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Found 9 results

  1. Its hard to explain but i'll give it a try. i noticed that Mosin Dudes somehow ignore Physics/Ergonomics. I often see them strafe walking, jumping and easily one tap me in the Head, sometimes they shoot while reloading and strafing and perfectly hit me in the Head. Whenever i encounter someone with a Mosin i tend to run away no matter what Gear i wear because that poo happens to me everytime. When i use a Mosin it takes like a second to Aim down Sight, in that time usually get killed, also i have to perfectly allign the sights to make a somewhat accurate shot. When i run it takes even longer to stop, bring up the gun and THEN allign the Sights. So how are Hatchlings with Sniper Mosin able to kill me while strafe walking ,while reloading, without having the time to properly allign their sight ? Sometimes Hatchlings run towards me, with the long Mosin, stop, lift up the Gun and give me a Headshot in less than a Frame, i cant even ADS with a Pistol that fast. Another thing, i got killed multiple times by mosin players which havent had direct line of sight to me, sometimes i can only see their barrel ( pointing in a different direction ) but they still hit me. I dont get it, i play the Game for 3 years now and thats something i cant wrap myhead around. And no, it doesnt have to do with Desync/Internet/ Hardware, because it only happens with Mosins. I changed servers multiple times over a course of a year or so. I have an averrage of 120FPS on Customs, constantly less than 20ms Ping, no stutters, nothing. 125mb/s Downstream, 50mb/s Upload. And thats something Friends who play with me have noticed too. So, is there a trick, an exploit or bug ? I know this game is fucked in terms of bugs/eploits/servers and bad gameplay elements, but that cant be normal.
  2. Polsevani

    Hatchlings and secure containers

    This is known topic with a lot of controversial. Take into account that for me the best solution is that all stuff you find in a raid wouldn´t be allowed to put into the secure container until you extract with it. But I have a suggestion in a bit different way. Why not to allow the PMC´s the use of one secure container type depending of the gear value that they put in risk into the raid? This is my example: up to 50.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing no secure container or a new secure container 2x1 +50.000 to 150.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing secure container Alpha 2x2 +150.000 to 400.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing secure container Beta 3x2 +400.000 to 700.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing secure container Epsilon 4x2 +700.000 to 1.000.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing secure container Gamma 3x3 +1.000.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing secure container Kappa 4x3 Of course the use of a type of the secure container would depend of what account you belong: "standard edition" and "left behind" up to Alpha container 2x2, "prepare for escape" up to Beta container 3x2 and "edge of darkness" up to Gamma container 3x3 us usual. Another topic about the keys into secure container, why is it allow to use a key while is stored in the secure container? the key should be moved in a pocket or a rig slot in order to use it as everything else inside and therefore the hatchling guys would have to risk his precious key at least for a moment. What do you think guys? Best regards
  3. Well, when using a melee weapon and you're exhausted you cannot swing it until your PMC has regained his stamina, I think this is just stupid to stand in front of someone when he's got a shotgun and you're just panting and staring at him waiting to get blasted. I think what should be done is that when exhausted your PMC can swing and use melee with less damage but cannot sprint which makes it more like what Nikitta is famous to say: R E A L I S T I C ! ! !
  4. At current stage of the game, we can see 2 main types of players. Ones, who do hatchet-runs to not risk with anything and gather as much valuables as possible and the others, who actually want to play the game. It wouldn't bother me if I'd see an hatchling once in 5 matches, but seeing alot of them every game is disturbing. It's painfun to watch, how careless they are and it's ruining the Tarkov environment for me and probably for many of us. This kind of meta just doesnt fit into this game. So, here come the ideas (which are not meant to work together, just giving some options you can choose from): Make it impossible to put things into safe container during the raid, so you can only use keys/meds or whatever there is in your container, but not to insert anything there. Tax for using safe container - So pretty much like insuring your items, you pay for example 5000r per raid to bring safe container to the raid. Refine the safe-container system - Make the container system sort of, more realistic. Make some "hiding place" slots instead of containers, so the loot that is put into these slots are lootable, but there is only 1-5% chance per looter to find this stuff. Also, hiding your stuff during raid should take time as well as mag loading does. You can also link the looting skill with it so the more corpses you loot, the more possible it is for you to find that hidden stuff. Since the hidden stuff is lootable, you can't get your hidden items back instantly after you day. You should have to wait like an hour or two before prapor comes back with his dogs and your stuff . It would not only make hatchlings more careful, but it also makes gameplay/looting more exciting since you can find important items from player corpses too. So the new meta would be: No raid is safe
  5. I'm well aware that a makarov even is often enough to take out a naked hatchling. But that doesn't mean its fun to run around and see one or two guys with actual gear, and a horde of people with nothing but a hatchet, with nothing to lose. Absolutely no enjoyment is to be gained from slowly clearing a building, just to be rushed by some dork with a pointy stick and lose all of your gear. We already have the scav system in case a player loses absolutely everything, they always have the ability to get more free loot by just running to the exit every 30 minutes. I personally think it should not be allowed to enter a raid with just a hatchet. Not sure how that would be enforced; maybe a point value attributed to every piece of gear, and you need to have a certain number of points in your loadout, not counting your safe case, in order to join a raid. Maybe you would need to at least have a firearm of some kind, and be unable to enter without one. I understand its still early in development, but at least by final release something needs to be done about this. Especially when you consider that you don't lose melee weapons or really have ANY penalty for dying as a hatchling. And yes, before anyone asks, I am really salty right now about losing to a pair of lucky hatchlings. But that doesn't make my argument any less valid. Thoughts?
  6. Hey Guys what do u think of my idear to play as a scav when ever u want this will reduce the amount of hatchlings in the raid and will increase the scav players. So everyone who goes in the raid as a PMC has some gear beacause if u have gearfear u play as a scav. I think it will help new players aswell so they can better learn the mechanics and there is alot to learn I hope u like my idear greetings Stonii and sry for the bad englisch
  7. Pladn

