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Found 22 results

  1. I'm well aware that a makarov even is often enough to take out a naked hatchling. But that doesn't mean its fun to run around and see one or two guys with actual gear, and a horde of people with nothing but a hatchet, with nothing to lose. Absolutely no enjoyment is to be gained from slowly clearing a building, just to be rushed by some dork with a pointy stick and lose all of your gear. We already have the scav system in case a player loses absolutely everything, they always have the ability to get more free loot by just running to the exit every 30 minutes. I personally think it should not be allowed to enter a raid with just a hatchet. Not sure how that would be enforced; maybe a point value attributed to every piece of gear, and you need to have a certain number of points in your loadout, not counting your safe case, in order to join a raid. Maybe you would need to at least have a firearm of some kind, and be unable to enter without one. I understand its still early in development, but at least by final release something needs to be done about this. Especially when you consider that you don't lose melee weapons or really have ANY penalty for dying as a hatchling. And yes, before anyone asks, I am really salty right now about losing to a pair of lucky hatchlings. But that doesn't make my argument any less valid. Thoughts?
  2. KOS bei Hatchet Runnern

    ist das auch öfter bei euch das Problem, das ihr direkt von Richtig gut equipten Spielern beschossen werdet?
  3. EFT Summed Up In One Picture

    If this doesn't represent the beautiful balance of Escape From Tarkov I don't know what will
  4. Honestly I'm curious why so many people in this community and the Reddit community are so toxic towards hatchet runners.... Now i know someone is going to come in and proclaim because they break realism... That is fine, I understand that but people need a way to make $$$. Few things - Kolpak and 3m (Tarbank) makes you almost invincible to a melee player so they arent a threat unless they find a weapon. - They cannot defend themselves against scavs or players so they need to either be sneaky or get in and out. - They rush loot spawns because they know the above. But gear players could rush the same loot spawns and get there quick enough to make a hatchling dead before they could loot... - The worst damage they can do is 4-9 slots of loot. (1-6 if they have a doc case and a key bar)... But but but bitcoins, rollers,and g.chains.... Yea yea i know but even then they are using their only advantage speed. (quest items dont count, since most of them need to be extracted and death removed them from your inventory, so going naked is a risk) - No risk, high reward.... Sure but if they want to make any money at all they need a backpack, which is more risk... and once again they must get to the loot first and with enough time to loot, for them to capitalize on the 1 slot loot items. Real low risk is fort, fast, m4(with drum mag) 4-5 man squad, knowing that your basically a moving tank and can kill anyone you see, and if you die your squad will ditch your gear for you.... - Geared players don't want to move fast and rush area's like hatchlings... but they want all the loot to still be there when they finally arrive after slow walking the whole way... (completely unrealistic expectations) So tell me why, in your own words, that you despise hatchet runners and why you think they should be prevented at all cost. Also explain your solution to how players with low $$$ or who just lost all their gear can climb back up the gear ladder efficiently without relying on hatchet running, and 'GIT GEWD' isnt an acceptable answer its just trolling. Basically if there isnt a mechanic that allows someone to recover from a streak of bad luck Tarkov will become a game where once your out of money you are forced to only play once every 30 minutes as a scav...
  5. Note: This post started on reddit, but I am fairly certain that a forum format will fit it better. Forward: Currently in EFT, there are three root causes of the hatchling plague. Lack of a cohesive, early game strategy. Players starting off will get cut down due to a large variety factors, and getting cut down is a powerful motivators, breeding complacency among new players: Use your case, you can trust it. Funky early game economics. Common mechanics among basically all shooters, that allow players to exploit the inherent nature of netcode, that make it so running around with a melee weapon isn't as risky as it should be. (Namely, that sprinting is very fluid, which makes it easy to exploit netcode to reach melee range safely.) Complacency is the end result of the causes of the hatchet syndrome. If we cannot fix this complacency, we are always going to have a few too many hatchet runners. What I have seen out in tarkov is pretty simple: New player buying the cheapest guns will end up disappointed. They are limited to ammunition that struggles with class 2 armor, and not able to obtain a full set of armor. Can you think of a self respecting geared player who consistently runs without class 2 armor? Maybe they read a guide, and heard that the two starter 7.62 by 39mm guns are very good. They are, but these guides will still betray new players if they fight a lightly armored opponent, as the new players available rounds for 7.62 by 39mm are in the form of hollow points, which don't jive with armor. So they take aim at an armored player, they shoot. They die. Perhaps they shot a scav and attracted a dozen hungry players to their position. Perhaps they simply looted their spawn. It doesn't matter. Their knowledge betrayed them, their gun betrayed them, and the guides betrayed them. One thing didn't: Their secure case. This