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Found 44 results

  1. Darrakis


    Don't mind me saying this but after good few months the game has a lot amount hackers again. I'm playing on the servers that far away from america and far side of the europe so we usually play without hackers but I came against some people from other side of europe that only plays turkish server for less hacks. I also start to come against some hackers even in turkish server. We cant even buy the game,how can we buy hacks Please make some banwaves.
  2. hello, As i launch a raid at reserve and chill at the dome building i get killed by a person in the head from the back but the weird thing is they made ZERO noise , absolutely silent , eventhough you can clearly hear on the recording that the person was 3 meters behind me when they rush to my body after i died .I had tacticals on . i am willing to conceed that sneaking can reduce the noise but you always hear at least a litle sound when someone is sneaking by ( especially if its 3 meters behind you ) . But no , this guy went up multiple sets of metal stairs , walked and aimed my head with his gun and all of that less than 20 meters behind me and Killed me WITHOUT any sound , i am certain of this cause i have watched the recording at least Ten times. my account name is TheKeops and you can see the raid code on the video , i hope there will be at least a ban for the cheater and maybe some compensation for me ( because this is like the 4 th time that it happens to me in 2 days . otherwise i would be deeply disapointed in the game , the developpement team and the support team that i always have fully trusted since i bought the game. This kind of situations where true tryharding players get killed by cheaters without the cheaters receiving any kind of punishment happen every day in every playthrough of every tarkov player . it is a problem getting bigger and bigger , because the more you get killed by cheaters the more you want to cheat yourself , Battlestate games should take serious action about the re selling of hacking accounts black market economy and developp an anticheat that always runs and is not based on reporting only. an anticheat that actually works resulting in cheaters being banned everyday not in bulks every 3 month . and making their activities non viable. It appears that i cant attach MP4 files to this post but please dm me if i can send it you by any means
  3. dramMTF

    Cheater with EOD

  4. scalingsun

    Getting hacked.

    A friend of mine, Plays EfT for around 2-3 years, and now suddenly he has gotten hacked- in a pretty serious manner; They accessed his email. (dont ask me how that happend, the mail and the account did NOT have the same passwords. They requested an email change. this went unnoticed, due to the fact BSG mails are marked as spam for some odd reason. The next thing he knew, is that he's not able to access his password, his email has been changed, and his only option to access something from his account- was due to the browser he's still logged onto. (which is normally speaking a really, bad thing). But now it's his only way to see somehow what happens to his account. He owns the 150,- version of the game, and has quite some progress on it this wipe (not that this wipe is the worst of his concerns). But I fear for him that he'll lose 150,- on this, and I know for sure that EfT would lose a loyal player due to this. The real problem starts here though: He has send an Support ticket. But due to the fact his mail has been changed, my friend will probably be seen as the hacker. due to the hacker's change of email, he will receive the actual response of the support ticket. (and can shut it down easily). Now I adviced (and he did) send an email, outside of his account aswell. with every single bit of info he has to clarify that he's the rightfull owner of the account. Is there anything more we can do? Thanks for reading, and for your input.
  5. CCTV-3

    Chinese hacker

    This Player used hacking software and her video has a lot of Suspected shot of hacking ,until now she not being bennd, plz pay attention
  6. Now im playing Customs With a friend and both get Instakilled for unknown reasons . No Any Sounds near, we are running crossing the map .My friend dies with 2 hemorrage stack and get instakilled from unknown location anybody shoot us but he dies . 2 min later same happens with my character 2 hemorrhage stack and get instakilled. No shoots or explosions . We saw in autopsy report we get shooted several times with 5.45x39 mm in legs , arms , chest ,abs, head ... Can investigate this "player" or maybe a SCAV?
  7. ErikStoner98


    So this is the very first time that me and a friend of mine we're a 1000% sure that the guy: '''' (I kept the last part away due to guidelines and such) was speedhacking across the map on reserve. He was on the train exit and we were on the bunkers he just flown across and looked right at me and just tapped me in the head. My friend continued to go to the exit and got shot as well seeing him almost fly across the map. I have seen dosen of YouTube vids where the same problems accure. We we're not yet 5 minutes in game as well. I'm not mad but dissapointed that people use this. It ruins the gaming experience that Tarkov does so well. I don't know if this is right forum to do so, but I don't know where I can report cheaters. And yes sorry, no footage.
  8. IDilemma

    Horrifying Theft Hack

    In Chinese EFT community there have been a lot of reports recently,mainly about misteriously losing high-value item in raid.Some reports said that even melee weapons and items in security containers can be sucked away.We often call the security container “crotch” , so this kind of cheaters are referred to as “cxxksuckers” in Chinese.When I first heard about this I thought it was just some kind of urban myths.Until I saw this video. I know it is quite rare to see this kind of hack,but I hope developers can do something before it gets worse.Thanks!
  9. kasu-

    Hacker ?

