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Found 46 results

  1. hi i got 281h and 73d on my account i'm beginner in eft i play a lot of customs because i'm a solo players, i start players labs a week ago now and 7/10 games i find guys with aimbots,speed hack, teleport, god mode and so much more i lost a lot of gear that i got from farming this game i know it's a new game you just have a lot of new players but i suggest that you begin to make kilcam and a report system in game we can help you find hackers quickly i suggest this cause i'm pretty angry to see a guys get away with my stuff by cheating sorry for the text i'm french thank you
  2. CptGhostMan

    About Cheaters

    Does anybody know when the next ban wave will be because I'm running into hackers every single day. It varies from speed hackers, aim bot to wall hackers. I cant take it anymore and I really need to when they are gonna fix this I can enjoy the game again.
  3. Cap_n_Cook

    Please developers focus on labs

    Hey there, First of all i want to tell I've been playing labs only for about 3 months already after i got kappa,and i play daily a lot of hours so i know what I'm talking about. So first of all a lot of things changed in the couple of weeks. First : I never met any hackers before ( i play in eu ) or if I did i thought they are played just better than me in that moment ,but in the last weeks i met a lot of tham and I'm hundred percent sure about it cuz some of tham unashamedly didnt even tried to hide it. The thing i met : wallhack + speedhack + aimbot. Firstly,guyz runing with 100km/h jump from the upper lever and shoot me in the had in the air. After that I sometimes record but not allways cuz doesnt want to get ping drop cuz of it,especially not in labs...I met 3 of this speedhackers. Secondly,another hundred percent sure hackers camping at the hallways at the fire escape hallways cuz of the wallhack they know exactly where the people is,they killed me a lot of times that way when they couldnt hear or see me shooted throught tents and "paper strong blue barricades" . ( blue,green black room,etc area) Thirdly,I dunno about it is that a work of the developers or of the cheaters,is that ledx spawn rate nerfed? Or hackers spawn tham to thamself from kilometers away. Before i could get 1 ledx in around every 10 raids,after interchange change patch i could get around 1 from 30 matches,but i see that the flea market is full with ledx-es,and its get cheaper day by day,and belive me when I'm say no matter where i spawn I'll be the first at least one of the spawns. Also played a lot of matches where blue or green room isnt opened what was very rare before and still no ledx in there. 4. I guess a lot of people already posted about it but main elevator is bugged,u cant get inside and with the combainater of wallhack campers who shoot throught 4 door windows its very frustrating u cant get inside. 5. Also the voices radius and working is bugged probably of the new voice changes in labs. I very appriciate it that we can hear that better and differently on 0. level if some1 moves in the -1 under us,but its harder to hear from the -1 whats happening on 0. floor. Also keycard using voice is nearly silent,u cant even hear that at black room door if they opening green room. Also u nearly cant hear throught this levels when its a much less "closed levels" and thinner the wall between levels than 0 and -1. I can hear at black room if people wallking in the middle of the hallway of -1 but i cant hear if some1 silent walking exactly above me(not crouching)...Its a little bit funny. Also keykard uses like i cant hear from 2-3m away in the middle of green room hallway that some1 uses card in green room,cant hear from 1 meter away from red room main door if some1 is inside opening red. So it really should reworked or change it back before to have real voice of keycard using. 6. Suggestion against hatchlings. Like i said before in the 3. one im very sure its not the work of the devs but of the cheaters that i find a lot of games where at the end of the raid i still can open red and green and also was 1. at least one of the other ledx spawns and there is no ledx. But i see much more hatchling at the start,but after 10 minutes i running the whole map around like a crazy,running after shoots and i doesnt find bodies or players. Its like some players would join the game as hatchling spawn the ledxs to thamself and instantly going out.Also its very irritating when normally the real badass players want to go to labs,risk full gears to get full geared players,real challange etc. or going in budget build if doesnt have that much money for try hard and now suddenly every second player is a hatchling who doesnt even bother thamself to kill raider,gear up and try figth just to steal stuff from the players who are risking real money,not the crying babies on other maps who crying about losing their best stuff when our worst budget build in labs 5x more expensive than their best. Also im not crying about it i have some hundred million rubels if they take the best lootable items from map also not about they could kill me cuz they doesnt stand a change in 1m rub build when im whole naked with a good gun with good ammo,I'm just sayin normal people want to take a real fight in labs a rat way or chad way but want action and adrenalin,and it has the best atmosphere from all the maps,strong enemies,"strong" raiders etc. And now kills the feel cuz every 2. player is a hatch,so right now i we have to hunt for real enemies,when it could be 1000x better if it would be like before the worst option is that budget geared rats camping in corners at least u have a chance to find action. SO my suggestion would be add more raiders to the map at start,before opening exits,and make tham much more agressive against players who doesnt wear 1 main weapon( so not just hatchling but pistol runners too (the same for me)) and doesnt wear an armor (or armored rig)on chest(even a 0/50 peca is ok) so they should lose a little bit more and more importantly they could get speed penalty also.But at least they have a chance to take a fight.And when i say agressively i mean the closest raider to that hatchling instantly sprint to it and know its exact location. So at the end that map before was for 2 type of players : real action addicted chad players,and rats who wanted to make real money and risked even if they were scared. Now its the paradies of hatchling ad hackers. If sometimes there was a hatch they were scared as hell cuz they knew badass players around tham and watch where to step and move silently cuz they can die any moment. Now they running around like idiots cuz they know at least other 3-4 hatchling running around also just like tham. At least keep that 1 map safe from theese vermins whos are doing the exactly opposite what this game made for and try to ruin everything.
  4. AngusFTW