    Hatchling commits suicide

    Hey guys! Just started making EFT videos. This is my second one. looking for some feedback as well. Link to video
  8. this is game-breaking.. I just killed a level 51-70 hatchling on customs.. this should not be.. scav olympics should not exist! I know, at first I had nothing against them, i even made an ode to Them.. i thank thee for the free xp you provide to me but this is quite a problem and i think the hatchets needs to be nerfed significantly it not eliminate melee completely.. in the worst case that a player runs out of money and has no guns.. you can not force them to do hatchet runs.. make them wait for a scav respawn or better yet, decrease the timer based on their financial/inventory situation Yes I played by the rules, yes i knifed him back.. yes because the game allowed me to do so.. the game is awesome but this needs refinement please! this is not farcry primal.. lol..
  9. Memnon2212

    To the guy I owe my life !

    I just encountered a guy on factory who spared my life and even gave me a fort amor,a shotty, and the p-91 of a dead scav.You lovely motherhugger probably wont find this,.... but know one thing if you do. I love you <3. I was on a hatchling run on factory ( no hate, I got a full stash and just wanted to see how far i can get with my axe) and got hunted by some players and a scav who shredded both of my legs. I barely escaped in to the bathrooms to patch me up. I heard suppressed gunfire from the staircase and was pretty sure that my coughing character( i ducking love this game) already exposed my position. So ,me, started to limp towards the red door to encounter my maker....he opened the door...but instead of a bloodthirsty COD kiddy ...i encountered a knight in shining armor ( fort armor, helmet, t glasses). He aimed at me . And I closed my eyes. My life was flashing before my eyes. All the love I experienced ,,, all the amazing people I met...all the achievements I reached.... but....but... I heard no gunshot....no....instead.... i heard a dull impact on the ground...a backpack...and in it ... a fort armor... I picked it up . I looked at him with tearful eyes. He just stood there, wiggeling like the true champ he was. All that i could do was wiggle back. Suddenly, i got shot by a scav through the hole in the wall and I tried to limp towards the stairs. And like the true hero he was, he simply faced the threat and shredded that bot into pieces. At that very moment i knew, i fell in love. Another scav made his appearance but this time we struck him down together, me with my p226 which I had in my gamma case and he with his silenced ak. I took the loot and we started our journey to the exit. Me limping and he covering . We arrived at the exit and both started to wiggle again,,, one last wiggle,,, one last jump,,,3 2 1 . And he was gone. I will never see him again. But i will continue his legacy. I will safe every Hatchling ps.: kappa, i will kill every single on of these annoying fuckwits hahahahha
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