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  1. GuyBasil

    Cheating - Suggestion

    Instead of wave banning (since they just buy a new account) - move the cheaters to their own matchmaking pool where they only play with other "UAV"-using players. It'd be similar to Twitch's "Shadow Ban" - where the ban evader doesn't even know he's been banned and isn't even talking to anybody. Translated into Tarkov - they'd be stuck in the "cheater" matchmaking pool where they gotta fight against other people with cheat's on - and it would help against the noobs that buy their "carries" since they would be sucked into the bad pool by just having the cheater in their party. (then just keep someone on standby for any streamers getting swept up in "false positives" who are just reaaaally good and probably have a couple hundred "suspected cheater" reports in the backlogs lol)
  2. GabrielsShadow


    Is there a specific thread to report known hackers? Just encountered someone doing the infinite flashbang glitch on a friend and I on factory.
  3. losingistrevor

    So about them hackers......

    The amount of hacking on US servers is pretty ridiculous lately. 1 out of 3 matches I join have hackers. And I don't mean hacking to where it's just sus. I mean straight up shooting at you through walls a crossed the map, heat seeking grenades, etc. Really obvious stuff. Is anyone else seeing this? Was there a new hack released? Is BSG aware of this issue? I barely get to play as it is due to work and it's just depressing to even play lately because how bad the hacking is.
  4. can we get like system message when we report somone and then u guys ban him i mean it means alot...