    Careful of cheaters.

    Just finished running a PMC on Reserve, walking around and heard some footsteps. Slowed my walk to a crouch walk. Looked around found no one, friend confirmed. Kept playing safe only to die out of no where. Informed my friend Via Discord. He said he heard footsteps on the floor above him. He said he was going wait it out, then dies from the same guy. Who WAS a FLOOR above him. At least that's where I was when I died. His game name is "illuoslion" I don;t want to report this to the higher ups, just in case it was just bad gaming on our part. But it seems like my friends death could have been avoided.. I mean, blind firing through a floor can only do so much..

    Being "Anonymous" Breeds Hackers

    "This game is in Beta." Got it. "Not everything has been implemented yet." Yup. "You cant complain because its not finished yet!" BULL poo. Heres the reality: If we dont speak up, then this game will be overrun (like pubg for the first 2 years). So how do we HELP the Devs right now? By letting them now where they need to improve. There is zero accountability on this game. I just had a PMC sprint through Customs "Big Red" and wipe 4 scavs with a single trigger and a spinbot type movement. Not a big deal, except there is no way to report this player. I am fine with losing gear every once in a while to a hacker, who will eventually get banned. Im not cool with complete anonymity that protects hackers more than any other game. We need to be able to die, preferably see a replay from the perspective of the shooter, and report suspicious activity. Not all of us are streamers who record everything they do. We cant ALL record videos of hackers, take hours out of our day to crop the footage, upload to YT, post to the forums, and HOPE that someone on the limited staff for EFT can ban the player. Thats not gonna happen. Be realistic. Im grateful for the amazing EFT experience thats been created so far. But it is quickly ruined by people who exploit the anonymous nature of the game. With no way to hold them accountable, all legit players suffer and will eventually quit.
  6. Crispywafflz

    Can we please get a real report system

    We need a report system and a real anti cheat please ive died so many times and lost millions of rubles worth of gear. I literally just die now like no one around me or anything I just take damage and then die. doesn't matter who I play on
  7. So I've owned this game for quite awhile, but never really played it until the last few weeks. For the most part it's been good, but I've notice some raids where players were getting way to many head shots. This is crappy and it's even worse you can't report anyone. But it's the same in almost any game so I've been dealing with it. But this morning I decided to get on and play a few rounds real quick. First round I was fully hidden and stay quiet in the tunnels on factory. Out of no where a guy sprints across the map jumps down and one taps me in the head with a shot gun. I had armor and helmet with a face shield on. It's crap, but I was going to just move on. The second game I spawned in, killed a hatchling player. As I was moving around I heard someone running towards me. I peaked back around the corner of the tanker and seen a player body flicker on my screen as if it was floating... then got knifed in the head. No visual at all on this player. Is there really a hack like this and nothing is being done to fix it? Here's a video of it. The flickering body doesn't show up, but the sound of the foot steps comes down the stairs in front of me and runs right towards me (then then I seen the flicker) and I get hit in the head from what I can tell. WARNING: Volume is a little loud, might want to turn it down. Video Removed
  8. XxLuciferxX

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    The cheating the is rife in tarkov at the moment is not only killing the player list, its making the people playing fair no longer want to return to the game, go to youtube and search hackers in tarkov, and filter by this week alone and look at the 100 + video's or cheaters and thats just this week. mods/admins/devs of BSG you are losing this war and the community are not feeling confident in the war on hackers is being won, we get told to stop moaning about it we get told you ban people on a dailey basis, so why not reply to the questions? why are they not being IP banned? why can they simply buy another account and then come back in, its the same names over and over again and some of the names we see constantly dont appear on the list.
  9. Hacker took no damage from bullets or grenades. What to do against hackers? Do I just run away and throw my stuff on the ground and hope I get it back from insurance?
  10. genericly

