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  1. Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to the game. I've had the game for a month or so but haven't been able to dive in as much as I'd like. I saw some of the recent rumblings about hatchlings and the hate the playstyle gets and I am curious if i'm understanding it correctly. To my understanding the hatchling is done because it allows a player to go into a raid and be able to run faster and for longer with zero risk of losing anything, they take in a key and rush a loot spot to get geared in the raid itself. Am i right in thinking the hate comes from the fact they can get to these spots first
  2. They should make it so that every container has a cooldown that works like this: If you go in naked with nothing but a hatchet and die/extract/quit/run out of time <-- doesn't matter, if you go in naked then after the raid you get a 6h long cooldown on your secure container. I'll get into why exactly 6h in a minute. While the cooldown is on you are unable to use your case. You can't empty it, you can't put anything in it, you can't use it at all simply. "Why not just put a cooldown on going in raid then?" Well because that would stop you from playing all together for the day, this way
  3. H4ilToTheKing

    Hatcheter Solution You Can Do Today

    To Whom It May Concern, You have two options you could implement now one probably easier than the other Designating one spawn on every map as "hatchet spawn" and put EVERYONE with a hatchet spawn there and surround it with 2 or 3 AI Scavs. Cannot queue up to a map with only a hatchet 100% just solved your problem that doesn't impact game play, you're welcome.
  4. Ikari-Kun

    How to End Hatch-lings for Good

    Most people I've seen in the discussion boards are going about this the wrong way I feel like I should relay my opinion. Every suggestion I've heard regarding this issue has been down right terrible and usually include adding some sort of mechanic that punishes you for only bringing a hatchet to a raid. Thats a terrible idea, you really want to stray away from punishing players for doing actions you didn't intend them to. Instead it is better to reward players for doing the actions that you do want them to do. The main issue here is that the hatchlings themselves aren't the problem, they
  5. Since hatchlings seem to be some sort of an annoyance, I have come up with a little something that might be a solution to all the hatchling problems while maintaining the the use of the Secured Containers. Solution 1: Have Hatchling specific spawns / extracts per map with severely reduced time to raid so that they don't have time to run to / loot high value locations. -This can be determined by either flea market value or Dealer value. Solution 2: Similar to Solution 1 except they are only allowed to play a certain map that only allows other hatchlings. -Loot
  6. Hello everyone Giribaldi here, bring to you and the Devs a more focused orientated post/suggestion which will include secure polls for you to take in order for the Devs to better understand the communities wants for the game they love, in hopes that a change will be made as swiftly as possible due to the large increase in player base and thus the cause and need for such changes. Please scroll to the bottom for the 2 respective polls. In Tarkov, we explain it as a game that is a "hardcore" fps, something like PubG but with worth and value in the continued playing and development of y
  7. After listening to Nikita and other talk about ways to counter hatchlings -- most recently in yesterday's stream -- it made me wonder... Is it possible one of the main drivers of hatchlings has to do not with gear fear, not with players being "down and out" on their luck, but instead as an "answer" to one of the game's primary incentive structures? Currently, a player knows that if he finds a certain key, he is essentially "set for life" * * Yes, some keys now have durability with a set number of uses, but let's set that aside for now Knowing the RNG nature of EFT's loot spawns,
  8. Jemahne

    My Container Suggestion

    Hi Nikita, devs, and the Tarkov community Hopefully the developers may look at this versus the current Reddit posts flooding about, and I would like to share my opinion on containers. Currently containers are in a good spot, but they can be improved and become better. My idea is to have containers only be usable once in a raid, and that's it. What this means is having to actually scour a loot location before making the decision of accessing the container to put items inside the container itself. The only limitation that I am suggesting is that you can only move items inside the container
  9. Lui_Fyre

    The Hatchling Epidemic

    No Offense to any of the devs because I respect you, but how are you gonna make a game about Gun play that can all be out played by a guy that can run toward you and take enough bullets for him to get close enough to make your gun go up , to then one tap you with a hatchet? The Hatchling problem wasn't a big deal a few patches ago but every raid on every map ,( dont get me started about Factory), has at least half of the players running around with hatchets. My proposal is not to remove hatchets but to nerf them to a point where it takes 4 hits to the head to kill a player and 8 to the body (n
  10. Honestly I'm curious why so many people in this community and the Reddit community are so toxic towards hatchet runners.... Now i know someone is going to come in and proclaim because they break realism... That is fine, I understand that but people need a way to make $$$. Few things - Kolpak and 3m (Tarbank) makes you almost invincible to a melee player so they arent a threat unless they find a weapon. - They cannot defend themselves against scavs or players so they need to either be sneaky or get in and out. - They rush loot spawns because they know the above. But gear players
  11. Kennanjk

    I dont have a hatchet

    So i bought eft the cheapest version a while ago then for the ve day sale bought escape from darkness version and then when ever i reset my account i don't get a hatchet not the biggest thing in the world but still pretty annoying i don't have my hatchet which was a significant part of escape from darkness.
  12. deiviux90

    EoT Edition - Didn't Have Tomahawk

    Hello, The day before yesterday I decided to get back into the game after a 7 month hiatus and noticed that I didn't spawn with a tomahawk, but with a bayonet knife instead. I asked a friend of mine why this was he said he didn't know, so I googled this for a good 10 minutes and eventually found out that only players that own a copy of the Edge of Darkness edition will now spawn with tomahawks. I do own the EoT version of the game, so I'm not sure why I didn't spawn or have a tomahawk in my inventory. Although, that's not to say I wasn't able to buy one from the fence and keep it.
  13. lllPug

    How to FIX every PROBLEME?