    His name is GoGoing2.
  10. I'm experiencing more often, that i'm getting shot through that much foliage, even while moving, switching positions in so much cover without even spotting the shooter, while he knows everytime exactly where im at. I refuse to call hacks/cheats/glitches easily, but found some russian video on YouTube, where you can see how this could be explained. Every foliage is gone, the game looks shitty though, but you can spot players half across the map. Now.. my question in this whole thing is: Isn't this also some kind of cheating? Will such ppl also get banned? It's such a massive advantage to not have that much, or even no foliage on every outdoor fight situation. Any1 had some similiar experiences?
  11. 953487322

    I just met a cheater

    I was just looting in shoreline and suddenly I got hit on my stomach, 10 hp damage. I thought that was because I touch the barb wire (west wing 2nd floor moving to the east). Then i walk into the room where there is a fridge and badage. Here it comes really weird thing, all my body was damage to half hp and I lost my leg. I try to bandage and then i got killed. Anyone has smilar experience like this? [picture removed]
  12. DanteVercetti

    Hackers até o talo

    Bom dia galera. Voltei a jogar recentemente e logo percebi que há muitos hackers no game, é normal esse tipo de coisa ou adicionaram jetpack e armas com tiro insta-headshot e eu não vi? Grato.
  13. Did117

    New Cheat/hack/glitch!

    Invisible players kicked half of my team of the server and managed to kill all of us without a single fired shot. GD clan tag. Also DT clan tag. These people run in groups, cheating and collecting everything in their way. Ban them. Ban them all to hell. Absolutely game breaking and disgusting!
  14. JhonnyYOficial

    Hacks or Bug?

    Just tell me hack or bug? Hack ou bug? me expliquem namoral nick - #######
  15. So I sneaked up on a guy and as soon as I had my ironsights on his head, he turned directly at me like SCAVs did. I'm new to the game but watched alot of streamers. This seemd pretty dodgy to me. Skip to 1:50 for action! I am new to Shoreline so I had to orientate myself first. https://youtu.be/SaqPb2PiC0c
  16. Evo102


    Okay... so this is an amazing game dont get me wrong but can you guys come up with/develop a better anti-cheat.. i so sick of getting killed by people with ESP's, Godmode, aimbot etc.... if anyone else has this issue then post on hear too!!!!
  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/8jcr4w/eft_hacker_what_do_you_think/ Named
  18. HattoriHanzo31


    <snip> on 1MAY2018, 1945 CST, was caught blatantly hacking by my group and I. ESP, teleporting around, aimbot killed all of us with headshots. It was the most unashamed kind of hacking I have ever seen. Just so you know, <snip> hacks are ruining this game, do something about this devs....i hope more people start hacking so the game becomes unplayable and they're forced to do something, this is ridiculous.
  19. tangosuckaGSC

    Make Player Scavs Names Visible

    I have found out that most hackers play as player scav now because their name is hidden and as a result nobody can report them. Hackers are still roaming EFT in the cover of their scav name. Just got killed by another one, right after posting this. Guess I can't play.
  20. Go4BreeZ

    Much hacks much cheat

    Someone please explain this
  21. Davidl9566

    Is this a bug or hack?

    Seems like it was intentional as he had no other gear except a glitched m4. Doesn't protect your cowardly head though. He had nothing in his inventory but an m4 in his hand.
  22. RabidWeasel95

    where should i report cheating

    does anyone know how to report someone for cheating hacking or glitching? i killed a guy on factory and he was bare bones except for the m4 in his hand. upon checking his body it was not there and it really ticks me off, i have video evidence and his name was delta062. i cant upload the video because it was to big and bad format but in the pictures i attached below you can make out the bottom of the PMAG that was in the m4
  23. Drones200

    Reporting HAckers

    I know for a fact the game is already being hacked, i know because I used to play with one who would brag about it spawn items, see through walls and instal kill people he has been banned numerous times but he keeps buying new cd keys using a vpn and virtual pc to not get ip banned yes he was a 15 year old loser but its confirmed that tarkov does have them so i ask where can i report hackers? my entire clan team just got wiped by a player named removed by Mr_Sheep we heard no noise or gunshots and 4 people were instantly killed by the same guy, i mean instantly we all died. thats impossible. this is the second time we run into this player in custom doing the exact same thing late at night but if you monitor this player you will find very weird poo going on and I hope you ban him i have a recording if you need to see one
  24. Omayga

    Anyone killed by tjspartan420?

    Me and a buddy just got deleted by tjspartan420. He seemed to be invisible and came up to kill me. Anyone been killed by hime before? https://clips.twitch.tv/SlipperyPluckyDonkeyFloof
  25. sorenTheOrn

    Hacks? Died in woods, no sounds

    hello, I had just killed a high lvl pmc (30) in woods, and then a player scav and got some very good loot. i was in a pretty hidden place while all of a sudden i just die. there was not a single sound, mellee, shot, steps or anything.. this doesn't have to happen many more times before i put tarkov on the shelf i'm afraid. any ideas? EDIT: after exitting and trying to reenter the game, I get a "wrong version" notification. would a sudden change of version kill me like that and leave me with all my stuff? that's gotta be a joke right?
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