    Every Few Months

    Every few months I come back to this game and enjoy it, I see the giant list of banned hackers and get excited about it. It never fails, the lack of actual anti cheat and relying on patching to fix cheating kills the game for me and I find solace in other games. Please fix cheating or cheaters in this game so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time running VSS or AS Val and losing it to an invisible person hitting me with a hatchet. I know this will fall on deaf ears, I've seen several posts like this over the past 10 months, no avail. I only wish to voice my displeasure at this most recent event and only hope that one day I can play a game that isn't plagued by these events.
  11. docis


    me a pasado ya mas de una ves. en wood morir de la nada me disparan una ves me cambio totalmente de lugar y me dan en a cabeza..... recien acabo de estar jugando con unos amigos y nos dispara un tipo sin gastar mas de 6 balas cuando nos damos cuenta que esto no duro mas de 30 segundo todos los 3 habiamos muerto por balas en al cabeza....... ojala los devs creen un anticheat pronto antes que se les salga de las manos. saludos!!!
  12. Cheaters are numerous in Escape from Tarkov. People are entering raids as Player Scavs to hide their real tags. They're using ESP hacks to track players from across the map and through geometry, combined with aiming hacks to ensure quick headshots - they practically pre-fire as they round corners because they know exactly where you are. I've been gaming for over two decades, I even studied game development in college. To be completely honest, I like EFT, and while I've never played a game quite like it, I've also never played a game with as many cheaters as there are in this one. BSG should probably invest a lot of time and resources into fixing this, or their game won't fare well in the long term.
  13. It is known that there are lots of hackers in EFT, especially in specialized server. And I heard that some of those hackers bought a new account once they got banned. It is not reasonable to enhance the price of the game, so I’d like to share my personal opinion: developers should block the IP address instead of hackers’ account and btw give access to players to report hackers directly to officials, which will improve the efficiency of blocking hackers.
  14. FlipFlop942


    So once again killed by a hacker running a round at Super sonic speeds and insta-kills me and my fully armored squad with stomach shot and a pistol. If you see in your lobby be careful. Devs sound invest in the 15-20 dollar hacks and learn the code to prevent such disasters.
  15. I've been playing this game A LOT, enough to determine when someone is wall hacking. You know when you and your mate sit around dead silent long enough for someone to just pop around corners pre firing. Walking down the stairs and pre-firing through the gaps.. Pure skill right? Suspect #1: [Player name deleted] If you come across this player, be mindful he is most likely running some wallhacks.
  16. Roostersnake

    I'm tired of being hacked fix it

    Your anti- cheat is a joke and you know it. Fix it. I'm tired of setting up an ambush and getting screwed by a hacker. They are quite blatant too because they know they can't be reported. Unrelated was there going to be a wipe sometime this year? Well it doesn't matter because why play a game that is infested with hackers? So take your time with the wipe while hackers drive off your player base. Why is it that every Russian game I buy is half-assed? Fool me twice shame on me. I hope in time you'll realize this problem has gotten out of hand and that you need to take drastic action. Que you incompetent fools telling me that your anti-cheat works and that all hackers will be banned. wake up take action.
  17. I got aimbotted/ESP'd through a bush by some random chinese guy playing on the EU servers. I got a screenshot of his username and I also managed to get a video of the gameplay where the guy continued to fire at me through a bush. After I was dead he proceeded to go after my friend who managed to elude his bullets until he reached lumber yard, before the hacker simply locked onto his head and shot him through a rock. The hackers name was [username deleted]
  18. GokuBlack108_Tv

    Influx/wave of hackers?

    Has anyone else noticed maybe you are in a match, you are in a place where you think no one could see you and you turn a corner or take 1 step in any direction AND BOOM YOU ARE DEAD? ever notice anything sketchy about it? i mean i guess it might just be me, but i think im running into a lot of hackers lately, wall hackers and the flying ones as well. for the life of me i find myself turning corner and instantly getting sprayed down or i might be hiding somewhere i get get shot at behind cover for 5 minutes straight and i cant even see the other guy. I love this game to death but because of this happening and no real anti cheat system dupers, and wall hackers basically own this game.
  19. I was fully geared in the raid, all three times when I hear something and trying pick for a half second then I died. All headshot, bad luck? I don't think so.Sigh
  20. FlipFlop942


