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Found 73 results

  1. Supercharger116

    Too hard for beginners???

    I have a couple friends that recently got the game but they can’t really figure anything out because at this point the game is very hard to learn, I love this game and I encourage to fix this to maybe add some sort of tutorial and maybe a map included with players less than level 10 that have not played the game before then. Does anyone else agree?
  2. SnakeD_BR

    suggestion of a new weapon

    Hello, I would like to leave my idea here, I see that there is a caliber in the game not very used, actually used only in the SR-1MP Gyurza pistol, this caliber is 9mmx21 gyurza, I have been researching and found an SMG that uses the same caliber called SR-2 Veresk, it is a Russian weapon and the caliber is also Russian and is used for few weapons. if you read this far thanks for the attention
  3. AH_BateryFlacid

    Faster, uninterruptible reloads?

    While loading guns with internal magazines (SKS, Mosin, MP-133/53) its nice to be able to interrupt a reload at any point, but grabbing one round at a time form your rig looks weird, and takes much longer, my suggestion is that by double tapping the reload key, the player can grab 3/5 rounds/shells at once, and reduce the reload time, but, doing so forces you be unable to interrupt the reload until you load all the rounds in your hand, It'll also give shotguns a faster loading option once stripper clips are added for the rifles
  4. Ethernel


    So hi, new topic about the thermals scopes (oh boy...) First, i understand that thermals were or (are at some point unbalanced)(i play a lot with thermal snipers) So thermals need a big rework because they are "NOT REALISTIC" -Limited distance are f*k up, dumb and not realistic ! -The colors, too bright and not precise ! unplayable at night just f*k up Overall : They are not realistic, look really bad, unbalanced ! UNREALISTIC
  5. TheMostOG

    We need this in game

    I'm a firm believer that this game will only be improved upon by adding the Hi point c9 Yeet cannon into the game, let's pull together as a community and bring this to the attention of the developers. with enough support we can get a truly re-memorable weapon into one of my favorite games, so i'm starting the campaign "Bring the Yeet to tarkov" now go gamers and spread the good word!!
  6. Mask2005


    Okay, so I have been playing this game for about a month now. Last wipe there was an exploit where everyone had infinite money and best traders in the event. That is when I started playing...... Now, I do love the grind of earning my money, and growing my inventory slowly but surely.. Although I really don't know how BSG expects me to easily spend as much as 1 mill rubles on Prapor to get him to level 2 alone. I'm fine with the tasks, doing missions don't bother me.. In fact I love a little challenging mission (don't get me started on the pocket watch xD). But I still don't know extractions for either woods nor shoreline. I don't get how I'm supposed to make money, learn maps. do challenging tasks, and have fun at the same time. I feel like this process would go a lot smoother if No.1 there was a tutorial for each maps extractions. No.2 A stable way to get a cash flow, or just lower the amount of money required to level a trader. As of right now I'm on Prapor's 3rd mission, I have to kill 14 scavs in woods. I don't know the extraction and I'm doing this mission as I'm learning this map so I usually go in... Either get spawn killed by a hatchet who knows spawns and has the game downloaded on an SSD or get some kills and loot and die trying to navigate the exit. Please help! And also... Who agrees?
  7. What I've been doing is breaking down guns usually and selling the main piece on the flea market and then the other parts to whatever vendor will pay me the most for them. Is this the best way to maximize profits or am I doing it wrong? I'm only level 10 and don't use the vendors very often so I don't know if they pay you more in the future when you have better relations.
  8. TheQuagmire

    Additional Reload Type

    I would love if we could have a fast reload animation while in a intense situation where we have the ability to double tap R to drop the mag from the receiver directly to the floor and swap to a fresh magazine saving crucial seconds? Worrying about dropped magazines afterwards?
  9. the stock adapter for the AK platform wont fold even though its a folding adapter. "ME adapter for AK"
  10. PepperTime00

    Stripper clip loading

    I think it would be cool if there were stripper clips for top loading rifles like the SKS. 1-2 slot clips that are a little bit slower than a mag.
  11. Ajacklee4

    Will the AK-47 get added?

