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Found 26 results

  1. Make Player Scavs Names Visible

    I have found out that most hackers play as player scav now because their name is hidden and as a result nobody can report them. Hackers are still roaming EFT in the cover of their scav name. Just got killed by another one, right after posting this. Guess I can't play.
  2. Much hacks much cheat

    Someone please explain this
  3. Is this a bug or hack?

    Seems like it was intentional as he had no other gear except a glitched m4. Doesn't protect your cowardly head though. He had nothing in his inventory but an m4 in his hand.
  4. where should i report cheating

    does anyone know how to report someone for cheating hacking or glitching? i killed a guy on factory and he was bare bones except for the m4 in his hand. upon checking his body it was not there and it really ticks me off, i have video evidence and his name was delta062. i cant upload the video because it was to big and bad format but in the pictures i attached below you can make out the bottom of the PMAG that was in the m4
  5. Reporting HAckers

    I know for a fact the game is already being hacked, i know because I used to play with one who would brag about it spawn items, see through walls and instal kill people he has been banned numerous times but he keeps buying new cd keys using a vpn and virtual pc to not get ip banned yes he was a 15 year old loser but its confirmed that tarkov does have them so i ask where can i report hackers? my entire clan team just got wiped by a player named removed by Mr_Sheep we heard no noise or gunshots and 4 people were instantly killed by the same guy, i mean instantly we all died. thats impossible. this is the second time we run into this player in custom doing the exact same thing late at night but if you monitor this player you will find very weird poo going on and I hope you ban him i have a recording if you need to see one
  6. hello, I had just killed a high lvl pmc (30) in woods, and then a player scav and got some very good loot. i was in a pretty hidden place while all of a sudden i just die. there was not a single sound, mellee, shot, steps or anything.. this doesn't have to happen many more times before i put tarkov on the shelf i'm afraid. any ideas? EDIT: after exitting and trying to reenter the game, I get a "wrong version" notification. would a sudden change of version kill me like that and leave me with all my stuff? that's gotta be a joke right?
  7. Anyone killed by tjspartan420?

    Me and a buddy just got deleted by tjspartan420. He seemed to be invisible and came up to kill me. Anyone been killed by hime before?
  8. Cheaters

    Today was second time in the same day when i got killed, in the tree zone behind dorms on customs, without hearing a gun fire. My team mate was killed too, the same way. Hopping is a glitch (desinc) or whatever, couse i hate cheaters :).
  9. Hacks or skill?

