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Found 34 results

  1. ErikStoner98

    Suppressor's need a big adjustment.

    Why are some supressor so silent that the word ''supress'' isn't even involved anymore. I have no idea what kind of ammo they are using, but the last 4 games-in-a-row with a day in between; I've been headshotted without even hearing a single shot. Just the impact on my face. Same goes for a friend of mine playing the same match. He doesn't hear anything after I got knocked out and vise versa.
  2. VirAle

    Can't put 3.5 on mosin

    Is is a bug? i can't put 3.5x on my mosin. helppppppp
  3. UltraProbe

    New Guns: SR-3M/Honey Badger

    I've noticed that in Tarkov the AS VALs and VSS Vintorez' 30 round magazines are from the SR-3M. I would like to have the addition of the SR-3M and/or Honey Badger into the game because I feel that they are really fun to play with in other games. Especially the SR-3M. Since there already is a magazine for the SR-3M why not add the gun itself? Less time making textures for the gun and I feel that many players like me will like a new russian weapon in the game. (This is my first forum post; if I did something wrong in my post I'm sorry)
  4. Peek-A-Boo

    Dual Handgun

    Next Patch ? Do u wanna see this in EFT?
  5. Elkknowsbetter

    New gun

    I would love to see a 6 shot revolver added to the game
  6. DasRightt

    Gun not shooting

    I was in resort on shoreline and a guy was in the corner and I sprinted for a split second when he shot at me and I looked at him in the process and I held down mouse one and my guy just stares at him and doesn’t shoot. Was it because I sprinted and held down mouse one too soon? I’m so confused. Jesus I’m pissed.
  7. StupidNub123

    The AS VAL

    I'm a new player and was recently running a pmc run on interchange with a VSS. My friend and I were planning on sniping people on the road from the top of power plant, but when we arrived, we came to the remnants of a VERY recent fight. The one remaining survivor holed up in a building as we arrived, and we camped him for 20 minutes before rushing in. We quickly killed him after running inside and we started to loot. I found a fully modded AS VAL and some other fully modded weapons on the bodies. Ive went on a run or two with it carrying 80 high pen ammo. Im not sure however if what I'm doing with the gun is correct. How should i mod it? should i use full auto? and should i carry more ammo and if so what type? thank you from a new player in love with this game.
  8. Dear BSG Devs and EFT community, After using my beloved AKS-74U Krinkov for so long, I finally got my first Weapon Jam in EFT it's a freaking STOVEPIPE, ladies & gentlemen! Yihaa!!! But then I soon realize that there's something really weird going on with this Stovepipe (as attached picture below) My AKS-74U stovepipes a full cartridge though rather than an empty cartridge case, which shouldn't be possible! In order for the casing to extract out of the action (unsuccessfully to stovepipe), it needs the recoil from the actual bullet being fired to cycle the bolt carrier. A full cartridge would not come out of the ejection port, just the empty case! So BSG Devs (especially weapon department), with all due respect, please fix it! Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  9. kapu05

    A new gun you should add

    Ok so here is a gun name RK 95 and it would be cool if you would add this to the game . RK 85 is a finnish army assault rife/submachinegun
  10. Lunar-Rob

    Virtual Arsenal

    Will the game develop a off-line model which allows player to mod guns freely even though he don't own the parts,just like the Virtual Arsenal of ARMA3? So that player can plan what part to buy or collect, and test his gun.
  11. dexter1096

    sks discussion

    There are pictures on the forums of early SKS's and they have the internal mag on them. right now I'm pretty sure there are only SKS's with 20 round removable mags. And I wonder if there are any plans to add an SKS with an internal mag. what do you think?
  12. Wond3rMonk3y


    Silencers wear out relatively quickly compared to the guns they are used on. Overtime the silence shots less. Create a mechanic which requires regular fixing of silencers, buy new ones, or reduced effectiveness until complete breakdown. Additionally, silencers make guns less accurate. This might balance their current overuse
  13. Blessed2KiLL