    So i connected to two games one after the other and found speed hackes sprinting through woods and killed me through a wall. Do you guys actually have an anit-Cheat? I have the name if you'd ever like it cause i know yall don't like name dropping.
  21. nipsoffury

    Add report function

    Add a report function for scumbags who hack and are trying to ruin this game before it even releases. Truly pathetic, please crack down on these scumbags. Thanks because I will not be playing at release if there is no protection or justice for people who get killed by the scum of the gaming community.
  22. TheLoudBird

    So yeah there is 100% hackers

    Yeah so I saw a lot of posts of people claiming hacks just figured they were salty kids but no there is hackers I was playing shoreline an was walking around the mental hospital trying to loot killed a few players got there stuff an was trying to find some meds cause i was injured well i went into the main building and figured everyone was dead or not there well i was walking upstairs where there is no windows i got hit an was like wtf? and so iran into the room with the stage with music equipment shut the door behind me used my last bit of meds an watched the doors again no windows an only 2 doors in side by side im sitting here watching the doors an i hear a gun shot then instantly dead by being shot in the head doors did not open i was not lagging (before when i was shot there was no one around me if there was someone within shooting distance i wouldve seen them thats a small hallway but no I run into an even more secure room an still get headshot some how (sadly do not know the players name he was using a scav Toha Derzkiy lol) not really salty or anything didnt lose much besides an ak an scav pack but yeah that was my 1st and only run in with someone legit hacking but ive played for a bit an havent run in to anything like this other than this time just be wary
  23. Name removed by Mr_Sheep.- i just spawned in and this dude just knew where i was lol maybe not a hacker but duck it . possible hacker
  24. Shibby

    Относно Хакерите

    От Nikita Buyanov, главен изпълнителен директор на Battlestate Games: Относно хакерите Виждам, че хората стават нервни, а у кого то вообще бомбить начинает. И всичко това е старо като този свят. Точно сега имаме ситуацията на новородени хакове и хакери, както и модифицирани хакове. Вие страдате от тях точно сега. Ние предприемаме действия. Правим бан вълни. Много пъти казахме,че "Чистa игра" е една от най-важните ни приоритети. Те се развиват - ние също се развиваме. Включваме нови алгоритми и започва лудостта - всяка една голяма вълна от банове има една и съща реакция. Всички баннати потребители са баннати поради ясни причини. Но те се опитват да го направят като че ли ги банваме умишлено, защото ни харесва и това че искаме парите им. Това не е вярно. И отново казвам същото изявление, което казах по-рано на забранения играч. "Бяхте баннати заради това че използвате хак от един от най-големите разработчици на хакове, които не можем да назовем по очевидни причини. Това е точната и ясна причина за бан. ако е необходимо. " Защо не можем да наречем името на хак-а публично? Например затова,че те ще разберат, че сме открили новата им версия. Няма да бъдете баннати за използване на програми без измама. Не можем да Ви предоставим списъка, защото той е само списък с хакове. В този списък не съществува типична, или добре позната и известна програма. Няма да бъдете баннати за дъждомер. Няма да бъдете баннати за почистване на паметта. Няма да бъдете баннати за визуално студио, reshade / sweetfx и други програми. Всеки път, когато удари бан вълна, получаваме съобщения - страхотни истории, че "това е моят брат" и "аз само го изтеглих и ме банахте". Получаваме заплахи и проклятия от синове на известни адвокати, престъпни босове и т.н. Така. Последното нещо - Cheat Engine, пуснато във фонов режим. CE работейки в заден план може да направи памет сканиране на процеси, така може да научите за конкретна информация, която по-късно можете да използвате в хакове. Искаме ли да дадем на хак-приизводителите такива способности, които не са открити? Не. Защо се нуждаете от пускането на CE с пускането на EFT? Може би искате да мамите? Не? Няма значение. Не вярвайте на никой от играчите, който казват, че е бил баннат без причина. Имаме улики и можем да ги използваме във всеки официален правен процес, ако това е необходимо. Хейтърите ще мразят, но ние, BSG и аз лично сме тук за вас - честните играчи.Всички от нас. Благодаря за вниманието.
  25. Tommygun628

    Way to Report Hackers

    I would like to address something that has been beaten like a dead horse. We need a way to report hackers at death screen. I know there is a way to do it, which takes preparing for such an event but not everyone is prepared. We need a report function and we need a way for the devs to confirm cheating, maybe something like Overwatch in CSGO. I'm tired of the ridiculous deaths, one shot kills to the chest from someone my whole squad has shot multiple times and still has not died. I understand the devs are busy and are addressing the topic the best they can, but this is becoming more and more common.
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