    Hackers how to stop

    Me and everyone else hate hackers, well they ruin the game and papa Nakita don't like hackers, So let's blaze a trail with some new anti-cheat !! that won't effect server-side performance , Step one ban any card or payment method used on a currently banned account, Fullscreen only will stop overlay cheats, Maybe make a separate lobby people can pay 100$ to join and after a year without the ban they get the 100$ back and can stay in that lobby for free, to increase the cost of hacking, just ideas I do not work in software or anything of the sort, I just figured these are easy Я и все остальные ненавидим хакеров, ну, они портят игру, а папа Накита не любит хакеров, так что давайте проложим путь новым античитом !! это не повлияет на производительность на стороне сервера, Шаг первый: заблокируйте любую карту или способ оплаты, используемые в заблокированном аккаунте, Только полноэкранный режим остановит оверлейные читы, Возможно, сделайте отдельное лобби, люди могут заплатить 100 долларов за присоединение, и через год без бана они получат 100 долларов обратно и могут остаться в этом холле бесплатно, чтобы увеличить стоимость взлома, просто идеи, которые я не использую в программном обеспечении или что-то в этом роде, я просто подумал, что это легко YA i vse ostal'nyye nenavidim khakerov, nu, oni portyat igru, a papa Nakita ne lyubit khakerov, tak chto davayte prolozhim put' novym antichitom !! eto ne povliyayet na proizvoditel'nost' na storone servera, Shag pervyy: zablokiruyte lyubuyu kartu ili sposob oplaty, ispol'zuyemyye v zablokirovannom akkaunte, Tol'ko polnoekrannyy rezhim ostanovit overleynyye chity, Vozmozhno, sdelayte otdel'noye lobbi, lyudi mogut zaplatit' 100 dollarov za prisoyedineniye, i cherez god bez bana oni poluchat 100 dollarov obratno i mogut ostat'sya v etom kholle besplatno, chtoby uvelichit' stoimost' vzloma, prosto idei, kotoryye ya ne ispol'zuyu v programmnom obespechenii ili chto-to v etom rode, ya prosto podumal, chto eto legko
  6. Why is BSG being silent? Why is there no post acknowledging the cheating situation is bad right now? Do you know you can barely play 3 raids without having 1 cheater in it? I know other FPS games have cheaters as well and bla bla but Tarkov is a game where it takes 15 minutes just to gear up, 5-10 minutes to load in where as every usual FPS is log in and press ready. For some people 2 raids a day is what they get, if these 2 raids are ruined by cheaters what have they bought the game for? Cheaters are unavoidable but the least you could do with our payments is provide a better anti cheat method, if not allow us to manually report and atleast let us know they are banned. I have happily paid for EoD during the sale to support but right now I am getting peanuts for my money's worth. DO SOMETHING! Atleast make a statement on your social media profiles.
  7. Hey, So here i am again on this fu**ing forum, i come here every 3-4 month, complaining about problems that have never been fixed in 3 years, yes 3 fu**ing years. And whats the problem you may ask, well as always, hackers.... Every time the game gets a new "big" update or a new map, so like every 3-4 month, the game gets completly filled by hackers, speed hackers, wallhack, aimbot, lag switch, everything you can imagine they can do it, except maybe flying ( for now ). And what are the devs doing ? nothing, why ? because they dont give a poo, they sold enough copies of the game already so they just focus on adding new content so new players come and buy the game, but they dont fix the core issues. Concerning the labs, and reserve nowdays, devs got the nice idea to put all the insane good loots in the game in 2 maps, instead of setting a complete random items spawn system, and obviously, those 2 maps are where the hackers are playing massively. You can roam customs, woods, and shoreline easily, you won't encounter them too much, but now it got to the point where Lab is basically unplayable. This patch, i focused on playing lab only after lvl 10, because i really like the atmosphere of the map, remind me of Half life 2 kinda, but anyway, it got to the point where you basically pay 150K for a card + the gear you bring, to get poo on by hackers probably around 60% of the time. No need for the nerds to tell me just get good, he wasn't hacking or BS like that, when i see speed hackers or a man one taping a 4 man squad within 5 second i know i'm not playing against QuatroAce or Shroud. So yeah, we have an issue with hackers since 3 years, and still, devs don't do anything, people bypass the anti cheat like it's made or cardboard, you can just google it or check youtube, it's as easy to get hacks for the game as ordering stuff on amazon. But it got to the point where i'm actually pretty sure that the devs stopped give a poo about this issue and just focus on new content to get new players and therefore more money. Typical russian. No wonder so many people quit the game and never come back, how do you not get sick with this ? By the way, I'm not adressing this topic to the nerds and streamers playing the game dozens of hours per week, who dont care at all about hackers because they spend so much time playing the game that losing hundreds thousands of roubles won't bother them too much. So yeah, again, will the devs try to fix this ? do they give a fu** anymore ? who knows, who cares ? Keep doing what you do BSG, most people already forged their opinion on your company long time ago, i just come back here in the hope this will get fixed one day so we can enjoy what we paid for...
  8. There needs to be a kill cam to deal with these hackers, the report button is not enough and never will be. There is no reason not to have a after raid kill cam sent in the mail from prapor besides being lazy and not wanting to implement it. Plenty of hardcore squad games have it. It would end hacking in this game if you had video graphic proof so only two reports are needed not 20+ people reporting this dude for esp which you cant even prove without a kill cam.
  9. This game has the potential to be the best game out there....But since no one does anything about the enormous amount of hackers in the US lobby's, no one is really playing anymore. I am level 54 and play on the Denver server, which used to be the only server you could play without running into hackers every game! now I am literally seeing nothing but foreigners from china and Europe in my lobby's and there is at least one but usually more hackers per every lobby! when you report them it still takes several months before they are booted so you just keep getting killed by the same hackers over and over again! and the Developers wont reimburse you for the 560 million rubles you lost to these hackers which took you 100 hours to get! So what's the point of even playing the game anymore? I used to play 8 to 10 hours a day every day, now i play one game every other day then get off cause i am killed by a hacker! for some reason my local server is flooded with hackers! the hackers seem to all have the same idea that if the go to Denver there will be less hackers for them to compete with so now there are a million hackers in the smallest player based server in US! BSG keeps saying they updated and got rid of the Hackers and then i hop on and die to a hacker the first game i play! if they would spend the extra money to encrypt the game and get the best Battle eye service, this wouldn't happen! but they make so much money off of deleting hackers accounts and selling them new ones that i don't think they will ever get rid of the problem. it sucks cause this game has such amazing potential! guess ill have to go to Call Of Duty or something else
  10. Tada_Cheese

    hacks testing

    Hi, I wanted to ask you if is there any way to join the team of testers. The reason is that would like to run test of cheats and hacks to figure out how does hackers act and how to recognise them more easily. (If it would be possible then putting me in lobbies with players with suspicion of chaeting or players marked as cheaters would help me a lot.) (Even giving me new account with standard edition would help me a lot because i dont want to get my regular account banned or even get my IP adress banned because i would be usinh hacks too to help me figure out how the hackers act)
  11. balasoti

