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Found 23 results

  1. Title says it. I just came across one of this Buy ingame crap for way too much money. The people there openly admit that they are cheating. It's not even an underground website, you dont even need to really search for it. In fact, I didnt even searched for it. I know this is cheater complaint number 120545577 this week but it's time.. Soon even the Streamers and their Fanboys will have enough of this BS and Nikita can play with his hackerfriends alone on the Servers. If you look at the screenshot.. the cheater dude already has 53 positive ratings.. and on the same page you can buy sicc cases for almost nothing from a dude with over 26k 5* ... this is effing ridiculous...
  2. Delicious_Tea

    BSG Gift is Gift for Hackers...

    Let me preface this, this is not just another "There's hackers in the game, geez!" thread. It's the fact to point out that the gift we got which was VERY nice, is of little use. At least on the Asia servers. I would also like to add that as of the last week or so my Nvidia Instant Replay is about a 50/50 chance at properly working. As of the moment there are 3 files in the TEMP folder, but it will not save this video so I unless something happens after I post this, I will not have a video which I thought I had available upon my death. My first game I took in the RPK and two of the massive clips. Why? Because I don't really like the huge spray and pray and figured I wouldn't be too hurt if I lost it. I went in with some cheap gen IV armor I picked up off another PMC that was undamaged (Trooper) and nothing really big. Started on Reserve near the Radio Tower and immediately killed the lvl 33 hatchet runner raiding the key rooms. Then I went down to the underground PMC exit area. I had a thought and wanted to test it out. I sat with my gun and didn't touch the mouse on the other side of the pump? or racks or whatever near the door. I figured it would happen sooner than it did, but it did still happen. I waited for about 7-8 minutes and again not moving. Two players come barreling across the wooden boards, up the metal stairway, straight through the door and immediately stop. They throw 6 different grenades in the same spot trying to kill me. They ended up blacking out one leg, and two arms, and I was bleeding. But again, I didn't touch the mouse or keyboard. The player ran in and shot me before he had even rounded the corner into line of sight. Connection was fine... After all that, my point is this: Giving us all this wonderful stuff as a gift wasn't necessary. And I was actually really surprised by the generosity. However, I can't even play with the gear in the game as the players most definitely have the ability to see where players are and most likely what they are using or holding. That makes playing with the gifts or gear we got (at least on the Asia servers) act as an intermediary for BSG to supply these hackers and RMT with a huge influx of funds. The market is already showing spikes in prices for regular items when I got home today. Metal Scissors went from 27-30k to 60k. The harness I use which is usually 30k was 65k. I'm sure I'll get a few games where I might get lucky and be able to enjoy my gear. But recently, the Asia region is returning to its horrible state from a few months ago before the big crackdown. And it makes players like me want to play scav only as I have no want or need to play as a hatchling or pistoling. At least as a scav I can wait until the final 5 minutes of the game and pick off a raider to get out with some gear because usually by then the hacker squads that roam Reserve, Shoreline, and Labs are already off the map... usually. I know we are always going to have hackers. And despite everything they do, that will stay that way. But imagine getting a nice toy as a gift and having someone immediately steal it or break it in front of you and having to accept that as the norm. It's a really sad state of affairs and it hurts the impact of BSG's generosity with this gift. I'm sure the regular people who declare there are no hackers and it was some random thing will be posting on here, but there's enough proof out there even from the Devs and staff that have mentioned my region specifically, that I don't feel the need to tack on proof. My video would have been good to include, but it's not necessary to prove my point.