is how hatchlings are born. Players who make a habit of using suppressed firearms without hiding and waiting for the other PMC's to leave the map are going to end up losing the will to gear up, and becoming complacent in the fact that only two items will never leave them. Their hatchet, and their case. Until they finish whatever grind they lay out for themselves before they can say they are a real player, or quit the game, these will be their tools. Now, to talk about how I would actually solve this issue of complacency, of helplessness, and not knowing where to go. The First Step: Give new players consistent, repeatable goals. There are the two things we need to do to break players out of the hatchet mindset: To teach them that escaping with a backpack is worthwhile, and to motivate them to fight scavs. Guns are nice. They are fun to use. They are why we play the game. Yet for a new player, they can be a deathtrap if they don't learn when it is unwise to use them (Especially with the lack of armor piercing ammo.) Its the use of backpacks that precludes everything else in destroying the hatcheters mindset, since its what makes all other gear worth it. The other step is to motivate players to become stronger then a scav, and to make it so there is some sort of consistent reward to rummaging a scavs pockets. It doesn't matter if its in the form of some consistent barter good, a set of daily repeatable task, or whatever. Reward players for facing the scav menace, even if someone else happens to shoot them and take the richest loot. I wrote a post covering this previously in the form of having the picture ID's of these former civilians be a barter good which can be exchanged for duffle bags that might contain basic things, like Saiga-9's, Toratov pistols, 3M armor, car medkits, and other things that might make a player reconsider their life as a hatchet runner. (With more consistent, precise rewards being offered as trades for larger quantities of ID's.) Thus, photo ID's of dead men would fill both requirements to breaking through the first major causes of hatchling complacency. It would kill the gear fear for backpacks (The ever so vital first step,) and it would motivate them to fight and kill AI units. Granting them extra goodies would be a secondary motivational effect. Lastly one of the early game maps, be it sububs, the streets of tarkov, or perhaps the several few first maps should have a lower number of PMC spawns per square kilometer, but a higher scavanger population. Why? Having high PvE in the early game would give players some chance to learn, stock up on a variety of basic weapons, and experiment with the game in a healthy fashion. The Second Step: More realistic running. Another part of the hatchet problem is that running in tarkov is very fluid, and your turning radius is just as good as it is when you are walking. This is often fine in other shooters, which is why such fluid sprinting mechanics are common. After all, in other shooters, it is common for all players to have standard issue shooty shoots. But in tarkov, this has made it so sprinting forward in silly patterns to bug out the netcode with a high damage melee weapon has made a shockingly lasting mark on the games metagame. After all, its free. Its silent. It doesn't betray you. Simply put, make it so your turning radius while you are sprinting is smaller, and make it so sustained sharp turns eat up speed and stamina equally well. Suddenly, zig-zagging squirrels no longer need a high capacity magazine to counter them, as their movement will be much less erratic. The third step: Adjusting the markets. I am going to divide the weapons into tiers here, for the sake of ease of explanation. Tier 0: Melee weapons (Rock bottom.) Tier 0.5: Obsolete weapons (Weapons that should be better then melee, if just barely, the TOZ and the like. It takes a good deal of skill for this to be preferable to a melee weapon.) Tier 1: Civilian and law enforcment weapons of the Non-AP variety (Good for PVE, bad for PVP.) Tier 2: Hunting weaponry (Slower firing weapons with the ability to beat armor with the right ammo.) Tier 2.5: Specialized Military grade weapons (BASR, and the like.) Tier 3: Assault rifles and Semi-Auto DMR's (Essentially, the best anti-armor weapons.) Of these tiers, Tier 2 (Vepr->OP SKS,) and Tier 0.5(Makarov-TOZ) are both reasonably priced. The Tier 1 fits the range of weapons from (The Saiga-9/MR-133->AKS-74U,) and aside from just the AKS-74U, these weapons are grossly overpriced (Basically most other weapons in this weight class should cost less then the AKSU variants, barring a few obviously very high class weapon variants like the MPX.) These weapons are the weapons which I would think would be the bare minimum for busting a player out of the complacency of not trusting guns, so their availability should be increased. This shouldn't be too controversial of a change: After all, its not like a Saiga-9's going to pierce a FAST-MT and cost you a full set of gear. Tier 2.5 is rarer then it should be, and I hope the game can be tuned so more of the Tier 3 weapon playerbase would be interested in using them. The 3rd tier of firearms may be more common then it should be, since their firepower is completely overwhelming, and almost completely out of reach of the players we need to motivate to "get gud," it may be wise to make it more difficult to make their use be profitable. After all, being faced with a completely overwhelming forces is part of the pie that causes new players to become complacent. Yet this step isn't mandatory. Solving the hatchling plague isn't best done through punishing the strongest players, or the newest players, its making the next few rungs on the ladder up from hatchling a bit more intuitive to reach.
  6. End Hachet runs

