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Found 9 results

  1. My least favourite part about combat is when I'm having a gunfight across the street and I struggle to tell if my shots are hitting someone. It takes so many shots to kill and when you do hit there's barely any visual/audio confirmation. Bloodsplats rarely come out thanks to armour and the characters don't react very much, making it super hard to tell when hits are landing besides when you're using a scope or when you're at point blank range. I think making bloodsplats bigger, hit noises louder or having character models visibly jerk more when they get shot would make the combat a lot more satisfying, especially for lower level players facing giant armoured PMCs. What do you think?
  2. dylanmcmonster

    scavs/pmc's pushing down your weapon

    I think that is a huge problem. If I don't have a helmet on (spawn in as a scav) a hatchling can show up, sprint to me and starts swinging like mad. Its kinda unfair that i can't shoot my gun because it's pointed ether to the sky or into the floor. If I'm using a semi-auto shotgun and dump all my shell's into the floor and roof (as they push my gun ether up or down, making cqc useless while they get to swing like mad) because they sprinted up on me from around a corner, How is it fair that i cant fight back? can you just take away the guns collision detection for just player characters/AI ? i understand why its there for walls and stuff, but other than that i should be able to shove my shotgun in some's gut or face and mag dump without any issues imo.
  3. Maverick09

    Inconsistent gunplay

    Im sure many people agree with me that the gun play is inconsistent in Escape from Tarkov Usually when i shoot someone unarmored a couple times with a PM they will die and when I use a shotgun its not hard to shoot someone 20-30 meters away and get a one shot kill. And sometimes ill bring an AKS and shoot someone from about 120 meters away, knowing i hit em it still takes 15-16 shots for him to fall over? Here is a prime example of the gunplay being inconsistent, i clipped it with shadowplay
  4. ZiggyHD

    Aim punch adjustment

    I'm not sure how the rest of the community feels about this issue but I do think aim punch is a bit too severe. I would say more than 70% of my deaths are actually do to the aim punch mechanic. Mostly from some cheeky scav spawn. Which I think the AI spawn proximity is also another issue. I wish I had footage of this but an AI scav spawning not 4 feet behind me the other day was a little ridiculous. It's a bit insane that the character camera shakes about 30 degrees or more in a direction from one bullet. Not to mention the blur adds that you have no real way of seeing the threat at all. I could go on about how this rewards only certain play styles etc. Realism I don't think is in question here. There is more than enough video proof and personal anecdotes of soldiers and police officers taking rounds and being essentially unfazed and return fire. The blur mechanic was a hot topic in the Battlefield community for BF3. But adding in a screen "shake" that basically pans the target to the corner of your monitor or completely off it makes it almost impossible to react. I would almost rather have a cross-eyed double vision than the current system.
  5. KentuckyFriedSpy