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Beyond other bugs I keep running into that have been making the game more frustrating than fun... I've about had it with trying to gamble on getting a game where some isn't cheating so I can enjoy my time. I've played 4 rounds tonight and 2 of them I've had someone just walk up to the area I'm in and turn the corner and shoot me in the head. I get it if it's a place where a pro would think to look... that makes sense. But these are just Scav players casually walking around and both times I tired picking very random areas where you would think to look. Plus if you go out to Google you can pick up the hacks easy as can be. I even had this video below show up when I searched to see how easy it is for hackers to cheat at this game. I've only been back playing the game for about two weeks now... so is this pretty common now? Or did the cheating just start getting bad lately? But I also feel like there should be some sort of balancing with what players end up in games together as well. I have one friend who's new to the game and my other buddy and myself aren't great by any means. But I can't even catch a break when the game is glitching out to get better. Some games I spawn in and we literally get shot in the head before we can move. Other games we'll just start getting into it and get swarmed by a fully geared squad. I understand that this game is supposed to be hard. But come on... there has to be a learning curve somewhere for new players if you want to keep people playing this. Not to mention for being a realistic shooter it's not always the most realistic. Like I got swarmed by guys with knives yesterday when I had a shotgun. When they got in close I couldn't use my gun to shoot... ok, that's fair... but what about weapon basing them? Why is that not a thing? In real life I defiantly wouldn't just stand around and let them stab me with no resistance. Well that's enough of my frustrated rant about this game... I have more issues, but I'm sure plenty of fan boys will already be quick to bite my head off for this.
  4. It's obvious that the devs have been notified of all the open cheating and abuse that takes place on EFT. It's hard enough for someone to get a start in this, made only exponentially worse by the fact that they have chosen one of the worst anti-cheat systems available. All games are susceptible to cheaters, yeah sure great, but DO something about them. Don't continue to let a broken system let those bums continue to slip through the cracks. Battleye always has been, and will always continue to be, hands down the worst program to handle cheaters. It doesn't have thorough anti-bypass checks, and what it is able to catch is so quickly modded by these cheat devs that they might as well not even try. Here's a bright idea; 3rd party peer review! When a player has submitted a cheating report against another player, have a system in place that logs the gameplay/footage, so it may be sent to a handful of respectable players, have them review it, and base their judgement upon their given perspectives. Do our loving Devs even care about their player base? If they really did, they would surely institute this sort of system. It has worked fantastically well on other games. Yes, that means we will continue to get (Head, Eyes)'d, but something EFFECTIVE AND USEFUL will be done about it. I'm tired of throwing away my hard-earned loot (And not to mention my valuable Real-Life time) on every expedition out, because some Momma's Boy basement slug used his allowance to buy $20 worth of hacks because he can't play a game for more than 10 minutes without having to go change his diaper. >Pic related
  5. MrKrilinYT

    -dpZ- Clan Hackers?

    Hi guys, can they see the video and say me from where i get killed? 2 guys killed from them with 1 bullet headshot, and me with 5 bullets in torax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOr6RAMSPlc&feature=youtu.be Explain me how, we died? and how to recieve or loot back ?
  6. A whole lot of Chinese players and I have been talking arounf this issue. If the Chinese language is removed from the game, the number of hackers (and real-money trading) will be greatly reduced. The introduction of the Chinese language pack have attracted a whole bunch of Chinese players into this game. Being inexperienced, they tend to buy in-game items with real money (the market price is now about 1.5USD=1mil roubles in-game). The ones selling in-game currency are usually hackers, they hack to make money in-game and sell them to inexperienced players. Hackers these days are really happy that a lot of new customers keep running to them so there is a flow of more hackers running into the game and making irl money this way.
  7. Is there anything we can do about the hackers.. I've seen this destroy other games player bases [VIDEO REMOVED]
  8. Jazztroll

    Cheating Player

    I'm not sure where to post this so i'm gonna do it here.\ So i was playing Customs behind the gas station there's a couple of trees forming like a little forest.. So i was in prone position at the top of this little hill. I was in the middle of few trees and i was observing the station for someone there (scav's players w/e) and out of nowhere something just hit me, and then again, and again. At first i didn't even understood what the F is happening. I started bleeding so i got up and started running and bandaging myself, i try to hide, i was kneeling behind cars, garbage containers, that little shack with one ammo crate and nothing this dude kept following me and killed me probably with an axe, but i couldn't see him, he didn't produce a sound, not even once. He was invisible ?!? And just kept following me hitting me with his stupid axe, and eventually he killed me?!!?! And i'm like "What the f*ck????" He couldn't be shooting at me from a long distance cause i ran away so far that he has to follow me, find me again and start shooting at me again. It cannot be scav cause he didn't produce a sound. However i got his name bcs the game tell's u who killed you and he was normal player who goes by the name "###" if its not a big problem for the devs and moderators ban this idiot as soon as possible. thank you..
  9. FoxLovesyou

