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Found 7 results

  1. They should make it so that every container has a cooldown that works like this: If you go in naked with nothing but a hatchet and die/extract/quit/run out of time <-- doesn't matter, if you go in naked then after the raid you get a 6h long cooldown on your secure container. I'll get into why exactly 6h in a minute. While the cooldown is on you are unable to use your case. You can't empty it, you can't put anything in it, you can't use it at all simply. "Why not just put a cooldown on going in raid then?" Well because that would stop you from playing all together for the day, this way you can still play like noral just with no case for 6h... if we put a cooldown on playing completely we would not fix hatchet runners, we would just make all the "hatcheters" quit all together... aka killing off 50% of the playerbase for the day, or maybe for good. So why 6h? Well first of all this would mean you could only reasonably do one hatchet run a day, therefore putting on gear would be more worth it as that would mean you would keep your case afterwards. Basically this would make gear play the new hatchet run as it would allow you to use your case over and over but the difference this time is that you have gear on (killing the problem). Sure one could do a hatchet run and then quit for the day and come back tomorrow, but who would do that? You don't know if you will get good loot spawning so one a day is too discouraging to be repeated. Secondly the reason for the cooldown being specifically 6h is because I thought this through and this is how it should work: Helmet = -1h of the cooldown Armour = -1h of the cooldown Rig = -1h of the cooldown Pistol = -1h of the cooldwon Primary = -1h of the cooldwon Backpack = -1h of the cooldwon Every item you bring in takes an hour off of the cooldown post raid! So this would mean a fully geared player would have no cooldown at all. Sure one could just buy crap gear to counter this, but I'd rather have low tier gear than nothing for my M995 I just wasted on a hatchet runner. Also before you armoured rig runners freak out, armoured rigs could have a -2h cooldown as it obviously covers 2 item-slots. As for the people freaking out over having to bring a pistol to get that last hour off, well maybe the cooldown can be only 5h... Idk... this is just an idea relax, they are not implementing this tomorrow dammit! Also another solution could be that a pimped primary with attachments and such is -2h on the cooldown or something, feel free to come with ideas. ^^ Also before you say anything, I know what you are thinking, "They will just buy a bunch of gear and toss it in a bush and get it back on insurance and only run hatchet!" and to that I say, it is about time they nerfed that long ago anyway. You should get your gear back on insurance if you ((die)) with it ((on)). Tossing it away for someone elses gear is broken and should not work! So by implementing my method and nerfing that part of insurance you are killing two major flaws of Tarkov at once, one being the hatchet runners and the other being the insurance abusers. For those who don't agree with the insurance thing well look at it this way, insurance basically means "We got your back ((IN CASE)) something goes to poo." you throwing your stuff away is not "In case" that is just you doing it intentionally. That would be the same as hiding your stuff IRL and telling your insurance company you got robbed and want it back on insurance to get duplicates. That is illegal and therefore it shouldn't be allowed in this game as it is meant to be a realistic one. Lastly this is off topic ranting so if you came here for the hatchet solution then you can stop reading here. ^^ This is for those that will say, "Realistic game blabla it is still JUST a game, get over it." well like I hinted above, Tarkov is being marketed as a "realistic shooter" therefore no matter how many reality breaking rules it might have, it is still meant to emulate reality, and my suggestion is making it more realistic, cool? Ok. Besides if no matter how realistic a game might be it is still "just a game" to you, then by that logic there's no tactical difference between Fortnite and Tarkov right? Also by that logic if no game is tactical enough to be considered "realistic" by you, then the only reasonable way I could "play a realistic" game with that logic would be by actually joining the military as that seems to be the only "realistic enough shooter" out there acording to you. Please stop. ^^

    Hatchets solution

    Hatchets are quite a big problem in tarkov, and BSG realy don't know what to do with them. I got an idea if game detect you are Hatchling then if you die you're gonna get a panality simular to extracting or after death as a scav. i'm talking about time penality maybe 15-30 minutes. It will only applay if you enter the raid without enough gear and also when you exit the raid without enough stuff. Please tell me what do you think about it. I think it can be a realy good idea and it could possibly kill or demotyvate people to do Hatchet runs
  3. H4ilToTheKing

    Hatcheter Solution You Can Do Today

    To Whom It May Concern, You have two options you could implement now one probably easier than the other Designating one spawn on every map as "hatchet spawn" and put EVERYONE with a hatchet spawn there and surround it with 2 or 3 AI Scavs. Cannot queue up to a map with only a hatchet 100% just solved your problem that doesn't impact game play, you're welcome.
  4. So here is a system that I dreamt of that would fix the "I want to die as quick as possible" hatchling problem but still be somewhat forgiving to new and veteran players alike. ---------------------------- Important Details: 1). Insured items in the secure container return instantly on death. 2). Insured items in the secure container remain insured after returning (do not need to pay again). 3). Items that cannot be insured but fall into the food/water or medical use category return instantly in secure containers. 4). Uninsured items (aka loot) in the secure container, do not return to the player's inventory after death, but are still unlootable and hidden to other players. 5). If in a future PMC raid, you spawn onto the same map, a death container will be on the ground visible only to you, the original owner, where you died previously. You can loot this death container to regain any valuable uninsured items or acquired loot and attempt extraction again. 6). Multiple death bags can exist on a raid location simultaneously. Death bags do not de-spawn if you extract without attempting recovery. ---------------------------- Optional Fluff: a). Raid maps sold by the Therapist will mark the locations of your prior death secure containers with a small red X. (This would give some unique functionality to them) b). Some limit to the number of secure containers that can be recoverable at once is needed (like 15 to 30), but still reasonable so that players can recover loot without feeling overly pressured. c). If you don't want to deal with the system, Fence will have a services tab that you can pay an exorbitant fee to instantly recover a container. This screen would let you view what items might be expiring if the death bag limit is reached and abandon containers that you do not wish to recover ever. The more time that passes, the cheaper the cost gets to recover an old container. (this also serves as a safeguard against glitched containers that might be stuck in a tree/desynced, etc) d). One of the intelligence center upgrades might allow for scavenger runs to recover your prior PMC death secure containers. (but remember, scavs do not have secure containers themselves, if you die as a scav after picking it up, the loot is fair game for other players) ---------------------------- The goal of this system is to force players to have to extract with loot. A hatchling might find a graphics card, and while he could keep recovering it and stuffing it back into a gamma container after death, but dying over and over again to inch your death bag closer to the extract across multiple raids is a very inefficient way to play--never mind the fact that extract and spawn locations change per raid. At the same time, this system tries to preserve a lot of the current functionality of the secure container. If you have a SICC case or factory key, just insure it one time and it'll behave as it does currently. If you find a red rebel ice pick mid-raid, you can still stash it away for safe keeping. You just might have to plan a second or third raid if things go wrong or pay Fence two weeks later and eat only half the profit. Thoughts?
  5. bencehartmann

    Remove hatchets, knifes

    It's really game braking how hatchlings are camping in every single corner and waiting for you to open a door or loot something so they can 1 hit you in the head. I don't want to play this game to check every single corner on a map which would take me at least 30 minutes so i'll only have 20-25 minutes left to actually loot or PvP. Remove hatchets or knifes from the game as it's game breaking.
  6. thecautiousone

    Got um!

    5 Hatcheters at the exit of factory. Look at the time stamps on the kills. Insane. Glad I had the fully auto mini ak. TCO
  7. I've never had to go into a raid with nothing less then a Makarov, I've never had less then 80k roubles. Are a lot of people just poo at the game, or are they massive hoarders that are too scared to bring out anything into the game?
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