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Found 8 results

  1. I've seen a million roundabout solutions to this problem presented, but the core of the issue needs to be finally addressed. Simply put, if you want people to actually bring guns for a task, they have to be necessary in the first place. Minimalism is human nature. ------ The amount of security in the interchange mall is surprisingly light. Yes it is a warzone, but even then you'd expect valuable electronics to be in impact-resistant secure glass cases to avoid theft or for employee and storage rooms to be padlocked against random intruders. Military caches are also surprisingly open
  2. They should make it so that every container has a cooldown that works like this: If you go in naked with nothing but a hatchet and die/extract/quit/run out of time <-- doesn't matter, if you go in naked then after the raid you get a 6h long cooldown on your secure container. I'll get into why exactly 6h in a minute. While the cooldown is on you are unable to use your case. You can't empty it, you can't put anything in it, you can't use it at all simply. "Why not just put a cooldown on going in raid then?" Well because that would stop you from playing all together for the day, this way

    Hatchets solution

    Hatchets are quite a big problem in tarkov, and BSG realy don't know what to do with them. I got an idea if game detect you are Hatchling then if you die you're gonna get a panality simular to extracting or after death as a scav. i'm talking about time penality maybe 15-30 minutes. It will only applay if you enter the raid without enough gear and also when you exit the raid without enough stuff. Please tell me what do you think about it. I think it can be a realy good idea and it could possibly kill or demotyvate people to do Hatchet runs
  4. H4ilToTheKing

    Hatcheter Solution You Can Do Today

    To Whom It May Concern, You have two options you could implement now one probably easier than the other Designating one spawn on every map as "hatchet spawn" and put EVERYONE with a hatchet spawn there and surround it with 2 or 3 AI Scavs. Cannot queue up to a map with only a hatchet 100% just solved your problem that doesn't impact game play, you're welcome.
  5. So here is a system that I dreamt of that would fix the "I want to die as quick as possible" hatchling problem but still be somewhat forgiving to new and veteran players alike. ---------------------------- Important Details: 1). Insured items in the secure container return instantly on death. 2). Insured items in the secure container remain insured after returning (do not need to pay again). 3). Items that cannot be insured but fall into the food/water or medical use category return instantly in secure containers. 4). Uninsured items (aka loot) in the secure container,
  6. bencehartmann

    Remove hatchets, knifes

    It's really game braking how hatchlings are camping in every single corner and waiting for you to open a door or loot something so they can 1 hit you in the head. I don't want to play this game to check every single corner on a map which would take me at least 30 minutes so i'll only have 20-25 minutes left to actually loot or PvP. Remove hatchets or knifes from the game as it's game breaking.
  7. thecautiousone

    Got um!

    5 Hatcheters at the exit of factory. Look at the time stamps on the kills. Insane. Glad I had the fully auto mini ak. TCO
  8. I've never had to go into a raid with nothing less then a Makarov, I've never had less then 80k roubles. Are a lot of people just poo at the game, or are they massive hoarders that are too scared to bring out anything into the game?
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