    Alternative way to obtain BitCoins

    System Mechanic: "Hacking": Loot any computer in the game, and deposit required components, including a USB as the "hack tool" and number of HDD's into the computer's inventory system. Power on the computer with an additional drop-down menu, protect the computer while it does it's work. For each Drive added, the scan should take, say, 60 seconds for base level Hacking, and 30 seconds for max tier Hacking. Each HDD would have a pre-defined chance of generating bitcoins into the USB. After extracting, the player can turn in the USB to a daily quest-giver for bitcoins (based on how many HDD successfully hacked), and a fresh USB. Requirements: > In-Game Computer > 1x CPU > 1x RAM > 1x PSU > 1x USB > 1+ HDD Potential Benefits: Allows for more quests targeted at finding "special hard drives" or "hack specific computer". Additional, unknown "risk" factor for hard drive trade-ins. Nothing vital enough to stop you from trading, but an after-thought. Grants a more guaranteed way to make money in a high-risk high-reward system. More competition for computer parts. Could increase difficulty for new players trying to find game hacks ;) Tweaks: Could require X successful hacks per USB before trade-ins for pre-defined bitcoins. Would allow the item to be a trade-in instead of quest turn-in. Hacking could instantly generate bitcoins in the machine. Amount of hacking per HDD could be successful per-HDD, rather than require multiple.
  10. Akantorex

    Hacker Infastation

    What are you planning to do versus the hacker infastation. The game as it is at the moment feels unplayable i never has such problems before i droped from my 5,6 KDa to a KDa of 2,04 it just feels like every second person is hacking now maybe its the net code maby its something else but i get killd so often in a rly unrealistic way people know things that thy can in fact not know guys flipping around corners and insta head shotting you. Now ye you can say maybe i am bad but that wont help the situation and my past in this game shows that this is simply not true. I rly love this game but it has become just an epic frustration.
  11. Me and two of my friends have been running into numerous hackers over the last 2 days, I started recording the other day to catch proof but I can not see where we upload it. Before anyone says it is bs please keep in mind we are being open minded about just being out played but when a person teleports around the map head shooting entire crews it is obvious. I have video proof, where do I post it and report a hacker. Also BSG moderators, I ask you to please convey to the team that there must be a new toolset of aimbots and/or wallhacks as although I have only a month or two under my belt, I have never seen this level of crazy. Thank you for your time. Edit: I see threads are being locked when trying to report cheating, why that kind of response? My god you should not #locked a thread when paying customers are reporting to you that they are suffering from cheaters. Customer Service goes a LONG way and I will be curious to see how my thread is now handled. I have video proof and it has nothing to do with desync issues, it is a teleporting playing insta head shotting people.
  12. m107man

    Honest talk

    If i die i die in tarkov i don't care, its apart of the game but when i get killed after killing 2 fully geared plays by a teleporting hacker it makes it no fun, the play base will die if this continues im not going to try and shame anyone or make accusations against people but i was on construction in customs and all 5 of my teammates died by a person teleporting infront of us with an RSASS and aimbot. I and i know many others have experienced hacking and cheating i know the devs are working very hard to make this game perfect and right now it is near perfect i just hope to show the devs the types of hacks i have experienced to try and negate those who try and use a certain hack. the types of hacking and cheating i have seen: Flying, Teleporting, aimbot through walls (My friends experience), Gun glitch after patch(dont know how that still works).
  13. Hi Guys I'm a player from South Africa, playing on EU with about 180 ping. I'm stalking the forums at work in hopes that someone posts a video/accusation of me hacking soon because of the delay that I was forced to learn to play with. Mods; if anyone sees someone with my name accusing me of hacking, don't censor it please I want to see if someone ever posts my name here so I can laugh at them
  14. So I came across someone who prefired three shots into the wall predicting my head. I had gotten into a call with him and asked why he cheats. He said that he doesn't cheat and doesn't want to waste 40 dollars on a cheat. Yet! He has multiple game bans on steam and on reddit has said that he's been banned before on tarkov. Funny thing is, I did some research and found some cheats that are 40 dollars! (He had mentioned 40 dollars before) The cheating website had a discord and thought maybe I can join and @ his discord to see if he was in there. And what a surprise, he was in there. I tried to contact him multiple times and simply blocked me and covered his tracks. He had left the discord and blocked my friend and I. Video removed by Mr_Sheep.
  15. johnieboi55

    Reeeeeporting hackers

    Just a suggestion. i wish there was a way to report players. i understand that this game is still in development and that a lot of reason we die in tarkov is just bad luck. But. some deaths are just too fishy to take at face value. all im saying is i wish i could report players like in pubg. also if you team up with someone in the lobby and they instantly kill you on spawn for easy loot they should be marked as a team killing dirtbag. make them wear a clown suit or something idk. but VOIP would be awsome. just saying. let me know what yall think.
  16. Metalaggression

