarkov is hard. And you will die, multiple times. Now, onto business. Tarkov is an MMO with FPS and RPG elements. This means a few things. 1- Elements of the game will feel unfair without looking at the bigger picture of what Tarkov is meant to be. By practicing the FPS aspects of
  23. 1. Call-outs and situational awareness: A.All call-outs should be kept short, but descriptive. i.“over by that tree” this is not helpful or descriptive, especially when on maps such as woods, shoreline, or in any part of a map dense with trees. ii.“behind a tree, forward left of my position”. This is short, descriptive, but only really useful if all team members know your exact location. iii.“ridgeline, far side of (insert POI), left to right” this is a generally acceptable call-out. It gives both a point of interest as reference, which s
  24. Hello my fellow former PMCs and scavengers! In this guide I will try to make clear how to maximize your profits when selling your proverbial junk in game as of patch Lets start with the eight traders: Prapor will buy all of your weapons, loose sight attachments, grenades, dogtags, ammo, meds, and grenades. The only thing you should ever sell to him if you're trying to maximize your profits is your grenades, as the other traders will give you more for the other items than he will, and well, he's the only guy who will buy them (bar Fence). Therapist unlike
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