    New Update & Hackers

    Hi all, I just wonder the anti-cheat system really works well? The new update just came online for an hour and I went to LAB. I experienced a damn guy was flying in the air and shot me dead. Fuk me dead. it's really frustrating. How do we know if we report some1 and he just get banned by GD.
  12. Ok... So... I am new here, but not new to FPS. Boomer CS:Source Gun Game plebeian btw smile So... There are some hackers in tarkov. and even entertaining the thought that I am just that incredibly bad... there are some extremely toxic tactics that this game in its current iteration promote and encourage. lets get the hacker poop out of the way. for obvious reasons hackers completely eliminate the potential for fun. fun keeps booties in seats, booties in seats is dough-bucks for BSG. In a game like EFT where the, "High Risk High Reward" based economy literally controls the entire pace of the game for every single player, the negative feelings associated with a seemingly unfair loss are magnified... for some... greatly. Getting outplayed by a player with exceptional map knowledge, game sense, and gun skill... at least for me... never really feels that bad. an example : >>> I spawn into customs in the old gas station as a scav... make my way west and sneak into the warehouse with the factory key exit where Reshala sometimes spawns... its unlooted and i hear shots to my west indicating that for the most part i can loot up a bit quietly. i do so and go upstairs peek out to the west, see the kid killing a scav player near RUAF Roadblock and think ok... I can dip to the northish and push to smugglers boat probably. go downstairs... homie spots me... i panic... run northish anyway through a narrow passage between the two buildings to the north... only to find, he is partied up. his buddy has a 20 gauge shotty ADS's and ready to tear my head off, and he does. bags full of something like 350k rubles... gone. but i wasn't upset. i got outplayed easily and after the sting of loss went away i realized that i could have fallen back to OGS and proceeded north from there and likely would have been safer until i got near dorms. it was a learning experience and frankly ill become a better player because of that raid (maybe). several hours later though... I either got hacked or spawn camped... doesn't even matter which at this point because it made me log off and go somewhere else. I saw that my next scav run was going to be a 4x scope, silenced mosin by WITH L2 armor... SICK! I wanted to night raid woods, pray for no NVG players, and simply book to my extract no funny stuff. >>> Deploying, 3, 2, 1, Dead... Head Eyes before the scav even opens his eyes... all I hear is a heck of a lot of really big full auto spamming everywhere and in that moment I simply decided... I'm done now. Sure... maybe that wasn't a hack. Perhaps he was an NVG player in a group that was spawn camping scavs... but why? for the 100-200 xp for the kill? certainly not for the loot when you presumably are already in like 2-3 Bitcoin worth of gear. the point I want to make is that its a pretty toxic play regardless of the circumstance. cheat or no cheat its unfair and there is no counter play to it. *MY POINT* As Gamers today, we exist in an RMT culture based gaming experience. its ugly, I personally hate it, but it exists and as long as there is an avenue to make real world monetary gains from playing in a video game, players WILL do whatever they can to give themselves not just the advantage, but the greatest possible net profit per hour. Yep... I said it. The obvious implication is that the games economy fundamentally encourages RMT on a structural level, and you can even see it in the prices on the flea market (well you can... im only level 8 because I'm a loud BT magnet). how much is a T H I C C Case? like what? 14mill? IDK hypothetical... and whats 14mill cost? 50$ IRL maybe... and T H I C C Cases are unspeakably rare, profoundly impactful for QOL, and essentially unattainable for players who don't THOOM all day? I have seen this Economy structure in far too many games in the past few years and It really takes away from my ability to enjoy the game authentically. its even lead to me recently quitting Path of Exile in spite of the reality that i actually was one of the top 1% of players in terms of skill, knowledge, and personal economy because that kind of culture FORCES you down a path that may not be the way you actually want to enjoy the game. I am AWFUL at Tarkov... but I for the most part have been having a great time. Its been more than a decade since a game has given me a genuine jump scare to the point of hugely elevated heart rate, endorphin levels, Ive had to walk away from the PC several times (looting Shturman cabin coat and getting sniped from the rock to the north with zero audio clues for over 90 seconds prior). even though I get completely owned