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Found 25 results

  1. bbcokeley

    Grim Internals

    Good Morning, Ive recently started playing Grim Dawn and its fantastic. Now there's a modding tool available called "Grim Internals" used for quality of life modding in the game. Will this tool (if installed on my machine) affect the "Anti Cheat" detection of Tarkov, as i'm not quite sure how it interacts/binds to the game. Anyone know or use this tool has any feedback or can confirm if its "detected" or banable, i don't want to have to install it and uninstall it every time i jump into Tarkov. Can a Dev confirm please? Thanks.
  2. klandry1

    Nikita Must Read

    Greeting Nikita And BSG Teams . Game Question ! :) Can you Guy Make a Real AntiCheat That Work , Because ESP User are Annoying with Their Wallhack and AimBot and What ever you what they Use. I'm Telling you . If you Want to have a cheating Community Keep it Like this So Let it be a Cheat War. If you Could make A DataBase To ''Track & LOG '' Shoot Form Weapon , Hit Accuracy Or Something That Detect Cheat For real . Check Out Youtube For New EFT Cheats They Come Everyday with Poeple Laughing on Cheating , Get The List Of poeple Give a Like On Those Video Get Their Email Adresse and Ban Them also For supporting Poeple Like this , Watching those kind of poo Make my anger go higher everyday , Before Any other Update For the Game Do One For anticheat and Get Them , Add Phone Device as Register Account To make them spend more Money To Play EFT , Add More Information Required , Get them Off the Game , Ingame Scan During Read Analysing File , doesnt mather If it Freeze Keep that for a month and Check Out Who didnt played For a month And you get a list Of those Cheating Poeple You Game Is The best one Ive Seen in a while , One of Unique Style , Don't Let the cheating Community Ruin This . Cheaters Doesnt Care about the Time you guy spend to make Something Out . You Said yourself Tarkov is your own Baby , Don't let you Baby Falls into The one doesnt deserve it. If i whould Catch on my own a cheaters in Real life , I maybe actualy be In prison myself How im Done with them They are Poison , Toxic , Also Add a BSG Lock Into system 32/64 For poeple Who has been Caught To make sure they Never come back , Get the poison Out of the water . These Guy are only There to Destroy The game.
  3. gameXplore

    report hacker

    望版主能@一下管理员,作弊的能ban一个是一个 sounds like mosin ,one shot one head douyu_107836 is me mao_yu is my friend https://youtu.be/QDU92dgWi44 2screenshot
  4. BroodPapa

    Killed by ??? using ???

    Will insurance cover kills by hackers in anyway? -I killed ??? and was slayed afterward by unknown means.
  5. BaconSniper


    The game is still full of 1 shot hero's from 100 meters with a pistol. Fix your game, is embarrassing.
  6. promptedtexas59

    Oceanic Servers full of hackers.

    Can yous add a report button or something there are so many hackers on the Oceanic server region, It is stupidly game breaking when you have hackers teleporting around the map 1 shotting people EVERY game. A Know cheater ***** Do something BSG yous are killing your own game
  7. strid3r114

    So this happened...

    https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticDelightfulGullDansGame Feel like people exploiting this should get a temp ban or something.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. AidsInbound

    Invisible People?!?!

    I've died 3-4 times from invisible people. I could see the ducking muzzle flash of their guns in front of me, but no people. Edit: I've got footage of me dying to another invisible person. (No gear because i didn't want to die from one with gear)
  9. matze214

    Hacker Report?

