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  1. We was 4 colleage playing on Interchange and a guy wiht wallhack and aimhack take up us wiht no sense, hes name was [REDACTED] we all know, if is needed im sure that they can sign this thread. Also by the way if you want we can make a List here os players who are using cheats to try to report them when we meet on our games, I will be updating the list wiht your comments! [REDACTED]
  2. Loaded in twice on reserve one raid after another and both times i was killed by invisible players. First time i was in an enclosed space and dropped dead instantly (headshot) no bullet, gun, or impact sounds. second time i was on a roof and i could hear someone running around very close but looked around couldn't see anyone, next thing i know i'm getting knifed in the head and i do a full 360 - no one around me at all- and then drop dead. This isn't the first time i've had this happen, and as far as i can remember its almost always been on reserve. Just want to know how widespread is th
  3. balasoti

    New Update & Hackers

    Hi all, I just wonder the anti-cheat system really works well? The new update just came online for an hour and I went to LAB. I experienced a damn guy was flying in the air and shot me dead. Fuk me dead. it's really frustrating. How do we know if we report some1 and he just get banned by GD.
  4. This guy is bragging about how many accounts he has and how it'll take him a month to get banned. Just pathetic.
  5. This guy was clearly using hacks. Killed all three of us, by shooting us once, in the eyes, within quick succession. There needs to be an easier way of reporting people. image was removed for name shaming
  6. MrKrilinYT

    -dpZ- Clan Hackers?

    Hi guys, can they see the video and say me from where i get killed? 2 guys killed from them with 1 bullet headshot, and me with 5 bullets in torax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOr6RAMSPlc&feature=youtu.be Explain me how, we died? and how to recieve or loot back ?
  7. BSG, I know you are the developer and we are the players, but I hope you take our criticism seriously. For me Tarkov is a game I have been wanting to play and enjoy for a decade or so. Ever since the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but at this moment I feel you are not focused on the right things. There is plenty of content, maps, guns, loot and the like. What we need are fixes and taking hacking seriously. My priority if i worked as the Project Manger for this game would be as follows. With #6 or 7 being expanding the content of the game. 1) Hackers - Dedicate serious manpower
  8. JustinMoretzzz

    Ban this hacker!!

    Last week I was watching one of the dudes in my discord. He was extremely careful in game(in a unusually way). So I started recording and find some really interesting thing while his game bugged. here is the video link that I posted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXKkLXw4-rc&t=15s He changed his name now as : DntRushMe Evidence around 12:15
  9. kasu-

    Hacker ?

    His name is GoGoing2.
  10. Redneck94

    Hacker live streaming

    This guy is live streaming himself with hacks cant find a way to report him so here it is
  11. Hallo liebe EFT Community, haben gestern hauptsächlich Raids auf Shoreline im Duo gespielt um dort zu questen und in nahezu jeder Runde war ein Hacker am Start. In der ersten Runde konnten wir ein Full-Gear Squad an der Radarstation legen und hatten uns entschieden , da unsere Bags schon komplett voll waren zum Extract Tunnel zu gehen. Auf dem Weg am Waldrand zur Straße hin hatten wir einen Spieler gehört der den kompletten Weg auf der Leitplanke entlang gerannt ist und als wir ganz nah an ihm waren ist er mit einem Affenzahn Richtung Ausgang Tunnel gerannt und hat wild in den Wald gespra
  12. Didn't really care in the past. People would be fishy but theres no way to 100% proof it anyway. Cheats are always going to be a thing but they should be a rare occasion. Just now had this guy in my Factory Raid. I've heard him shoot almost all the way across the map and i was looking through a small gap in his general direction. I see him turn a courner before he puts 6 bulletholes full auto in a split second across the map into my visor and kills me. Again, i didn't really care, had nothing expensive on me cuz i just tried to finish the 12ga Suppressed shotgun PMC kills task. After Raid
  13. thehusband_


