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Found 4 results

  1. Jemahne

    Genuine Hatchling Solution

    This is an argued issue over and over again and no one seems to find or have a viable solution. People tend to look issues in the face and look at hatchlings specifically. The underlying issue that gives birth to hatchlings is static loot spawns and no incentive to stay in raid longer. Here is my fix, I understand that dynamic loot spawns are in the works that's the first part of the solution. The second part is to incentivize players to stay in raid longer. Scavs should drop more loot. Giving scavs an extensive loot table with more drops would incentivize people to farm scavs to gain more loot even when the static spawns are gone.
  2. HEADSHOT676

    Huge Container issue easy solve

    People are complaining lately that have an issue with any container in the game being able to lock any items except weapons, the issue a lot of people are having is that they wont be able to make any money due to hatchet runners. Everyone is trying to make a complicated outcome of either NO container or limitations towards the container. The main solution would be to only allowing in game quest items only because non dedicated players or arcade players may then be able to still progress withing there character and level up the traders. Having this implemented they will still not being able to have that easy raid with money gains. Also make it so that the in game quest items can not be bartered either if they find an item to farm for money. If anyone has a reasonable idea please reply and make sure this gets around its an easy implement then having them focus on a whole new code for a worse fix.
  3. ZetaEcho

    Sign a pact...

    Sign a pact, to, no matter how geared you are, or how many bullets you have to spare, shoot a hatching/pistoling that's spamming Q+E and 'cease fire'. -Every hatchling/pistoling ever I, ZetaEcho, promise never to shoot a peaceful hatching/pistoling.
  4. Please make hatchlings unable to keep the money they find. There are so many hatchlings that it takes away the fun and challenge. They spawn and run to the safes or anywhere they can find money just to put it in their alpha or gamma container and rinse repeat. I literally run into more hatchlings than geared players. If you make the hatchlings a lower chance of finding good loot, then less of them would be coming out with a hatch... I understand sometimes it's good to be hatchling because you want to let's say run and find the Flash drive for a quest but people are doing it waaaay too much. They're so scared to lose their gear which is a important part of the game. The possibility of losing your gear gives value to your gear which then intensifies the game and keeps you moree on edge.....Please make the probability of finding good loot a little lower for the hatchlings, it would push them to at least come with a pistol lol.....
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