    Hey Leute, da ich recht neu in diesem Forum bin, wollte ich fragen ob man hier irgendwo Hacker reporten kann? Ich hätte nämlich einen zu melden. [Playername removed]. Hat eine EOD edition und hat mich und mein 5er Team weggeschossen. Alle aufgeteilt versteckt gelegen. Er hat einen nach dem anderen weg geschossen. Und dass in Kurzer Zeit. Ist um eine Mauer gekommen hat den ersten wegenommen dann direkt durch ein Loch (Mauer) den zweiten. Und die letzten 3 haben sich dann auch so ergeben. Wir sind auf keinen Fall schlecht und gewinnen jedes Teamfight gegen andere 5er Teams. Aber ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das 1 Person einen 5 Mann Squad ausschaltet ohne sich viel zu bewegen wenn alle ausseinander liegen, so das alle Spots abgedeckt sind. Grüße
  10. FlipFlop942


    So once again killed by a hacker running a round at Super sonic speeds and insta-kills me and my fully armored squad with stomach shot and a pistol. If you see in your lobby be careful. Devs sound invest in the 15-20 dollar hacks and learn the code to prevent such disasters.
  11. HattoriHanzo31


    <snip> on 1MAY2018, 1945 CST, was caught blatantly hacking by my group and I. ESP, teleporting around, aimbot killed all of us with headshots. It was the most unashamed kind of hacking I have ever seen. Just so you know, <snip> hacks are ruining this game, do something about this devs....i hope more people start hacking so the game becomes unplayable and they're forced to do something, this is ridiculous.
  12. TheLoudBird

    So yeah there is 100% hackers

    Yeah so I saw a lot of posts of people claiming hacks just figured they were salty kids but no there is hackers I was playing shoreline an was walking around the mental hospital trying to loot killed a few players got there stuff an was trying to find some meds cause i was injured well i went into the main building and figured everyone was dead or not there well i was walking upstairs where there is no windows i got hit an was like wtf? and so iran into the room with the stage with music equipment shut the door behind me used my last bit of meds an watched the doors again no windows an only 2 doors in side by side im sitting here watching the doors an i hear a gun shot then instantly dead by being shot in the head doors did not open i was not lagging (before when i was shot there was no one around me if there was someone within shooting distance i wouldve seen them thats a small hallway but no I run into an even more secure room an still get headshot some how (sadly do not know the players name he was using a scav Toha Derzkiy lol) not really salty or anything didnt lose much besides an ak an scav pack but yeah that was my 1st and only run in with someone legit hacking but ive played for a bit an havent run in to anything like this other than this time just be wary
  13. BMFer

    Alot of hackers tonight

    Does anyone else feel like alot of hackers are on tonight? Been one shot in full armor alot tonight when I should be hidden or in cover and people are just walking into shots and not being fazed, also it seems like the no sound insta kills are happening alot as well. Lossing tons of gear tonight to strange deaths.
  14. Waterhook

    Is hacking a thing?

    Hello everyone. I will start off my saying I am new to the game, me and my friend just bought it today, and we have now slowly started to understand how the game works. I am enjoying the game a fair bit now. After finally getting my first extraction complete, it started to overshadow the times I've been killed by a sniper while being unarmed or the times I've had a teammate stab me in the back while I search a crate, just so he could get my pistol. My question is if hacking is a thing in this game? Me and my friend just died in a game, where we were hidden in a little wooden area, with atleast 3 meters between us, him laying down and me standing up. This guy must have sneaked up on us, and killed us both with an insane amount of accuracy and within an extremely short amount of time. I've attatched a few pictures for reference to what happened. I want to point out that I am not nameshaming anyone. This guy could just be really really skilled, I do not know. I guess I am also asking to learn. Then next time i will remember to be more careful due to the risk of being able to be killed like this. Thanks, In advande. Cya on the field! Regards.
  15. Rickenss

    Hacker report.