    Hatchet runs are killing the game. They break the realism and atmosphere being created and will ruin the economy of the game. It has become so prolific now that most games have at 50% hatchlings which is spoiling the game for all. Hatchlings are also seen as an easy way to achieve quests at no risk which is surely contrary to what the devs intended. Maybe a penalty should be implemented if a minimum kit is not taken into a rain and the secure containers not available?
  7. Hatchling/ Hatchet runs

    I always wonder why people go hatchet runs all the f..king time. I get it where there was a wipe and you just want firstly full your stash and then start playing after but it´s like few days or week most. Also I get it when you want to do sometimes like a challenge sometimes when you go always full gear runs and just want to chill I guess but really amount of melee warriors here is bigger than in Chivalry or Mount & Blade sometimes (little bit of exaggeration there fanboyzzzzzz please get over it). I would just like to know why would you go for hatchet runs whole time where is the fun in that. I know that gear fear it´s for some people really big problem but really this is the main point of the game that you lose poo just finally get over it people. In other way I don´t see another reason I think that just exploiting the game mechanics to get more gear is kind of pathetic and the worst reason is that you are ruining the other people game experience and also yours (but who cares do what you need to do ...) Don´t forget to cry when a wipe will come when you don´t even be able to lose your poo for that amount of time.
  8. I killed a player just now and when i tried to put his hatchet into my scabbard, it wouldn't let me. Then I tried putting the hatchet into my alpha container and that did not work either. Is there a way to pick up other players hatchets?
  9. When you die during the raid, let the price of your lost dog tag be deducted from the amount of money you have. That way your death would always incur a loss, so you would have a better incentive to take at least a gun into a raid, and possibly some armor and meds to increase your chances of survival.
  10. The Gun Game