    I won't disclose the players name for now but this happened just a half an hour ago. I was running down a hill when I noticed a player below me. He was running the other direction. I must add, it was raining on Shoreline and I had 2 other mates behind me, like 50 ¬ 70m. Suddenly this guy turns around, and knows exactly my location, shooting right at me ( I was prone at this stage just over the crest). So I was wondering how was he able to hit me. At this point my mates were perfectly stationary in a bush behind over the crest. I died and right after that he headshoted my mate perfectly hidden in a bush with perfect accuracy, just right after he killed me. The third mate was even further away up on the crest where he had no chance to see or know he is there yet he hit him with a perfect headshot. I know it was a "one man group" because the same guy killed all three of us. This is not the first time I have seen something dodgy so I wonder was it skill or something else... Every non server side game is hackable, exploitable in a way or another. I understand the devs are dealing with this kind of stuff fearcefully. I am just curious and starting a discussions what others think about my story and if they have experienced something similar lately!? Peace
  10. A weird glitch or possible hack was spotted on shoreline in resort by me and a my friends. Caught on stream and clipped here: We believe the player chose not to shoot at us to either prevent attention to hack or because it may jeopardize the functionality of the hack, however the player seemed to be able to see us and actively avoided us. The glitch or hack involved the player, playing as a scav most likely so it wouldn't display his name if he killed us or we killed him, was shown flickering in and out of sight and bobbing up and down. This would offer no hitbox so we did not attempt to shoot at him and he would go fully invisible from time to time. It should be obvious that we decided to get out of there as soon as possible. This is my first forum post so I am hoping this is the right thread. If you have any other further questions on the event, I will be happy to answer them.
  11. Okay things IMO have gotten a bit retarded recently.. I for the most part won't even log in during the day due to the amount of rampant cheating.. A few things I have observed since last patch that I think are 100% definately cheats 1 - Instant killer : You are walking around.. and suddenly drop dead, no gunshots, nothing... POSSABLE de-synced scav... but when it shows you without a killer's name?... hmmmm 2 - Disconnects - 100% Sure about this one, as why does one game from the same group of servers decide to instantly D'C me the moment I connect, repeatedly, until I am dead and my loot is gone? 3 - Loot hackers - Just recently discovered this tonight on Customs, when I went to the 2 story dorm, and behind 2 locked doors, discovered COMPLETELY EMPTY safes.. 2nd floor filing cabinets were obviously touched too... Impossible that anyone else arrived there before me as I sprinted from East spawns, and joined on the very start of the game >.< If anyone else has any examples, please post them in this thread... maybe it will give devs some insight into how to stop them.. Guys.. you made a wicked game... Unfortionately picked the WORST engine you could have for exploits and cheating >.< Please bring some sort of heavy duty anti-cheat in... I dont care if I have to run a seperate program, or loose a few FPS, Just get rid of these god damned script kiddies for the love of Tarkov !!!! Yours Truely Divoted Bear (Rawr) ; NURabbit
  12. Sooo this happened for to mate today. Was he hacking, or desyncing? Looks like hack to me >>>> <<<<
  13. We were on the "Woods" map, and running around the outskirts of it. We heard some shots so we went towards that direction, they were abnormally rapid so we were curious. We had about 200 meters in distance us and as I crested a hill someone else did at the same time. All i could see was their head for not even a full second and instantly both my friend and I were dead, even though he was 200 meters back looting a guy I had killed previously. There were no shots fired, just the death message. Their name was <snip>. Don't expect a refund I just thought I'd bring some attention to an obvious cheater.
  14. ANTI-CHEATING during stress test

    Since the stress test started, I've met some cheaters shooting without sound and maybe wall-hacking. You devs said that you do not accept reports of cheating. So I wanna know if there are any means undertaken to enforce the anti-cheat system before OBT.
  15. Hacks or luck shot?

    I hit the enemy at least two times to the head with an M4 before being one-shot while prone. I also had a kiver and fort armor. Only other thing I can attribute this outcome to is desync, where none of my shots actually registered.
  16. Isn't this a hack??

    My friend and I encounter a hacker, twice in a game. Same day. There's no way he got us with a shotgun that far. My friend saying "I got shot on the chest" while we were crossing the main storage yard. Anyone else experiencing this??
  17. hacker found Caught a hacker, killed three of my buds in the same way but from longer range with a pistol and his name was hidden at the end........prolly cant ban him or anything but there has to be a way to make sure his name appears so he can be banned at the end at least.........thanks
  18. HACKERS!!!!!!

    @BATTLESTATE What is going on with the game right now? I have been playing the game for months now and there seems to be a flood of hackers. from god mode to glitching gear out of the game, I've seen players flying around the map. they are wrecking this game for us honest players. I cannot get 1 honest run at factory anymore... you need to pull resources towards protecting this game against hackers... it's very demoralizing for honest players.
  19. Hallo zusammen! Ich hab nur eine ganz simple Frage als Neuling. Hab die ganze Zeit mit Freunden gespielt und war soweit alles ok. Es ist schwer macht aber iwie Spaß doch dann hab ich nen paar Runden mal alleine gestartet und davon 10 am Stück verloren weil mich Leute immer entweder HeadShotten in einer Sekunde auf Sicht oder trotzdem ich mir einen abschleiche oft schon Preaimen wo ich raus komme oder mit in den Rücken fallen. Also Situationen die ohne Cheat möglich sein können(!!) aber in der Häufigkeit entweder von extremen Pech die Rede sein kann oder aber von Cheatern die Aimbot oder Wallhack haben. Ich meine...10x hintereinander ähnliche Situationen, dass Leute immer wussten wo genau ich raus komme obwohl ich nix anderes mache als den langsamsten Schleichmodus zu nutzen und in der Regel auch keine Geräusche provoziere. Meist war ich dann auch mit 1-2 Schüssen tot die schon abgeschossen wurden während ich um die Ecke kam. Noch öfter wurde ich allerdings von Hinten abgeknallt von Leuten die sich angeschlichen haben als wüssten sie genau wo ich grade her gehe (bin immer in Bewegung). Deswegen meine Frage: Gibt es tatsächlich schon Cheats oder Hacks obwohl es eine Beta ist? Wie behindert können diese Kinder sein? Sollte es keine geben...sorry dann hab ich wohl die größte Pechsträhne überhaupt.
  20. Very hack in the game.