    Got silent killed (screen started shaking as if taking damage, but without any sound and then died right after, was wearing a kiver and a paca too) near dorms on customs with my buddy today, the hackers name is: justcheap
  16. Olá operadores! Gostaríamos de abordar um tema que diz respeito a todos, ou seja, o trabalho contra o uso de trapaças (cheats/hacks); Esclarecer sobre como esse trabalho está sendo feito em Escape from Tarkov. O trabalho contra as trapaças é um processo constante e inseparável do ciclo de vida do projeto, mesmo que pareça que nada está acontecendo, o anticheat está em pleno funcionamento. Escape from Tarkov conta com uma equipe dedicada para esta função, monitorando o mercado de hacks e inventando contramedidas efetivas. A essência de seu trabalho é a análise dos métodos de hacking existentes para revelar como estes estão funcionando, como afetam e interagem com o processo do jogo. Com base nessa pesquisa, os algoritmos de detecção e contramedida são criados. Para que esse trabalho seja eficaz, os jogadores trapaceiros são primeiramente rastreados, monitorados e banidos mais tarde. Nós desaprovamos fortemente qualquer atitude desse tipo e desejamos a todos um jogo justo em Escape from Tarkov! - Tradução realizada com a colaboração do membro da comunidade, o @Mrfall!
  17. IBeLegit

    Identified Hacker

    Loaded into game with 2 friends then moved a couple meters then all of us died once to body shots from a player named Jezzzzza2g please keep an eye out for him just wanted to let everyone know
  18. Blazk0

    This is a problem

    I overheard 5 people in the unofficial dischord talking about their cheats. I tried to play with them an record the match but they declined. Hopefully it can be stopped because in a game like this, hackers do not have a place. the video below is how the cheat works This is a problem.
  19. Herotyx

    Hacks or glitch?

    So my mate and I were playing factory as a duo, we both die. Which is fine, but on my friends screen it says I killed him when I was looking in the other direction. Can a cheater kill others in my name? It also seemed like we were being shot at through the wall. He was shot from no where? Then after I was killed it said i was still in the game. My character had nothing but a paca vest and died on spawn every time i tired to reconnect. I'm level 23 in game and have never encountered this before. The video is about 5 minutes long
  20. XxLuciferxX

    Hackers.... being ignored?

    Hackers need to be dealt with on a more frequent basis, not just when a big patch is implemented. Im Constantly coming across flyers ect on Woods. EFT members are a common name amoung them, the second one this morning.
  21. Fox7394

    flying hackers (again)

    I just wittnesed flying hacker rushing the dorms. was doing hatchet runs cuz of laggy servers ,had a fresh spawn on customs and i saw player running thru skies in order to come first to the dorms,by the time i came there (around 1:30 min) he was already there camping the rooftop and killed me,i dont mind him killing me,but i didnt encounter flying people for a while. his nickname was heeze..something,dont remember the last part of the name
  22. shon88888

    Hacker broke my game?

    Was playing a match of Customs where I killed a heavily kit USEC. Earlier there had been a man who fly across the sky so there definitely was some sort of hacker present. Shortly after I killed him my screen faded to black and it said my connection to the server had been lost. Now my game is locked up saying I am in a raid yet I can't reconnect as it says connection to server is lost every time, but also when I attempt to abandon the raid my game just crashes. So as it stand I currently have a potato for an Escape from Tarkov. The reason I am posting this is just to hopefully find some answers. If you know anything such as also experiencing this or knows what causes it I would greatly appreciate knowing. (I was understandably upset considering my $150 game wasn't functioning so sadly I forgot to take screenshots. Sorry)
  23. HeftyGuy

    Fix the Aimbot?

    It is a rage post yes, Why is it when I see a scav roaming through a forest, I go up to try and kill him, he goes through 2-3 trees in front with bushes everywhere yet he will full spray land every shot through all this cover, day time and night time, its dumb
  24. Dilford

    [Hacker] or Do I suck lol

    Uh Honestly I just Dont know lol www.youtube.com/dilford : Shamless Plug
  25. UWS_Ghost

    Please ban the hackers

    in one day alone i got killed by 5 hackers, it seems like every couple raids you go in to their is another hacker. makes the game near unplayable knowing youre just losing your gear to a cheater. I love the game a lot but this spoils it majorly.
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