    Greetings fellow Tarkovians, So I have been trying this out over the weekend and I figured I would share what I have been doing. This came to be because I have the Traders maxed and strength training is a little monotonous. SO I have came up with this game, which is slightly based around the idea of the old Gun Game in Call of Duty. So this is how I do this, feel free to adjust the 'Rules' as you see fit. Alright, So I spawn as a Hatchling and I attempt to loot and find a weapon, either by Killing a Unsuspecting PMC or Getting the drop on a SCAV or even from Looting with Keys and getting lucky or just Good Old Vulture Play. You can be as extreme or as relaxed in this as you feel like. Then you just complete the raid Sell the junk you do not wish to take with you, keep any rig or weapon or attachments you want. Do Not Insure. Do Not Buy Meds. Do Not Buy Attachments/Mods. Do Not Buy Ammo. Enter another raid. Rinse Repeat. Killing, Looting, and Scooting. All Mods to a weapon come from withing the Raid. All Ammo and Meds Should also be found withing the raid. This adds the sense of Skill and Limited resources and increases your want to make shots count and engagements to be thought out. Keep this up till you die, and start over again until you are bored with the idea of the Gun Game. I have a lot of fun with this style of playing when I get a little frustrated with doing Tasks or Geared runs form either D-Sync or just Meeting better players. Does anyone else do this? Do you have any improvements? Did you try it out? what did you think? I would love to hear thoughts on it. Not looking for Toxicity but I am sure it will come at some point this is the internet we are talking about. Either way, Happy raiding everyone. Cheers, Necro
  11. Is there a trick?

    Is there a trick or exploit for the meele weapon? I always get hit from 6 meter distance and i am always a one hit. They never needed 2 hits for me. There were multiple cases where i just stood behind a PMC while he was looting and i started hitting him for 2 times in the back (aiming for the head of course) and they just turn around and one - hit me. Would like to know if there is a trick or exploit because im loosing a lot of loot against it. And aslong as the developers dont change Netcode or Meele attack i want to know the exploit. Cheers, Serandis!
  12. Hatchet Bug

    OK in game gave the wiggle to silly hatchet guy ` no joy he approaches swinging but is too far away to hit me . Yet i die .. unrealistic distance .
  13. On Hatchetlings & Response