    New weapon suggestion

    Vector with some sweet attachments would be a awesome addition.
  14. chevaleus

    Looting dead body bug

    Happened two time today. I killed a pmc and their gun were glitched. You can see it on the body, not in the inventory and it's like the gun's inexistant (I can put my gun in their inv.). First time was a m4, second time a rsass. I dont know if it's a known glitch. I've look to see a thread that talk about it, but nothing about ghost gun. And by the way, the zb-014 evac point is somewhat bugged too. Same game (the one in the picture), a scav (Not sure if it was a players, he was spamming F1) shot me through the concrete (first turn when you go in). It was not dsync, 100% sure. He shot me, I went in, roughly 15 seconds passed, I went on that corner, he shot me 2 times, then proceed to miss every other bullet on the wall behind. At that time, I took cover. Then magic happen, I heard the shot and felt it too.
  15. harvey10106


    not knowing what to say
  16. Gatman55

    Stripped down gun parts

    It would be nice to see weapon crates spawn stripped guns rather than full guns and ammo. I know you can find upper receivers etc. But it would also be nice to find the lower receiver in crates rather than having to buy/trade for a generic m4 off the trader to modify it. When I first found the LVOA upper receiver I was looking forward to build from scratch, but after seeing that I couldn't buy the stripped down lower.", it was a bit of a bummer. Is this something that may eventually happen?
  17. Gquic1


    Can anyone tell me if I enter a raid with a team mate and a insured weapon on me and I get killed, If I get my team mate to take the weapon of me after I have died and stash it for me somewhere am I still able to get it back om insurance even though my teammate has taken the weapon from my possession to hide it or does it count the same way as if a random or scav have looted my body.?
  18. Mineace

    Weapon ID (solved)

    Can someone help me I.D. the gun in the poster in this picture? This is from the teaser of the hideout update back in June.
  19. Serafimov

    Backpack belt feed for future LMGs.

    Greetings. I am looking forward to the of the game's release date and to the moment when the belt fed light machine guns (LMGs) would be introduced into it. Good that both occasions are just the matter of time. Therefore, beforehand to the LMGs' inclusion in EFT; I would want to suggest the option of backpack belt feed for them. Thanks for viewing.
  20. Klaus_Quarter

    AK74N Polymer Furnitures

    I think there is a lack of low tier customization option for the AK74N. We can have access to customized handguards and forehand grips relatively early, but for the buttstocks we have to reach the high tier traders levels. So in-game there are many customized AK74N with the original wood stock. I would like to suggest to let us have acces to the black polymer furnitures throught traders, so we can have more inline AK74N with it level of customization. By the way I thoug it's funny that a promotional picture for your game represent the AK-100 serie, aka the black ak, while it was not present in the game. I would love to see a AK-105/104 in the game.
  21. XDaPiRoX

    Issue with guns

    I have a problem with the guns. It doesn't let me open the chaimber or take out the mag to see how many ammo I have. Please answer with a solution
  22. EliMaxwell

    Gun Assembling

    Just curious if we as in the community will be seeing if we will be able to find upper and lower receivers for guns in game? I would love to assemble my own m4 and put different parts on them, such as the size of the barrel, extending stock, etc. React with a thumbs up if you'd like to see this too!
  23. I would like to bring up the idea of introducing the "Baikal IZH 94", chambered in 12 or 10g, and 7.62x39 as a cheap, intermediate range option. As a force multiplier I can see it sitting above pistols at medium range, but far below an sks. I imagine other hunting-like weapons will make their way in eventually, as residential areas would be rife with them, but I think this one would be a showstopper for fans of obscure guns. I imagine this could be a cool spawned weapon, or a boss's weak-ass goons. Further, and off topic, I look forward to other overunder and double barrel shotguns, other hunting style weapons. Maybe a compound bow? Following is a little more info on the gun.
  24. Ika_Doc

    Stechkin Pistol

    Hello everyone, I would like to propose the implication of Stechkin's pistol. I'm not sure if this is planned or not, but it would be nice to see that it's added.
  25. Please, im tired of those ... doing this who has no balls and cant play the game legit. Get good at the game. Peace.
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