    10/10 Anti Cheat

    You guys are refusing to work with your community to get rid of these hackers and people are loosing their stuff constantly while you guys just cross your arms and put all your faith behind a tool that clearly does not work. Let us help you. Video Removed.
  17. airelek

    PlayerScav Hackers

    Player scavs should have the original player name displayed when you get killed by them. Me and a friend just got killed by a player scav that was flying sideways and shot us through a bunch of walls with 0 sound shots. Giving player scavs anon names is the most inviting thing for a hacker right now.. even though there is no report system yet it will be easier for players to help with the cleanup if they had their PMC names on display. Heres a vid of it. In the video i thought i died from the barbed wire but my death screen showed the scav name. Skip to 8:20 sry for the poo recording
  18. Skull_Leader

    Flying player-scav!?

    I don't know if this is a hack or just some server issue, but anyhow....this is my story. Being me in factory, making a pistol run. Killed a couple of players but couldn't salvage them because of the exposed position their corpses ended. Finally killed a player scav with that new catridge shotgun [Which is super OP at point blank]. More scav players spawn in, and I kill a couple more of them, but they black out one of my legs. No biggie since I manage to savage a saiga and a white body armor. THEN the flying scav appears [he makes a chest shot so I take no damage]. I scan right, nothing; I scan left , nothing; I scan in the back, nothing. I scan above [since I was at ground level]. THERE HE IS, shooting a normal shotgun, I approach him and unload all the saiga shells at 5 meters from him, the animation of him taking the shotgun shells kick in, but he recieves no damage, since , still floating he goes back [probably to reload or savage ammo, giving out he is a player controlled scav] , and comes again. I switch to my pistol since I ran out of shotgun shells, and again at point blank I unload all my clip to his chest while he still keeps floating, and he kills me. I'm pretty pissed , but again, there will be more pistol runs. But I really wont like to against invincible scavs again. I did report him in global chat to the mods at right after the battle [hoping I could see if they could at least confirm it] but I got no answer. Sadly I couldnt take any pics, since I was too busy trying to survive.
  19. leviathanx

    Killed by a new hack

    Me and 3 others were running woods with a full kit (kiver/fort) when all of the sudden 1 of our guys was killed by a single pistol shot. He told us the location, so the other guy and I set up behind a rock and were preparing to push. Next thing we know we hear another pistol round, goes straight through the rock and 1 taps the guy with me. Knowing imminent death was coming, I ran around the rock and put half a mag into the naked BEAR only to get 1 tapped myself. I'm guessing this is a damage hack. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  20. Tritania

    Hacker Warning

    Ok so I was running factory with 2 friends, we came out great for around 6 runs, the last run I did with them 1 of my friends died by his own grenade so me and a friend was hunting another player down in office, I killed both, went into office with my friend and started looting, started shutting the door as this hacker teleported inside of the room with us, I put 50 rounds into him of 5.45 and my friend shot at him also. we then switched to our hatchets and started hitting him, he still wasn't dead, he was running around reloading his shot gun and then started just hatcheting us because he knew he wasn't going to die. His name is VOSERROR. This post is just warning you guys that it is happening still, this is the 2nd time killed by a hacker in 3 months (pretty good tbh) Post your hacking experiences down below if you have any.

    Hackers invisiveis

    Andam hackers de forma invivel com faca ou machado a matar squads/players no mapa Factory, no qual quando se morre, o ecra fica negro e sem registo do nome do player para futuro report, ja me aconteceu 2 vezes seguidas, a mim, e ao squad que acompanhava-me, acabei por desistir de jogar.
  22. UWS_Ghost

    Please ban the hackers

    in one day alone i got killed by 5 hackers, it seems like every couple raids you go in to their is another hacker. makes the game near unplayable knowing youre just losing your gear to a cheater. I love the game a lot but this spoils it majorly.
  23. One idea I thought might be a good fit for something in Escape From Tarkov was having a skill for Hacking, particular electronic devices. The idea is based on one of my favourite indie games - NEO Scavenger. The idea is that any lootable electronic devices in the world such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc could possibly contain valuable intel. However these devices would be encrypted and would require skills in hacking to crack the encryption. Once the device is cracked and open, a USB device would also be required so transfer the data onto it. You could possibly just carry the device but I would put forward the ideathat carrying a laptop is more space than a USB, and only to carry the device if you didn't have a USB handy. This data could then be sold to Traders, the quality of the data could be randomised - I.E cracking a laptop might have barely any information and fetch a low price, whereas cracking another laptop, the information could be extremely valuable to whichever trader you are selling to and net you a nice price.
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