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  1. Hallo, ich wollte mich mal mit einer Idee an euch richten welche zum einen die Zahl der Cheater stark reduzieren würde und zum anderen den BSG-Support dabei unterstürzen/entlasten würde, diese unerwünschten Spieler zu entfernen. Und zwar habe ich folgende Idee. Mein Ansatz ist von Valve bzw. CS:GO abgeguckt. Dort haben erfahrenen Spieler die Möglichkeit Replays von häufig reporteten Spielern einzusehen und abschließend Ihre Einschätzung zum Fall abzugeben. In EFT könnte das wie folgt aussehen. Man muss eine gewisse Spielzeit oder ein gesamt Level über die Wipes ansammeln, um diese Funktion freizuschalten. Dann kann man diese Option auswählen und bekommt eine Replay eines Spielers mit vielen Reports in kurzer Zeit. Der Verdächtige wäre dabei anonymisiert. In der Replay hat man Funktionen wie einen X-Ray um einen Wallhack leichter zu erkennen. Zusätzlich dazu die Einsicht in das Inventar und ähnliches. Praktisch wäre auch eine Timeline welche anzeigt an welcher Stelle der Spieler einen Kill gemacht hat um lange Laufphasen gegebenenfalls auszulassen. Ist man mit der Einsicht fertig muss man zum Schluss verschiedene Punkte bewerten wo der Spieler wie auffällig geworden ist (Wallhack, Aimbot, VoIP Abuse und andere Cheats). Man hat die Wahl zwischen "Auf jeden Fall verbotene Software benutzt", "möglicherweise verbotene Software benutzt" und "unaufällig." Damit ist der Fall für einen persönlich abgeschlossen. Die Replay wird dann noch mit der Zeit von weiteren Spielern eingesehen. Nach einer gewissen Anzahl von Einsichten wird eine Entscheidung basierend der Einschätzungen der Prüfer getroffen und der Verdächtige ggf. gebannt. Hat man mit seiner Einschätzung richtig gelegen bekommt man als Belohnung eine SCAV-Marke mit welcher man an einer Art zweiter SCAV-Kiste zufällige Belohnungen erhalten kann, um einen Anreiz zu schaffen dieser Tätigkeit nachzugehen. BSG müsste dafür ein Replay System einführen und dann die Möglichkeit diese Replays einzusehen. Klar das muss alles entwickelt werden aber ich bin davon überzeugt, dass das Kosten Nutzen Verhältnis da auf jeden Fall passt und es eine Win Win Situation sowohl für die Spieler als auch für das BSG-Team geben würde. Wie denkt ihr so über diese Idee?
  2. I have a clear video evidence of him hacking and i was wondering where can i send the video.
  3. So I wanted to report a cheater Kiaga, During a factory raid I kept hearing shots go off but thought nothing of it. I followed to players into office I killed his friend but when I went to the safe room, his bud was dead against the cabinets. I grabbed his dog tag and while looting a shot hit my helmet and no one was near, I start getting pelted by the bullets which are coinciding with the shots i'm hearing from cellers. I guess there were some objects that couldn't pen, I barely made it out with almost my entire body ripped up and bleeding. Figured out it was Kiaga cause the dog tag said that's who killed him.
  4. I recorded a person who hacking, he was streaming with auto aim and speed up.the gif is showing with normal speed. Check how this person run. I also screen shot his ID. Please clean this piece of shiiit.
  5. First time poster here, Has anyone from OCE noticed that shoreline is really bad at the moment for speed hackers? This post might seem like a whinge, but just wondering if anyone else has the same experience as me. I spent alot of time a few days ago trying 2 find a ledx for my hideout, no matter what spawn I got by the time I got to the main buildings everything is already unlocked and looted and I cant hear anyone moving around. I thought it was nothing at first, but then I saw one in the act. Ran past me at like a million miles an hour. Now after many more runs, I feel like every raid has a speed hacker in it. Even when I get the closest spawn to the main buildings, by the time I get there I can hear someone already on the 2nd/3rd level opening doors and if they can be arsed they kill me trying to get into the building. Every raid it is like this. I feel the same for reserve, although not sure if its just bad luck in terms of item spawn rates. I can not for the life of me find a military battery, everything of value is missing from the map. Are any other players from OCE having this experience as well? I came back after a long break and really noticeable now how many hackers there are in OCE atm. I feel shoreline is unplayable at the moment. Customs is ok, I feel that its probably because the hackers can get more stuff from shoreline and customs isn't worth their time.
  6. Plooter

    LVL 38 hacker on shoreline

    Level 38 white name killed 3 players all head eyes or head jaws with m80 without him being anywhere near us #removed##
  7. David916

