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Found 6 results

  1. Abgesehen davon , dass wir gestern auf Reserve dreimal hintereinander Spieler mit ESP und Aimbot trafen und ihnen unser überteuertes Gear überlassen durften, gab es im Anschluss eine gute Runde. Ich hatte drei PMCs geholt und der eine lief mit Thermal herum. Natürlich war meine Begeisterung dementsprechend , aber als ich aus dem Raid kam war es nicht mehr an der Waffe. Nun die Frage, ist das ein möglicher Hack oder nur ein Feature seitens BSG? Grüße
  2. gurqups

    randomly died

    I killed one PMC - he didnt shoot 1 bullet at me and then after 5min i was taking random dmg, 1st my arm broke and i healed and it was ok for 3min and then after 3min i just randomly died from nothing. It was writen that some scav killed me, so maybe the player i killed joined as scav in same server with hacks or maybe is hacking somebody else so idk... His name was "Trivio"
  3. I played on nightime of Customs. Got a SCAV shooting at me from the other building (at that time from 3 storey house to the 2 storey one). Ok thought it might be a player with a nightvision scope or something, even tho its not too easy to track every floor where anyone is in there from the other house. Later on swaped between the houses as the time started to dwindle down to ~10min. Got killed by a single shot, on the 3rd floor room from the other house (saw the shot flash throught the window). After math saw that it was a SCAV name. Havent played since that mach cuz i obviously displeased that either a SCAV AI shot me within a house, though the window, from the distance of the other house + within a midle of the night, or that hackers like that are still able to play the game. Hopefully ,that haveing been the last mach i played, will make it posible to track down the player (if it was a player) and deal with him acordingly.
  4. Hat jemand auch schon erlebt das versehentlich und ohne eigenes zutun ein falsches Item in den Flea Market gestellt wurde oder habe ich mich tatsächlich so doof verklickt das ich anstelle eines "Pack of Sugar" ein volles Items Case für 12500 Rubel verkauft habe??? Ich hatte keine Chance den Verkauf zu "Removen", es war nach Ablauf der "Locked-Zeit" sofort verkauft/weg. Bekomme ich den Items Case zurück wenn ich mein Profil zurücksetze und bei null starte oder wenn der nächste Wipe kommt? Ich bin sowas von frustriert...
  5. Hello i was playing factory i had my factory key and all the other stuff in my gamme container when i entered in then i shoot a bit of guys and loot then go up stairs and i tried to open the door that requires the factory key the loot door and my character breached i was confused i checked my keybar all keys were gone i checked outside a guy fully geared killed me and then i was like maybe in my stash but then it was nowhere is there a new hack that lets people get acess to your gamma ? can anyone help for a fix or have spare factory key or do you know what may have caused this i didnt use the fleeca market like i said it was in my gamme container when i entered the raid and im really upset about this.
  6. Running down shoreline on the beach, split up in groups of two and then instantly died. I my self had Fort armor and the new ops helmet, rest of group had assortment of armor on. In a matter of seconds all 4 of us were killed and 1 shot on all of us. The killers name is ****** . I could be wrong feel like it needs to be reported anyways. Thanks in advance
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