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Found 5 results

  1. Supercharger116

    Too hard for beginners???

    I have a couple friends that recently got the game but they can’t really figure anything out because at this point the game is very hard to learn, I love this game and I encourage to fix this to maybe add some sort of tutorial and maybe a map included with players less than level 10 that have not played the game before then. Does anyone else agree?
  2. Hello BSG and players, I would like to suggest a rework/rebalance of the Delivery from the Past quest from prapor. I am starting to empty my stash and wallet, yet it doesn't seem I am even close to finishing the mission... It is one of the hardest quest I had to do in my two decades of gaming. This kind of quest is a horror to accomplish pre-wipe. Maybe I've just had a lot some unlucky runs, but I just wanted to share my frustration here on the forum...
  3. jburke620

    AI Scavs too good?

    Is it just me or are the AI Scavs "too good"? I've been playing around on Factory Offline just to get a good feel for things & learn the map. Needless to say I have been getting REEMED HARDCORE!! Now I have been getting better but good lord it doesn't seem to be enough! The AI is DEAD ON with just about any weapon. I am absolutely fine with a challenge! I like getting outnumbered & pushing my limits. But when I'm face-to-face with an AI Scav & dump a shotgun round to his chest there is NO WAY that he should be able to maintain consistent & fatally accurate shots. In a game sense, they should at the very least, be "taken back" by the shot, knocked down (gets back up), stumble, or just be less accurate. Now you're probably thinking, "BuT tHeY haVE BodY ArMoR!!11!" HAVE YOU BEEN SHOT WITH ARMOR ON!?!? EVEN WITH A "NON-LETHAL" BEANBAG YOU WILL REGRET LIFE, LET ALONE BE ABLE TO SHOOT BACK ACCURATELY. Just saying... Not trying to be a "keyboard warrior" or a "Google Professional" But trying to point out a potential issue that may or may not be addressed. *It's a game* - Yes one that balances on the realism aspect. *What do you know about realism?* - Join your Military or local PD / State Police and you might learn a thing or two. Now there are times where I have 1-shot a Scav with a pump-shotty & there were times I dropped 5 shells just to be killed. The game is fun & will continue to play. I'm just wanting to point out that there are some aspects that are just a little too, "Really, how is that possible?" Especially with the AI Scavs. (And no I don't mean COD whiny fat kids getting noob-tubed in mommy's basement really how is that possible gonna SWAT that ass-bitches house) What do you think? (And don't waste you're time by saying something along the lines of "Get Gud", Weapon this, Armor that) Thanks!
  4. EliMaxwell

    Level difficulties and game modes

    Why are all levels Hard or Insane? Will this change with the full release? Is there a chance you will be releasing a PVP game mode where you wont lose anything?
  5. Brandon

    Bot Difficulty

    Are the bots meant to be aimbotting machines? It seems like they always just snap on to you in an unrealistic manner and it gets real annoying having to deal with that. It's rare that I ever get away from a bot with an AR or SG. Is this the case for everyone else?
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