    I wonder if they are taking any action against the hacks that are taking over the servers.
  21. Reporting Bugs and Hacking.

    2 questions. I was about to report a hacker and post logs for reference, symptoms of the hack and so on but when I searched, there was no where to report them. I found the post a little below this one saying the following: "We do not accept user reports of hacking/cheating at this time. We have an active anticheat measure in place and currently working. All cheaters/hackers will be detected and banned." First question is what kind of response is that!? Why the hell can't I give you a log and a name and speed up the process? I understand the spam you would get from people just whining, but I just got stabbed in the back from 15m away by the guy I was shooting, I got about 6 confirmed hits in him, one in the head I think. Useful information I think. They used a knife from a distance while holding a gun. Hell of an assumption to assume ALL will be detected, good anti hack = bad lag constantly. Im running smooth as butter. (Props on that for the record, I'm not all negative.) Unfortunately I died. He was able to kill me via a hack. Let me repeat that. Your anti-cheat failed to stop the hack, its not that great, don't assume "All cheaters/hackers will be detected and banned." because Mr.Has-No-Name-To-Report got away with my stuff after I got him in the head. Judging by the slight delay between hit and kill, the game uses server-side hit detection. How can my shots connect and not kill if the cheater has no access to data regarding hits? If the game uses client-side hit detection, can't my PC say I killed him? Its a little SNAFU. Mind you its the first and only hacker I have found so thats pretty good. Serious question is: Why can't I report hacking? Second question is where can I report bugs? Surely you take those right? Beta-testing and all that. All I see is general and that is messy as hell, I assume you have something better that I haven't found.
  22. Hallo Liebe Leute , Postet mal eure Komischen momente als Video ! ich fange mal an ob das ein Hack oder Glitch ist mir noch ein Rätsel aber dennoch war ich sehr verblüfft ! und ich hab so einige komischen Szenen auf lager ! Ich nehme jedes Spiel auf und werde halt immer wieder überrascht . ob ein Spieler 10 Granaten aushält oder 4x 60 Schuss es ist immer wieder lustig zu sehen ! Sicht meiner Freundin hier aus meiner Sicht Viel Spass beim Lachen oder Staunen
  23. hey, is anyone else experiencing instant death? i mean walking along (or chilling) and bam.. dead.. no shots fired, no stab, no nothing just dead. It's not exhaustion, or dehydration or any game mechanic i can make sense of. It happens at the start of games, in the middle, and right before i'm about to extract (most annoying), is this someone using a hack? or is it a game breaking bug? i have quit the game several times and not returned until the next day because of this issue. If its hackers, ban them, ban them all please, if its a bug.. please fix it, im growing real tired of this issue that happens once a day minimum (in about a 1-2 hour gaming session)
  24. Reporting a hacker

    Me and two friends of mine went to CUSTOMS a while ago and got single shoted by a flying dude,see for yourself on the video above His nickname is "Givi Bugor"
  25. greeting guys. (Watch after 20 sec) i played Contract Wars a lot. there was many haker in normal mode and in hardcore we played so good that we killed all hakers, - so after this they managed to play in normal mode. after some time in hardcore mode was ruined again, started a new era on new hakes - player in air with sniper. at first they were at low range so we skill killed them but after they went too far and shooting us with aim-bot or magnet aim.... SO WHAT I SEE IN SHORELINE MAP? IT IS CW HACK INTEGRATED HERE? GUYS WTF IT'S NOT HARD TO WRITE ANTI CHEAT CODE. IF U HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE JUST CALL SOMEONE WHO KNOW HOW TO INJECT IT IN OUR (we pay for it) GAME.