    Possible combat gameplay changes

    Escape from Tarkov has fun but sometimes very fustrating, sluggish and clunky combat, here are some things I personally think would benefit the combat experiences of many of the players of EFT (at least from what I can tell looking through some of the forum posts). Criticism is welcomed in this post as I would like to see more of what the player base thinks! 1) Lower the weapon sway with turning whilst aiming down the sights. I feel as if the weapon sway is much to intense even for a game based on hardcore realism, it almost looks like the operator is limp wristing the gun letting it sway like that. PMCs are assumably trained operators and the way their guns sway doesn't give me the impression that they are, most trained individuals or even experienced shooters wont sway like that to their target but rather snap to them. 2) Option to disable sprint while aiming down the sights and moving forward. I cant count how many times I have lined someone up in my sights and have held shift to steady my aim and have been abpruptly yanked away from my sights to a quick little shuffle my character has done. I don't think I have to say anymore about that . 3) Encourage the use of bringing a sidearm along with a primary firearm. Pistols in Escape from Tarkov have a very minor role compared to rifles and other things, while some may argue that "This is realism! Of course pistols should have a minor role!" I believe more could be done to lesser that to an extent. While drawing your pistol instead of reloading your rifle is faster by default I still think that it should be a bit faster, I will come back many times throughout this topic to the fact that a trained individual should be much faster than what is present at the moment. Another idea to make pistols appealing for me at least would be to make the aiming FOV for pistols a bit higher, not many games (if any at all) do pistols right, either the pistol is so close to your face that the slide looks like it is going into your mouth when you fire or the pistol is soo far you'd think the person holding it has some surreal looking elongated arms . I used to use the FOV glitch to make pistols a bit more viable on my end but since the devs are clear that it isnt intended to be like that with the many fixes they do to prevent it being used I think some changes should be made. The removal of the zoom o the aim down sights would also be good in my opinion as it just disorientates anyone using the sights of the pistols and lets be real here... no one is using the pistols at more than 50m away so that zoom doesn't benefit many. 4) Reduce the weapon bob from left to right while walking and aiming down sights when using grips etc. that increase ergos. Not really much to explain here, just like my first point I think it is just a little to intense to be realistic, take for example this video of U.S. Army and Polish Special Forces clearing rooms, see how their sights barely move from their eyes when the advance on a target? That ends my post for now until I can think of any other things or until people suggest more ideas. Like I said feel free to leave criticisms or adjustments to what I suggest so that I may see what others think.
  6. Da_Pwnda

    chambering is not realistic.

    im pretty new to this game but it seems like a sim. ive noticed when you shoot your gun and reload the bullet in the chamber ends back up into your old magazine. example: 8 bullets in your gun you shoot once, now you will have 1 in the chamber and 6 in the mag. but when you reload it ends back up in the old mag when reloaded. just something little that now that ive seen it i cant unsee.
  7. Anthr0

    Hip Fire

    After spending a decent amount of time in game.. I've come to notice something that bothers me in particular.. Hip fire for most, if not all guns is a little too strong. I find myself hip firing for most engagements even at a medium-ish range. Why ADS (aim down sights) when you can just learn where the center of your screen is, or use a laser, and just spray with what seems like 0 initial recoil and small bullet deviation. When you ADS using most fully automatic guns, you get a large jump from initial recoil in game. I love this realism, especial the side to side sway from holding down the trigger. It feels realistic and this is coming from someone who has shot a fairly decent number of automatics. The reason for this post is: you get almost no recoil at all when shooting from the hip. If you have shot anything automatic from the hip you'll understand that your rounds will be all over depending on how you hold the gun. Not for the fact it's less stable (again depends on how you hold the gun from the hip), but because you have to guess where your barrel is aiming rather than having an indicator / sight line. Most games allow SMG's to utilize feature. It's to give a different feel of game play we all know as "run and gun". It's a fun game style, but lacks realism in some cases. Now with that being said.. Yes, we could go into crazy details about special attachments to MOLLE chest rigs allowing this to be very viable, but every gun in the game being able to do this kinda kills the realism for me.. This is, once again, just a suggestion and MY TAKE on how recoil / hip fire in the game feels to me. Please feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below as well as leaving your own opinion.. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my post. I look forward to hearing your replies and opinions..
  8. So I noticed, when you are walking (Hold to walk) you cannot ADS (Aim down sight). This is an annoying thing as this is how I usually clear buildings. It only happens if I have Hold to walk enabled, and I walk before I ADS. Aiming then walking is fine for me but the other way round.
  9. Alpha-30k

    Swapping firing hands?

    Dear Devs, Is it currently or will it be possible to swap weapon hands in EFT? For example, I'm firing on a corner with a right-handed stance, but then want to swap to a left-handed stance where my left hand is on the pistol grip of the rifle instead of the right. This is something I've always wanted in a game and no game has really done it that I know of (CS:GO allows this mechanic, but it is statically set through the game menu and not changeable on the fly). Thanks and have a great day/night, Silent
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