    Since Devs have said that "All AKs are coming" I'd hope to see the Milled Variants (Type 2 & 3) and original Type 1 stamped AK-47s in game. (the Type 3 specifically since I have one) Anyways, any news on this from Devs or anyone in the know would be much appreciated. Here's my AK-47 Type 3 as thanks.
  12. Honestly why haven't slug rounds for the TOZ been added yet. If im not mistaken the gun was made to shoot slugs and buckshot, which both types of ammunition can be bought today. And most people that use TOZ's use slugs more often than buckshot. Seems a bit silly to not have this ammo type especially since BSG added the small scope mount for it also. I dont think it would be too overpowered even if they were able to one tap people in the chest w/o armor since the recoil would still be pretty high on the base gun and reloading between shots would take a bit of time as compared to the semi automatic shotguns that can shoot slugs.
  13. AtlasLost

    Gun range?

    I realize that this may be something added way down the line, but it would be helpful to have it sooner. Would it be possible to add a gun range option to the game? Maybe something similar to the Training mode in PUBG?
  14. knotiice

    Couple Suggestions

    I have yet to read the books so bare with me here, a few ideas I have floating around 1. I would like to know what gun I get killed by honestly very annoyed can't tell if it is a cheater or what cause can't tell if its a strong enough weapon to shoot me through gen 4 Armour even though said died by thorax... 2. would like to know if a scav I died by or killed was AI controlled or by a real person. 3. would like to see more WW2 era weapons I know we have the Mosin Nagant. but like I said I haven't read the books yet but Russia was facing Germany in ww2 so seeing a Mauser kar98k would be awesome all of it ties to location or German and Russian and united states military occupying neighbour countries during the ww2 period but I have a list ill show it here 4. Introduce the 45. Caliber 1. PSSH-41 Russian machine gun the mag is already implemented in the game for the Pmm Makarov 2. Kar98k 3. Mp40 4. Gewehr 43 << please 5. P08 Luger 6. M1911 7. DP28 8. SVT-40 9. M1 Grand << Please 10. Sten. Now onto modern weapons, have yet to see a revolver added into the game I'm supposing maybe due to much damage needed per round cause of fire rate? 1. 38 police special, 44. , 357. 2. Vector ( Not Enough Smgs ) 3. Tar-21 4. Famas 5. Scar-H or Scar-L 6. Ump-45 or 9mm (Not Enough Smgs ) 7. AUG 8. G36C 9. More Shotguns AA-12, Spas 15, KSG, Mosberg, 10. more snipers L118A, Intervention. Thanks For Reading !!!!!!
  15. Hello Devs, I've been in contact with Justin, the owner of JMac Customs LLC, and he liked the idea of his products in game. I asked and he said to post his products on his behalf. I can also get his contact info for the weapons department team should you decide to add any of his products. Their parts allow for significant muzzle climb or drift reduction in their brakes, sufficient flash suppression in their flash hiders, as well as some muzzle devices being suppressor adapters. Their stock adapters and gas blocks allow for many more options to modernize/customize your weapon to fit your needs as well. Photos of some of JMac's products with descriptions will follow. (Many parts have variants / sizes that will fit other non-AK firearms as well) Here is a link to their home page; https://www.jmac-customs.com -An example of their parts with M13 industries' work and a few 3rd party bits. -The RRD-4C muzzle brake in 14 or 24mm. -The GBC-13 gas block front sight combo. -The LAF (Loud as F**k) muzzle brake. -The EGFH flash hider. -And last but not least, the RSA / RSA4.5mm/5.5mm stock adapter to use Sig MPX/MCX style stocks (Attached via 1913 rail) on the AK platform, CZ EVO, MP5 and more. -Their logo, in case we need some swag in game.
  16. Assassin7266

    Pairing certain mags to specific guns

    I currently run a HK and a ADAR both of which use 5.56 x 45 mm, the problem I see is I don't really need to use my 60 mag for my ADAR but i would for my HK and the contrary I wouldn't want to use a 30 round mag with my HK if i have a 60 round present in my rig. Possible suggestion: 1. Be able to pick the mags in our hotbar so we can select what type of mag we want. 2. Have a possible drop down menu of "use this mage with "primary" or "secondary" " .

    Adding Full Conceal Glocks!