    Please...please. That's 2 raids in a row
  14. bbcokeley

    Grim Internals

    Good Morning, Ive recently started playing Grim Dawn and its fantastic. Now there's a modding tool available called "Grim Internals" used for quality of life modding in the game. Will this tool (if installed on my machine) affect the "Anti Cheat" detection of Tarkov, as i'm not quite sure how it interacts/binds to the game. Anyone know or use this tool has any feedback or can confirm if its "detected" or banable, i don't want to have to install it and uninstall it every time i jump into Tarkov. Can a Dev confirm please? Thanks.
  15. snatchtactical

    Nikita Must Read

    Greeting Nikita And BSG Teams . Game Question ! :) Can you Guy Make a Real AntiCheat That Work , Because ESP User are Annoying with Their Wallhack and AimBot and What ever you what they Use. I'm Telling you . If you Want to have a cheating Community Keep it Like this So Let it be a Cheat War. If you Could make A DataBase To ''Track & LOG '' Shoot Form Weapon , Hit Accuracy Or Something That Detect Cheat For real . Check Out Youtube For New EFT Cheats They Come Everyday with Poeple Laughing on Cheating , Get The List Of poeple Give a Like On Those Video Get Their Emai
  16. Lsw

    report hacker

    望版主能@一下管理员,作弊的能ban一个是一个 sounds like mosin ,one shot one head douyu_107836 is me mao_yu is my friend https://youtu.be/QDU92dgWi44 2screenshot
  17. BroodPapa

    Killed by ??? using ???

    Will insurance cover kills by hackers in anyway? -I killed ??? and was slayed afterward by unknown means.
  18. BaconSniper


    The game is still full of 1 shot hero's from 100 meters with a pistol. Fix your game, is embarrassing.
  19. promptedtexas59

    Oceanic Servers full of hackers.

    Can yous add a report button or something there are so many hackers on the Oceanic server region, It is stupidly game breaking when you have hackers teleporting around the map 1 shotting people EVERY game. A Know cheater ***** Do something BSG yous are killing your own game
  20. strid3r114

    So this happened...

    https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticDelightfulGullDansGame Feel like people exploiting this should get a temp ban or something.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  21. AidsInbound

    Invisible People?!?!

    I've died 3-4 times from invisible people. I could see the ducking muzzle flash of their guns in front of me, but no people. Edit: I've got footage of me dying to another invisible person. (No gear because i didn't want to die from one with gear)
  22. matze214

    Hacker Report?

    Hey Leute, da ich recht neu in diesem Forum bin, wollte ich fragen ob man hier irgendwo Hacker reporten kann? Ich hätte nämlich einen zu melden. [Playername removed]. Hat eine EOD edition und hat mich und mein 5er Team weggeschossen. Alle aufgeteilt versteckt gelegen. Er hat einen nach dem anderen weg geschossen. Und dass in Kurzer Zeit. Ist um eine Mauer gekommen hat den ersten wegenommen dann direkt durch ein Loch (Mauer) den zweiten. Und die letzten 3 haben sich dann auch so ergeben. Wir sind auf keinen Fall schlecht und gewinnen jedes Teamfight gegen andere 5er Teams. Aber ich kann
  23. FlipFlop942


    So once again killed by a hacker running a round at Super sonic speeds and insta-kills me and my fully armored squad with stomach shot and a pistol. If you see in your lobby be careful. Devs sound invest in the 15-20 dollar hacks and learn the code to prevent such disasters.
  24. HattoriHanzo31


    <snip> on 1MAY2018, 1945 CST, was caught blatantly hacking by my group and I. ESP, teleporting around, aimbot killed all of us with headshots. It was the most unashamed kind of hacking I have ever seen. Just so you know, <snip> hacks are ruining this game, do something about this devs....i hope more people start hacking so the game becomes unplayable and they're forced to do something, this is ridiculous.
  25. TheLoudBird

    So yeah there is 100% hackers

    Yeah so I saw a lot of posts of people claiming hacks just figured they were salty kids but no there is hackers I was playing shoreline an was walking around the mental hospital trying to loot killed a few players got there stuff an was trying to find some meds cause i was injured well i went into the main building and figured everyone was dead or not there well i was walking upstairs where there is no windows i got hit an was like wtf? and so iran into the room with the stage with music equipment shut the door behind me used my last bit of meds an watched the doors again no windows an only 2
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