    I know there have been a ton of debates on whether or not to nerf them, and what should be done. IMO, they are a symptom of the game at the current moment and they can be limited by focusing on why people do this. Quest Items - With one each typically spawning on each map in a specific place, you have to be quick to get there. Most people can't really afford to go slow and careful because the item will likely be gone. And if you go too fast, you are likely to not pay attention and get killed. Which means the easiest/least risky way to get to them is to go in with a melee to get there. The solution would obviously make the quest item spawn for each individual PMC who has taken the quest, so there is no need to rush to the locations. This is less of a problem with Fort/Kiver quests, as you kinda are required to go in geared, even for Scavs. Even if you require people to take weapons with them, people can always just put the pistol they take in their alpha/secure container and run for it. Solution - Make quest items spawn for each individual PMC. It would make no sense to hatchet rush, because its always going to be there and you can take your time. With other quests, you can buy them and its just general loot, so you can't reliably hatchet run them. Keys - Because of the unpredictable nature of keys spawning, and some them spawning in very specific places, if your goal is to get keys, the best way to do it is with melee only. Whether you are searching lockers or not. Keys are important for quests and getting decent loot. Solution - Make the likelihood of keys spawning high not isolated to filing cabinets, but across all loot boxes, with some having the increased spawn chance and others not (certain jackets, not others, etc. Nowhere specific to run to). Obviously you would have to tweak loot tables and make sure keys spawned properly/enough so that people would find them often and they wouldn't be extremely rare. This would force players to loot everything, and going in with a hatchet and rushing locations would no longer be feasible. For keys that spawn in specific places, like in a hand on a dead scav/on the ground/on a desk, make these keys spawn only for specific players in the match (keep spawn rates the same, but only have them appear to a certain player/players on the map). For example, if there are 5 bears and 5 USEC players, the key would only spawn in game for 2 of them (the general spawn chance of the key would remain the same). This way, you'd never know if the key would be spawned for you. It'd make hatchet running for fixed keys extremely tedious and pointless, since you'd never know if it would have spawned for you specifically or you just missed it due to chance. Server Problems/Solid Snake Style - We've all been there. Someone is hatchet running and you unload round after round in him and he one-shots you, and you find out that you didn't hit him at all. Or you see the animation and you die from him across the room. Or the server disconnects you and you lose all your gear. People are nervous about bringing decent things into matches because of this. They would rather sneak up on some Scav and gear up with that by hitting him in the head or some PMC that isn't paying attention. I also call this 'Solid Snake Style', as in acquiring all gear on mission. Though this is more of a playstyle choice than a specific problem. Solution - We will only see this reduced upon improvement to server stability, desync, optimization and lag issues. Which might be a long time coming. Which is ok, this is a beta after all. It means this will eventually mitigate hatchet runners. As for the play-style, if people REALLY are that sore about the 'Solid Snake, acquire all gear on mission' thing, melee damage could be nerfed or bullet damage massively increased at melee range. Or a 'stopping power' mechanic, where if someone is sprinting at you, getting hit at a close distance forces you to slow down. Or melee damage being temporarily nerfed because of server issues and then buffed once this is resolved. This is probably going to take awhile to figure out. Money/Rare Items - This is the toughest one. The reasons for this are varied. Some people just are very attached to gear, others are just poor and others just want to play Solid Snake, as I mentioned above. Others lost a lot of their good gear and don't want to use mediocre things. Others still just want to sell things to level up traders. Its impossible to say all the reasons. Many want to nerf alpha/gamma containers but this is an extreme option that will only make a punishing game more punishing, and I don't think its warranted. This will also turn off others to the game, which makes it an untenable solution. Those containers are there to make it so you can escape with valuable, barter items, keys and things like that. It also seems to stem from jealousy from those with bigger containers and spite. Say what you will, but people are extremely bitter over this issue. Some say scav is enough, but it really isn't. Scav on Scav violence is still too excessive and with the timer being 30 minutes, it really is not a feasible way to come back. People also aren't going to wait for their stash to dwindle enough for care packages. The thing is also a rush towards rare, fixed item locations. Solution - Here is possibly the most difficult part. So I'll separate it into long-term and short-term solutions Long-Term - With the update of the hideout, apparently there will be ways to make money in-between raids with bitcoin mining or other activities. Having extra cash coming in, albiet slowly, will discourage running with hatchets. Obviously, this is a long time away. There may be other hideout mechanics that will make you able to get money as well. Maybe even certain small side quests, such as acquiring an item on a map, which would be different for everyone, would provide money and bonuses. For rare items, dynamic, multiple spawn locations will provide disincentives to hatchet run. Or do the thing I mentioned earlier (only spawning for specific PMCs with their normal spawn chance, and not for the majority of others). Short-Term - Make cheap guns available, cheaper than 7k. They don't have to be strong, maybe even prone to jamming, accuracy problems, things like that. Since the guns would be extremely cheap, it'd be better and more advantageous to take a cheap gun you don't care about losing than just simply a hatchet. They'd still be able to kill hatchetlings easily, but have a harder time with PMCs and armed Scavs. But it wouldn't be worth it to hatchet run when you can just spawn with a cheap weapon. And maybe even make them moderately customizable, to give players with little money more incentive to bring something a little cool. In the end, Hatcheters are a symptom of several issues. I don't feel anyone should be punished for playing the game a certain way, as this style has arisen due to several ways things are right now. If people want to hatchet, they should be able to. But if you resolve a lot of these issues, they will become much much less common because there simply any isn't incentive to do so. The ideal is to eliminate the need for hatchet running, not to punish the style itself. I feel in communities we rush too much to punish, rather than incentivize. In the end, this is all about economics, since this is what the game is all about. In economics, incentives work way better than punishment. You also have to consider solutions that won't actually penalize other plays (like nerfing secure containers). Because if you penalize hatchet running, people will simply start running with a cheap pistol with little to no ammo. Or just start with one and stash it in an alpha. Then people will complain about this and the cycle would continue and playstyles becoming needlessly restrictive while the reasons for hatchet running remain. By addressing the issues as to why people hatchet run, you'll see far far less of it.
  14. so i noticed i no longer have my eod hatchet
  15. So I had this extremely profitable hatchet run earlier on Woods and thought I'd share, I used the hatchet to scalp a guy using a Vepr VPO. Picked that up along with a few mags and jumped on these two dudes wearing blueberries with kitted out AK's. Swiped a kiver and some meds off one of them as well. This is probably my most girthy run so far using hatchet. (If this was one of you, sorry guys. You did some work on me though, you broke both my legs and I had to limp from big rock to extraction.)
  16. Hatchet Runners are Tanks?