sometimes, the moments of getting genuinely outplayed and out classed, are kinda compelling... "Hey... Maybe I should try clapping some cheeks from that rock too tomorrow". But seeing players in game full sprinting through Interchange with a juiced out M4 one dinking everything without ADS'ing ever, or getting run up on from like 3KM away while I'm just camping a dark corner waiting for the clock to hit 5 minuets so i can sprint my cowardly little ass to the exfil with the lowest probability of interference knowing only 2 pixels of my body are showing and having not made a single sound for 15 minuets really takes the wind out of my sails knowing that a small percentage of the player base literally has a real world financial incentive to wall hack, aimbot, spawn camp, and generally resort to ugly and toxic means of stacking up them rubles so that they can pay their cell phone bills with T H I C C Cases and Bitcoin. In all fairness I do understand the argument in favor of RMT for folks who love to game but don't have the time to grind up the currency needed to get their T6 armor and Killa Helm and their decked out M4 ethically, but those players also kinda suck and I would wager that plenty of us could kill them and usurp their ill-gotten gains with relative ease more often than not. RMT isnt going away... and it DOES ruin games. The only solution I see to the issue is to have very strict and effective Anti-Cheat Software in Game, this will if nothing else serve to improve player experience on my level somewhat... which will help player retention... which will result directly in growing the economy at the top end (more players... more muns). Not only that, but it mostly eliminates the ability for hackers to take control of the flea market economy... which in turn means that only the very best players will have that ability to price fix (or even sell their gains for real world money which in a sense actually seems pretty fair imo... i also think the majority of players with that level of skill wouldnt even waste their time on something like that). Player Experience can be further improved by changing the way player spawn locations are generated. With fixed spawn locations, a subset of players WILL resort to camping spawns, slaying players with virtually zero resistance, and tanking player experience, which is obviously bad for the game. if players arent having fun... they arent going to play. I dont know literally anything about programming, but there must be a means of implementing an algorithmic spawn generation with some simple rules (no two players spawn within 0.4KM of one another nor can they spawn any closer that 0.4km from a scav boss and there should be some exclusion zones where no one can spawn). changing player spawn point in this way will still promote the cultivation of map knowledge and reward it... potentially even more greatly that it currently does, while also making it nearly impossible to spawn camp, which in all honesty is just scummy and awful (at least extract camp and take the risk of reaching your camp spot, I am actually not even opposed to this tactic, its plausible that it would work IRL too so, fair game IMO) Here is a likely controversial suggestion. if we assume that RMT will never go away... we have two options. Embrace it and find a way for game devs to legally sell in game currency like Blizzard does with wow... just straight up gold for dollary-doos... or, shift the RMT meta to Bitcoin farming while also reducing the potential for bitcoins per-day from the hideout as well as eliminate the potential of finding physical bitcoin in raid (which sucks for those of use who basically only get to scav). yes it will cause the value of the bitcoin to skyrocket, but that can be countered by tailoring the barter economy in such a way that the rats and the hatch lings can still scav up fun guns for Offline raids. then inject more quests for a wider variety of cases... they wont have a found in raid status if they come from tasks... but this will further shift the RMT economy towards a bitcoin gold standard while simultaneously encourage even the RMT players to still engage with the game in a more authentic way. let them buy all the currency they want, but force them to earn the cool stash and hideout stuff. Please don't ban me for this, I'm not encouraging RMT in anyway, I'm simply speaking to the reality of being a low tier gamer in 2020 while attempting to provide solutions to a problem that actually does exist and can be fixed. I genuinely believe that this game can and will be a roaring success if the player experience can be improved only very slightly... and i did so without even mentioning SBMM (because SBMM also ruins games). TLDR: If you cant beat em... usurp the entire market and tailor it in such a way that it simultaneously embraces the casual player base but doesn't undermine the true hardcore player base
  13. Ginger69

