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Found 7 results

  1. Clearbeardwiz

    cheaters or hackers or Devs

    I'm having difficulties connecting in to each game. When connecting into each game, I am timed out and then brought back in only to be killed by some player who is waiting for me. The player usually knows my exact location or where I am going and when I reconnect in I either get killed by the cheater instantly or the player disconnects a exit point and waits at the other. this has happened before and i had stopped playing this beta in the last few months hoping the player would just go away there was then an update and my character was rest again. I'm assuming its either a Dev or a computer coder that hates me. I cannot suggest any games other then putting the required equipment in each map to get in and out of each exit. For example a rope to repel at the one extraction in "the reserve". i hope that suggestion will resolve any Developer hatred. I don't have any other suggestions, I don't work for Free. If you all want us out of the game then close the beta and make us all wait.

    Hacker? bugged nade?

    Me and buddy were on Reserve when this happened. PMC that killed us "". When he threw the grenade he "sucked" us back towards the grenade as soon as he threw it. Both me and my buddy had the same issue. Below is the streamable.com video uploaded. https://streamable.com/b6ihfz
  3. I was on shoreline just now running through gas station when I started taking fire from an unknown location. There were no gun shots, only the pain indicator. No matter where I tried to hide I would take gunfire. After dying the "person" who killed me was a scav name "RENEGADEcorrupt" which is really odd, because I thought all scavs have Russian names. I suspect this person is hacking as this was very unusual.
  4. Binxxx

    Player Killa

    I currently have the Jaeger quest to Eliminate Killa and I found in one raid recently, Killa's body had a pouch slot. Was this a bug, a hacker or a new thing? I don't recall ever seeing Killa have a pouch slot and looking at videos and clips of people looting him, he doesn't have a pouch slot, but this body did. I have a screenshot but not on this pc, I can add it later today.
  5. snatchtactical

    Pay for map.

    Hello bsg here a little suggestion to help the anti cheat The other day some friend and i had a talk about pay for map that idea come from dcs world flight module , map . I know that is kind idea and lot of poeple will disagree with it but here the sugestion . Game standard edition contain only factory map as a free map . Other version include a single map has a selective one in profile like a unlock . Exemple : custom 100$ wood 100$ interchange 100$ labs 100$ no discount no special sale . I own a EOD edition and im willing to pay for map. The point of this make a cheat free game , maybe not the greatess idea but one will defenitly work in those monkey man owning 600$ of map and get a account ban oufff , imagine the guy poeple are sick of these monkey wizzard . This idea increase the game value but will decrease cheater amount ! That all i got and maybe start a pool about this . If the awnser is yes +1 if the anwnser is No add a reply box for commenting
  6. C0DY60

    How am i dead before i spawn

    I spawned in as a scav and I was dead before i had control of my character and the game says i was only in for a fraction of a second.. how??
  7. Diddox

    Is this guy hacking?

    So my friend sent me this clip that just happened to him. I've watched it a couple of times and I'm just wondering what the forum community thinks of it. Is this guy using like a god mode hack or something? I'm just really confused how the first shot didn't kill him. https://clips.twitch.tv/CourteousBlightedDragonflyVoteYea Also here's the screen shot which was after he died in the match (Note he didn't shoot anyone else, he died after he left the tunnels)
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