    Why is it, that i can kill the first guy who was clearly wearing a PACA within the first 5 - 6 shots, But then his annoying little hatchling friend ducking Tanks 2 shots at first, then later takes 3 more than just after that takes 5 more? What the duck is this? why are they so resistant to bullet damage? But when I wear a Kiver & PACA i can die instantly in one shot?
  17. No keeping melee after death

    If we remove the ability to respawn with the melee weapon you have the hatchling race should die off! The EOD people should either be able to claim one through a trader with no cooldown or buy them off a trader, but if its made so the people who naked run have to buy the weak knives instead of the OP hatchets it should drive them to actually play with guns and try to play the game instead of running around factory at the speed of light whacking everyone who wants to have good fun shooting at eachother, Instead they get dinked out in one little slice of a hatchet.
  18. Fear Itself

    This has happened to me, so many damn times. Minding my own business, when some maniac comes sprinting from the bushes without a scream or a cry, just cold and hard determination. The cold dead look in his eyes as he takes round after round to the chest, somehow living simply because he is zig-zagging better than Rickon Stark ever could. All I see is my life flash before my eyes as my 8 bullet pistol, which I worked so hard for, clicks after firing... 8 rounds. "Nothing personal, kid" he says, as he plunges his Edge of Darkness edition axe into my chest twice, and I fold like a lawn chair as I drop to the ground. Seriously though, sometimes I never even hear their footsteps or the swing of their axe and I just fall over randomly in a match. #ineversawhimcoming #droppedintothedust #heresjohnny
  19. Why You cheeky little

    Lol you never would of guessed, I certainly didn't gave me the scare of my life though, T-bagged for tossing a nade, you cheeki little breeki lol
  20. Hatchet Run Changes

    I have been thinking about a way to help limit the number of hatchet warriors in EFT. What if they add a cool-down of 3-5 minutes that would begin after the end of a raid when a player enters with just a knife/hatchet? This way players won't be able to spam hatchet runs back to back. However, if a player is in need of money or does not have a weapon, they could use the hatchet run to either make money by looting items to sell or if they are skilled/lucky are able to kill a scav/pmc for their weapon(s). What are everyone's thoughts? Note: I am writing this as a player that doesn't mind hatchet runs. I just want to encourage other players to bring out their gear more often during raids.
  21. Hatchet violence

    Seriously guys could we just stop the immediate Hatchet on Hatchet violence? We are all trying to get some loot be a bit nicer!

    I personally have observed that the hatchets and the people who come completely ungeared with them only.... are unstoppable murder machines, especially on factory... HERE I AM, Basic AVS with 4 30 round 5.45 mags with an ak-47n with nice scope set to full auto. I take this loadout onto factory to encounter hatchlings EVERYWHERE. I run into one on the stairs to office... he died fast.... lucky me... a second later another one pops up so I bolt out in hopes I get a full mag... I turn and dump 30 ROUNDS INTO HIS CHEST WHEN HE HAS NO ARMOR... he keeps running... so I bolt again reloading once more... TO TURN AROUND AND DUMP 25 MORE INTO HIM BEFORE HE 2 HITS ME WITH HIS FLIMSY CHOPPER!... I mean seriously why use expensive/nice gear when I can just HATCHET it up? HATCHETS NEED A NERF OR make it so hatchets are lost on death!!!