    The hacker issue

    I have to make this post because this is gotten to be the worst I have ever experienced in this game. There is a massive hacker problem right now. Labs has only <redacted> players and every map has someone who is aimbotting and radar. I wanted to ask any devs if there is something being done about this, like SMS verification or something that immediately detects these software's in a game? I love this game and at this point I am losing hope.... Also want to give this an opportunity for anyone to post names of hackers they find in game as another glimpse into who is doing it and how we can ban these fuckers.
  14. Hi! Just wondering where do I post the videos of cheaters now that the mega thread has been archived? I know BSG launcher has a function to report a player, but it does not accept any video files therefore there is no way to help identify cheater with the vids. Thanks
  15. vgh_revolution

    Labs unplayable

    Labs full of hackers, literally unplayable…
  16. I am a new player, I think that this game is already difficult and still have to face cheating every round I play, I'm not sure if the server in Asia is more than Europe or not, but do you know that cheating games This is very easy to access. I visited the internet on this game-cheating website. It's very easy to access, and they also have official discord. I used to find cheating in this game very crazy. Whether flying, shooting through walls And lots of others
  17. So i have been playing alot of Labs lately. With the comming wipe it seems like a good idea to try and learn the map since i havent played it before. But playing this map feels like a lottery since about 50% of the time there is a hacker on it. he just runs around killing everyone one with obvious wallhack and it feels like there is nothing i can do about it. I feel like there should be a report button, or something like that, to try and find as many hackers as possible. If you die, and you have reason to believe this guy is hacking, there should be a report button. Every game will have hackers and exploit users, i get that. but this is absurd. Also, is this a known problem? or am i just very unfortunate in my matchmaking?
  18. First off let me say I love this game. I have managed to put in hundreds of hours since I purchased the game. I just wish some of the bugs/issues I’ve noticed would get fixed because they really do hinder the experience of the game. To make this easier on whoever reads this I’ll embolden the issues at the top before I write about my experiences with each issue. Hackers I have been playing shooters/BRs for years now. Some of them competitively and others just casually. It is very easy to tell if someone is good or if they’re truly hacking. This game has people who have some raw aim and game sense and that’s why I love it, because it requires you to develop both to succeed consistently. For the first 2 months I’ve played I barely saw hackers, maybe once or twice a week at the most. Now, it’s at a minimum twice a day. For example, yesterday I was in 3 story dorms, on the west side of the building. My friend was getting a task done so I was just clearing the floor below. I start getting shot at from around 2 story. So I get out of the room I’m in and move to an area that I can’t be shot at from 2 story. Well that didn’t matter he kept shooting and eventually killed me despite me being behind a wall. My friend said that the wall behind me looked like a line of bullet holes following me. If you are going to have a game with a competitive aspect to it especially a pvp one, you need to have a good anti-cheat. Some people are assholes and ruin the game for people who are having fun. It actually makes people not want to play the game when that’s they how get rewarded for grinding the game. Also, I can say that adding a report function in the after action report would greatly help the community identify some of the cheaters. Sound I don’t think I need to explain to y’all how important this is in this game. There have been multiple occasions where my sound doesn’t work in the game. Most notably with grenades. I haven’t heard a grenade bounce or explode since 12.5! Even before the update it was spotty. I’d hear it some games and others I wouldn’t. It’s ridiculous, this bug alone makes grenades broken! I won’t get into the other issues with grenades since I have minimal experiences with them and they have affected me minimally but, this bug is absolutely game breaking and needs to be addressed immediately. Doors Recently I have been getting this bug where I go to open a door and it won’t open on my client but, for everyone else I’m playing with it’s open and they can walk through it. Unless I turn around and wait a few seconds it won’t open. Oh I might’ve forgot to mention that everyone else can see an open door when this happens...a lot of my PMC runs have met this fate... Overall, I wish these issues to be addressed because I love this game. I just wish the dev team would work on fixing these issues. I have a coding background and know that coding is a cutie for a lack of a better term but at the same time when you build anything with issues with the layer below the surface, it usually doesn’t turn out well. This game has SO much potential and I want to see it succeed! I know I’m just another player voicing my concerns but I’m not the only one. tl:dr please get an actual anti-cheat and add a report function to after action report menu. Fix grenade sounds. Fix the doors that won’t open when they are for everyone else. GLHF and see y’all on the servers! Also a vod function for players to watch after they have been killed or extracted along with their party would be beneficial for people to learn what they did right or wrong would benefit a lot of the newer players.
  19. docis