    Eroktic made a good point with his video "Escape from Tarkov - How to FIX every PROBLEM? Container Efficiency GUIDE 0.8.6" so I'll just share it here hoping people do it as well, and mabye one day we'll make Tarkov great again мы рассчитываем на вас, Никита
  14. ISweepy

    Hatchling butchering

    Is it really necessary for everyone level 30+ to murder every hatchling you see? Like cmon guys you don't need to go hunting down the bambis like that, let them go quest. If they aren't running straight at you just let em bug off, not like they are gonna kill you in your Fort/FastMT
  15. Note: This post started on reddit, but I am fairly certain that a forum format will fit it better. Forward: Currently in EFT, there are three root causes of the hatchling plague. Lack of a cohesive, early game strategy. Players starting off will get cut down due to a large variety factors, and getting cut down is a powerful motivators, breeding complacency among new players: Use your case, you can trust it. Funky early game economics. Common mechanics among basically all shooters, that allow players to exploit the inherent nature of netcode, that make it so runnin
  16. Disco-jo

    No hatchet

    Hi guys, Just a quick question from me, I have the EOD edition of EFT and I no longer have a hatchet, I just have a black knife, is this normal? Thanks in advance guys
  17. Vaskeklud


    Come on.. i have now tryed serval times where i have Armor + helmet to get one shottet by a stupid Hatchet! Its keeps happening.! Its way to overpowered.. And ive also just died to a hatchet, i shoot him with a shotgun and he "stops" for half a sec, while it loads next round as they do.. he then sprint again and hit me on 4m distance!? cause of the sprint/lag/bug whatever it is.. Fix this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. At current stage of the game, we can see 2 main types of players. Ones, who do hatchet-runs to not risk with anything and gather as much valuables as possible and the others, who actually want to play the game. It wouldn't bother me if I'd see an hatchling once in 5 matches, but seeing alot of them every game is disturbing. It's painfun to watch, how careless they are and it's ruining the Tarkov environment for me and probably for many of us. This kind of meta just doesnt fit into this game. So, here come the ideas (which are not meant to work together, just giving some options you can ch
  19. DaLexi


    Eins vorweg, meine Kommentare sind prinzipiell bissiger gehalten. Ein kleiner Tip für gewisse Leute. Hatte gerade wieder die lustige Situation das wie so gut wie immer alles was in Customs versperrt ist schon offen war bevor ich ankam, bewegte mich normal aber zügig über die Map. Natürlich liegt wieder mal irgendwo im Wald ein Hatchling herum, beim Zelt (Duffle) lag ein Stick und jetzt kommt's, 114 war offen, alles ausgeräumt aber der Vollhonk hat es versäumt auch nur eine Sekunde auf den PC zu glotzen. Jaja, da steckte wieder mal ein Stick drinnen (sehe ich öfter). Da
  20. KreatureOfHaviQ

    Hatchet hit radius?

    Genuinely curious, I've been hit by several single swings of the hatchet from what seems to be about 3+ meters away, a very good distance longer than a human arm should/can swing a hand tool (arm and tool length combined). I am very noob, but can survive at least one hit from such an odd distance let alone, being hit? lol (I had a damn vepr and only got a few shots off which connected, but didn't drop him) I wasn't hit in the face either by this hatchet. Is this a netcode issue?
  21. I'm well aware that a makarov even is often enough to take out a naked hatchling. But that doesn't mean its fun to run around and see one or two guys with actual gear, and a horde of people with nothing but a hatchet, with nothing to lose. Absolutely no enjoyment is to be gained from slowly clearing a building, just to be rushed by some dork with a pointy stick and lose all of your gear. We already have the scav system in case a player loses absolutely everything, they always have the ability to get more free loot by just running to the exit every 30 minutes. I personally think it sh
  22. LukaTheSlav

    Hatchling possible solution.

    Okay, I think all of us are aware that hatchlings do exist and that hatchet running is highly effective and that it needs a rebalance/fix. My idea/solution is not uniqe because I thought of it thanks to a comment on YouTube. Other people may have already suggested this, and if soo I apologize for repeating or spamming. Idea: Adding a PMC cooldown to the game for when you do not bring any primary or secondary weaopns, soo if you have a cooldown on your PMC you can simply remove it bt bringing atleast a TOZ - 106 or PM pistol, and like that they atleast have to risk something. Or if w
  23. carthagelost

    On Hatchetlings & Response

    I know there have been a ton of debates on whether or not to nerf them, and what should be done. IMO, they are a symptom of the game at the current moment and they can be limited by focusing on why people do this. Quest Items - With one each typically spawning on each map in a specific place, you have to be quick to get there. Most people can't really afford to go slow and careful because the item will likely be gone. And if you go too fast, you are likely to not pay attention and get killed. Which means the easiest/least risky way to get to them is to go in with a melee to get there. Th
  24. Dilldabeast

    Knives and hatchets throwable?

    Anyone else think it could potentially be cool if you were able to throw the hatchet and maybe the knives? i feel like it could work really well with the weapon mastery deal. I'm not exactly sure how the weapon mastery works but i assume its self explanatory.
  25. ShadowSlimeYT

    KOS bei Hatchet Runnern

    ist das auch öfter bei euch das Problem, das ihr direkt von Richtig gut equipten Spielern beschossen werdet?
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