    With the launch of Full Conceal Glocks to the market; These would be an amaxing addition to the game. These glocks can be folded and stored in a much smaller package and easily unfolded. They accept normal Glock magazines and can be modded just the same. These would add alot to the pistol play in the game and give more options in the hand gun category.
  18. addbow

    Operation: Gun Suggestion

    So I was really bored today so I thought I'd make a list of the weapons I WOULD like to see in the game, I do not expect any of this to happen but I thought it would make a fun thread! Make sure to add any gun/weapon YOU want to see that you didn't notice in the list. What do you Think about this list, is it good or bad! Cheers, see you all on Factory///DiCaprio AEK-971 Russian AK platform Tavor TAR-21 bullpop Steyr AUG A1 9A-91 MK-14 Semi-automatic marksman rifle SMG K7 Honey Badger PP-19 BIZON (iknow we have the vityaz but I Think this is a better looking version) UZI CheyTac Intervention Walther WA-2000 AA-12 G36E Remington ACR Kriss Vector UMP-9 P-90 These are the guns I'd like to see in the future, there are a few more but there is a reason I didn't add them, take care and I hope you enjoyed!
  19. spacemarine2142

    AK and M4 Attatchment Loadout

    Hey guys, I have to say one thing. I suck at weapon modding. There are so many parts and it gets super confusing. Probably should find a guide for it. That aside this is the question: I need an ak build (doesnt matter which variant) that is solid for cqc and mid range combat. Most of my traders are lvl.3 and I have loads of money to spair. Secondly: I need an m4 loadout with similar criteria. I have peacekeeper lvl.3 so I can buy most thing. Any suggestions? Ive literally just been running around with modded AKs I have found off of dead players. All the guns I have attempted to build have been pretty trash with high recoil. Thanks for any help guys.
  20. Hello devs, So here are my questions, If you buy a gun from the one of the traders is it possible to put some kind of ID tag on it to show the first person who owned it? Second is are we going to be able to "paint" our weapons? And are weapon malfunctions in the game yet? Thanks, Bret
  21. ChilliCheeseDog

    So uh... hit reg?

    So, we were 3 manning factory with full kits to mess around because why not, y'know? Then the "fun" happens. We were clearing up to office, no troubles, we eviscerated a couple guys, i even took a whole TT mag to the torso, no issues... Little to no damage to my body armor (about two points) and then we hear someone bathroom. After waiting a little while, we go to clear it. Mind you we're all using Fast MT's, Altyn, Gazelle vest (don't remember what its called exactly), fort body armor for my boys, and we all had fully modded AK's and M4's, we go to clear bathroom.. I tag a guy twice in the face while he's standing on some lockers, lotta blood, we go in farther to clear it and I start unloading into the guy (his username is Venom- if its worth anything in the future) and he just two taps me with a PP-19 and i just get ducking wasted. he alone managed to one to two tap the rest of my guys. We got 3 man squad wiped by some cockhole with an UNTAR helmet and a PACA using a PP-19... I cannot see the logic behind that. at all. I get it, its a beta, but god damn
  22. zpwarrior

    Best setup

    What's your favorite setup for M4, AK-74n and the vepr/akm?
  23. Shyvannie92

    Knee/Leg Protection + Some guns

    Hello Everyone My name is Anna i recently started playing tarkov, and I love it. The game got me submerged always. Great job guys! So after a few weeks playing I came here for a few suggestions. Here I go: GUNS: BEAR: None, they already have a bunch ( No clue about new ones, Maybe the old dragunov , Even if the new model is already on ) USEC: M240B: Updated version of the M240 that includes a longer rail for more accessories and a barrel 3 cm longer than the previous one. Barrett M82A3: High precision semi-automatic caliber rifle, this has the longest barrel among the Barrett. Also ! i just think that we have a way to much as body armor but nothing for the legs, I know that if we want to be 1/2 fairplay we should make the game afordable for skilled people and also for experimented one, Would be unfair to have a full man armor since the matchup don't count the armor you have on so,m a guy with a pistol have 0 chance to stand against someone full armored. So i was thinking about Semi protectos for legs, more likely armor in the side legs, Like... : And then: Maybe add some lowtier armor for Scavs or Lvl 1 shop for pacekeeper : Tell me what u guys think about it... Probably already suggested but i don't know.. jaja Cheeky Breeky ! ♥
  24. TuNE_ThE_SouND

    sawn off shotgun in pistol slot?

    hey guys i want to know what you guys think of something like this. all i ask if that everyone is honest.
  25. CovertMist0

    New Gun Ideas

    So I love the current lineup of guns however I do think theres a few more we could have like the Remington 700, the ACR, the AUG and Tavor Bullpup rifles, the Glock could use a full auto conversion kit as well as different calibres, the UMP 9 and UMP 45 as well as Kar98K, these are just some of the guns I would love to see come into the game and maybe some calibre conversions for some existing M4s like 9mm 45 300 blackout and others!
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