    me a pasado ya mas de una ves. en wood morir de la nada me disparan una ves me cambio totalmente de lugar y me dan en a cabeza..... recien acabo de estar jugando con unos amigos y nos dispara un tipo sin gastar mas de 6 balas cuando nos damos cuenta que esto no duro mas de 30 segundo todos los 3 habiamos muerto por balas en al cabeza....... ojala los devs creen un anticheat pronto antes que se les salga de las manos. saludos!!!
  20. ErikStoner98


    So this is the very first time that me and a friend of mine we're a 1000% sure that the guy: '''' (I kept the last part away due to guidelines and such) was speedhacking across the map on reserve. He was on the train exit and we were on the bunkers he just flown across and looked right at me and just tapped me in the head. My friend continued to go to the exit and got shot as well seeing him almost fly across the map. I have seen dosen of YouTube vids where the same problems accure. We we're not yet 5 minutes in game as well. I'm not mad but dissapointed that people use this. It ruins the gaming experience that Tarkov does so well. I don't know if this is right forum to do so, but I don't know where I can report cheaters. And yes sorry, no footage.
  21. MumbleStump


    Might I suggest getting a lawyer involved and Sue eBay over the Hackers selling in game items and currency on their website as it is your intellectual property... It may actually slow down THE WORST HACKER PROBLEM OF ANY GAME.
  22. Cap_n_Cook