    Using bug to win

    https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentBlindingTireKreygasm heres the clip i think i dont need to say anithing hi killed my whole team
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dhSkFi7z3I https://giphy.com/gifs/eie596RWmxQzkMpeK1 Spawned into raid on the stairs, our Sherpa had a late spawn in sewers. We hunker down for 4 min and receive this pounding.
  9. Vladdy_Daddy420

    Report for hacker

    Me and my friend's got killed on labs and his name was watchurheadttv. He was using aimbot, my friend has video proof.
  10. Named BaphometRising , may I be contacted my email is omarvarela11@gmail.com so I can send a video
  11. Can obviously see this guy toggle after his team is being dumped on. IGN: PoppedAPerk https://streamable.com/jash4s
  12. I've never posted about a hacker and maybe im wrong on this but I was very quiet and it seems like this dude knew exactly where I was and came straight to me. I could be wrong, tell me if I am. Also sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I have no idea where to.
  13. Hello, I just got killed by a hacker (and his friends which are unknown) while me and my friends were playing on labs and it was really obvious that he was a hacker here is some video evidence of me and my mate while we were streaming: The game was on 29th of June 2020 around 15:00 o'clock Me - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/664889895 My mate who died after me - https://clips.twitch.tv/VainPuzzledGuanacoNotLikeThis
  14. SoSynyster

    Shoreline Hacker.

    Me and 2 others was doing a shoreline run. Came across a hacker who in the video shoots me through a wall with a headshot. and also killed the remaining teammate with walls. Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/656632828
  15. Cazzarati

    Hackers are a massive issue

    Hey guys this isn't even the first case, and I'm not seeking answers or justification. Here is the video. Hacking is a massive problem, this guy is level 40 and is blatantly cheating.
  16. AbramGaunt

    video evidence of a cheater

    Couldn't find a report section so i will place it here, don't really care about the gear just hope he gets banned. sorry about pest in the background forgot to mute em before the raid.
  17. Me and my friends were running reserve as pmcs when we came against at least 2 pmcs, we ran back upstairs and all three got shot in the head one pullet through a wall. His name is ##removed##, lemme know if any of you guys have also seen him, thanks.
  18. CoryGatt710


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDPHhPjOLUM - Don't play labs STILL FULL OF HACKERS THANKS NIKITA!
  19. Chum_Bucket

    Gotta love me a Hackerman

    Sydney servers 03.06.2020 @ approx 0950 Local. A mate of mine died to another hacker in the same circumstances last night. I love this game and don't really care about losing gear, but damn, this annoys me.
  20. Ze_Brasa

    Hacker on labs

    Hello everybody. I don't know if this is the right place for this kind of posts, but I just went on a run on labs, and like 30 seconds in the game, my face got blasted with shots by a hacker. His name was "name removed". I have a screenshot of it. I didn't have "Nvidia replay" on, but now it is for future encounters like that photo removed for name shaming purposes
  21. imKiiWiii


    Estaba en customs y estaba esperando a un comañero a que se reconectase pasado unos minutos he ido al puente porque habia escuchado disparos en Bloqueo del Ejercito Ruso y de repente me ha disparado un LVL 5 con ak balas BP en la cabeza (Yo iendo con un altn y un gen 4) y de 1 disparo me ha dadoe n al cabeza a una distancia considerable pero lo raro es que se estaba pegando con unos scavs que por eso habia ido a pickear metido en una cobertura de pixel y me ha volado la cabeza, pero en menos de 1 segundo todo esto el sospechoso es (editado) por si os lo encontrais, para miq ue eshacker al 100% pero siempre puede haber la duda de que me equivoque pero raro es...
  22. Heyo! New player here. Been playing for 2 weeks now and really enjoying the game for the most part. I've done something like 100 raids, 50:50 between Scav and PMC and I've only had 2 or 3 extremely suspicious deaths, which I guess is a good ratio. For the more experienced players, how common is cheating in EFT? Asking because I'm triggered :) just got killed by my first blatant not-trying-to-hide-it aimbotter. He was 180 degrees looking the other way shooting constantly for several minutes. I thought it was REALLY weird so eventually I approached him from behind whilst behind cover (still easily 20-30m) quietly, and the instant I had line of sight on him and MID shooting a full mag, he span 180 and insta-headshot me, and instantly turned and continued shooting the other direction again. I like to think it was a rare occurrence, as I said, only had a handful of dodgy moments so all in all I'm happy with my experience so far.
  23. my friend got killed from a hacker were he shoot him 4 time in his face in less than 1 second player name: KURMISS YouTube:
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