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Found 4 results

  1. TigerLiker

    Hardcore Server ?

    Hallo liebe Commjunity von Tarkov, ich habe vermehrt gesehen das Streamer oder auch allgemein Spieler diese Hardcore Variante Spielen, bedeutet Folgendes: - Kein Loot im Container nur Schlüssel - Kein kaufen von Tradern (nur eintauschen von Items) - Keine Scav runs - Flea market ist erlaubt (kann mich auch irren) Jetzt kam mir und mehreren Leuten die Idee, wieso man nicht einfach vielleicht einen eigenen Server dafür aufstellt. Da es ja so eine Hohe Anzahl an Teilnehmern gibt, dazu bringt es Variation ins Spiel. Ich weiß das es Natürlich mit Kosten verbunden ist allerdings schätzte ich es so ein Das 1 Server alleine um es zu testen reichen würde.
  2. neur0tix


    Hey guys, last patch I already felt like this game is not punishing as much as it used to be. I remember first week when I played this game, when we were insta-dying to black limbs, scavs saw us through the vegetation and we had really hard times to farm anything valuable. I am not saying all those things were good, in fact they were broken and you fixed them and made them better, well done, but somehow, the intense feel of the game and fear of death and loss of your stuff somehow vanished anyway. Those bugs were actually keeping the game hardcore. I am not saying you should bring them back or break something, but you have to implement something to make it hardcore again. Now, with this patch, all of those expensive dogtags taking up 1 slot only and stored in your SECURED container. All of these extra shots you need to fire to kill unarmored hatchling anywhere else than head (not even mentioning that SV-98 and DVL wont kill unarmored guy in a chest in one-shot). All of those bitcoins and rolexes which are clearly spawning more often this patch, probably due to perception and attention skills (just today I did one factory for trade with friend, then i went to loot vault in office and died. Still made 1600 USD coz bitcoin in my container). Usually for 1600 USD you need 40min raid and kill like 4x PMCs with decent gear. (Its my 6th bitcon and 4th rolexes this patch. I am level 26 only) And I could go on and on... Seriously, I can just keep buying the most expensive gear and keep dying all day long and still make a profit as an average player. Currently in-game currency means nothing to me, so I dont care if I die and lose it all. It is affecting my gameplay, behavior, decisions and strategy. Please bring back the good old hardcore times back, after all thats what Tarkov is supposed to represent no? Please do not make the same mistake as lots of studios did with their games such as making the game easier and less punishing for newcomers.
  3. M0nkeyM0nk

    [FR] French players and future clan

    Hi guys, i'm here to take information about french people who are searching other players to play Escape From Tarkov (alpha, beta and release game). Actually we're a group to play it in alpha and we're searching people who are interested with hardcore gameplay / milsim gameplay (on the release game of course). If you're interested in, reply on this post or send me a private message; I'll give you more informations and the adress of our vocal server. Enjoy this game and i hope to see you soon !
  4. Love developer of escape from tarkov I am looking forward to the game and think much of it, I have already told all my friends about the game and i already bought the game, many of my friends will buy the game, we all are playing hardcore and Realism Games as Resistance and liberation, Arma, Dayz, Insurgency Red Orchestra, Tactical Realism Mods and many other games with tactical depth, and without any Hitmarkers. we are all of the same opinion that a game like Escape fromt Tarkov should have no Hitmarkers in anyway you say that EFT willl be a Hardcore game! now i had to sadly realize the Hitmarker are there and looks like in Call of Duty ... very ugly ... I ask you earnestly to remove unnecessary thesis hitmarker here is the video where you can see the Hitmarker appear in riflescope Escape from Tarkov - Action Gameplay Trailer at 2:45 <<<he shot the guy and you can see the Hitmarker appear in riflescope Kind Regards Sonick
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