    Please developers focus on labs

    Hey there, First of all i want to tell I've been playing labs only for about 3 months already after i got kappa,and i play daily a lot of hours so i know what I'm talking about. So first of all a lot of things changed in the couple of weeks. First : I never met any hackers before ( i play in eu ) or if I did i thought they are played just better than me in that moment ,but in the last weeks i met a lot of tham and I'm hundred percent sure about it cuz some of tham unashamedly didnt even tried to hide it. The thing i met : wallhack + speedhack + aimbot. Firstly,guyz runing with 100km/h jump from the upper lever and shoot me in the had in the air. After that I sometimes record but not allways cuz doesnt want to get ping drop cuz of it,especially not in labs...I met 3 of this speedhackers. Secondly,another hundred percent sure hackers camping at the hallways at the fire escape hallways cuz of the wallhack they know exactly where the people is,they killed me a lot of times that way when they couldnt hear or see me shooted throught tents and "paper strong blue barricades" . ( blue,green black room,etc area) Thirdly,I dunno about it is that a work of the developers or of the cheaters,is that ledx spawn rate nerfed? Or hackers spawn tham to thamself from kilometers away. Before i could get 1 ledx in around every 10 raids,after interchange change patch i could get around 1 from 30 matches,but i see that the flea market is full with ledx-es,and its get cheaper day by day,and belive me when I'm say no matter where i spawn I'll be the first at least one of the spawns. Also played a lot of matches where blue or green room isnt opened what was very rare before and still no ledx in there. 4. I guess a lot of people already posted about it but main elevator is bugged,u cant get inside and with the combainater of wallhack campers who shoot throught 4 door windows its very frustrating u cant get inside. 5. Also the voices radius and working is bugged probably of the new voice changes in labs. I very appriciate it that we can hear that better and differently on 0. level if some1 moves in the -1 under us,but its harder to hear from the -1 whats happening on 0. floor. Also keycard using voice is nearly silent,u cant even hear that at black room door if they opening green room. Also u nearly cant hear throught this levels when its a much less "closed levels" and thinner the wall between levels than 0 and -1. I can hear at black room if people wallking in the middle of the hallway of -1 but i cant hear if some1 silent walking exactly above me(not crouching)...Its a little bit funny. Also keykard uses like i cant hear from 2-3m away in the middle of green room hallway that some1 uses card in green room,cant hear from 1 meter away from red room main door if some1 is inside opening red. So it really should reworked or change it back before to have real voice of keycard using. 6. Suggestion against hatchlings. Like i said before in the 3. one im very sure its not the work of the devs but of the cheaters that i find a lot of games where at the end of the raid i still can open red and green and also was 1. at least one of the other ledx spawns and there is no ledx. But i see much more hatchling at the start,but after 10 minutes i running the whole map around like a crazy,running after shoots and i doesnt find bodies or players. Its like some players would join the game as hatchling spawn the ledxs to thamself and instantly going out.Also its very irritating when normally the real badass players want to go to labs,risk full gears to get full geared players,real challange etc. or going in budget build if doesnt have that much money for try hard and now suddenly every second player is a hatchling who doesnt even bother thamself to kill raider,gear up and try figth just to steal stuff from the players who are risking real money,not the crying babies on other maps who crying about losing their best stuff when our worst budget build in labs 5x more expensive than their best. Also im not crying about it i have some hundred million rubels if they take the best lootable items from map also not about they could kill me cuz they doesnt stand a change in 1m rub build when im whole naked with a good gun with good ammo,I'm just sayin normal people want to take a real fight in labs a rat way or chad way but want action and adrenalin,and it has the best atmosphere from all the maps,strong enemies,"strong" raiders etc. And now kills the feel cuz every 2. player is a hatch,so right now i we have to hunt for real enemies,when it could be 1000x better if it would be like before the worst option is that budget geared rats camping in corners at least u have a chance to find action. SO my suggestion would be add more raiders to the map at start,before opening exits,and make tham much more agressive against players who doesnt wear 1 main weapon( so not just hatchling but pistol runners too (the same for me)) and doesnt wear an armor (or armored rig)on chest(even a 0/50 peca is ok) so they should lose a little bit more and more importantly they could get speed penalty also.But at least they have a chance to take a fight.And when i say agressively i mean the closest raider to that hatchling instantly sprint to it and know its exact location. So at the end that map before was for 2 type of players : real action addicted chad players,and rats who wanted to make real money and risked even if they were scared. Now its the paradies of hatchling ad hackers. If sometimes there was a hatch they were scared as hell cuz they knew badass players around tham and watch where to step and move silently cuz they can die any moment. Now they running around like idiots cuz they know at least other 3-4 hatchling running around also just like tham. At least keep that 1 map safe from theese vermins whos are doing the exactly opposite what this game made for and try to ruin everything.

    Being "Anonymous" Breeds Hackers

    "This game is in Beta." Got it. "Not everything has been implemented yet." Yup. "You cant complain because its not finished yet!" BULL poo. Heres the reality: If we dont speak up, then this game will be overrun (like pubg for the first 2 years). So how do we HELP the Devs right now? By letting them now where they need to improve. There is zero accountability on this game. I just had a PMC sprint through Customs "Big Red" and wipe 4 scavs with a single trigger and a spinbot type movement. Not a big deal, except there is no way to report this player. I am fine with losing gear every once in a while to a hacker, who will eventually get banned. Im not cool with complete anonymity that protects hackers more than any other game. We need to be able to die, preferably see a replay from the perspective of the shooter, and report suspicious activity. Not all of us are streamers who record everything they do. We cant ALL record videos of hackers, take hours out of our day to crop the footage, upload to YT, post to the forums, and HOPE that someone on the limited staff for EFT can ban the player. Thats not gonna happen. Be realistic. Im grateful for the amazing EFT experience thats been created so far. But it is quickly ruined by people who exploit the anonymous nature of the game. With no way to hold them accountable, all legit players suffer and will eventually quit.
  24. We need a report system and a real anti cheat please ive died so many times and lost millions of rubles worth of gear. I literally just die now like no one around me or anything I just take damage and then die. doesn't matter who I play on
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